Watch: The Boondocks / Season 3 – Episode 1

Published: Monday 3rd May 2010 by Sam

Cult hit ‘The Boondocks’ returned last night on Adult Swim for its third and final season. The Obama-focal first episode was trademark Boondocks and certainly has me itching to see the rest of the series. Check it out after the jump…

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  1. _NoBitchAssNess May 3, 2010



  2. T. Freeman May 3, 2010

    Only Obama could spark such an episode such as this for “The Boondocks”. I mean the beginning was outstandingly against my predictions. Huey and Obama are standing on two separate sides and “Don’t taze me bro.. Save us Obama!!!” Oh lord i think Uncle Ruckus was just fantastic. After this post. I retire.s

  3. jay May 3, 2010


  4. Qbaby May 3, 2010

    d*ck riding for Obama. It’s Okay to ride that D*ck as long as it’s Obama. LMAO!

  5. ChanNTexas May 3, 2010

    LMAO! Yea, that “D*** Ridin’ Obama” song was hee-larry-us!

  6. huye May 3, 2010

    no offence…but it was’t that funny

    i hope the next ep will focuse more on huey…

    i hate that white girl( no offence to white people)

  7. Raatib May 3, 2010

    Could have been better for a debut episode, but perhaps this season will go in tangent with the previous two. I also wished to see more on huey—time for a revolutionary, not the same played out jokes from both seasons. Well you can only make fun of n****** and americans so much i suppose.

  8. incognegro May 3, 2010

    How do I say this delicately – this sh_t was ignorant, and not funny!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I dig the Boondocks. Loved the comic strip, loved majority of the episodes; however, there are episodes like this one, which sounds like social commentary from Don Immus or some other ignorant racists. There’s a fine line between satire and ignorance, and with the exception of a couple of scenes, this was just ignorant. I know that Aaron McGruder considers himself a political satirist, and I don’t argue that, but you have to choose well the images and information you release, because there’s a huge chance for misinterpretation. Insulting this man’s wife, placing words in the mouth of his former pastor, and saying his name in the same breath as the n-bomb. Seriously, I am looking forward to the next episodes, but this episode made me shudder a little bit – you know, the kind of chills you get when you watch BET or feel your race being taken back 5-10 years. SMDH. Let’s try again Aaron!!!

  9. ADE May 3, 2010

    I’m so f****** excited! I love The Boondocks so much *wipes tears*

  10. incognegro May 3, 2010

    @ Frankie – on the real for real, thanks so much for the link; however, I completely understood the satire of this episode, and underlying statement being made about the romanticisation and sensationalism of the presidential race in the media, and overwhelming support of President Obama by the African-American community even though people were not completely aware of his politics or policies.

    With that being said, I still thought it was ignorant. One of the things I like most about satire and sarcasm, is that it is subtle, witty, and understated. The satire was priceless in this episode, but the ignorance was so blattant that it overshadowed any point being made. I mean, if I could set aside all the n-bombs and comparisons of the first family to monkeys, I might have been able to stomach this episode; but it seems that in an effort to get ratings, and to secure media attention of his own, the creator made a episode that was so outrageously ignorant and directly insulting to an actual person (and not an archetype or caricature – i.e. Gangstalicious/Cam’Ron) that his point was lost.

  11. Ron May 3, 2010

    It’s sad that he is portraying the ignorant people during President Obama’s 2008 campaign in this episode, and those same ignorant people are calling him a “GENIUS” and wanting “D*** Riding Obama” as a ringtone. smh

    @Incognegro email me –, I thought I was alone..

  12. Mr.Ray May 3, 2010

    This episode was hilarious and I feel like it really captured the craziness of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, too bad they didn’t put Sarah Palin in the mix

  13. swagger kid May 3, 2010

    so funny d*ck ridin obama hilarious

  14. incognegro May 3, 2010

    @ Ron – you’re not alone 🙂 We might be the minority though, but you are not alone.

  15. Rob May 3, 2010

    That was excellent and one again McGruder hits the nail right on the head with his unconventional satire. Its sad that people get so upset at satire aimed at Obama and take it so sensitively/personally he is open to criticism just like everyone else, get over it.

  16. iron munky May 4, 2010

    Had it’s moments but they need to come better for the rest of the season.

  17. kalipe May 5, 2010

    @ incognegro in 6 months or a yr this outrageous episode wont be so outrageous and as far as the 1st fam being insulted if rukus is racist wouldnt he …be racist its a f***** cartoon worry about pep picketing or something or palin and pep calling him unamerican

  18. Monika May 5, 2010

    I was eager to see the season opener, and I was not disappointed. Bitingly clever, courageous , and oh so much fun.

  19. Hizzle May 6, 2010

    hey that wasn’t too funny, how about that bavarian character wtf was he?
    dude who said it was ignorant and racist? – yeah, that’s the point. Using barack obamas name “in the same sentence as the n-bomb”? that’s the point as well – that his race became the most important thing. Hell, race is the most important thing to all you americans.
    The writers were satirising how black people got behind him because he was black and attractive, how greeny white people got behind him because he was black and educated, and how racists/republicans/fuckwits didn’t like him because he was black.
    That’s the whole point of the satire, saying “the black struggle is over” because a black man (white mum – why does that make him just plain black, again?) has been elected.
    Americans still judged by the colour of his skin, they just judged a bit differently on that now.

  20. Colin May 8, 2010

    I am white, and really pleased that those who think radically be they black, white, asian, native, and everything else in between can see that Obama is just a figurehead. No different than any other president. We wanted the idea of change, but no president will actually do that. They’re all moderate and s*** will not be good for a long time. Voting is stupid, it’s a popularity contest. I don’t care what the president looks like, if he said he’d end the war, stop giving banks our money, and said he’d federally legalize gay marriage, then i’d go out and vote. Hoping he’d keep those promises. But sadly, no president will say or do those things. Sadly we’re going to see a conservative get power next election. And i hope they don’t have ties to the tea parties.

  21. lina May 8, 2010

    i think a lot of people are missing the point of this episode. It’s not really supposed to be funny.

    This episode reflects how people acted during the election. There were seriously some black people referring to Obama as “my n****” or “my dawg”, like they were on a personal, close level or something. That’s real stuff.

    The creator’s not saying it just to say it or because it’s fun, he’s putting this is context. It’s all in one episode for us, as people, to see how ignorant some of us were acting during the election.

    People were ACTUALLY given a hard time for not caring to vote for Obama, just like Huey. DMX ACTUALLY didn’t know there was a black man running for president. Some women were lusting after Obama. I know a lot of people were getting their assassination plans ready.

    Yes this episode was ignorant, but that’s how were many people were acting…get it? They’re voting for Obama but don’t know basics about the government, how it works like or, in some cases, Obama’s policies like Thugnificent.

    People thought there was going to be all this change because it was a black man constantly lecturing about “change.” Now everybody knows, there’s no radical thing happening. Discrimination, racism…is not going anywhere.

  22. Black Prophet May 11, 2010

    There are alot of heuy freemans, alot of black men who hold the same sentiments. there is truth in comedy. too bad we still don’t see it.

  23. Tykene Jenkins May 12, 2010

    Make Some More New Boondocks On adult swim of Season Thank You For Making For US

  24. Tykene Jenkins May 12, 2010

    Please Make 15 episode like season 1 &2

  25. DEEDEE.LOVE May 12, 2010

    @ incognegro

    I understand where you are coming from, but as a black person you have to understand what aaron was trying to say in this ep. I no that plenty of the ppl who voted for Obama only voted for him because he is “BLACK”, and not for his political background. It doesn’t matter how much you think that this is ignorant it is already done. I am glad that Aaron made this ep the say he did, because it’s about time that someone came out and opened ppls eyes to see what was really going on in the black community when part taking in this election. And I am not trying to get anyone upset but let me just put it out there. Using the n word and obama in the same sentence is not a big deal. He is a black man, and either way you put it if it isnt someone on the show saying it, a white, asain, or a mexican person can be saying that Obama is a N.

  26. DEEDEE.LOVE May 12, 2010

    The entire meaning behind the ep just went over many ppls head. So for those of you who believe that this episode is ignorant then maybe you should be looking more closely at what the episode was trying to say. It really did show who ignorantly not only black but how every one acted when a black man was to come into power.

  27. yoyo July 18, 2010

    “Basically…f*** him”


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