Alicia Keys & Beyonce’s ‘Put It In A Love Song’ Video Postponed Again

Published: Wednesday 17th Mar 2010 by Sam

That Grape Juice has received reliable word that Alicia Keys‘ and Beyonce‘s eagerly awaited video for ‘Put It In A Love Song’ has been delayed once again. Originally listed to debut on BET’s Access Granted tonight, the show has now been pulled from the schedule and is not set to air this week.

As at writing, no further details are known about the cause for the hold-up or when the video will première.


To say this is getting a little ridiculous would be an understatement. For one, the song is struggling on the charts and is in desperate need of the push a video will give. What’s more,  if folks managed to critique Lady GaGa’s serially delayed ‘Telephone’ clip for not living up to the hype, I can only imagine what will be said with this. I mean though there appears to be some great visuals in the clip, it’s hard to understand what the hold-up is. One thing that is easy to see, however, is that with each delay and passing day, the song’s chart prospects grow bleaker and bleaker.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kyle March 17, 2010

    I think they’re scrapping this and going with the superior Unthinkable. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pretend this was never pushed.

  2. Malachi March 17, 2010

    What ever people have said about Telephone it created a BUZZ on the web, and its been on the New’s as well… iPersonally believe they are waiting for Telephone to die down and then release this single… iPersonally believe Alicia should push the Single back all together! and Bring Unthinkable to the top!

  3. Jam March 17, 2010

    What’s probably gonna happen is Unthinkable is going to be released first, since it just went to Radio this week. Put it in a Love Song sounds more like a summer song anyway. (Don’t be surprised if the video gets filmed as soon as Alicia’s done with her tour)

  4. movieman March 17, 2010

    alicia is scarred cause she knows she cant top telephone

    by the way
    tonight beyonce will make a appearance on alicia her tour at msg new york

    to perform put it in a love song live

  5. John March 17, 2010


  6. Geronimo March 17, 2010

    here comes the homewrecker……………………………………..

  7. Veebz March 17, 2010

    I think that the Label is waiting for the Telephone Hype 2 die down.
    The song needs this video for a push up the charts
    I Love Alicia, but I’m not sure if this album is being handeled correctly

  8. stan March 17, 2010

    get it together, alicia. jeez. this era has been a mess compared to her past efforts.

  9. March 17, 2010

    “What’s more, if folks managed to critique Lady GaGa’s serially delayed ‘Telephone’ clip for not living up to the hype, I can only imagine what will be said with this.”

    well, for starters, alicia keys is not apologizing for past videos and delusional ass bloggers aren’t likening this video to “thriller”.

    so its apples and oranges.

  10. Destined March 17, 2010

    The song is struggling because it sucks point blank. A video will not help it. That song is lackluster in every way compared to the other singles on her album. Use your common sense Alicia.

  11. mark ginnis March 17, 2010

    BE honest when you heard that Beyonce and Alicia keys did a song together ,was this what you expected. I say not! the song is wack. They put the two on a song without having a song worthy of the collab.
    ———-Mark Ginnis

  12. JIGGY March 17, 2010

    Her manager Jeff said the video is coming but no final date yet.

  13. Ghetto Fab March 17, 2010

    The song is a HOT ASS MESS! So it’s understandable that they are pushing the damn thing back. Nobody is stopping Telephone right now. I’m already expecting the video to be just as bad as the song so no pressure A.Keys. Release the damn thing already! It can’t be as bad as I’m expecting it. This time they are in Brasil, so there is a reason for Beystealin’s ass to be naked AGAIN.

  14. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 17, 2010

    Honestly, there are no words to describe how ridiculous pushing back videos are! In my opinion, videos are overrated! I don’t care who the artist is, videos should never be put on a pedestal as is this video and the Gaga video! [Well only if you’re MICHAEL JACKSON]……This is pure stupidity on Alicia’s PR part! If Gaga’s video didn’t live up to the hype what makes them think Alicia’s video will! Smh.

  15. RANDOM March 17, 2010

    bwah hah hah haaaaaaah

  16. ADE March 17, 2010

    who really gives a s*** anymore? this song is appalling anyway…worst song on the album which is full of s*** songs – get what im trying to say?…

  17. Honey D March 17, 2010

    @~TeAM WeeZY~


    push backs are annoying as HELL. and videos really are overrated these days. They’re entertaining, however, any video ive ever seen other a MJ video has left me wanting more. Im an MJ and Beyonce stan, but even Beyonce sometimes leaves wanting just at least one more drop (see Diva, Halo)

    but Alicia, whatever the reason for the pushback, its really not worth it. This isnt an epic video so just premiere it already. It’ll do whatever its gonna do as far as success (if any).

    I swear this kind of ish is so damn laughable.

  18. RATED x March 17, 2010

    Ive never been a fan of Alicia Keys. I mean dont get me wrong, shes a great vocalist and all that great ish, but her voice annoys the heck out of me.
    I think they thought because Beyonce is a bad bish and all that great ish, that the song would be a hit..
    beyonce seems out of place on that song.
    I dont even know why dont song was a single in the first place.

  19. Honey D March 17, 2010

    BTW, i had forgotten ALL about the “Put It In A Love Song” video since “Telephone” premiered.. LMAO and that a b****.

  20. Chuckjones March 17, 2010

    Beyonce was incredible in Telephone. (Kudos to Gaga for giving her such a big role.) I can understand that they want to create some distance. The problem is, they’d have to wait quite a while for people to not make comparisons.

  21. movieman March 17, 2010

    @ Ghetto Fab

    you do know they shot the video in brazil because beyonce was on tour there at the moment
    i mean i know your favs dont tour out side of malls and such .

  22. Ghetto Fab March 17, 2010

    @Movie Man

    I don’t give a rats ass if Beystealin’s overrated ass was touring there. The song is a HOT ASS MESS. Much like the s*** off that “I Am” album. HOT ASS GARBAGE lmao. And Which of my favorites is touring malls? B**** please! Get a hold of yourself. You just mad another Beystealing project is going to flop!

  23. siobhan March 17, 2010

    This song is dead and has been dying at radio for the last 2 mths. It woud be silly to release it only for the flop to be noticed. They should scrap it and go with unthinkable which went for adds yesterday.

    PIIALS is a mess not worthy of Alicia. I hated the song the first time I heard it. It’s Beyonce f/Alicia on Alicia’s album, that;s messed up plus it’s trash.

  24. aries_BLU March 17, 2010

    If they aren’t sure of the date that they will release videos, then don’t say it will be out when it’s not. It’s ridiculous and a bit condescending.

  25. Ben March 17, 2010

    Number 1-Should have never been a single
    Number 2-Why would they try to release this song synonymously with “Telephone?”
    Number 2-“Unthinkable,” “That’s How Strong My Love Is,” or “Wait Till You See My Smile,” should have been considered long time ago.

  26. Ben March 17, 2010

    On another note, a video is always the outlet to make a song more popular than it is. Some of y’all saying that the song is garbage. Well, a lot of us said the same about “Single Ladies” at first, until the video came out. The video made “Single Ladies,” NOT the song. Remember that.

  27. october beauty March 17, 2010

    They can release 3 videos to this song and it will still SUCK and SLIDE down the charts if it ever gets on the charts

  28. Kenney March 17, 2010

    I personally don’t see Love Song going anywhere on the charts! All the controversy sorrounding and Bey’s and her families schemes to rip everybody off has def been making an impact lately. People thought Telephone would skyrocket to #1 after the video was released but the song is still #11. Love Song stalled at 60. Video Phone didn’t even crack the top 40. Lady Gag-Me is running out of gimmicks to woo her fans, Bey is losing credibility because everybody is just now seeing her for who she really is and that whole affair scandal between Alicia and Swizz’s ex wife has really impacted her album sales. I think if christina aguilera wants a hard comeback, now is the time to do it!

  29. YEP March 17, 2010

    I usually don’t comment; rather, I normally read the comments just to laugh at how silly some of you sound. Had the PIIAL video come out as planned and climbed the charts, the main ones spewing hate right now wouldve been the main ones praising Alicia. For the idiotic and simple-minded, the song and it’s promo has nothing to do with Beyonce. This is all Alicia, and if she wants to delay promo for the single, then it’s on her. Some of you are so insignificant, you’ll do or say anything to tear down someone. It’s not only pathetic, it’s quite saddening. What have you done lately?

    This does not hurt Bey or Alicia’s careers in the slightest. Bey has lost no “credibility”. It’s not like Bey expected Video Phone to be a smash anyway. It’s called “milking the market”, and since I Am… Sasha Fierce had already yielded FOUR Top 10 hits, why not milk it for more with a single and video with the fasting rising artist out? She did the same thing with B’Day. Please people, recognize that Beyonce Knowles will remain the most powerful female in the music business, Alicia will continue to flourish, and Lady Gaga will sticking around for years to come.

  30. RJ March 17, 2010

    ^^ WHAT THEY SAID!!!! ^^

  31. truth March 17, 2010


  32. Tiffany March 17, 2010

    I am a huge A. Keys fan but I never liked that song from the very start, I was interested to see wat the video would look like but never was excited about the whole collab between the two of them anyway. They are two totally diferent artists and it just aint working for me at all. Unthinkable or Wait till I see You Smile would be great singles over this one.

  33. AWOO March 17, 2010

    Beyonce is too annoying. She’s doing the “I will be not be making a new album anytime soon, but would like to work with other artists right now” thing – exactly what Justin Timberlake is doing since last year. I hope she gets pregnant.

  34. JAY March 17, 2010


  35. Liyah March 18, 2010

    Too bad 🙁
    Photos from Alicia’s performance @ Madison Square Garden here=>

  36. antertain March 18, 2010

    I agree with all those who say it’s due to Telephone’s release.
    That video is sooo new and it features Beyonce so for Alicia to put out her song now wouldn’t be a wise tactic.

    I think she should release one more song and then go forth with this because the timings are all over the place due to the GaGa video.

    Maybe JRecords are being smart on this one.

  37. matt March 18, 2010

    i’m with you man. it’s as if some people know bey alicia and gaga and can predict the future about their careers. there here, and there’s nothing you can say or do to make them go away so just get over it fools/haters!

  38. cool chick March 18, 2010

    i’m not really anticipating this video, so i’m not gonna trip

    Telephone is my s*** tho!!!

  39. cool chick March 18, 2010

    plus this song is horrible

  40. brandy March 18, 2010

    to be honest the song sucks. what is with it? seems like nowadays every song beyonce colaborates on ends up being s***.. Think J.t, Lady gaga’s telephone the song was a hot mess 2 dont lie folks! and now A.keys n0w this song is worse hmm beyonce’s is s0me overhyped artist jumping 0n every top artist albums. why did they release this s0ng as a single 2 begin with it sounds outta place? was it 4 fun? I can personally n0t even grow 2 love it n0w thats saying alot, s0rry Alicia I usually dont hate ur music. but this is 0ne of ur weakest,worst song on the album yet career. why n0t go with Alicia’s other gems?

  41. ProvocativeWoman March 19, 2010

    They wasted money filming a video for this ridiculous song. I was REALLY hoping that Un-thinkable would be the third single. sigh!

  42. Dwaynekeys March 22, 2010

    I am sooooo sorry alicia keys i have to say this for you. People i am sick of you guys bashing alicia like she did something too you. Alicia is a really great woman. So for ya’ll to not like her so much, why waist your time writing these cazy comments? I love alicia and it hurts me too my heart to know people will be so so rude to someone so sweet. There is alot of stuff going of for alicia. Alot of blessings coming her way. Thats all i have to say anyone want to know who i am my myspace email is…………… Love you Alicia i pray i get to meet you one day….. Biggest fan Dwayne Goode/Keys Jr……..

  43. Mya March 22, 2010

    Ive been waiting for this video… but not anymore.. Ive gone passed caring and have lost interest in it… and the song as well…

  44. dwaynekeys March 23, 2010

    maybe if ya’ll stop waitin and just let it come everythin will go as planned……? Just leave my wife alicia alone lolz add me on myspace………. Go on check my baby out

  45. JB March 27, 2010

    DAMN SHIELA its out april btw lol

  46. Alejandro April 2, 2010

    This song is truly a hot mess. Beyonce is overhyped and I cannot stand seeing her anymore. Alicia I was a die-hard fan until the release of Fredoom. THAT WAS A HOTTTTTTTTT, mediocre of a mess!!!!! How dare you!!! I felt robed of my money. I could really use that 17.99 plus tax right about now!!! I was rooting for you!!! We were all ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your s*** together and never ask Beyonce to collaborate again!!! You absolutely sold out when you decided to ask Beyonce to join.. And Beyonce, you need to hurry your ass up and get pregnant with triplets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Denise April 5, 2010

    When does it come out then?

  48. não entereza May 14, 2010

    lady gaga e muito melhor do que esta alice keay este merda que falou que u=o clipe da lady gaga não o da lady gaga que vai morrer

  49. fan June 23, 2010

    i think beyonce and alicia keys both have amazing talent. and it shouldn’t be any worry because they both have delivered, and managed to be where they are today

  50. SEDDY July 2, 2010

    all yall asses need to stop hating on alicia and beyonce! that is rediculous! i will admit, im tired of waiting as well! but all of the insulting comments on the video and song are very unneccessary!! Bey is the queen! Yal keep wanting her to get pregnant cause yal just jealous of her beauty and her figure! Yal talking about them like they have attacked you or something!!! And by the damn way, i actually happen to love the song!! SO ALL YALL STUPID ASSES CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!

  51. CHRISTINA August 12, 2010


  52. akelly August 21, 2010

    They it together and finish it please. Is it editing problems? I’m an editor, give me a crack at it.. please!!

  53. Juju December 2, 2010

    No no the reason is cos after shootin’ the video alicia relized that it all looks like she dancing like beyonce! Thats not a good for image 4 her! It’s supposed alicia ft beyonce not the other way around…

  54. Hmmmm December 27, 2010

    I think “Distance and Time” and “Like the Sea” would be great videos. Who’s up for surfing! Im sure she might go for those next. But as far as this video goes, their may be some surprise changes being done to it. 🙂 So you never know

  55. christina January 12, 2011

    i like the song and the video but i’m not feeling beyonce in this song. i think she should let someone (like rihanna) have a chance to callabrate with a female with such a brillant song.and this is first time seeing alicia keys dance,she’s usually behind the piano.

  56. lovette brown August 27, 2012

    i think beyonce there is no problem to see alicia keys danced but i do admirer keys she show us that she can realy do what a musican can do in stage i love them both

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