J.Cole Discusses Drake Comparisons

J.Cole was featured on Nelly’s radio on Hot 104.1 recently. The ‘Who Dat’ rapper addressed a range of topics including his upcoming still-unnamed debut album which is set for a November/December release. J.Cole also discussed the comparisons made between himself and another breakthrough artist – Drake. Peep the interview via Puncbowl Blog:

Personally, I don’t see/hear any similarities between J.Cole and Drake other the fact that they are both immensely talented. They have different styles and dissimilar approaches to their music. Just let them be great.


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  1. Chile Please! August 16, 2010

    Ain’t nobody trying to copy Ms. Drake honey! For one this dude flow is much tighter & he’s MUUUUUCH cuter than Fake, I mean Drake!! Girl Bye!!

  2. thekiddz August 16, 2010

    I think J.Cole is SO CUTE! 😀

  3. monique August 16, 2010

    i knew this was gonna happen……him and drake have dffrnt styles….i actually approve of his skills tho’

  4. Brooklyn_JanetFam August 16, 2010

    They’re only being compared because their both high yellow,tall and rappers, that’s it. But I prefer JCole.

  5. Tiff August 16, 2010

    He is a cutie!

    But umm him and drake are completely different.
    Plus on top of that, Drake SINGS..I dont think J.Cole would do that…lol

    But I like them both as an artist.

  6. Lady Gaga’s Invisble Twin Marty August 16, 2010

    LOL… People say that everybody from Roc Nation is trying to be like someone else.

  7. 4everDante August 16, 2010

    but this is how black music is…
    people don’t let nobody have the time
    if its not Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne or any of them…

    even if the artist is 1000000000x better……..


  8. Soulful Roses August 16, 2010

    J.Cole is soooo adorable 🙂

    I love what I’m hearing from him so far. I hope he keeps up the good work……Oh, and him and Drake or nothing…and I mean NOTHING alike. Point. Blank. Period.

  9. CamyJoe August 16, 2010

    j.cole and drake r compared?seriously.i prefer j cole bcuz he speaks about things that people go through.listen to lights please.and who dat is a killer song.drake was better b4 he was on young money when he was still in his wheelchair on degrassi.so umm please!

  10. ~Team Weezy~ August 16, 2010

    I like them both! But I can’t say who I’d prefer or who’s better until I hear J.Cole’s album, then I can give a proper analysis on their similarities/differences. (But from what I’ve heard so far, J.Cole has a much better flow than Drake.)

    But I think they compare these two because they are the less grittier rappers. They’re not like the typical rapper. They’re more clean cut.

  11. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 16, 2010

    I like his flow and he’s cute also.

  12. iLoveXtina August 16, 2010

    IMO J. Cole is better than Drake, from stage presence to lyrics, faar better. can’t wait til his album drops

  13. datruth August 16, 2010

    J cole all the way. Drake is pop and syrup, J Cole is the truth and hard core. He rapping about real things and his lyrical flow is sick! Even his stage presence is better. DRake has hip hop beats and J cole raps over jazz infused beats…sick! drake, like his music on the radio but I can’t watch him perform..i can’t

  14. FUTURESTARdelux August 17, 2010


  15. kekeluvsu_LeToya Luckett STAN August 17, 2010

    Drake and J.Cole are my two FAV rappers out now. I love them Both. But like it has been stated the only reason why they get so much comparison is because they are both light skin. They approach rap from two totally different angles and I think it’s great. Can’t wait to get his album.

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