Usher’s Official ‘Raymond Vs,. Raymond’ Tracklisting

Published: Thursday 25th Feb 2010 by Trent

With the release of his 7th album, ‘Raymond vs. Raymond’, on the horizon, Usher’s team has provided his fans with a look at the record’s official tracklisting. The album features contributions from Rico Love, Polow Da Don, Jim Jonsin, Danja and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. ‘Raymond vs. Raymond’ hits stores on March 30th. Check out the official line-up below:

1. Monster

2. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) (Ft. Plies)

3. There Goes My Baby

4. Love ‘Em All

5. She Don’t Know (Ft. Ludacris)

6. Lil Freak Usher (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

7. Mars vs. Venus

8. Prolover

9. Foolin’ Around

10. Papers

11. So Many Girls

12. Guilty (Ft. T.I.)

13. O.M.G. (Ft.

14. Making Love (Into The Night)



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  1. Real Talk February 25, 2010

    Should be good I guess.

  2. Pinkpop February 25, 2010

    wondering if mars vs venus has something to respond to jay-z’s track

  3. Stoney-Brie February 25, 2010

    what happnin with mr Raymond??

    i have been seeing alotta this cover for his new album and the leaking tracks everyday..
    i am not feelin him at the moment, it’s like there’s someing fading tho he’s all over the blogs and all, i don know i will see how he duz with this album, but i feel as im not the only one not checking for him @ the moment, i have always loved me some Usher but this time around he’s kinda like a dead body walking around the internet. he’s just not coming hard at all..

    but i wish him luck and he shud start working as hard as he used to, i think he’s talented, to survive today he needs to really step up and get out his boxes 4 a min.

    on the last note what was he thinkin with Justin Bieber? him and Kesha are really turning the music world upside down!

  4. LEO February 25, 2010

    Over half that album is leaked and it’s a shame. Average material plus poor management is gonna be a flop album for Mr. Raymond.

  5. Pinkpop February 25, 2010

    @ Stoney-Brie

    i’m so feeling what ya saying… same here

  6. tweetypiebabe1 February 25, 2010

    *eh* :/

    Ooo Usher

  7. h February 25, 2010

    If highlight the similarites between Usher and Mariah’s career then this album will probably flop, just a concept I came up with…

    2004 – Confessions = Success
    2005 – Mimi = Success

    2008 – Here I Stand = Moderate success (1.2 million)
    2008 – E=MC2 = Moderate success (1.2 million)

    2009 – Memoirs = Flop (400,000)
    2010 – Raymond = ?

    Just saying

  8. cool chick February 25, 2010

    i don’t think i’m getting this album, Usher needs to come back a lil harder
    plus i don’t find him s*** like i used to

  9. trucie February 25, 2010

    i’m mad that Rockstar didn’t make the guitar, ergo the album will be s***!

  10. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 25, 2010

    There’s no excuse for Usher to flop this time around, I mean there’s really no competition for him right now. What male artist who’s hot right now can top Usher’s caliber when it comes to overall talent and sustainability in the business? Trey Songz? I don’t think so. Jason Derulo? I REALLY don’t think so! That’s really all I can think of at the moment. Chris Brown is the only one who could actually stop Usher’s success (as was the case in recent history), but a n**** too busy digging up weeds and releasing wack ass mixtapes so he’s completely out of the question.

    Usher really couldn’t be in a better position at the moment for this album’s upcoming release. If he flops this time around…stick a fork in him, he’s done!

  11. Kenney February 25, 2010

    Trent ur about 10 yrs late on this cause the listing came out 2 wee% ago

  12. s February 25, 2010

    im excited i loove daddy’s home.. bol

  13. Michelle February 25, 2010

    Love all of usher songs I can’t weit to buy his cd weit I aready have his new cd and it’s hotttttt!!!!!! Enjoy the cd when it’s come out march 30 yeah men.

  14. -D- February 25, 2010

    umm… it’s his 6th album not his 7th.. Still it aint true till officially releases it..

  15. demetri February 25, 2010

    slippin and rockband will b on the final release

  16. Hmmm….. February 25, 2010

    Well, I saw this tracklisting a few weeks ago, and I have already heard most of the material from his album since iso many songs have ‘leaked’. It appears to me that people in Usher’s camp felt the need to leak material to get a buzz going. He has been on all the blogs and getting a lot of coverage from his music to his personal life (not to mention numerous appearances at games with CB)which kept him on people’s mind. However, if he can’t come with a music people are feeling then I am luvin “There Goes My Baby’, ‘Hey Daddy’ and ‘Lil Freak’, but that is about all! A lot of people aren’t even feeling those!!That is not a good sign being that damn near the whole album has leaked, if people already know what to expect, and don’t like it, then he migh be in some serious ish!

    I am a huge Usher fan, and I have supported him through thick and thin. I actually didn’t think ‘Here I Stand’ was a bad album at all. I think it was very well put together and showed growth and was a reflection of who he was at the that time. It just wasn’ t the Usher that people were used to so it got slept on. He crossed over to Mainstream with ‘Confessions’ and had the r&b game on lock, but then when he followed up with ‘Here I Stand’ mainstream wasn’t feeling him anymore! It consisted on mostly r&b and that is not what will hold mainstream’s attention. But he still had his urban fanbase and it did produce a #1 hit with ‘Love In This Club’ which is probably the only reason it went platinum.

    I think he might sell decent his first week, I mean it is Usher, but he is gonna need a solid hit if he wants to go platinum. ‘Hey Daddy’ isn’t doing to well on the charts right now ( I blame Plies with his wack ass verse) it even recently fell off the charts and then re-entered at 80. For someone of Ush’s stature, that’s not a good look. I am starting to hear ‘Lil Freak’ a lot don’t think anyone has neccessarily taken his spot but he hasn’t maintained his throne either! In order to stay on top you have to be consistent! I am rooting for you Ush, but it doesn’t look good.

  17. Hmmm….. February 25, 2010

    @Youputthelimeinthecoconut: (stupid name by the way)
    I swear you just can’t keep CB’s name outta your mouth can you! Any opportunity to take shots at CB you jump at don’t you? Damn! Why is this dude so heavy on your mind?
    FYI: CB has been doing MUCH more than pulling weeds! Where the hell have you been?! Although he was recently commended by the judge for his work on his CS at his latest probation hearing, he has been busy with a lot more than his CS and his mixtape!
    He just got back from Hawaii over the weekend for a foundation he and several NFL players are working with to help underprivileged youth in Honolulu. That along with his devotion to the Best Buddies foundation.
    CB has been making strides and getting his career back on track for a minute now! I take it you didn’t see his perfomance at the Haiti Telethon live on BET! It was one of the best perfromances of the night and he got a standing ovation from the audience(full of white folks)! Then he modeled in a Fashion show put together by supermodel Naomi for another Haiti charity event! E! News reported he was the talk of the show and got a large applause when he came out. He was in Milan for weeks at Men’s Fashion week wearing clothes by designers and seen at shows by famous designers Vivenne Westwood, John Richmond and John Paul Gaultier. He even hosted a dinner party for several designers while he was there! Most recently he was seen sitting courtside at a Laker’s Game with Usher! He has been doing much more than pulling some damn weeds!
    I don’t know where you been but the reception on his mixtape was great! People were LOVING it and it was a TT on twitter for days! It got better reviews than his album! Just cause your lame ass wasn’t feeling it, (you don’t feel ANYTHING that CB does so your opinion doesn’t count for much) doesn’t make it wack! The only people who were calling it wack were the Rih stans and YOU who never have anything positive to say about him!

    He has much more coming up as well. This spring he will start his tour in Europe and then he has a film coming out as well.
    He is NOT and has NOT been out of the question! His first singele “Transform Ya’ did better on the charts domestically and internationally then Usher’s current single is doing now! You can keep talking out of your ass and trying to discredit any and everything that CB does and accomplishes here from now on out, but clearly your negativity ain’t affecting him cause he continues to push forward!

  18. i253 February 25, 2010

    The male rb/pop artist game is real weak now. Usher is easily the best and if he can’t do it no one maybe able to.

  19. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 25, 2010

    DEAD @ Hmmm….. trying to school me on every god damn thing Chris Brown has done since his beating of Rihanna, as if I actually give a s***, and as if any of it justifies the beating in the first place, lol. Hell, I wasn’t even on a n**** like that; all I said was that Usher has a better chance of making it big with this album because Chris Brown is busy digging up weeds (which he is, it’s not like I’m making this s*** up – it’s called community service). What sweetheart, did I offend you because I called his mixtape wack? Well it is, trick, and the only ones hyping up this young fool singing about grown up s*** when his voice still sounds like it CRACKS is his 14 year old stans, period!

    How in the HELL he’s doing a spring tour in (of all f****** places) EUROPE when his s*** ain’t selling there is beyond me. Just like he jumped the gun too soon with Graffiti and FLOPPED HARD, so will this tour he’s trying to pull off. It’s all too soon. Ain’t nobody checking for him in the US, let alone Europe, so what the hell is that s*** about?

  20. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 25, 2010

    And another thing, Hmmm….., I resent the fact you think my name is “stupid”. My name is a play off the famous Harry Nilsson song “Coconut”, look it up if you’re unfamiliar. Not only that, but it matches directly with my avatar…a perfectly photoshopped picture (but a picture nevertheless) of a lime in a coconut.

    With a name like “Hmmm…..”, do you really think you have the right to call anybody’s name stupid? Trick please, next time somebody says something that offends you, go after what that person said, not their username. It really isn’t a good look. ;-P

  21. Cyimo February 26, 2010

    @YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut oh please just shut the f*** up!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 26, 2010

    Cyimo, how is it that your ONLY reply to this post is to tell ME (somebody who was responding to somebody else who clearly is not you) to “please just shut the f*** up!!!!!!!!!!!”?

    Do you now see how retarded that is, hun? Stay on topic fool, my words are of no concern to you. 😉

  23. MushyLove_1992 February 26, 2010

    The only song I like so far is “Papers”..

  24. ?. February 26, 2010

    @ HMMM. There goes my baby is gaining on the charts and lil freak is gaining airplay without any promotion. In addition to that “More” is coming out Tuesday as a single. I am 100% positive that the song will be a major hit for him, much bigger than Daddy’s home. To everyone else More and Lil freak will be extremely huge. Let’s not forget he will probably not flop, he is not going to have immediate success right away but he will make it eventually. Stop saying he will flop again.

  25. / February 26, 2010

    @H Usher will not flop like Mariah, her music last time sucked. That’s why she failed. People are going to love Usher’s new album. Just wait and watch. Stop making those foolish predictions.

  26. ! February 26, 2010

    @ YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut

    Don’t ever say that he is done. He will never be finished, whether he struggles or not his career is not over, he will continue to move forward. I am praying that Usher will do good this time. I agree that this album won’t top Confessions but that does not mean he is done for. So far his new material has been better than Here I stand.

  27. U February 26, 2010

    @ Leo

    That was not half of the album that has leaked. Some of it was recycled material. If you have nothing nice to say about Usher then don’t say it at all. There is no way he is going to tank because of leaked. I know that Usher is working real hard to do better than what Here I stand has done. HE WILL NOT FAIL.

  28. JASSZ February 27, 2010

    Another “Fantasy Ride”… I was hoping it wouldnt happen but it did.

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