Keri Hilson’s ‘Breaking Point’ Single Cover

Published: Tuesday 31st Aug 2010 by Trent

Our friends at Def Pen Radio unveiled Keri Hilson’s ‘Breaking Point’ single cover. The song stands as the 1st official single from her new studio album which will be released later this year.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Adam August 31, 2010

    its ok..i hope she has success in all that she does

  2. bbot August 31, 2010

    i wouldnt have EVER thought that was her O_o

  3. DEEZY August 31, 2010

    Whats up wit the hair? & WHO approved that s***?

  4. GangsterA August 31, 2010

    shity song & ugly cover she can do alot better energy > breaking points

  5. Alex August 31, 2010

    shes boring! bleh! not really interested to be honest…now when beyonce’s new album cover comes out, come back to me!

    good luck keri though

  6. Jenna August 31, 2010

    I love it! Simple but still cute. Can’t wait for the “DEuces” remix she is doing with Chris and of course her next album. Love!

  7. Alex August 31, 2010

    @Jenna NOOOOOOOOO Tyga n that other p**** ruined deuces enough!!

  8. MaZ August 31, 2010

    Now she wants to explore a darker image…already done Keri!

    Find better identity!

    I think the blond air is a good move for new look. Suits her.

  9. S*** August 31, 2010

    Poor SKeri Hilson, She tries to look like Bey & Rihanna & NEITHER look work for her. Shes so plain & Boring & her voice is so mediocre & her music is just OK. Id take C-Error anyday…

  10. truthis August 31, 2010

    its ok i guess………………………………


    Love the cover. Haven’t listened to the song much since it first debuted…

  12. Kyle August 31, 2010

    I like it, but the problem is that it really looks nothing like Keri…

  13. iLoveXtina August 31, 2010

    I think the single cover is supposed to correspond with the theme of the song, sadness, anger, & depression. It’s pretty good. But she needs a better single. I’m still listening to ‘Where Did He Go’, give us something like that!

  14. Joseph August 31, 2010

    Best of Luck keri

    Wish you never would’ve came for Beyonce and Ciara as a still mad bout that lol

  15. FUTURESTARdelux August 31, 2010


  16. Blair August 31, 2010

    the song is crazy bananas i love it….she sounds great and the harmonies are crazy….
    not one of those die hard beyonce fans that claims everybody is copying her ‘style’ but i did get beyonce as etta james from this pic lol #imjustsayin
    twitter : @blairdevereaux

  17. Criss_Vaughn August 31, 2010

    Hold up. She’s REALLY releasing Breaking Point as her 1st single? keri hilson needs to stick to what works for her. Danceable, uptempo tracks. The ballads n midtempos does nothing for her. Fun, dance tracks.

  18. Error Error C-Error September 1, 2010


  19. Commander for Kelly & Ciara September 1, 2010

    its saD.. cuz the onli time wn ppl wer chekin for keri was when ciara’s fantasy ride was out n ppl started blackballing ciara (d****) so they looked for keri NOW CIARA is back is taking NO F****** PRISONERS no1 cares about u keri LEAVE RIHANNA’S EDGY RATED R LOOK TO HER …STOP JACKIN IT..SIT DOWN… BREAKING POINT IS HORRIBLE… SIT KERI SIT.. AAAH CANNOT STAND HER.. B*** SHE PAYS HOMAGE TO AALIYAH SO ILL GIV DAT TO KERI…. wn stans call her misscaried baby DEAD.. i cant..

  20. CJ September 1, 2010

    I’m not feeling it at all. I’m really don’t know about this one.

  21. KNUCK September 1, 2010

    poor jeri curl wilson… maybe she needs her mushroom bob back?

  22. Damo September 1, 2010

    Birds might mistake that mess for their NEST

  23. Gareth September 1, 2010

    The cover is fine and suits the song. Too bad the song is crap though.

  24. Commander for Kelly & Ciara September 1, 2010


  25. MUSIC LOVER September 1, 2010

    This cover is ugly and her first single sucks.

  26. ADE September 1, 2010

    Hate the song and hate the cover.

  27. Chulo September 1, 2010

    Iv been waiting to post something abt this girl only because Im a Beyonce fan, she is horrible live. horrible, dreadful,

  28. True Blue September 1, 2010

    Looks too much like Beyoncé.

  29. L.L September 1, 2010

    I like the cover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the single is cute too, it’ll be a great buzz single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. вeяячℓiσuѕ вeα September 1, 2010

    she could have done better
    not feeling the song

  31. Sanging September 1, 2010

    Typical t***** crackhead look! Wear it if it fits Keri. I’d say it’s a perfect 10/10 fit.

  32. black September 1, 2010

    b**** learn to spell

  33. O LeDoIt September 1, 2010

    Dear Keri Hilson,
    WTF goin on with you girl?
    – Sincerely O LeDoIt

  34. BENJAMIN September 1, 2010

    She needs to find her own style and stop jacking other industry diva’s (who she doesn’t like, by the way) look. I remember back in 07 when she had the Beatles’ mushroom-like hairstyle, I thought she looked hot with that.

  35. itsaploy September 1, 2010

    she looks like some one i know……. sam and trent would call her the aspiring model.her name begins with R.HMMMPPPHHH ANY GUESSES

  36. Aaron September 1, 2010


  37. DaTruth September 1, 2010

    Wow! so much luv 4 Keri here! not! What did she say about Beyonce and Ciarra- why so much hate? i don’t think many are checking for her now. She needs and will probably do another collabo.

  38. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 1, 2010

    Absolutely hate the song, this cover looks like Sasha Fierce, and Keri is beyond LAME. The end.

  39. international September 1, 2010

    *clears throat* ..MISCARRIED BAAAYYYYBAAAYYY. Try again, boo.

    For people like Keri I expect PERFECTION from them. Because when you talk so much s*** about how good you are, that’s just what people expect.

  40. not hating, just saying September 1, 2010

    WTF Keri! Come on baby! You gonna have to do better than this if you wanna be able to hang with RiRi, Katy and Kesha.

    I mean the whole cover is just a mess! The song is just eh! Very blah! Come on

  41. luvlife September 1, 2010

    Not sure how I feel about the look, but I’m loving the song tho! I used to hate on Keri too, but she works hard and she has a nice voice. Can’t knock the hustle.

  42. Beysbetter September 1, 2010

    That thing on her head looks ABSOLUTELY nutzz….i never understood wigs that dont’ have Parts, who are u fooling?…..#WEDONTBELIEVEYOUYOUNEEDMOREPEOPLE

  43. #STOP_IT_5 September 1, 2010

    love keri.. but as a song writer ONLY!! she brings nothing new to the female pop/r&b plateau. not the best live performer either, although im far from a beyonce fan, she has that lane sown up! she can dance, do thousands of riffs and keep ur attention for more than 5 mins (because todays music consumer is RETARDED) thats who her comp is and if she cant compete she bettah stay off her feet..

  44. BoredAtWork September 1, 2010

    hmmm i don’t think she’s trying to be Bey or RiRi.. She looks like she straight outta ATL to me! Very cute- I love the ‘disshevelledness’- kinda fits the mood of the song title ‘Breaking Point’!

  45. BoredAtWork September 1, 2010

    i’ve seen bey with way more fugged up weaves than keri.. keri always goes in with the hairstyles

  46. Parisian girl September 1, 2010

    What the f*** is she doing!?!
    The song sucks the cover is just boring
    i can’t believe it’s the first single,i’m so disappointed
    if she wanna keep collecting flops left and right that’s her problem,i won’t support this mess

  47. spring September 1, 2010


    DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I JUST CANT ………………

  48. Celeb Psych September 1, 2010




  49. Chiiilllld September 1, 2010

    Skeri you are about a year and 8 months late with that look…..NEXT.

  50. remmy September 1, 2010

    A mess…all of it…
    Beyonce kills sasha and you go in the trash and get the wigs and make up charts? Silly girl divas are for stars…

  51. Areis September 1, 2010

    im not feeling her at all, she needs to stick to writing, shes letting ester dean out do her in skills LOL

  52. R&BLover September 2, 2010

    I like keri but this I just cant get with but hey change is good so…….

  53. !*TeyoNa*! September 24, 2010

    I love your new album!!!!! ii LOVE your new song breaking point its good and ii love the cover of the album its something diffrent and hot…Keri jux keep dewin you and let the haters keep hatiin kuz, they gonna dew it anyway…! ii enjoy your music keep up the good work…! and for all you ppl that got something negative to say aboud her at least she dewing something wid her life wad are you dewin besides hating thats your career ii guess haha yall cracks meh up….! well ToOdles g2g love you keri hilson!!!!!!!

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