New Song: Glee – ‘4 Minutes’ (Madonna Cover)

Published: Saturday 17th Apr 2010 by Sam

TV show ‘Glee’ has taken the entertainment world by storm, becoming an instant global hit in. Now the comedy-drama is set to further expand its audience with a special ‘Madonna’ themed episode, which airs on April 20th.

The cast’s version of Madge’s 2008 smash ‘4 Minutes’ surfaced ahead of the episode’s première, and dare I say, it’s actually on-par (if not better) than the original. Amber Riley who plays Mercedes (pictured second from left) was getting it with those adlibs and runs at the end. Good stuff.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. AKisdabest April 17, 2010

    pretty good

  2. Jeff April 17, 2010

    Good, but can not be compared to Madge & JT’s version! This sounds very Broadway.

  3. SOOS April 17, 2010

    Awesome, not better than the original, but awesome 🙂

  4. Biasdude April 17, 2010

    This Glee cast slays these songs. I’m sorry but that was great. I can’t wait until the episode airs.

    PS. Amber Riley a.k.a Mercedes is my favorite, she kills it every time.

  5. Kyus93 April 17, 2010

    Glad to see that Mercedes gets a more prominent vocal role instead of playing second fiddle to Rachel all the time

  6. ADE April 17, 2010

    i wouldnt be surprised if this goes to number 1 here in England. British people will literally buy anything and make anyone number 1…

  7. Tha Phoenix April 17, 2010


    Love JT And Madonna – but I like this version of 4 Minutes more…

    Can’t WAIT for Tuesday…

  8. iAmTriz April 17, 2010


  9. MADONNA April 17, 2010


    This episode is going to ROCK!


  10. Dev April 17, 2010

    i really like Amber Riley voice. i hope she gets a chance to release an album.

  11. IkeFierce April 17, 2010

    This is SOO much better than the original mostly because the horns in the instrumental come out a lot stronger on the Glee version and Amber Riley added a lot more fire to it, I can’t wait till it comes out!

  12. Jr April 17, 2010

    Sam, have you heard their version of Like A Prayer? It’s epic!! No disrespect to Madonna (I think she’s done some awesome stuff), but this is one of those songs that sounds amazing when someone with a big voice is singing it:

  13. Fred April 17, 2010

    This sounds like s*** to me

  14. tia April 17, 2010

    IT sounds good….they did a good cover of it….calm down Glee is a television group not a bunch of artist its only for entertainment, we all know they arent Madonna there is only one madonna…it was cute

  15. HACHI April 17, 2010

    I like this version better than the original!

  16. tweetypiebabe1 April 18, 2010

    I’ve heard all the previews and I think Like A Prayer and 4 Minutes are the best from that track. Also gotta give Jane Lynch some props for her version of Vogue! Can’t wait to watch it!

  17. SuperStar April 18, 2010

    The horns on this sound like fire but the original is still better!
    Amber Riley kiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllls it EVERY time! LOVE her!

  18. Alice April 18, 2010

    No mention of Chris Colfer..? He sounds absolutely incredible in this song and I think this version is better than the original.

  19. Reggie April 25, 2010


    Are you serious? You can’t even hear Madonna in that version. You’re just a butthurt Madonna fan 🙂

  20. Stephanie April 26, 2010

    Glee cast killed this song! I have to admit better than Madonna performance in NYC

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