Hot Shot: Ciara & LaLa At Lakers Game

Published: Sunday 11th Apr 2010 by Sam

Peep pals Ciara and LaLa posing it up at the Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets game earlier this week (April 8th). As previously reported, Ciara’s new single ‘Ride’ premières tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. movieman April 11, 2010

    aww what happend to her other fake friend kim kartrashian

  2. brandoise April 11, 2010

    Today is April 11th. There might be another Lakers game tonight so try to be on time TGJ!

  3. movieman April 11, 2010

    poor thing at this only having 1 comment would it been beyonce going it out it would have been the most viewed post of the day 🙁

  4. PAPARAZZI 4423 April 11, 2010


  5. ADE April 11, 2010

    Ciara looks hilarious in that picture

  6. CIARA BETTER April 11, 2010


  7. cool chick April 11, 2010

    Ciara looks a mess
    Lala is cute

    i can’t wait for the Ride video, hope it doesn’t disappoint

  8. X,Y,”and Z” April 11, 2010

    …Now why CAN’T-Rihanna, EVER-look THIS GOOD???? …Even with Gluteus-Maximus FIRMLY-plated, and affixed-in, sedentary-position: Ms. Harris’ Metabolic rate is 2x THAT of Rihanna’s, on any-given day, on any-given stage, during any-given performance! <<–Google it: God's honest-truth!

    If ONLY Rihanna, HAD CIARA'S: poise, rearing, Cheek-Bones, "model-statuesque", Skin-tone, Hair, Finger nails, Toe Nails, Teeth, disposition, inclination, temperament, etiquette,ethics, morals, 'better-judgment', Father, Mother, Grand-Father, Grand-Mother, 'past-life', Friends, acquaintances, Best-Friend,Favorite-Color, Favorite-Car, Favorite-Food,Favorite-Designer,Favorite-Clothes, Favorite-shoes,Favorite-Banker(Rihanna's ATM, don't count),Stage-presence, showmanship,Dance-Skills, People-Skills, Communication-Skills (Smashing folks upside-their-heads with Cell Phones and/or glass-bottles don't count),Self-Help Skills,Self-Motivation Skill Set,Self-awareness Skill Set ……

    ….And if-ONLY: "6 WAS 9"; if-ONLY:"water-wasn't-wet"; If-ONLY: H***** Sores didn't "heal into a Scar"; if-ONLY: the Sun didn't rise, in-the-East, and set, in-the-West; if only…..

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!

  9. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 11, 2010

    ^^ Oh please, minus the cold sore/h***** scar, Rihanna looks way better than HEara – in body structure and fashion sense. And you know good and well I ain’t a stan (of both of them), but come on now XYZ. You may not like Rihanna, but you also got to keep it real. Ciara, with her muscular testosterone bodybuilder ass, makes most average men look more like Rihanna, than actual men.

    B**** makes my own father look like my MOTHER, for god sake! And my daddy is nothing but masculine. S*** lookin’ like a poor man’s Ru Paul in this pic, b**** ain’t fooling anyone! And who the f*** is LaLa? I actually thought that was Keri for a split second, goodness.

  10. melan April 11, 2010

    Its funny how when ciara has an record coming out theres always pictures of her out and about.

  11. X,Y,”and Z” April 11, 2010

    @Youputthelimeinthecoconut — Shouldn’t you be at work, “getting-your-peeping tom-on” by way of those holes you drilled-into the male shower/locker; it’s the week end, the shelters are just-full, if not, over-capacity! …You might EVEN find a desperate-enough white man, just yearning for …”company”…..

    …And WHY, must-YOU-ALWAYS, when addressing me, resort-to/allude-to/make-use-of “Gender Assault?” …If it’s NOT my gender, that you question, and THEN-belittle, it’s whomever you find disagreeable, hence-case: a female who certainly is FAR-MORE attractive, graceful and talented than “THE-LYING, HIGH SCHOOL DROP-OUT!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  12. Music Lover April 11, 2010

    Ciara is working on! I hope she doesn’t disappoint with the new album! I have high hopes for her!

  13. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 11, 2010

    X,Y,”and Z”, do I need to feed you another “crazy pill”? Who the hell was talking about YOUR gender? And when have I ever addressed you regarding your gender in the first place? There was that one time when I couldn’t figure out whether you were a dude or a chick, but that’s the only incident I can recall. Anyhow, I fully stand by what I said about this HE-B****. Ain’t no way in hell Ciara looks better than Rihanna. Even her 4 stans can’t deny that.

    In regards to my work schedule at the homeless shelter, I always have Sunday’s off, so no action today. However you’re right about the peeping tom thing, XYZ. Whenever I REALLY wanna get my freak on, I snatch me up a couple of homeless dudes and we ALL take a shower together. You’d be surprised how much stamina a man can build up when he hasn’t gotten any p**** in several months. You should try a homeless guy out for yourself, XYZ. You clearly need to get laid, based alone off your obsession for Rihanna.

    Anything else, dear? 😉

  14. mrsjones April 11, 2010

    You know i have never liked la la, but the fact the she is marrying carmelo’s fine ass makes me want to gag even more. i really can’t stand her ” i wanna be full puerto rican, but i’m really half black too” ass. She is so lucky she trapped carmelo with that baby cuz i think he would have moved on by now

  15. X,Y,”and Z” April 11, 2010

    @Youputthelimeinthecoconut — …Oh-yes….’DEAR’: I have many-a-length and bone-to-chewed; but it WAS both you, AND “Gucci”, who has time-after-time, again-and, yet-again, called into question, MY sexuality, upon showing support for Chris, and more-to-the-point, when cast a critical-and-skeptical-eye upon the entire “Feb 8th-09 Chrianna fiasco!”
    …I’ve YET to lie, exaggerate nor “luxuriate-in-hysteria” UNLIKE “Team-Rihanna” who can often, be seen, on this-VERY-blog, drunk on TMZKoolaid: reciting ‘Harvey Levin-ism’, replete with/in racism; subterfuge; “Right-Wing Republican Wing-Nut Talking-Points” with “Reptilian-zeal”!!!

    Again: I’ll request, if we are to have any-at-all… ‘exchange’ could you cease-and-desist with the sexual: smears; ‘put-downs’; ‘put-offs’; ‘double-entendre’ and ‘clumsy-and-awkward innuendo……??’
    You, as-a Rihanna supporter/Team-Rihanna-Def Jam employee, seems to-NOT-find-it, a bit disturbing, to indulge-in said vulgarity, dull-writing and mud-slinging, when it IS-Rihanna-herself, who has admitted to being silent while untruths, well-known to Ms. Fenty, were broadcast and the lynch-mobs: formed and went about …..”nefarious duties”…!!

    I have NEVER heard of ANY “Pop-Diva”, who had to defend, or EVEN answer ‘H***** Rumors’, in/on a well-established, well-respected and widely-read publication, as Rihanna did, when recently interviewed by Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine!
    ….Yours Truly:S** with Ms. Fenty?!?! <<—-PERISH THE THOUGHT!!!

    X,Y,"and Z"

  16. Jason Voorhees April 11, 2010

    LOL @ this whole blog being based around loving and hating RIHANNA wow
    love her or hate her she is popular she always the topic on almost every comment

  17. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 11, 2010

    Dead @ me being a “Rihanna supporter/Team-Rihanna-Def Jam employee”, lol.

    Okay XYZ, I will never bring up your manhood or sexuality again (even though I never do in the first place) if you answer me this one question…are you indeed gay? I totally wouldn’t care if you are, I mean I love gay guys, and I still do love you believe it or not – even though we do not see eye-to-eye on Fist Floppity Flop No CD Selling Gotta Beg His Fans To Play His S*** On Radio Blacklisted Community Service Serving Brown.

  18. amentheking April 12, 2010

    movieman and rihanna is not hoter than cici she just look a little tierd

  19. Jenni March 22, 2014

    B**** shut ya hatin ass up you just mad cause Lala shittin on your entire life and she’s marrying a man that you will never get and could never have even pulled cause you dirty and broke as s*** don’t ever come for Lala like that you stupid jealous bum go f****** die somewhere low life

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