Hot Shots: Rihanna And Jennifer Lopez Have Lunch In Miami

Published: Saturday 6th Feb 2010 by Trent

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez were spotted having lunch in Miami, Florida yesterday. The fashionistas were accompanied by Lopez’s ‘one again/off again’ manager Benny Medina for the gathering at Fontainebleau Hotel. I wonder what they spoke about? Check out more pictures below:


Lopez & Medina


What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Sasan February 6, 2010

    I like J Lo shoes

  2. Lady Love February 6, 2010

    Who cares?

  3. JCGemini22 February 6, 2010

    Miss Fenty is looking very fresh out of the bed! lol (Paging that fine ass Mr. Matt Kemp!)

  4. JCGemini22 February 6, 2010

    you know, Jenny From the Block was probably trying to get some pointers for how the ‘non-talented’ makes it around the block successfully. lol

  5. Kev February 6, 2010

    Damn Rihanna is so pretty and i love JLo’s Louboutins theyre hott

  6. Kev February 6, 2010

    rihanna is so pretty and i love JLo’s Louboutins they r hott

  7. wtf February 6, 2010

    Again with a drink in her hand..yeah she is young blah blah but the only other Young hollywood person you see with a drink all the time is lindsey…all others dnt behave like this but oh well make excuses for the drunkered all you want…

    and they were not both accompanied by benny medina..only jlo…maybe jlo wants to do a duet for up comming flopping album with rihanna..that would be hilarious!!

  8. Aryo February 6, 2010

    riri looks so pretty

  9. cutiegurl February 6, 2010

    she is looking sooo pretty, it’s only a shame because if she honestly had talent to go with all that, i would respect her so much more and she would have been the whole package. I would even be buying her CDs
    oh well… 🙁
    she looks gorgeous though

  10. shellychelle February 6, 2010

    drunk as a skunk! You know your career is over when your consulting rihanna about your next music move. If they do a collabo, it’s gonna be an epic fail.

  11. its me February 6, 2010

    Y do people have to be so negative all the damn time. A shame

  12. Slick February 6, 2010

    Shut up you stupid haters! JLO 2010! c** on back babe!!!

  13. justme February 6, 2010

    She looks cute. I dont know why but she seems like a really nice person… maybe Im wrong… :S

  14. cvt February 6, 2010


  15. Raychel February 6, 2010

    @shelley chelle and @WTF do you ever have anything positive to say on any post about anyone except the people you praise..????
    Some of you need some Prozac and need to go to hater rehab

  16. COLD CASE LOVE February 6, 2010

    @Raychel stop coming here and attacking people. It makes Rihanna fans look crazy.

  17. SunshineRD February 6, 2010


    u mean like the EPICFAIL of video flop? i mean video phone? isnt j-lo like boreyawnce’s fashion idol… she swagga jacked the juice out of j-lo…smmfh @ that phuckey!


    i see you every Rihanna post in all blogs.. smh. u got a tough job dont u?

  18. SunshineRD February 6, 2010

    anyways! Rihanna and j-lo look great! talking about big boss buisness ish! ya know how that goes…

    weather ou like it or not j-lo still worth over more than 300 million so if hernd Rihanna chatting they probably chatting about how to get more money… 🙂

  19. rightround(U.S.A pride!- help HAITI!) February 6, 2010

    who knows, maybe Jlo wants her to model her clothes now? J.lo always looks fresh!

  20. SunshineRD February 6, 2010

    nah… Rihanna not modeling for nobodys clothes…

    Queen Rihanna bout to have her own clothing line and perfume.. plus she gets over 100,000 to sit front row at fashionshows, so i j-lo want her t model her clothes she betta cough up half a millly, but then again, j-lo worth over 300 million so that aint nuthin.. 🙂

  21. 90Y February 6, 2010

    Jamie Foxx calls her, Jennifer Lopez, “J Ho!” Ben Affleck said SHE ALMOST ruined HIS career! … J Lo and Madonna were notorious for “sleeping their way – to get what they wanted.”
    … So, it’s totally understandable, if not expected, to see, Ri-Ri and J Lo, ‘thick-as-thieves!’ … “Old-School W****,” givin’ pointers, to the up-and-coming “Flat-Back!”

    …My guess is J Lo is ‘schooling-her’ on how to “use concealer to”, at the very least, camouflage that “frequently-occurring” H***** sore that constantly revisits Ri-Ri’s top lip!

  22. SunshineRD February 6, 2010


    aww… ur post is an #EPICFAIL

    smh… corny ass!

  23. Big Bruce February 6, 2010

    J-Lo is looking really old here. Watch out Rih! You’re the hot thang right now and old-ho wants a piece of that. Her songs are not charting so she is trying to ride on the fashion success of a 21 year old to make it back. I just hope they are not collaborating on a song because that will go down as two of the worst singers in history.

  24. shellychelle February 6, 2010

    all the delusional rihanna fans can suck a d*** im just statin facts!

  25. october beauty February 6, 2010

    1st to the person that says she always has a drink in her hand NOT TRUE there is a drink on the TABLE that could or could not belong to her
    and cant they just be talking about life in general
    WHY do they have to be talking about the biz or money or whoring
    STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX once in a while

  26. CRAMPED February 6, 2010

    Rihanna will be the J.Ho in a few years: old. talentless and wash up!

  27. PRstar February 6, 2010

    JLo there cuz she was taking a rest from rehersals she will be pReforming in Miami tonite and Ben aflecs career was over After amragedon Jamie fox the h** I wonder how many ppl he fsck’d and y he taking nude pics like he a 19 year old idiot

  28. yamaha February 6, 2010

    STOP S*** PEOPLE . rihanna love jlo , and jlo love rihanna ! WHY YOU WANT A WAR ???!! OMG


  29. gisele February 6, 2010

    i sense a collabo…could this be a work lunch?

  30. here to laugh February 7, 2010

    Rihanna looks very pretty here, her makeup looks great! I love those shoes JLo is wearing, but don’t really care for the rest of the fit. Her style is usually on point tho.

    SMH @ the posters trying to make Rihanna out to be some raging alcoholic…yall are really grasping at straws here…

  31. B Stan February 7, 2010

    Jlo and Rihanna have alot in common

    they both can’t sing, they both slept their way to the top, they both are known only for their looks,

    Jlo is washed up has been and Rihanna will b a washed up has been

  32. B Stan February 7, 2010

    They both known to be stuck up b**tches

  33. Renae February 8, 2010

    @WTF: Did u forget about Meagan Goode???????

  34. MushyLove_1992 February 8, 2010

    These comments are hilarious!

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