New Whitney Houston Tour Interview

Published: Thursday 18th Mar 2010 by Sam

Diva Whitney Houston sat down recently for a promotional interview for her ‘Nothin’ But Love Tour’. The superstar spoke on a number of things, including her storied career, her thoughts on music today, the tour, and much more. Peep the interview above…

You gotta love her ‘diva’ demeanour…definitely one of the last ‘originales’ out there. Great interview.

Randomness: I wonder who she was talking about when critiquing some of today’s music?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Slave4Music March 18, 2010

    Thanks for posting the video. A true diva. And I do have some artists in mind that she could be talking baout. LOL

  2. Kevin March 18, 2010

    Almost definitely talking about Lady Gaga, which just goes to show just how little she understands her.

  3. ken March 18, 2010

    Love Whitney! She is not afraid to state her opinions. She didn’t directly diss anyone. Whitney is one of the few artists who ever unabashedly praises other artists.

    Love her take on informing people that she was ‘born into showbiz’ and few realize just how long she has been in this business, 30 years is a LONG time.

    Most of all, I love how she appreciates her fans. All through her ‘comethrough’ and each night performing, she thanks her fans for their ‘love, support and prayers’.


  4. truthteller March 18, 2010

    Whitney is all about love and giving back. She is so classic! gots to love her. Mama Whit just get your sleep and don’t do interviews after a show, poor thing.

    Interesting to hear her take on today’s music: Music doesn’t change, people change their music. I knew that she and Alicia was close, that’s a good thing.

  5. stan March 18, 2010

    whitney, you’re great and all, but not everyone is the same type of artist as you.

    and talking about people wanting to hear someone “sing”… too bad you done lost your voice, whitney.

  6. matt March 18, 2010

    she was definately reffering to the models who are clogging the charts. rihanna for one!!

  7. mike March 18, 2010


    It’s sooooooooo amusing how the arrogance just creeps back in because you had an ‘ok’ comeback….nothing spectacular. I mean the “soft p***” comment can go for so many artists…I mean Beyonces video for Video Phone is very pornish….she talks about stripping which could be about Rihanna or Ciara or even Mariah.

    But its kinda why I always preferred Mariah. Even though she acts like a dumb blonde sometimes….she never makes these kinda comments.

    Whitney is a total B****!!

  8. mike March 18, 2010

    and the costumes comment was DEFINITELY about Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!

  9. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 18, 2010

    LMAO and you remain sad Mike.

    I think she’s right. I may not be affected as much by the visuals and things she’s talking about but other minds that don’t have the sense of good and bad, right and wrong won’t be able to separate the images or the messages of entertainment from reality. I like Gaga and all but she’s talented and doesn’t need the visuals, but the music industry (Not MUSIC) has changed.

  10. KNUCK March 18, 2010

    She’s possibly talking about gaga.. and also rihanna lately. “darkness” is all around the music industry… It’s not just one or two people. Whitney probably can’t be bothered to even know current artists by name besides someone like Beyonce. And obviously Brandy and Monica whom she loved and mentored at an early age. But as she says, Love is the key. You can sing love in so many different ways and it’s still fresh. Which is why, like whitney, I’ll never understand the need to go so far to the edge that your “light” inside is unrecognizable. The CHARACTERS are what is destroying the music industry.

    I love whitney and I always will. I never gave up on her. Her voice, music, and positive spirit captured my heart long ago. Never has whitney failed to give GOD the glory and honor for everything she has and that is why she never had to resort to any foolishness to sell records.

    I’m a huge fan of mariah also and I wish she would get away from those who are making her into a gimmick. When she sings about love and God, she never goes wrong.

  11. Soblessed March 18, 2010

    Love her candor. She’s seen and done it all –she should know!!

  12. truth March 18, 2010


  13. Dave March 18, 2010

    I agree with her on some points. But, you can’t critique people on the music they want to make. People change, people grow, people experience, people get curious, & as this being the US people have the RIGHT! So, Whitney do you & I under the extraness she’s talking about & the darkness, but don’t get mad @ people that don’t want to talk about love all the time. Sometimes people just want to dance, & have fun & nothing is wrong with that. That’s why we have words, & things called, “Variety”, “Preferences”, & “Diversity.” Accept it. Gaga & Rihanna definintely come to scrutiny when you says talks about the “Extraness” with the fashion, & the “darkness”. Halloween costumes -> Gaga, & other who don’t have to do a lot to, “Strip for them, take their clothes off for them, do soft p***” -> Rihanna & Gaga, Beyonce too thou. “Characters” instead of really displaying their gifts -> Gaga. “There are some extremely gifted talented young women, & young men out there who don’t have to really… put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves.” -> Rihanna.

  14. Ace Dawg March 18, 2010

    Amen, Whitney! Love her. She always keeps it REAL. True diva.

  15. Kevin March 18, 2010

    Lady Gaga uses costumes as a means of performance. She’s said it dozens of times, clothes/fashion is as important to her as the music. I don’t see a problem with that!

    Whitney needs to stop judging others. Just because she doesn’t do the crazy fashon thing doesn’t mean that everyone who DOES do it is ‘bad.’

    And, by the way, most of Lady Gaga’s performances are when she utilizes the talent she has. She kills every performance of Speechless!

  16. ADE March 18, 2010

    she ain’t nothing but a crackhead

  17. KingMo March 18, 2010

    Sounds like she’s talking about Rihanna and Lady GaGa to me with the “being dark and over the top” explanation.

  18. truth March 18, 2010


  19. Just Saying…. March 18, 2010

    Okay ya know what who cares if she offended some of you with her comment about some your “favorite” artist, she said NOTHING but the TRUTH and these days people act like they don’t want to hear the damn truth! Some of the artist sitting on top of the charts right now are just sad to me because in order to sale a record now these days you either have to be a “s** kitten”, a ” good girl gone bad”, a “s** fanatic” or someone utterly dumb who can’t think for themself. Back in the day the “good girl” or “boy next door”image was the ideal packaging for an artist now in todays music R&B guys can talk about how many girls he running through on his whole album and it can get praise and critcal acclaim as the “next so and so” or the “next this person” when in reality their music is garbage and critics know damn well that they ain’t the next big thing but to give into “gimmick and what will “sell” they sugar coat it. I hear NO growth in todays music what so ever EVERYTHING sounds the same which is why i wont listen to the radio because there’s really no point. Whitney was right to say what she said and i dont think she was bashing anyone’s music per say but i think was simply stating that we are in hard times these days and they ARE hard times…so give your audience something hopeful to listen to so they don’t have to feel stressed anymore then they need to be which is TRUE and the person who said Whitney is a b**** and praised Mariah umm come again…Mariah came at BOTH Leona Lewis AND my girl Christina Aguilera so don’t go there. These older divas are just simply making a point that if your gonna release garbage then take it somewhere else because it’s not needed…..

  20. nickii March 18, 2010

    lol @ her for saying that she doesn’t need Halloween costume lol!! LMAO
    well she does make some great points!!!! some people are just over the top with their music and they don’t need to!!!

  21. nickii March 18, 2010

    lol @ the person who said that he/she likes Mariah over Whitney because Whitney is a b****….. rolls eyes ……..are we talking about the same Mariah who bashed J.LO, Christina A. Madonna,and many more…. do we want to talk about her and Eminem story ?? Yeah right!!! Whitney is just real, she ain’t afraid to say what she thinks, besides they asked her a question and she responded! so some of y’all need to get over it as far as i know …she did not say any name, if you think that she was talking about Gaga and Rihanna is because YOU HAVE NOTICED what she just said in their music behavior! so you are the ones associating her worlds to them people not her!!!! don’t put worlds/names in her mouth when she didn’t!!!!

  22. EXPOSED March 18, 2010

    National Enquirer just posted an article that whitney is back on drugs/rehab. Funny, this Whitney interview was taken after the first concert in Melbourne march 1st, the same day that the cover pic of NE was taken early morning at Sydney airport when she was flying to Melbourne the same day sans makeup. Doesnt look like she’s on drugs to me… Enquirer is full of s***. smfh.

  23. lee March 18, 2010

    i love how all the gaga stans knew straight away who whitney was talking about lol

  24. Good look March 18, 2010

    She def talking about gaga and rihanna and she is right they are both gimmicks

  25. theillest March 18, 2010

    Her lawyer responded to the National Enquirer. She really should just go ahead and sue them. However, this is the first time that she released her lawyer to talk on her behalf.

    Whitney never called names, if some of you want to associate her remarks to your fav, it’s because u know what she said is the truth.

    Whitney never throws shade on other artists. She is one of the few who always give artists credit over and above what she needs to say.

    Love her and great for keeping it 100!

    Let’s see where some of these other artists will be 30yrs from now and she is saying more in that interview than giving her opinion about today’s artists.

    Broaden your minds people.

  26. Ben March 18, 2010

    Yeah, I could sense the divatude in this interview, but I guess she did it in a classy way.

  27. sickwitit March 18, 2010

    the last real diva….

  28. Fred March 18, 2010

    Well Whitney has been singing for 30 years I guess she can say what she pleases. Her point basically is she just needed her voice to sell millions she didnt have to do what the female artists today do for gimmicks to sell what they do.

    I think Gaga is talented but I also think she is on cocaine and doesnt need the getups
    I think Rihanna has no talent and the costumes and lots of studio work have kept her going for now.

    Whitney Houston on the other hand is pure talent regardless and I hope she doesnt start doing that dope again, that was suck a shame really, thats probably the same road gaga is heading down.

  29. jeemzy March 18, 2010

    Ficken Sie diesen alten weiblichen Hund. Die Musik Rihanna, Dame Gaga sind besser als die veraltete Scheiße dieser Frau. 🙂 Can anyone figure out what I said?

  30. Aleet March 18, 2010

    How can anyone find fault in this?? It’s not the mouth it comes from but the mind it enters….

    Whitney has just talked about what she is about.

    If anyone wants to put a name to their plastic, soft-p***, gimmick pop idol. Then it just proves the point because you have recognised them.

    I’ll go one step further to help u recognise them.

    gaga is visual music clown that’s supported by a music machine backing tape. your watching a well manufactured airbrushed pop front. The same way ‘fashion’ magazines exploit with airbrushed images to hypnotise the mass ‘wannabe famous’. So do gimmicks like gaga. If you like it then you believe the lie. you’ve been conned and your a sucker. Gaga was hanging around the outskirts of pop for ages, no-one would give her the time of day and just before we almost ascaped and she was going to be lost forever, some bussines genius (ournelly) spotted a buck and forced her on to the world. but we like a show that’s why the circus still survives.

    There are endless lists of the above.

    Thanks Whitney for being a singer. Thankyou even more to still sing and be true to your artistry even in times when some say you may not do it as well as you used to.

    For what its worth i like going to the circus once and a while, but if a go to hear someone sing that’s what a pay for and that’s what you get with Whitney.

  31. ImYourStar702 March 18, 2010

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with what she said, she wasn’t rude or disrespectful.

  32. caribe March 18, 2010

    Behold the Divah of Divas! Whitney is just too real and she does it in a way that only she can, ‘and I think I’m right’, smiles and tosses her head back. lmao!

    Love her humbleness and soothing spirit in this interview. I hope she comes home to tour.

  33. newyorker March 18, 2010

    Whitney you eating healthy but you gained weight, lol, go back to junk food.

    Great interview by the way.

  34. ChrisFresh March 18, 2010

    Im 98% sure shes talking about Lady Gaga.. she had the PLEASURE of seeing her perform live at the AMAs and shes commented on it before.. She’s OLD so she wouldnt understand the new generation. Whitney has a 17 year old daughter so im sure she knows alot about Gaga. the new generation’s Madonna.

  35. DizzyGuy1985 March 18, 2010

    I can hear Whitney Houston now:

    Whitney: Lady Gaga..girl boom. How bout Lady Whit Whit..Print that in that tabloids…next question..

    I love Whitney for her honesty and her truth. She came through and although I don’t dig her voice 100 percent I do love her for coming back and not just fading. Love ya whit whit.

  36. Kelly March 18, 2010

    @KnuckL Whitney
    s daughter Krissi is 17 and her godson, Nick also lives with her (he looks about 20) so I’m sure she knows about today’s music. she said in an interview earlier that she knew about akon through her daughter and her friend’s ringtones.

    agree with everthing else u said.

  37. Jasmine March 18, 2010

    I found this interview for different reasons. I kept laughing. On one hand she is acting like an old lady and then the next minute she is putting the interviewer, audience, and music industry in check. LOL. I don’t know why people think she is talking about Lady Gaga specifically in this interview. I think she is referring to more than one person and likely a lot of people behind the scenes as well. Good music is not dark. It stands the test of times. If you have talent you do not need a gimick to sell records. The industry lacks really talented singers/writers so those that have true talent need to step up and claim a record deal.

  38. Kelly March 18, 2010

    @Jasmine: she certainly is not acting like an old lady when she up on that stage dancing it up with those male dancers of hers, looks like she is having too much fun with them.

    BTW, i agree with everything she said. Great interview. One of her best in a long time.

  39. salad diet my ass March 18, 2010

    She says she’s on a “salad” diet. Yea right, my ass. She didnt gain 15-20lbs over the last 1.5yrs on aparagus and onion soup, lmao! Candid pics in Melbourne showed her eating chicken wings, coke (not diet coke), and some other crap. Whatever Whit!! smh.

  40. salad diet my ass March 18, 2010

    Found it strange she never mentioned about working out or having a trainer when talking about keeping fit and diet. She def. needs a trainer to increase her cardio, stamina, and lose about 15 lbs. And stop smoking!! 2 things – trainer and losing the newports – that she failed to mention. WTF!!

  41. Brian March 18, 2010

    Whitney is so unbelievably AMAZING! Sorry, there is NO ONE that can touch her. The originale holding true to her DIVA status. You tell it Whitney, speak the truth gurl.

  42. musicfan March 18, 2010

    Great interview, thoughtful, insighttul and gave me a closer look as to where she is at. I feel more at ease that she is on the right road to recovery after watching this clip.

    She seemed at ease, calm and quite humble.

    love her

  43. musicfan March 18, 2010

    Are we saying that she is eating chickenwings, regular coke 3xs a day all day every day? there are medications that can cause one to gain weight and gaining weight for her is a good thing. I do agree that she needs to work out but surely we are not expecting her to confess everything that is going on in her life in a 10min interview.


  44. ImYourStar702 March 19, 2010

    @ MIKE

    Oh please, i like Mariah as much as the next person but she is more bitchy than Whitney, shes always talking mess about madonna, JLo and countless others look at what she said about madonna… >> << That was rude!!!

    Whitney has always been respectful and classy when talking about others.

  45. ken March 19, 2010

    True. Whitney is one of the few divas/artists to compliment others and she rarely calls out anyone. I can’t imagine her doing that recently. Mariah on the other hand hardly compliments her contemporaries.

    Whitney is THE LEGEND, an ICON and if there were no Whitney, there would have been no Mariah because even she admits that she was the template that they moulded her from when she came out.

    Love Whit!, great interview and yes, her fans are still here and we are holding her down!

  46. TRUTH March 19, 2010


  47. THXWHITNEY March 19, 2010


    She isn’t talking about Lady Gaga, or Rihanna, or Mariah Carey. She’s talking about MUSIC IN GENERAL. Every era should have one or two Madonnas and Lady Gagas. It’s alright but when these people oversaturate the market and music becomes more about shaking your booties and showing your boobies and not the VOICE, that’s a problem. You can see that Whitney is very lenient when it comes to Madonna (they’re friends) and Whitney once defended Madonna for the “cone shaped bras” and crazy outfit, saying it’s just an artistic expression. So clearly she isn’t targeting any specific artist. She’s just talking about her personal views what Music has become today and that is EVERYBODY turning to soft p*** rather than using the VOICE. There are no true vocalists nowadays. People need to resort to all kinds of sensational stuff to entertain people. It’s not a problem when one or a few artists do that. But it’s clearly a problem when EVERYONE is doing that – look at Mariah rolling in a bikini, Trey Songz making music videos about having s**, Rihanna Kesha and Lady Gaga and the crazy outfits, Beyonce making soft p*** music videos, countless singers singing about having s** and taking drugs instead of the message of love and dignity. There are simply no real VOCALISTS nowadays. Whitney has gone through the absolute worst so she should know best. And Whitney Houston has never talked badly of any other artist. She has nothing but praise for Beyonce in several radio interviews back last year and says she’s one of her favorite artists. She has never started catfights with Madonna or J Lo and so on. And even if she doesn’t favor an artist in particular, she doesn’t show it in interviews. She is one classy lady. People can continue ridiculing her but no one can deny she IS one of the GREATEST vocalists of all time.

  48. THXWHITNEY March 19, 2010


    Are you deaf??? Do you speak English? She said she’s working on a treadmill. She IS exercising to increase her cardio, stamina. And why doesn’t she need to lose 15 pounds? People complain when she looks great and make false reports that she’s “dying”, and now she needs to lose weight? Come on!!!

  49. BuTIful March 19, 2010

    im not her biggest fan but she said it very well. everything is like soft p*** right now
    We need more real vocalists, real ladies who can SANG, like Monica, J Hud and A Keys

  50. salad diet my ass March 19, 2010


    D***** bag… anyone can say they do treadmill, walk a flight of stairs 100x, or run a mile a day. Still doesnt mean they have a trainer or working out properly! Seeing the weight gain (and not in a good way) is proof she doesnt have a trainer. Definitely not muscle mass. Even her aussie promoter Andrew McManus says she still smokes. Now how can you be working out and smoke a pack of newports a day called “working out”?? STFU! Speaking english dont mean s*** if you can’t learn to interpret! You stans are sooo blind you cant see the truth. MORON!!!

  51. jawn March 19, 2010

    Salad diet my ass
    You sit your troll retarded b*** down, this clip isn’t about her having or not having a trainer ignoramus!

    You want to control her life, stop obsessing! that’s a sick disease!

  52. alljokesaside March 19, 2010

    Whitney has something a lot of the young peeps in the viz are fighting to have and Mariah has lost: loal fans who actually buy music.

  53. MaZ March 19, 2010

    Whitney is THE TRUTH! Love her!

  54. algie March 19, 2010

    much props to you whitney.god is awesome

  55. Kevin March 19, 2010


    don’t talk s*** unless you know what the f*** you’re talking about…

    Have you listened to ONE of Lady Gaga’s acoustics? They are astounding.

  56. Kelendria March 20, 2010

    MY GOD!
    her voice is DEAD
    her skin is DEAD
    her stage presence is DEAD
    her attitude is DEAD

    go home to your pipe Whitney. You dont belong to todays music scene. You are YESTERDAY.

  57. nickii March 20, 2010

    Awwww some people are mad and hating because Whitney spoke the truth, and they recognize their favorites!!! So how about you hate on yourselves since y’all are the ones naming people!!!! she didn’t !!!
    @ the post above lmao stop dreaming girl… all that you just said happens in your head….seek psychological treatment because you clearly need it …and first!!!!

  58. sooo fake! March 20, 2010


    MY GOD!
    YOUR voice is fake!
    YOUR b*** has bads!
    YOUR skin is botoxed!
    YOUR b****** are implants!
    YOUR stage presence never was!
    YOUR attitude is plastic surgery!

    Realize you’re one of those stoopid stans of fake divas of which whitney is speaking of… Glad you recognized yourself!! You are sooo TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. sooo fake! March 20, 2010


    Sit the f*** down homeboy!! We all know you’re thxwhitney under a different user name. Peeps see thru you’re s***. How is wanting someone to be healthy and in good vocal shape controlling someone? Stop being a f****** jackass b****!!!!!! Obese moron.

  60. Davon March 20, 2010

    Whitney is truly a gift from God.

  61. Kelendria March 20, 2010

    Whitneys voice is DEAD.

    Mah gurl Kelly Rowland sings SH^^^^^^T octaves above the cracked (pun intended) has been, Whtiney.

  62. ImYourStar702 March 20, 2010

    Kelendria, girl shut up you sound like a damn fool…

  63. Anne March 20, 2010

    I think Whitney made some decent points. Everyone has their own reasons why they enjoy or don’t enjoy a certain artist and their own opinion and she was just stating hers. BUT I don’t think she is above criticism considering her vocal ability these days. She could barely talk during this interview and she has not been much of a singer lately, at least not at a decent level. All of the artist that I can imagine that she may have been feferring to are better singers than the Whitney of today. The old Whitney from the 80’s would have been in a better positon to critcize others.

  64. Kelendria March 21, 2010

    Whitney is not coming back. Shes yestreday. absolutely
    Move on folks!
    Kellys new album is coming out and its gonna be a smash. She worked w NeYo and Diddy.

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