Brandy Hits Out At Darkchild

Published: Monday 26th Apr 2010 by Sam

Brandy‘s new VH1 reality show ‘A Family Business’ has proved a ratings winner, with it’s weekly dishing up of drama no doubt a major factor of its success. Last night’s episode was no different, with the singer shown hitting out at former friend and collaborator Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins to brother Ray J, who is set to work with the hitmaker.

As the video, which you can watch below, highlights, the former Moesha star, holds Jerkins responsible for the poor performance of her last LP ‘Human’ – which he executive produced. Check it out below….

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  1. Oggie April 26, 2010

    LOL excellent, Brandy and Rodney have been having beef since the Full Moon album, when they went into the studio to record some of the tracks Brandy accused Rodney of not coming with hot beats and delayed project tillm he started to deliver hence how great some of the beats ended up after she made some noise – What About.

    After that Brandy started working with Timberlanf and admittidly although not promoted well, I think Afrodisiac was Brandy’s best album, although Never Say Never is AMAZING!

    On Human.. I love Brandy but i have not listened to that album more than once

  2. Your_Sanctuary April 26, 2010

    I LOVE Brandy, but blaming others for a flopping record is just wack. As if a high profile producer like Darkchild had nothing better to do than messing up his own records on purpose… She could have just NOT released the album, if she didn’t like it, but throwing rocks, afterwards, is LAME!

    Besides that, I loved Human and DON’T think that the material was too weak or something.

  3. Trucie April 26, 2010

    I don’t watch reality TV and even though I have been a die hard fan since Brandy’s first album, I don’t think it’s fair that she would blame Rodney for the fail of her album. He has been consistent in his work and devotion to quality music when dealing with all artist, especially Brandy. Human was a great album and the reason it didn’t do so well is because consumers are not as interested in hearing good music anymore. So if she’s now pulling that angle to promote her shows rating, she needs to stop. The man knows what he’s doing and he does it well. Brandy really needs to check herself and stop this reality show madness because she starts pissing off her fans.

  4. dee April 26, 2010

    Did Ray J say that he and Rodney made the best music of all time! CHILD!

  5. Dilla April 26, 2010

    Human was a good album that didn’t get the promotion that it needed. I do believe that Rodney said that he wasn’t able to give her his best because she wasn’t committed to him doing the making of the album which stalled the chemistry between the two.

  6. veebz April 26, 2010

    I reason the human album flopped was because the concept of the album was a story a had been hearing for 2 years from Brandy how you gonna base an album on an issue you can’t talk about and you want to put behind you?, Bad singles were chosen and promo wasn’t every good . The actual songs weren’t bad so she can’t exactly blame rodney

  7. Ghetto Fab April 26, 2010

    Can you say TACKY! If he didn’t deliver for her on her album then she should have just urged her bro not to work for him. But talking about their issues all out in the open is just tacky! Brandy’s last project flopped because it had no promotion. I’m really begining to dislike this family. If you notice its NEVER their fault. It’s always someone or something else. Take some damn responsibility! Shame on the Norwoods. I don’t watch their show regardless though.

  8. Brandy who? April 26, 2010

    B**** needs to go back to what she does well-selling weaves!
    and yes i WAS a Brandy fan and yes i BROUGHT Human but to cop out and blame one of the best producers out there is damn right disgraceful

  9. Steffon April 26, 2010

    Brandy didn’t say that why the album wasn’t succesful, she clearly said he didn’t put his all into it, which is true. Hearing previous projects such as FULL MOON & NEVER SAY NEVER, there was no denying that they made great music together. HUMAN was a great album just not promoted correctly, and releasing in a good time frame. Glad they resolved their issues tho. Can’t wait for the next BRANDY/DARKCHILD album

  10. Independent Thinker April 26, 2010

    I for one, LOVED Brandy’s Human LP. I felt it was honest, passionate and quite creative. One of the most personal and forthright albums of her career. “Accapella” alone is enough of a reason to buy that album and “Human” is such a beautiful and relatable song.

    I know that Brandy and Rodney have had amazing chemistry in the studio since her Never Say Never days;but did Brandy really think that they’d be able to capture the chemistry of old when they’ve both grown and had various experiences in and out of music over the past ten years. I thought that Brandy wanted Human to express all of the things she’d gone through personally and publicly. Everything from her love life to that infamous car accident to the new and improved lease on life that she seemed to have. Human captured all of that, all the while pushing the genre boundary seeing as how it was an ecclectic mixing pot of music(which I loved about the album). I don’t know what occured between Brandy and Rodney behind the scenes while recording Human(the album) or what either of them expected from one another,but I felt the album was exactly what it was supposed to be. It certainly spoke to me,and Brandy seemed so happy with the finished product.

    Now, as far as it’s commercial success(or lack thereof)is concerned. There are three things at fault. 1.) The audience that Brandy is marketed toward seems to have lost interest in quality music. A sad majority of us no longer want “real”,timeless records. We want trendy little diddy’s that are attached to gimmicks and/or temporary dance crazes. We don’t want to be inspired or fed emotionally any more. We just want to be polluted and deluded(some of us anyway). While there are still many of us who do believe in quality over quantity; we don’t seem to be the majority any more. 2.) This is the age of illigal downloading. The same way “video killed the radio star” when I was coming up,the internet today has killed record sales. If an album is accessable via the internet,people will find a way to download the album w/out paying for it. Should they do this? Ofcourse not. It is stealing. Unfortunately,we live in a world full of people who will do what ever they believe they can get away with and the internet has made it increasingly easy for people to get away with stealing music. The public just isn’t investing in artists the way they used to.
    3.) Labels are no longer investing in artists the way they used to. Many great albums have underperformed because they were underpromoted. Brandy’s Human album was no exception. The label did not promote the album the way that they could have and should have. Poor marketing and poor promotion equals poor album sales. It’s as simple as that.

    If Brandy were placing the blame on these things for the publics poor reception of her latest effort I would get where she is coming from;but to blame your producer when he clearly gave you quality music and you clearly had quality writers as well seems like a bit of a cop out.
    I don’t think Rodney is at all to blame for Brandy’s poorly recieved album. Just because an album doesn’t pull huge numbers doesn’t mean it’s a bad or poorly produced album. Human was a great effort on both Brandy and Rodney’s part. Wether he “got it in” the way he wanted to or not his production was as stellar as it’s always been and Brandy was vocally masterful.

    Human is a classic album. It’s just not the commercial phenomenon I imagine Brandy was hoping it would be and she should be o.k with that considering the fact that she was able to deliver an album that will resonate with the people who did support it for years to come. Not everything has to be or needs to be about commercial relativity. Sometimes folk just need a breath of fresh air. Human was definately that.

  11. April 26, 2010

    fact is human was boring, you cant compare it to monicas cd. cause still standing seems to be a little more versaitle…human was just a row of slow songs, each one was good, but boring in the complete package

    and if brandy didnt liked it, then why releasing it?

  12. chi09 April 26, 2010

    UMM….She didnt have to take the songs from him if she felt that way…..If her album had did good would she be saying that

  13. hihihihi April 26, 2010




  14. Alex April 26, 2010

    Human was a HOT album. If she didnt like Rodney’s work why the f*** did she not only put it on the album but release them as singles? O_o

  15. yesyes April 26, 2010

    brandy please take yo ant faced ass and go home……

    Or drop some hot s*** & get it promo’d RIGHT!!!

  16. truthis April 26, 2010

    Brandy is a fake always has been.i guess if human had done well then she would be happy huh…blaming a producer for a albums failure just made her look like a whiny brat..brandy and the record company is to blame cause if i didnt like sometthing theres no way im gonna accept it and the people just were not interested in brandy or her music at that time..i wish she stop this its your fault and come to reality that her career done sunk faster than the titanic and it never gonna help her career the fact that she cant own up to her own failures when it has to do with her career.

  17. sam April 26, 2010

    love brandy!!

  18. RELEVANCE April 26, 2010


  19. DizzyGuy1985 April 26, 2010

    Brandy lets not get too crazy. Your album did bad becasue you didn’t capture your true audience. Didn’t he work with Toni Braxton? I feel like she has been in the game this long…why exactly are you blaming people when you should know what people want to hear.

    Also why doesn’t Brandy work with newer producers instead of Dark Child. I don’t think Beyonce works with him..idk.maybe I’m wrong. Just with Say My Name and her earlier work.

  20. RELEVANCE April 26, 2010


  21. RELEVANCE April 26, 2010


  22. DizzyGuy1985 April 26, 2010

    I am sure Rodney brought the final album to her and if she accepted it than its her fault. If she doesn’t like him than she just needs to move on.

    I love how she gave Ray J the side eye at the end…lolz.

  23. movieman April 26, 2010

    beyonce worked with darkchild on her last album

  24. KEEPINGITREAL April 26, 2010

    Human was a HOT record, it wasn’t promoted or marketed correctly. If she should be blaming anyone its the record company! I didn’t even know it was out, until a friend of mine sent it to me from the label. Wrong singles picked I think, but as a whole the album was tight…I rinsed it!

    Its unfair she is attacking Rodney for her shortcomings, take responsible and direct your s***** attitude at the label who f***** up your project! There was no heat on Brandy at the time and no one cared! She messed up on her last album by lying about her personal life and dropped out of sight! You can’t just come back on the scene and think peeps have forgotten. I still remember watching that MTV diary of her having her baby, and thinking…something ain’t right! AND NOW this follow up show just makes me see how fake and full of s*** they are…ESPECIALLY Ray J! I’ve always thought it, but this just cements it!

    Airing your business and talking about Flo-rida (i’m sure he ain’t happy about this) like ya’ll are together…is WACK!! Its actually embrassing seeing the way they talk on screen. They will get exposure out of this, but its probably not going to be the right or best publicity for them.

  25. Jamie April 26, 2010

    Ummm…. Brandy sweetheart…you’re the artist…you chose what you want on your album and who you want to work with…..don’t blame homeboy

  26. jonstrax April 26, 2010



  27. geronimo April 26, 2010

    i used to like her back in the day but not now… her 15min are up

  28. Denny April 26, 2010

    I think people are ignoring the issue at hand. Brandy is upset with Rodney because of the material that was brought forth and that the past chemistry that they shared on previous projects that produced magic was absent. She’s not blaming Rodney for her album not being successful, she’s simply stating that his drive and hunger wasn’t present. This episode was DEEP in my opinion and I’m loving the show because it’s showcasing alot of what occurs in the background scenes that we never quite get to see.

    It’s also interesting to find out that Rodney was “JEALOUS” that Brandy worked with other producers and not exclusively him. Vocally Brandy is her best with Rodney, but I’m not sure if I want them to reconnect for her next project.

  29. Groupthink April 26, 2010

    No! Brandy had waaay more than 15 minutes b**** so get t right Geronihoe. Moviegirl shut the f*** up, don’t nobody wanna hear about beyonce tired, overrated ass this is a brandy post h**. Irrelevance, b**** stop talking about education, while using all caps b****. YesYes and Truthis, both of you dumb h*** can kick rocks with open toe shoes, in the words of Brandy. You no name mutherfucker up top, how you gone compare Monics new material to Brandy’s album human? Human knock’s Monica’s new album out of the stadium times 10 b****. All of you stupid b****** shut the f*** up, ya dig?

  30. Ben April 26, 2010

    She needs to blame her label, not Darkchild. They didn’t put out the right singles. Not to mention, “Human” was a very slow album overall, though I gave that a pass because of her hardship. And it was also pushed back numerous times, and it had minimal promotion. Blame the label.

  31. justme April 26, 2010

    calm down Groupthink lol.. I think they were just saying that Brandy is bitter because when u hear the tracks Darkchild has laid down for Beyonce and Lady GAGA.. u have to think was he holding out on Brandy… Scared of Lonely was a great song and he also did Telephone so who knows if he was actuallt holding out on her..


  32. Qtis April 26, 2010

    The real truth is Brandy comes off very fake and the world has moved on since her last hit. Brandy is not good on the eyes and acts like a desperate little harlet. Her image is so wack and the fake ass hair is not a good look for her. It’s certainly not a producer’s fault cause no matter what level your on you still have to inspire the producer’s best work and checking out Brandy I don’t see a lot that would inspire many. Brandy’s career has seemingly ran it’s course and is now tapering off that’s the reality. I’m sure she still has some fans so she should ride off into the sunset with them cause those days of being at the forefront of the music industry are over.

  33. StayAfro April 26, 2010

    What everyone is failing to see if that she didnt mention sales.. so i dont know why everyone is talking s*** about album sales. Brandy doesnt care about sales.. Shes talking about Rodneys approach to the music that their making.. Yes the HUMAN album had poor performance.. and Rodney wanted to do the whole album his way.. as in tell the story with the accident etc and hows shes moving forward with life… hence ‘Right here departed’ watch the video too. Brandy wanted to obviously showcase her personal experiences in the last 4 years as opposed to one accident.

    I REALLY dont think that Brandy is being bitchy or blaming Rodney for Humans s*** performance.. they have made some SICK music together.. but if anything u the ARTIST would know if the chemistry or the music is lacking especially if u have worked with producer in the past.

    Yall dont 4get as well how he gave brandys sound away after never say never.. so.. shes got a point.. First n Love for example was the dopest track on that album, and it wasnt produced by Rodney.

    What brandy also could mean.. is that from the selection of songs that were submitted for human Rodneys ones werent on a level..

    No way would she blame him entirely for Humans Sales.,. Thats the record label.. but Rodney as a producer could have done alot more.. thats what shes sayin

    Just like Ray Js got her back in certain things like Flo rida.. Brandy

  34. Groupthink April 26, 2010

    QTIS, Ima have to beat yo ass for talkin s*** about Brandy b****, bey stans ain’t got s*** on me.

  35. Anon April 26, 2010

    Human was HORRIBLE!!! Seriously, I could not believe how bad that album turned out. Shattered Heart was the only song worth a few spins ad I’m pretty sure that was a Timbaland track. Afrodisiac has been Brandy’s best work.

  36. GOOD ASS JOB KANYE WEST April 26, 2010


  37. MellyMel April 26, 2010

    Human was Brandy’s weakest cd 2 date. She tried to go the pop route & sadly she doesn’t have the complexion for the But, to place blame for the failure of your cd when you have a say of what singles will make the cd is sad. Get it 2gether Brandy!!

  38. TYler April 26, 2010

    Rodney is a grossly overrated producer anyway. B-Rocka need to call up Mike City and let Rodney go.

  39. remmy April 26, 2010

    As a big fan of brandy, I don’t even know what to say about this but she whacked herself out with these comments. The reality show is scripted an painfull at time to watch, cuz she comes off so fake at times. Can’t belive she even tried to blame him…not saying this is the case but if I were darkchild I wouldn’t give brandy my best work, cuz she sin’t as hot, why not hol it for beyonce gaga and the likes to make more money in the long run…just thinking out loud…

  40. remmy April 26, 2010

    Not to mention she recorded and released those songs…

  41. Groupthink April 26, 2010

    ANON and GOODblahblahKANYE, both of you b****** can see me. I’m tired of you hoez talking all that fake s***

  42. Danielle April 26, 2010

    remmy She may have recorded those songs but it is not really up to her to release what songs as singles.. a lot of politics behind that, you people think these artist have full control over this stuff? lol

    How is your 15 minuets up when you been here since 1994? LOL
    some people are soooooooooooooooooo STUPID

    She didn’t blame it all on rodney but the fact is he DIDN’T GIVE HER HIS ALL ON HUMAN

    and Brandy has a right to feel how she feels, this is HER career people, understand that.

  43. Danielle April 26, 2010

    MellyMel <– You sound so ignorant and stupid how doesnt have have the "complexion" to ve successful at pop when some of Brandy's biggest hits are POP Songs and she is considered a POP STAR lol, stop it, She already accomplished that on her first two albums.

    She is capable of crossing over, has nothing to do with her complexion. She's done it before

  44. Sanity Kane April 26, 2010

    This whole thing is a typical case of people hearing, but not getting an understanding! It’s so sad how today someone can say something in plain english, and people hear it, and then create such negativity and hate! For those of you who got what Brandy was saying, congrats, you may pass go and collect your $200, for the majority here who did not; take your hateful butts to jail, straight to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200! 🙂

  45. DANBOFFICIAL April 26, 2010

    Human was a pile of cat s***, lets hope the new albums a little better cuz i really do like BranBran !!!


  46. LJ April 26, 2010

    Human was a good effort, but definitely not one that ANYBODY would have predicted to be a commercial success.

  47. LaLa April 26, 2010

    Ummm how didn’t the label promote the album? Bran was put on damn near every talk show & night show’s their was with that album, plus she had A LOT of publicity from the crash & she had major internet support. The reason why she flopped was because “Right Here” was clearly a POP record when her hardcore fanbase was R&B. The music people were used to from Bran was R&B music with pop potential like “What About Us”. She came back trying WIN which blinded the creativeness of the music that was NOT on the Human album…I DARE SOMEBODY TO DISAGREE.

  48. Noni April 26, 2010

    To u guys complainin about brandys comments:

    Rodney admits in the episode that he didnt give his all because he was jeaous ofthe fact that Bran worked with other producers like Brian Kennedy.


  49. MaiPearl April 26, 2010

    Brandy is not upset with Rodney but the fact her daughter father Robert Smith , is Rodney’s Jerkins are cousin and Rodney didn’t tell ole girl Robert was cheating on Brandy <3

  50. nikarta April 26, 2010

    Rodney himself has confirm this before therefore why are you lot berating Brandy. People just post nasty comments just for being down right hateful and vile for nothing. It’s soo PATHETIC hence get a life HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  51. “Dj Y2k Malone” April 26, 2010

    well if this project flops she will be eating her words

  52. “Dj Y2k Malone” April 26, 2010

    well if this project flops she will be eating her words for sure

  53. truthis April 26, 2010

    I hope brandy paying some of you sad pathetic stans, people post there opinions and if you dont agree thats your problem…state you opinion and keep it moving cause fact is brandy is whining and complain ONLY BECAUSE HUMAN FLOPPED…if it did well she would not have said NOTHING…SHE IS FAKE and i think she just blaming rodney now cause of the reality show…she had planty opportunity in the studio and when human dropped 2 years ago….and fact is rayj may get a hit but the album sells will be very low as usual…the show is scripted and they coming off as gimmicks and its a shame cause brandy has talent but her brother will sell his 2 left feet and his soul for a itty bitty piece of fame…….SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. rated x April 26, 2010

    cosign 100%..people like to read s*** and just run with it without knowing the full details..
    Brany never blamed darkchild for her album sales..
    how can she blame him if he aint got s*** to do with her record company?

    I love the Human album..i think it flop because of poor promotion.. im a brandy fan and she aint got s*** to prove to me..

  55. nikarta April 26, 2010

    @Truthis or whatever you call yourself, You are the pathetic one. If you don’ t like Brandy don’t come on here and post vile and nasty comments about her. I hope you’re proud of yourself for being Vile and evil towards others. You need to take a good look at yourself before you start calling other fake. Get a life HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Groupthink April 26, 2010

    Imma beat Trutis’s ass. Take your dumb ass to another blog b****, cause imma put my foot up your ass if you keep coming back here. Queen Brandy rules h**

  57. Groupthink April 26, 2010

    @DANBOFFICAL, don’t let me catch you in the street boo cause it’s gone be trouble b****

  58. Luv-Lee April 26, 2010

    @ Trucie
    CO-SIGN!!!!! I really liked that album!!! The Definition was my FAVORITE song on that album. It might be in my top ten favorite songs of all time. That album “floped” because of bad promotion overshadowed by Brandy’s situation that I won’t speak about. I heard somewhere that Brandy claims she helped Rodney create the sound that he has now and she gets mad when she hears that sound used on other artists. She need to stop. She thinks she is responsible for Rodny’s success. SMH… One thing Brandy needs to remember is to stay humble. That’s just how I feel. *shrugs*

  59. Dumbasses all around me April 26, 2010

    All you ignorant ppl have this s*** backwards. A lot of you seem slow. She was not saying Rodney was the total reason why Human failed, She is simply saying that on Human he did not give her his best work like he usually does(i.e. Never Say Never, Full Moon), And that may have contributed to Human being unsuccessful. And for the morons saying “well if she didn’t like the songs they did, why did she put them on the album”……U idiots, it’s not up to the artist to decide what goes on the album. Some artist may have more influence(On what songs make the album) than other artist but ultimately it’s up to the record label. Rodney even said that it wasn’t his best work because he didn’t feel Brandy’s commitment to him during recording because she was working with other producers. Bottom line is they made up, he’ll be on the next project and Brandy is gonna BRING IT!!!

  60. Trevez April 26, 2010

    I’m glad that Brandy confronted him. Its obvious by that video that Rodney Jenkins got his head big by working with bigger stars and didn’t put all his effort in people that help him get where he is now. Just like Timbaland’s ass.

  61. nikarta April 26, 2010

    @Dumbasse………, LMAO @ ur comment. When you’re dealing with idiots that’s exactly what happens. I wish they’d just actually carefully listen to a comment before they start posting their vile comments. This goes to show how hateful and pathetic their life really are, always pointing fingers on other yet they ain’t exactly sqeaky clean.
    Ignorant Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. yiyi April 26, 2010

    there’s always more to the story.

  63. Keyshia April 26, 2010


  64. Mandel April 27, 2010

    I have been a Brandy fan since the begining. I honestly hated Human. To me it wasn’t too good. All i heard of Autotune and nice beats in which overshadowed her voice… It is nothing compared to Never Say Never… I really thought this was a lazy effort…. sorry…

  65. C April 27, 2010

    Brandy actually said if Rodney is not going to bring his best work Ray need to tell him to “Kick rocks with an open toe shoe!” I put the entire episode up on my blog this has been watered down! I’m sure Wendy williams touched on it in her interview 🙂

  66. Shawn April 27, 2010

    I think she has a point . I mean compared to alot of the other records he produced in ’08 Human was not his best work. Especially for him having EP it. Maybe she isn’t getting her point accross the way she should ( cause it sounds a little like she hatin’ and finger pointing ) but it doesn’t mean that she’s wrong. Although a couple of the songs ( Mr.Piano man , Camoflage & True ) are good Human is easily Brandy’s most forgetable album

  67. Bryan Angton June 25, 2010

    Human album was so Hot to me. I loved every song on there. Rodney should have gave his best work and help her promot the album but Brandy haters shut the f*** up if your not a Brandy Fan like I am why are you comment on this topic. Brandy ‘s Human album was So Hot to me.

  68. AndyRoid August 17, 2010

    many of you say that Brandy is unjustified in what she said about Darkchild and in my mind I think that she had all the right reason to be pissed off. Look at it like this if you will songs he did for her were pretty hot no lie about it such as…: The boy is mine, Top of the world, Angel in disguise, U don’t know me, What about us, Right her departed, Long distance, and lastly The definition. But if you look at the chart like I did non of those songs did any good really, I would have to say that her best work was on Full Moon… hands down she was into every song and I felt the words come to life you all see it as her on a rampage and just trying to single him out. She knows Rodney and what his best work sounds like Human was a flop you have to admit, I think I like only 3 to 4 songs off the entire thing and thats a shame, I love brandy and can’t wait to hear her on the radio again and not doing samples on The girl can blow her b*** off and rodney did do her real grimy on the whole human project…. that would be like you asking J.k. Rolling to publish your book and she did it but it didn’t sale and then later you find out it was because she didn’t proof read it or have you revise it or anything she just put her name on it and put it out…it’s the same thing don’t hate on Bran’Nu for being pissed hate on Rodney for signing his name to a unfinished project.

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