Hot Shots: Jennifer Hudson Flaunts New Slim Figure

Published: Sunday 16th May 2010 by Sam

Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson looked stunning as she arrived at Vanity Fair’s party honouring Martin Scorsese at the Canne’s Film Festival last night.

As previously reported, Hudson is currently the new face of Weight Watchers after using the program to shed the pounds following the birth of her son David Jr. The ‘Dreamgirls’ star opted for a healthier lifestyle to “show a good example” to her son. Good stuff!

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  1. Addy May 16, 2010

    Jennifer looks great!!! Loves it

  2. Kevin May 16, 2010

    damn, she looks amazing

  3. Dave May 16, 2010

    She looks incredible

  4. BeyoncesFatAssShouldBeTakingNotes May 16, 2010

    She is looking fantastic. I hope she keeps this weight right here. Honestly, I don’t wanna see her get any thin, or worse, become one of those anorexic Mary Kate Olsen/Nicole Richie skeletons of the industry. This right here is a good, healthy look.

  5. exposed May 16, 2010


  6. Last Boy on Earth May 16, 2010


  7. Gareth May 16, 2010

    she looks alot like brandy in that first pic

  8. Last Boy on Earth May 16, 2010

    You are sick and she isnt fugly, even when she had tons of weight, her face was always beatiful

  9. Boricua May 16, 2010

    Not feeling her this slim…but if she’s happy.

  10. youtu May 16, 2010

    i cant wait to see how her accent will be when she starts filiming that Winnie Mandela movie soon

  11. kekeluvsu May 16, 2010


    Not to be harsh but you sound dumb. “I’m not feeling her this small but if she’s happy”

    What kind of b******* is that?! She is a HEALTHY Jennifer and she wasn’t when she was the size that your pretty much praising.

    Jennifer looks BEAUTIFUL and I’m loving her new size and her new attitude towards being a healthier her. Go J.Hud!!!!!

    @ Exposed

    You just a dumb c*** who doesn’t know any better. God bless you 😆 . Because there is not such thing and a fact gene you moron. You are your surroundings. If you eat unhealthy then you will put that on your kids to follow in your foot steps. It’s called a CYCLE. 🙄 ➡

  12. gogirl May 16, 2010

    Jennifer-you looking good girl.Best wishes.

  13. Ryan May 16, 2010

    Ummm offense..but, are you retarded? She got her stomach stapled as well as several skin surgeries (obviously). There’s no possible way that she could lose weight that fast, have her skin elasticity go to super thin & tight. Weight watchers or not…
    She HAD to get surgery…Star Jones anyone? Gimme a break…Even Janet Jackson can’t lose weight THAT fast.

  14. kekeluvsu May 16, 2010

    @ Ryan

    UMMMM Hater much?

    I can’t stand ppl like you. Always quick to say what somebody got or didn’t get. You weren’t there so who the hell do you know. Whether she did or didn’t get what the hell you said she got she still looks great. F*** you and anybody else who thinks otherwise

  15. Drey2R4U May 16, 2010

    @Ryan I wonder what weight u sitting at right now. You sound stupid to think she has done all of that. People can lose weight with hard work , a trainer and eating right and Jennifer has don just that. WTF people think she had surgery when in fact Jenn has slowly been losing weight since having the baby back in August. I think 9 months of having a baby is plenty of time to get into shape.

  16. exposed May 16, 2010

    LOL, TRUTH HURTS. Celebrity for most part is fake and image is made to fotoshop your eye into believing. Get realz!!!!

  17. Ryan May 16, 2010

    lol…I am totally comfortable with my weight..It’s not me…I like Jennifer Hudson & have nothing against her…I think she is a great artist. But I think there are a lot of pressures put on them as well to get more famous and better sales…Again…No matter what insult you have towards me…I don’t care..Because with hard work comes weight loss if you try…Look at biggest losers, dicovery health channel weight loss, REALITY…etc. No way the skin can go back, she’s smaller then Beyonce not for christs sake…Gimme a break

  18. geronimo Deuces May 16, 2010

    sorry…. i like her thick, just look at her legs mstzzzzzz

  19. geronimo Deuces May 16, 2010

    how do you roll eyes in here

  20. Drey2R4U May 16, 2010

    @Ryan Gimmie a break that u think she didn’t do it that natural way. Just because she is a celeb doesn’t mean this was done the with surgery. She did it with hard work but hey think what u want about it cause it doesn’t matter.

  21. Ryan May 16, 2010

    live in whatever magical weight loss program world you’d like to live in…I am just stating my opinion & everyone gets super defensive..have a nice life

  22. Jessy May 16, 2010

    I’m jealous of her! She’s such a pretty woman!

  23. kveick May 16, 2010

    she looks beautiful

  24. Drey2R4U May 16, 2010

    @Ryan lol u too over there in never never land

  25. Lovergirl May 16, 2010

    Jennifer looks great! Now get that ass in the studio and make some hits and ryan there is no need to bring bee and janet(happy birthday to queen janet by the way) into this it’s pointless just commend jen and be done

  26. nothing but my opinion May 16, 2010

    she looks fab!!

  27. R May 16, 2010

    hey not fair they blocked me :-p

  28. GangsterA May 16, 2010

    Jen looks hot im happy 4 her and yeah today is janet birthday lookin hot and shes 44 love her happy birth day janet

  29. Chinny May 16, 2010

    Ok first of all, Jennifer looks great and I’m happy she is becoming healthier. As we know, being overweight is bad for your heart (see Obesity and Heart).

    @Ryan, i understand where you are coming from, but before you go any further, with the support of my family, I went from 215lbs to 180 lbs in 3 months, and then to 160lbs within the next 2 months. That said, it is possible to lose weight that fast if you are determined.

    @Exposed: Seriously, if people wanted to hear crap like what comes off your mouth, they would have farted, or don’t you think so?

  30. mrsjones May 16, 2010

    @Ryan and @Exposed, you two are both huge f****** idiots. She has had plenty of time to lose the weight she has lost, and she is not the only person who has lost weight with weight watcher. You act like she did the s*** in a matter of weeks or something. Her son is almost a year old for goodness sakes. If you eat healthy and exercise, pounds are bound to start dropping. I hate when people speak and have no idea what they are talking about. Dumbasses

  31. Rye May 16, 2010
    before and after

    I don’t care WTF u all say. You ate all ridiculously jaded and ignorant. Your comments make me laugh.. No matter how hard u work your skin doesn’t magically go back.. Ask any doctor… She lost more than just 50 pounds..In real life she would be sagging.. The end

  32. gaga fan May 16, 2010

    if jennifer can do it. Why can’t you MARIAH?

  33. MJ4EVR May 16, 2010

    Smaller than Bey? Who the hell thinks Bey is small? Stomach stapled. Jen was overweight not morbidly obese. SMH

  34. yay jen May 17, 2010

    she has the best charisma ever, shes giving me french actress dreamy vibe, i love it jennifer 😀 give us more. shes an inspiration and I feel bad about what happened to her family, love u to u jen *moi*

  35. Renae May 17, 2010

    She looks good, should recommend this to her sister as well. She really need to drop a lot of pounds.

  36. Baron May 17, 2010

    Jhud I ain’t mad at ya! Do your thing. Congratulations – weight loss and lifestyle changes are a real challenge and you’ve stepped up to the task.

  37. IMeanWhat May 17, 2010

    Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. But now I hear her new album is all about dance tracks and well…just not her. Hope her new look does not get cheapened Read more at IMeanWhat?!?

  38. Diane May 17, 2010

    It’s good to see that Jennifer Hudson takes her career seriously, and decided to conform to the Hollywood standards. I’m rooting for you, Chicago girl. Englewood in the house!

  39. Connie Carter August 11, 2010

    I am a Jennifer Hudson fan. I’m so glad to see her loose the weight. BUT! can we put a little leg makeup on the knees?

  40. realist September 12, 2010

    she looks stunning beautiful, well done Jen

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