BET Awards 2010: Winners

Published: Sunday 27th Jun 2010 by Sam

The BET Awards 2010 have literally just wrapped at Hollywood’s Shrine Auditorium. Check out the winners after the jump…

BET Awards 2010 Winners

Best Female R&B Artist: Alicia Keys

Best Female Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj

Best Hip-Hop Male: Drake

Best Collaboration: Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – ‘Empire State Of Mind’

Best Male R&B Artist: Trey Songz

Humanitarian Award: John Legend

Best Video: Beyonce & Lady Gaga – ‘Video Phone’

Lifetime Achievement Award: Prince

Viewers Choice Award: Chris Brown

Viewers Choice Awards / Best Song: Rihanna – ‘Hard’

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  1. MrIncredible June 28, 2010

    Monica won the Centric Award btw.

  2. Jeff June 28, 2010

    This is why BET is a joke, they give out 10-11 awards…

  3. lott June 28, 2010

    n Nicki Minaj won Best New Artist

  4. Keenie June 28, 2010

    Breezy did his thang baby. He shut that whole damn show down. That’s why those lames didn’t show. Because they are haters of true talent. Breezy just revived that whole Network. GO BREEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alex June 28, 2010

    DEAD @ Best Video: Beyonce & Lady Gaga – ‘Video Phone’

  6. stan June 28, 2010

    smh @ some of those winners

  7. Blasian June 28, 2010


  8. Bacqui June 28, 2010

    That was da BEST MJ TRIBUTE EVER!,,,I cant stop watching da performance over and over,thatz right I recorded it..MJ must be proud of Chris Brown. TEAMBREEZY we did it our boy won.And congratz to Trey Songz (Usher lost!? LMBAO),Nicki Minaj and Drake. F.U.C.K homewrecker A Keys, Gay John Legend and a Rhigoat…

  9. Nick June 28, 2010

    Chris brown rocked it, I will never deny his talent, but I’ll forever download his stuff now. It was a nice shoe tho-I dd miss Beyonce tho 🙁

  10. Andrew June 28, 2010

    Yeah Honey Bee! She’s the winner of the night!!! Go f**k yourselves, haters 😀

  11. evening June 28, 2010

    I love u Beyonce! Congrats!!!!

  12. Luanne June 28, 2010

    LMAO! Why did Trey Songz win? HE SUCKS!!!

    I would be mad, but after seeing that ‘Video Phone’ won best video…I realized this awards show is a joke. LAME!

  13. monique June 28, 2010

    TEAM BREEZY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I LOOVE U MANE!

  14. mr.M June 28, 2010


    VIDEO PHONE ?????

    that’s like the worst not best !!!

    thats totally a JOKE


  15. carl June 28, 2010

    UmM NICKI WON BESt new artists also so thankyou queen minaj for snatching wigs on this night with lacefront glue dripping from these bumbitches foreheads!!!!!

  16. royalkev June 28, 2010

    My girl is the Video Queen with Video phone! Love it ! Congrats CB and Alicia!!!
    Trey Songz over Usher best male r&b male, that is bogus!

  17. Crack is wack June 28, 2010

    Buulshit Entertainment television

  18. ADE June 28, 2010

    What an absolute joke! Video Phone – Best Video? Something went terribly wrong. BET is the worst awards show ever

  19. GangsterA June 28, 2010

    Congrats bey.nicki.alicia and usher lost to trey songs dam shame and pepole are shocked that video phone won the video was hot not expensive put hot

  20. royalkev June 28, 2010

    @Gangstera… Exactly! People stress over Bey , but the biggest crime is Usher losing out!

  21. annon June 28, 2010

    LOL proves that chris brown still has fans supporting him. good on him!
    and nicki totally deserved it!

  22. BENJAMIN June 28, 2010

    Does anyone remember Beyonce’s “Video Phone?” Maxwell, sold more and had a better tour than Trey, that should have been his award.

  23. “Dj Y2k Malone” June 28, 2010

    yes Rihanna won viewers choice award

  24. KENNETH June 28, 2010

    Okay first off I love that Nicki Minaj won 2 awards!
    Second Maxwell should have won not trey songz!
    Third shut the f*** up haters Video Phone is not a joke it was the best video! Like foreal just cause beyonce and lady gaga won now the awards are a joke??? Get over yourself
    I wish Nicki Minaj would have performed Massive Attack =(. Congrats to Drake! And I loved eminem’s performance. Oh and congrats to Alicia Keys too I loved her performance as well

  25. AlexanderTG June 28, 2010

    I love B, I love Gaga – but sorry that was in no way the best video of the last year – it was OK, but in no way the best. The Telephone video was better for one – is that one ineligible for an award?
    Plus! can someone tell me who won best international act? Was it Dizzee???

  26. number1k9 June 28, 2010

    This is not all 19 awards, LAME

    And Chris Brown won the Fandemonium award, not no viewers choice award. Get it rite!

  27. ParisBoi June 29, 2010

    Rihanna WON the Viewer Choice Award!! The only award the public chose by voting!! There was Sweet Dreams and overall BEDROCK!!! but the public prefered “Hard”!!

    GO RIHANNA!! Let them h8ters talk again & again!!

    In France we hate Beyoncé, she never make a sold out show!! We love Rihanna!! Everytime sold out!! American U got bad ears!! Beyoncé just can sream in her mic!! HaHaaa

  28. here to laugh June 29, 2010

    Can’t believe Trey beat out Maxwell for best male R&B! I’m glad Trey is finally gettin his props and whatnot, but Maxwell is more talented.

    Wasn’t suprised that Nicki won best female rapper, but I was shocked that Drake won best Hip Hop Male! I was sure Jay-Z would win that one (even though I don’t like him). Good for Drake.

    “Video Phone” was an epic fail, I like Beyonce and even I can admit that theres no freaking way she should have gotten that award. Dums ass stans like Blasian and Kenneth live to kiss her ass and would probably buy the s*** out her toilet if they could.

    Good for Chris Brown getting an award and putting on an excellent tribute! But I really wish people wpu;d quit with the “You need to forgive him” speeches, because its his fans not buying his albums and a horrible PR team that seems to be hurting him the most. And its also hilarious how some of the main people screaming “Team Breezy” were probably dogging him out last week…Chris needs true fans, not bandwagoners.

  29. KENNETH June 30, 2010

    @Here to Laugh I am not a stan. I just thought out of all the nominees it was the best, but it was one of beyonce’s worst videos, they didn’t have a good selection nominees, so shut yout dumbass up. But on another note I do have more respect for chris now even though I was one of the ppl to stop liking him after the rihanna incident, I’m not gonna say I became a fan again, I just realized he is human and can change

  30. MaRcelL July 6, 2010

    you know what.. this is why i hate BET.. best vid = video phone? lol its a joke

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