Nicole Scherzinger Speaks On Pussycat Dolls Drama; Prepping Solo Single

Published: Wednesday 17th Mar 2010 by Sam

The only remaining member of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, stopped by The Ryan Seacrest Show earlier this week too promote her stint on Dancing With The Stars. While talking to the presenter, Scherzinger discussed the much-publicized drama surrounding the group,their fate, feeling betrayed by a member, and her own solo plans. Check out the interview below:

Based on this particular interview, it’s safe to say that it’s a wrap for the Pussycat Dolls. Did anyone else notice her facial expression, intonation, and lack of an answer when asked whether she’s tired of the group? It’s over.

I was rather surprised to hear that she’s still making a crack at the industry on a solo tip, considering how shambolic her last outing was. Still, as the saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed…dust yourself off and try again’. Whether or not the music listening/buying public actually want to hear anything from Ms. Scherzinger will be interesting to see.

Randomness: For 31, Nicole looks amazingly youthful. Not to say that age indicates being a fossil, but she certainly looks much younger!

Your thoughts?

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  1. KEEPINGITREAL March 17, 2010

    Nicole Scherzinger has ZERO personality! She is basically a good looking plank or log…pick one. And Ryan Seascrest is just f***in annoying! Dude is like a fly that you just wanna swat away regular and hope it never comes back.

  2. MS.CLAY March 17, 2010

    I can’t see her doing anything solo! It just won’t work! She was better off with her permanent background dancersbecause the “Pussycat Dolls” name alone got so much attention….And I agree with @Keepingitreal, she has NO personality! She’s boring! Also “Dancing With The Stars” to me is a call of desperation! I don’t know of any former contestant who’s career has been boosted from being on that show, sooooo, um, yeah! Whatevs. Good luck to her anyway!

    BTW, I agree Sam about the way she looks! This is the best I’ve EVER seen her! She looks fresh-faced and naturally gorgeous here! I love the lack of make-up!

  3. Kyus93 March 17, 2010

    THIS time around, she’s developed a personality for herself & everyone knows who she is so as long as the material’s good, she should SLAY! her music had better be better than last time Nicole!

  4. Geronimo March 17, 2010

    chris brown covers VIDE magazine 🙂

    Go chris

  5. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 17, 2010

    Its a complete joke! I don’t know who is to blame, the record label, management, Robin Antin or Nicole, but we clearly know from Melody’s outburst on stage on the Britney tour, Jessica’s interviews after leaving and Kimberely’s interviews and solo single ‘Not Just a Doll’ after also leaving, that they were not happy in that group.

    Nicole should have said to Robin Antin and the management that she would not continue unless the girls got more camera time and more vocals because that is what the fans and the other girls wanted. Making everything revolve around Nicole has ruined the group and its an injustice to all the fans of the Pussycat Dolls as a group.

    There were at least 5 songs on their second album that Melody Thornton had lead vocals on and one other song where Jessica and Melody shared the entire song with Nicole and yet they were not released as singles. Instead they chose to put out several Nicole only songs that even ‘featured’ her as the artist. Absolute joke and they have completely ruined what could have been one of the biggest selling sensations. Well done Nicole. I hope the other four dolls form their own group. They really should. They can dance, they can sing. They can be what the Pussycat Dolls should have been and they won’t have Nicole holding them back.

  6. RATED x March 17, 2010

    necole Scherzinger can sing and dance. noboby on here can deny that. but as a solo artist, she seems like every other R & B artists out there. theres nothing different bout her. the video for the song WHATAVA U LIKE , with TI killed it for me. I mean she copied Beyonce on that video inch by inch. I felt like I was watching the UPGRADE ME and RING THE ALARM put together..
    I mean dont get me wrong, cause Beyonce is the queen of stealing other people ish and try to make it her own..but damn that video f***** up any type of interest I had in necole.
    she should have stayed with THE PUSSYCAT DOLLs, cause thats where her talent shines the most.

  7. Lil Nic March 17, 2010

    Nicole is the best and If u’s arent big enough fans to buy her album it dosent matter cause I will by every copy possible so she dosent need u’s anyway

  8. Stoney-Brie March 17, 2010

    i am not a fan, but i have see her live on tv with the other gurls, i have 2 say this woman can sing! i wish her all the best..

  9. March 17, 2010

    she has zero personality, nobody i know can tell you her last name, and her solo material has sucked horribly.

    not a soul is checkin’ for her solo material with her horrible off-key ass, so she just needs to hang it up.

  10. Trevez March 17, 2010

    Didn’t Nicole learn the first time around that she should never go solo.

  11. luvsong March 17, 2010

    i think she’s stuck in a contract.. i’m sure her contract was different from the other girls

  12. Ana Louise March 18, 2010

    Y’all guys stop talking sh*t about her…
    Honestly, it wasn’t her fault… That ZERO personality and boring stuffs y’all have known?
    Ha! Y’all got it wrong!
    Don’t forget… She’s an amazing person and she had such a beautiful personality and not just that! She’s a God-fearing person and WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT ON THE OTHER DOLLS?!
    I mean, when it comes to FATE; Nicole would love to support all her girls and that’s it!
    No hard feelings and unfair stuffs on that!
    Talking about Nicole’s sister, (Hmm..Jess…) that wasn’t a good way on showing her feeling about being on Nicole’s shadow… And why wouldn’t she show it to all media on a nice way… Now I know who she is… So sad to see how the original PCD group band ended….It’s absolutely DISAPPOINTING!

  13. Aryo March 18, 2010

    oh come on
    she’s not that idiot to record songs such as physical or all those unpopular songs!!
    she said she will do her best 4 her 2nd album and I’m sure that she’ll do it.

  14. Aryo March 18, 2010

    And well said Ana Louise
    Pussycat dolls’ seperation is so disappointing!
    I loved them all.

  15. Aryo March 18, 2010

    and ya’ll know that other 4 girls can’t sing!
    Can’t believe it????
    U can listen to kim’s “Not just a doll” , her voice is so childish and aweful.

  16. Aryo March 18, 2010

    and ya’ll should know that other 4 girls can’t sing!
    Can’t believe it????
    U can listen to kim’s “Not just a doll” , her voice is so childish and aweful.

  17. zh March 18, 2010

    haha, in fact i think she’s my most liked singer…
    based on looks, voice, songwriting, dancing…
    deff an all rounder……
    and i hope she does good!!!! though chances are very low..

  18. Jaz* March 18, 2010

    i don’t know why people hate her so much !!
    Their contract wasn’t fair obviously but technically she was the only one singing in the last album and i loved it and some of them were suppose to be her own songs that she put it in PCD’s album.

  19. OSO_Deluxe Edition March 18, 2010

    yeah she can make it big on her own…
    btw I loved whatever u like and baby love…..weird that both flopped…
    I still kinda like her

  20. melissa March 18, 2010

    Cant stand the b****

  21. cool chick March 18, 2010

    ummm Sam r u serious? She DEFINITELY looks her age!

    She always looked old to me, i was always wondering her age and now it all makes sense lol

  22. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 18, 2010

    @Aryo….Melody and Jessica can sing theres more than enough evidence on youtube to back this up…go check it out. The mere fact that alot of the songs on Doll Domination were Nicole only songs and didn’t even have at least Melody doing background vocals really just explains the entire situation really. I mean When I Grow Up was re-recorded to feature all the dolls vocals for the video and yet the album version was only Nicole…you would be extremely annoyed to be in that group and constantly have your individual talents pushed aside. I’m glad the other girls have gone, hopefully they can now showcase themselves and Nicole can just flop.

    The fans don’t want new dolls. I’d rather they broke up. Nicole attempt a solo and fail and the other girls have success.

  23. Lil Nic March 18, 2010

    Some of u r a bunch of idiots if u were a NICOLE fan (and if ur not get out of this section and stop talkin crap u don’t know about) NICOLE’S solo cd was not a flop she pulled it back herself as she wanted it perfect for her millions of fans and by the a**holes I can pronounce her full name not just her last name and I hope I look that good at her age-but that’s impossible as she’s a 1 of a kind beauty and as for her not making it she’s already made her name bigger and better than any of those skanky ho’s that were only her back up dancer-but weren’t even any good at doing that NICOLE is my angel!!!!!!! I luv u NICOLExxxxxxxxxx

  24. jammy March 19, 2010

    All the girls are better dancers than her (except Melody)

    but Melody makes it up with her voice. HEr voice is sooo much stronger than Nicole’s voice!!! I saw them live, but i put them on the same level..

  25. Lil Nic March 19, 2010

    Well I saw them live to 3 different times and I was front row and met NICOLE in person and got a great big cuddle and kiss off NICOLE she is the sweetest and most down to earth lady I have ever met and NICOLE is the most talented lady and anyone who disputes that needs their head read and if u’ve seen them live and ur still sayin that then ur crazy! I LUV U NICOLExxxx

  26. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 19, 2010

    Nicole is talented yes…but she has yet to succeed on her own. She did not push back her own CD of her own accord…none of the promo singles she released did good except for Baby Love and it was only a hit in the UK and Europe. Whatever You Like, Puakenikeni…did they chart anywhere?

    NO matter what anyone says whether it is due to Nicole or not, the group has been destroyed by the complete and total emphasis on her. The first PCD tour was fantastic as Carmit and Melody and Nicole really compleneted each others voices really well on all of the songs and they should have moved forward with that for the second album, giving the other girls small parts even rather than NOTHING at all. Shoving Nicole solo songs on there when people wanted DOLL songs…the album was rushed as a result and was no way near a success that was PCD.

  27. Stefgus March 19, 2010

    Nicole is the best artist ever, she’s ver very talented, she is pretty and hot. She released her solo singles before of the pussycat dolls new album and after Dancing With The Star. Lewis confirms again again and againd her solo album and several producers too.

  28. Lil Nic March 19, 2010

    R u realy that stupid u obviously know nothing bout NICOLE cause if u did u would know that she did withdraw her cd-yes there have been many reports stating that NIKKI’S cd was a flop and never made it there by idiotical media reps that have never even actually spoken to NICOLE I spoke to NICOLE for 2 excellent hours (which changed my entire life) and I know for a fact that what I’m saying is true and correct she even states it in interviews what other celeb would spend 2 hours talking to a fan-not many(actually not any).As for the BABY LOVE single I don’t know where u live but it reached no1 here in Melbourne australia u’s obviousley haven’t seen the DOLL DOMINATION Collectors Edition as they all had solo songs on it which in know way even start to compare with NICOLE’S solo songs and if u watch the Manchester Concert u will c that when Ashley,Jessica,Kimberly performd there solo song they actually lip syncd 3 quarters of there song and of course the other girls will not get as much attention as NICOLE and y should they can’t sing or dance for crap. Look at most bands the lead singer always gets the most attention and publicity and if ur going to go on stating things that u think u know about NICOLE make sure u get ur facts straight b4 telling the world!

  29. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 20, 2010

    I have got my facts straight…Her single was a flop…it by no means compared to anywhere near the success any of the PCD singles had and the other promo singles that were introduced to gather excitement for her album, failed to ignite. You can not in any way state that this did not impact Nicole’s ‘decision’ to go back to the drawing board with her album and go back to making PCD album. If her solo career had taken off the way she had wanted she wouldn’t have returned to the PCD’s.

    I have the Doll Domination Collectors edition actually…I fail to see your point here. I actually think the girls solo songs are better than the Nicole solos that are on the actual main CD, because they all have an individual sound and a distinctive voice which offers the fans variety and a different sound, which is what most fans wanted…whereas we just get Nicole layered over and over. Jessica can sing well live so can Ash, not really sure about Kimberely but you cannot deny that all three are PHENOMENAL dancers and Kim is by far the best dancer in the group. It just seems really pathetic to give a lead singer in the band the backing vocals and the adlibs aswell…we heard them singing in their solo songs so even if they cannot sing they could be sorted in the studio and just mime to their own voices rather than Nicole’s backing track! lol It just seems ridiculus.

    This is my personal opinion on it, one which I am allowed to have and no one will be able to change my mind and so I find the fact that you have spoken to her for two hours and it changed your life pretty irrelevant for me personally. And stop putting her name in CAPITALS all the time…what is the point in that?

  30. Lil Nic March 21, 2010

    Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and actually I find ur opinion pretty irrevelant and u r the one who started this by spouting ur mouth off about things u don’t know u obviousley only going off what u read in magazines and seen on tv maybe it’s not important or anyone else for that matter but The reason I said about talking to NICOLE was to share with u the actual facts from her yes the other girls could just mime there songs (like they did in Manchester ) but hay does the world realy need britney spears out there the must be great singers if they have to lip sync and get there voice computer least NICOLE sings live on stage and we all know kimberley is flexiable but there r many photos of NICOLE doing amazing things while excerising with outstanding flexiablity and as much as ur allowed ur own opinion I’m allowed mine to and to type NICOLE’S name however I damn please! It is fine to have ur own opinion but base it on facts not just media hype and by the way my opinion is ur c**k sucking c**t!!!!

  31. Lil Nic March 21, 2010

    And by the way u idiot when NICOLE signed up with interscope records she signed two different contracts one as a solo performer and one with PCD so she had no choice but to stay with the group of non talented back stabbers. And even though I think NICOLE is the next best thing GOD she doesn’t make the decisions on what she sings and what the others do that is not up to her that is up to the producer so stay off NICOLE’S when ur as beautiful,talented,down to earth and amazing and as rich and famous as NICOLE is u might understand what stress people like u make for them and may feel a bit compassion for someone who is giving us all 100% of herself and the best she can give us her music!!!!!

  32. Lil Nic March 21, 2010

    I can speak and write proper english it’s this damn iPhone so don’t go commenting about the english

  33. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 21, 2010

    you have failed to address any of the issues I have a problem with really. I want a group not one girl with back up dancers…So I wasn’t asking for another Britney Spears was I? I said I would prefer that if they made them mime at least have them mime to their own voices and not Nicoles. No matter what you say you cannot deny this group has been treated as a joke by the management and it HAS been ruined by the over emphasis of Nicole hence why the other girls have left. I also don’t need to resort to name calling either…I’m sure someone as sweet, innocent and honest as Nicole would not resort to it either…

    My opinions are based on facts…Jessica has had plenty of interviews since leaving as has Kimberely and they have all illustrated they were not happy with Nicole…Melody’s outburst on stage at the Briteny concert also. I follow all the dolls sept Nicole on twitter and it is clear that they are all pretty much friends, but regard Nicole as a business partner due to how it has been dealt with by the management in the group. You haven’t made one concise argument you have just shouted your mouth off but I respect your opinon nontheless and like I said before its not going to be enough to change my view.

  34. Lil Nic March 22, 2010

    Ok let’s call it a truce and let’s just agree to disagree Im doing this out of respect for NICOLE and this is turning into a hate slanging match and that is not what NICOLE would want to be like and is out of character for me. The reason I got so angry is I took it that u were blaming NICOLE for the publicity she gets. When it is all due to the management team she dosent decide on any of the publicity that the group got or what part each member in the group got she was hired as the lead singer and come on let’s be realistic the other girls are pretty darn naive if they didn’t realise that this would happen as looking through the history of music in most cases the lead singers get all the attention and the others just play a small part in helping to make the lead singer shine. If the lead singer wasn’t thought of by the management team as the most talented in the group there wouldn’t be a lead singer they would all have equal parts ie new kids in the block and in a lot of cases the group eventually break up and normaly the lead singer to make it which I think will be the case in this but whatever we think it’s very sad that they could do this to NICOLE and no matter who is to blame it’s not NICOLE’S fault personaly I just hope that in NICOLE’S solo career she makes some friends who won’t rat her out again as if u watch in the interview above they where very close friends originally it hasn’t always like a business partnership as u said. So to NIKKI good luck in ur solo career and know that I’m here to support u through ur journey. LOVE U NICOLE I r my ANGELxx

  35. Lil Nic March 22, 2010

    To my darling angel NICOLE I want to say how sorry I am for the language I have used I just get so irate when I think someone is bagging u. I can’t help but stand up for u as u r not here to stand up for yourself. U r my world and my reason for existing. U have changed my live dramatically and I will always be in debt to u. Stay true to yourself and be happy and know there are millions of fans out there for u. To anyone who thinks I’m being silly putting this comment in I’m doing it as I know quite often NICOLE goes on these sites and reads our comments,that’s part of the reason why I get so upset and fight back in NICOLE’S honour. So NIKKI once again I am sorry and hope u can understand why I blew up LOVE U NICOLE NOW FOREVER AND ALWAYSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lil Nic

  36. Lil Nic March 22, 2010

    With that first comment I meant that is not what NICOLE would want me to be like

  37. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 22, 2010

    I wish they had released Top of the World, Painted Windows, Elevator, Takin Over the World and Magic 🙁

  38. Lil Nic March 22, 2010

    So do I they where good songs I wish they had released love the way u love me,whatchamacallit and out of this club

  39. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 22, 2010

    Love the Way You Love Me and Whatchamacallit r also good songs. I love the live version of LTWYLM they performed in Scotland on tour…shame they cut it for the rest of the tour. Not really a fan of Out of This Club…considering they had much better tracks and it just felt like filler and was only Nicole singing…it is a relaxing kinda song though. Don’t really like R Kelly either. lol

  40. Lil Nic March 22, 2010

    That’s why I liked it so much cause it was only NICOLE as u can tell NICOLE is the only one I like who is your favorite member

  41. Ni_lewispcdmelodyt March 23, 2010

    There are way better songs than that, that are ONLY Nicole. My favourite is Melody. Killer voice…she does need to learn to control it more but its so raw. Like when you listen to Nicole and Melody together in the live performances of Takin over the world, Elevator, Love the Way you Love Me etc…their voices just blend together so well. LUV PAINTED WINDOWS for dat reason also!

  42. Lani April 24, 2010

    Nicole is stupid, I mean, all of the other girls can sing as well, Carmit and Jess are making albums imma buy ’em. Nicole just sucks all the way, she says oh i love the girls and s*** for the cameras so whatever Nicole, a bit of advice.. GET A LIFE NOONE LIKES YOU YA CANT SING SO, uhm BITE THE DUST

  43. Lil Nic June 20, 2010

    She can’t sing? What planet r u from? NICOLE is the only person in the whole damn group that can sing. That is why she gets all the much deserved attention and has so many interviews and solo performances. The rest of the group where just her dancers ie look at there solos on doll domination tour most of the others lip synced there songs they couldn’t even sing there own songs live that’s how pathetic they are lmfao. If you have brains you can see that NICOLE is the most and only talented member of the group!!! Look at her interviews she has said nothing against the rest of the group she is a true friend!!! Not like the rest who have done nothing but insult NICOLE and put her down that’s not a friend. Nicole brought a house for them all to live in in Santa Monica I hope she’s kicked there dumb fat arses out on the streets cause that’s what they deserve. None of them will ever make it in the music industry they are all hasbeens and not good ones at that. NICOLE will become as big as Elvis did!!! She has the looks, the voice, the talent, the brains and the ability to become whatever she wants!!! And she has millions of faithful fans around the world backing her. So lani Take your snooty nose opinion stick it where it fits and SHUT UP. And you go bite the dust!!!!

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