Video: Drake Kisses Fan On Stage

Published: Monday 26th Apr 2010 by Sam

Rap phenomenon Drake caused quite a stir during the Nashville, Tennessee stop of his ‘Away From Home’ tour over the weekend. During his set, the Young Money star proceeded to serenade a female fan, eventually mouth-kissing her. Peep the footage below…

With the drama surrounding Akon’s ill-advised ‘crowd interaction’, I can’t say this was the smartest choice the 23 year old has made. Still, I’m sure it won’t halt his continued ascension to the top.

Tidbit: Our good friends over at Gossip On This were in the house during the tour’s Greenville stop, and snapped some awesome pics. Click here to check it out.

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  1. chelsie April 26, 2010

    Tacky.tacky tacky. He’s not even goodlooking.

  2. Ghetto Fab April 26, 2010

    Who the hell wanna kiss this guinee pig? These youngins can’t even put on a good show these days without giriating, kissing, or humping their fans. I guess its become all interactive now at these things. SMH Why don’t Drake use some of that “young money” and buy himself a new routine cause like the poster above me said TACKY TACKY TACKY!


  3. 2bad2bme April 26, 2010


  4. Dilla April 26, 2010

    Good for Drake, he’s not my type looks wise, but anything for the fans, I guess?

  5. Beyowulf! April 26, 2010

    omg I would die right there!

  6. Tha Phoenix April 26, 2010

    He’s talented but as far from goodlooking as it is possible to be.

  7. PLAIN AND SIMPLE April 26, 2010

    Isn’t that one of Rihanna ex’s. last year

  8. DizzyGuy1985 April 26, 2010

    Drake seems like he is nice. But I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to. Maybe Usher…maybe Trey Songz…on a bad maybe even a women but wow.

  9. geronimo April 26, 2010

    I think he should thank the chrianna incidence

  10. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 26, 2010

    ^^ For what? How exactly did Chris Brown beating up his girlfriend half to death (literally) help Drake’s career? If you’re referring to the 2 minutes him and Rihanna were seeing eachother, I highly doubt that’s the focal point of his career.

    I’m pretty sure if they met in the street, Drake would knock P**** Brown’s head off in a sec anyway, so please…hop off of Chris’ 4 inch penis already.

  11. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 26, 2010

    And those of you saying he’s unattractive, I kinda disagree. The problem with Drake is sometimes he looks really good, other times he really does not.

  12. matt April 26, 2010

    quenn rihanna in this post as well. the stans are up and rearing for the day. get a life please!!

  13. RANDOM April 26, 2010

    wow he’s trying so hard wonder why.

    probably after flinging a fans undies away and realizing that was not a good look.

    drake just let them fall if it gets in your hands again put it in your pocket you dont
    to actually keep the nasty s*** .just make it look convincing you’ll do fine.

  14. koko April 26, 2010

    I see he got ‘Unthinkable’ playing in the background. Can’t wait to hear the remix. Anyway these days with all the diseases going on, I wouldn’t be randomly kissing any person or fan for that matter. Just give them a hug or some autographed stuff and call it good.

  15. GOOD ASS JOB KANYE WEST April 26, 2010


  16. Darren April 26, 2010

    very good idea to make fans go crazy but is she underage? was she planted in the audience?

  17. Lindsay April 26, 2010

    I don’t see why Drake is trying to s** up his image. He never did this before and it seems unnatural to me. Leave that up to Trey Songz grinding on chicks, microphone stands and towels n whatever.

  18. piat April 26, 2010

    I hope the chick was 18+ but Drake did a good job of playing on the element of seduction. That was HOTT! I’m not a lover of Drake but I think he is talented.

  19. X,Y,”and Z” April 26, 2010

    @Sam — ON-THE-REAL: do YOU remember, when dude first came out, there was a bunch of “groupie tales” bout him? …Dude was rumored to “go-down” on groupies; groupies?!?! …YES, GROUPIES!!!!! This dude is str8-nasty; no wonder he and Rihanna “got-down” and “got-along” so well!!!

    I have a “couple of words”, NOT for Drake; but that young lady who HE KISSED:
    Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)!
    Streptococus(strep throat)!
    Cold Sores(HSV-1and HSV-2 <-Rihanna has that)!
    Coxsakie virus (Hand, foot,and mouth disease)!

    @That young lady – If the swollen glands, night-sweats and fever-and-flu-like symptoms aren't enough; the soon-to-come, sores on your lips, should have you VERY-concerned. Enough-so, to move-you, to seek Medical assistance. Your life is NOW "irreversibly changed", and NOT for the better; you NOW have contracted HSV-2 ….H*****! …If I were you, I'd NOT "blame" Drake; cast your gaze, concerns, trepidations, anger and disgust towards one Robyn Rihanna Fenty!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!

  20. PLAIN AND SIMPLE April 26, 2010

    Just came from another Site Called GOSSIPONTHIS.COM This was very interesting. If u don’t know now u will.

  21. Rob April 26, 2010

    X,Y, and Z you are the epitome of INSANITY please for the love of God get some help!

  22. kekeluvsu April 26, 2010


    Get the hell own. So what’s it to you? Why bring all the hate? We know you’re a Chris stan. Don’t hate Drake because dude been on his grind since 06. Tell Chris to step his d*** up and put the fist down and MAYBE just MAYBE he can get his career back.

    And to the rest of the idiots trying to throw shade. Aubrey DRAKE Graham has been doing this for a minute in his performances. You lames just now seeing this and throwing shade at dude for what? Because you think that’s gone stop his career? GTFOH. N**** doing sold out shows EVERY NIGHT. YOU MAD? STAY MAD.

    And another thing why in the F*** would he bring a MINOR on stage and do that s*** to her? That’s just common sense. The girl might have looked young but she def. wasn’t. GROW UP.

    DRAKE YOU FINE BABY. (LOOKS WISE AND ALL) Stay on your grind. Let the ducks hate. 😆

  23. vegasgirl April 26, 2010

    some really need to calm down…why must people bring up the OTHERS when on Drake post. Drake seems like a nice guy (a little arrogant at times) and a bit of a square, this dude is FAR from street. With the description that was given “mouth kissed” I thought it was going to be like WOW but it wasn’t. It was funny to watch.

  24. aiecia April 27, 2010

    I hope she was old enough, or he’s going to be looking at someone’s mammy and pappy. (STOP BRINGING UP YOUNGIN’S ON STAGES FOOLS!)

  25. vennie April 27, 2010

    I was at this show, it was really good, got to see him backstage. Im sure some artist have done much more on stage. remeber when b2k use to give 13 and 14 year old girls lap dances? lol

  26. myka April 30, 2010

    thats cute next thing you know they gone have babies

  27. Tiffany Laws July 29, 2010

    That’s cute. Drake a , amzaing rapper why does he need to kiss his fans for more money?? I mean it looks like he’s trynna make more woman buy more front row tickets to get a kiss aha[: he’s good because . Next concert he’s gonna be a billionare !

  28. melisssa November 4, 2010

    i hate that stupid b**** wut the hell is she doing kissing my man. she probably has h***** so why is he kissing her.that should be me omg look at that girl.she not even pretty and im not hating but anyways its not prob drake always gonna be my baby i love drake i love u sooooooooooooo much and i mean it.

  29. keyonna August 12, 2011

    he is good lookin i wish i was there 4 him to pick me.but we
    aint nowhere near each other.i stay in wynne ar luv u drake iam ur bigest fan.

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