Hot Shot: Ashanti At The NAACP Theatre Awards

Published: Tuesday 31st Aug 2010 by Trent

Ashanti made an appearance at the 20th annual NAACP Theatre Awards at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles last evening. The singer/songwriter was awarded with the ‘Spirit Award’ for her contribution to the arts.

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. ~Team Weezy~ August 31, 2010

    Ashanti is a beautiful chick, but she doesn’t look good here. That damn make-up is…..ugh!

  2. Cognac Jones August 31, 2010

    am i alone in a corner becuz i want Ashanti to win? lol she did get go get some vocal training lol

  3. NICKY August 31, 2010



  4. GangsterA August 31, 2010

    she looks great

  5. Ciara’s Left Bollock August 31, 2010

    OMG her mouth is actually closed!

  6. WHY?? August 31, 2010

    She look so good! I still want her to have a HUGE resurgence in popularity. I remember her entrance into the music industry. One of the best ever. She still holds the highest sales for a female debut album

  7. luv u August 31, 2010

    i admire ashanti cuz she has an ambition to contnue what she does, despite what people say, and obviously she is doing something she received a f***** naacp award! CMON baby!

  8. Commander for Kelly & Ciara August 31, 2010

    @why beyonce is about… thats the onli reason why ashanti’s career flatlined..THATS IT

  9. SASHA August 31, 2010

    she does not have that record it was highest first week sales for a female debut until Susan Boyle took anyways sje looks good

  10. Jay August 31, 2010

    last time I check Ashanti has the best opening sales from a R&B artist in the history of the charts so still has the records cuz Susan Boyle is not R&B .

  11. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 31, 2010

    Go Ashanti cuz you’re rocking it hard and the record still stays hence you deserve to win that award…………….pronto!!!

  12. rexy August 31, 2010

    @Sasha you are wrong it is Ashanti, Susan Boyle did 700k and Ashanti did 800k, so she stills owns the thrown

  13. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 31, 2010

    Haters stay mad….lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. international August 31, 2010

    FAIL at whoever said tht Ashanti debuted with 800k in one week..SHE COULD NEVER. She had the highest debut for an R&B female artist. Which still mind boggles me to this day. Susan Boyle has the title for highest debut for a Female Artist in general..

  15. FUTURESTARdelux August 31, 2010


  16. Beyonce has a crush on drake!!! August 31, 2010

    she looks quite old 🙁

  17. The truth teller August 31, 2010

    I like her though

  18. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 31, 2010

    Stay mad HATERS!!!!!!!!!

  19. JonBerry August 31, 2010

    She looks gorgeous! Get it Ashanti!

  20. Geronimo Deuces August 31, 2010

    congrats ashanti…………… and chris brown…. TAKERS is the #1 movie in america haters fall back hahahaha

  21. Stoney-Brie August 31, 2010

    what a fab brown sista!!!

  22. Boom August 31, 2010

    rocking names yall can’t even pronounce

  23. Clos August 31, 2010

    Actually the record was for the Best selling Debut album for a female in its first week!!!!!! Ashanti looks beautiful and I am anxiously awaiting her return! She also bring good R&B music and we don’t have much of that these days beside Monica, Mary, Fanny

  24. casey August 31, 2010

    love ashanti cant wait for the new album…….haters can sit they ass all the way down

  25. Chimier August 31, 2010

    Contribution to the Arts? Like what? What arts? I hope they don’t mean music….

  26. STEFAN September 1, 2010

    @chimier Ashanti got rave reviews for her performance in The Wiz..

  27. Carrington September 1, 2010

    Wait, Rihanna’s “stiff”, yet you refer to Ashanti as a “singer/songwriter”?? Really?

    Further confirmation that you wouldn’t know talent if it slapped you in the face. What makes Ashanti anymore stiff than Rihanna?

    Ashanti is SO one dimensional that I DARE you to google a photo of her where she isn’t giving the same pose: “One hand on her hip, one foot in front of the other and a big, UNdiva like wide a$$, “Chhhhhhhhheeeeeeese” smile!

    Find one.

  28. iluvrealartist September 1, 2010

    @Carrington Sit the f*** down this has noting to do with Rihanna. And Yes Ashanti is a Singer/Songwrtier. She actually sits down with a pen and a pad and writes her music. She does has her songs handed to her like billy goat gruff.

    @Chimer STFU if it was for music so what. The only thing you can do is hate. And sit behind your computer and STAY mad.

  29. BoredAtWork September 1, 2010

    ashanti’s shoe game is mean!

  30. Marcinis Hall September 2, 2010

    Ashanti looks amazing and is well deserving of the award. Why is it so hard for people to just aknowledge when someone is doing something posistive, and has been recognized for it. People can be so negative, it’s sickening. I’m sure if she was in the headlines for being a druggie, she’d have the number one album and featured all over, right? And this isn’t about comparing her to any other artist, this is about her and her achievements. BUT if you ARE going to compare her to anyone, it damn sure shouldn’t be Rihanna’s yodeling ass. Ashanti shits on Rihanna with her warm-ups alone. Rihanna may have the popularity, but that’s due to selling out and a huge publicity boost due to Chris Brown. Ashanti has the talent. She can sing. She writes her own music, which makes her work personal, and art. She’s a beautiful girl, who’s always smiling with a bubbly personality. And she’s contributing positively. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. Congratulations Ashanti! You deserve it and much more.

  31. Michael September 3, 2010

    Congratz to Ashanti for her very much-deserved reward and am very proud of her honor!! I believe she does have the strong vocal chops to rather “prove” her winning of it. $he was excellent in the movie and it landed her a very “distinguished” award!! BIG UPZ to “ASHANTI” cuz she worked hard. If only her music could get on the same level…

  32. Marcus September 4, 2010

    Who is this again?? Lemme dust through my albums to find the last relevant thing she did! LOL

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