JLS Team Up With Shontelle For US Debut

Published: Tuesday 31st Aug 2010 by Sam

After struggling to make a mark with their initial US promotional push, British chart-toppers JLS have joined forces with Shontelle for what is being billed as their first Stateside single (I guess we’ll pretend they never released ‘Everybody In Love’ then?)

More info on the inevitable masterpiece after the jump…

Aston, JB, Oritse, and Marvin are set to release the Shontelle assisted ‘Ay Mama’ to US radio on September 14th. The cut was produced by The Runners, who are also said to be the producers behind Rihanna‘s new single ‘Cheers’. {Source}

Peep the group giving a “show-stopping” performance of the song at Six Flags theme park earlier this month…

Who needs Nsync, The Backstreet Boys or Blackstreet when we have JLS?!

Your thoughts?

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  2. kizzy2400 August 31, 2010

    its shameful to know that these 4 are representing the uk in america their terrible and cant hold a note, the only reason girls are obsessed with them here is because they fancy them.

  3. Tiff August 31, 2010


  4. bob August 31, 2010

    Come now, the US is smarter than to fall for this s***. They are pure UK trash. We already have Taio Cruz infecting our radios. Stay away – and take Chris Brown with you.

  5. Tha Phoenix August 31, 2010


    Come on, boo.

    CB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JLS

    Please America, feel free to take them. We in Britain do NOT want them back.


  6. chloe peterkin August 31, 2010

    OMG i love JLS. im so glad that its working out for the boys in america because they deserve it! im in love with aston merrygold i think. absoloutly in love.
    this songs coool + in the video i LOVE astons little grinding thing hes got going on at 1:28 😉


  7. UMYA August 31, 2010

    So basic it hurts.

  8. kathy August 31, 2010

    you people dont noe nothing about them and i dont noe whats wrong with people tryin to break america we are not tellin no american artist to go back to their country are we and use are so luckyto have breezy hes mega talented.!

  9. ilovejls August 31, 2010

    how pathetic do you hates want to get :\?
    OFCOURSE WE WANT JLS, they are amazing,
    but they deserve to break america the same with every artist 😐
    thats the same with us, if theres american singers we dont tell them to stay in america or that we dont want them playing on our t.v’s or radios, but no we’re not pathetic 😐
    and we accept anyone so shut up. and give them a chance 🙂
    actually nah dotn worry carry on hating bxtches!

    and dont lmfaaaaao diss chris brown 😐
    yous are just plain stupid
    first yous dont liek JLS and chris brown aswell ?
    woaah, yous obviously dont know good music when you hear it !
    clean your ears and wash your eyes, then judge chris brown and JLS alright ?
    thanksss 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Ciara’s Left Bollock August 31, 2010

    ^^Shut the f*** up, thirsty h**. JLS are S***. DEAL. WITH. IT.

  11. honey August 31, 2010

    i love jls think they are good plus i do like this song very much…all haters hush your little mouth if you don’t like them why the fook you wasting your time commenting on them for…pssh you make you laugh!

  12. honey August 31, 2010

    was suppose to be “pssh you make me laugh!

  13. Jules August 31, 2010

    Can’t wait to hear the studio version! Looking forward to it for Shontelle’s part. Not really in it for JLS, but I love Shontelle!

  14. Kweli69j August 31, 2010

    Absolutely awful!

  15. bladerunin August 31, 2010

    didn’t they get the memo.. the group thing has been over since the late 90s

  16. Celeb Psych August 31, 2010

    My Fam is from the UK , stayed there for a bit in April and May….can we trade these guys for Mclean, I was jammin hard to that My Name joint …Ellie Golding Starry Eyed and Dupstep …can America get some of this goodness. oh and this song called Hey Hey “I heard u say” that joint was going hard at the rave!

  17. OddOne August 31, 2010

    Gay. And then some.

  18. Charlie August 31, 2010

    love these guys! 🙂

  19. #STOP_IT_5 September 1, 2010

    now these is some GAY lookin n*****!! one of theyre last names is “merrygold” ?? i would be tight!

  20. Kendra September 5, 2010

    “Who needs *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys or Blackstreet when we have JLS?!” LMAO DONE!!!

  21. seth September 6, 2010

    your song close to you really makes a difrence i have alot going on with how i feel about a girl and that song means alot please keep doing what you do im a huge music fan and you guys are my favorite your songs close to you and one shot really mean alot please keep doing what you do and know your fans love you!!! i always say to never give up and thats why i will never give up on the one that means the most to me and u should never give up on your music!!!! good luckyou guys are great!!!

  22. seth September 6, 2010

    oh ya and all you people who say they suck and to go back to the U.S. just shut up they have as much right to sing here as you do to live here they are great and hope they make it far you guys are just to dumb to relize that

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