Ne-Yo: “There’s Nothing I Can Do To Prove That I’m Straight”

Published: Tuesday 31st Aug 2010 by Trent

Ne-Yo met up with ‘Hello Beautiful’ to promote his new album, ‘Libra Scale’, which hits stores on October 19th. During the discussion the singer/songwriter revealed that the mother of his child is actually his best friend and that he has decided to stop fighting rumours relating to his sexuality. Peep what he had to say below:


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  1. ROMEY August 31, 2010

    why is he so caught up in this…damn if u know u ain’t gay why u keep commenting on it…people say the same thing bout Chris, Trey, Usher..damn near every male artist out there..u don’t see them commenting on it every interview…smfh…he’s just making s***!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 31, 2010



  3. XXOO August 31, 2010

    Is this his new marketing strategy? Every radio interview hes done so far, he mentions his (homo)sexuality

  4. stan August 31, 2010

    if you have to deny, deny, deny

    then it’s true, true, true


    LEAVE NE-YO alone! Is gay so I am… Now What .???

  6. Sunshine August 31, 2010

    wow, Trent thinks Takers being #1 isn’t important but talking about this BS is…ok

  7. Erin Chenault August 31, 2010

    this is a music review site, not no damn movie review site. step the knowlege up

  8. shimmy August 31, 2010


    August 31, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    LEAVE NE-YO alone! Is gay so I am… Now What .???
    It’s not about the fact that Ne-Yo is gay. It’s about the fact that Ne-Yo is posing as straight and is bitching because he realizes that his ploy isn’t working.

  9. shimmy August 31, 2010

    @Erin Chenault
    Music, movies, whatever. This is a CELEB gossip site. If I recall, “Takers” contains a CELEB-filled cast.

  10. Walter August 31, 2010

    I think the reason Ne-Yo keeps answer the question the same gay questions over and over again is because he feels that if he doesn’t answer the questions people are going to speculate even more.

  11. Celeb Psych August 31, 2010

    It really is of no consequence if he is gay or straight! i believe however this is his own personal issue that he cares about because most women I know love him for his music, if he would like his fans to acknowledge him for having s** appeal or being dashing then which again I would say a “personal” issue.

    ps. we all like to be liked but the catch 22 in that is you have little control over why and who likes you and for what reason, so its best to be true to yourself first, the rest follows.

  12. Truthfully August 31, 2010

    Oh gosh….every interview im not gay im not gay… one gives a fuckkk….anything to stay relevent….

  13. ricanstar August 31, 2010

    leave the dude alone if he is he is. This is only making it look worse on his part when he comes out saying he is at 50 or how ever long he gonna take. And its totally understandable why he is denying it sooo much i wish he didnt have to but not everyone is lucky enough to be out and popular like adam lambert lets see how his music would have done had he been out since the get how would have miss independent have done? would he have been on knock u down? while at times their may be a few openly gay ppl out their and still able to be in the game its not that easy. plus tons of ppl love to scream this one gay that one gay when in most cases they are not look chris brown is not gay usher is not the sad part is that many gays would love for them to be gay they are wishing for this fly dude who would surprise the hell out of everyone if they came out this is supposed to be their all time shining mega star gay dude but it aint happening well not right now atleast. Ne-Yo is what eva he is let him live cuz its kind of true if he did simply not answer ppl would be like oh he is cuz he aint saying no much like ricky martin did he dated that woman and when ppl asked him he didnt want to answer and when u give someone a answer like thats none of your business lets see how that fly’s.

  14. Tiff August 31, 2010

    Nothing wrong with being gay…
    Ne-Yo just really needs to come out of the closet

  15. Sunshine August 31, 2010

    @Erin…and talking about Ne-yo being gay (possibly) is when you have 2 music artist in a movie…you step up your knowledge but its all good….

  16. Luv-Lee August 31, 2010


  17. Ova It August 31, 2010

    How does Monyetta go from “girlfriend” title to “bestfriend”… It’s evident that they’ve broken up… Plus, how are you NOT ready for commitment but soo READY for a baby… Dayum, another child born into wedlock! SMH

  18. UMYA August 31, 2010

    *insert Wendy Williams “I Can’t” .gif*
    He is so desperate, in denial and far deep in the closet it ain’t funny.
    News flash d*****-p**** no1currs bout you and your sexuality cuz they already have they minds made up and his constant whining about it isn’t helping change anyone’s mind.
    Which is unfortunate because he gain alot more respect if he wasn’t such a whiny b****.
    Expect a sexxx tape of him to lea in the near future (since those blow job pix with that hooker didn’t convince anyone) or maybe he’ll take a page from Usher’s book (who also had to deal with stuff like this,no shade) and knock up some low rent gold digging b****.

  19. Erin Chenault August 31, 2010

    love ya’ll 🙂

  20. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 31, 2010

    I’ve got nothing to say but than to LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. waltonsdevil168 August 31, 2010

    even if the guy is gay he make more money than half these straight mofo’s out here… leave him alone…if its true hell come out when he’s ready…. NE-YO just tell them all to suck it…

  22. X,Y,”and Z” August 31, 2010

    Let’s see what we TGJ got running today:

    1 Lady Gaga post.
    1 Rihanna post – always good for a laugh!
    1 Ashanti post – This must be, Trent’s yearning for the “good ‘ol days …!”
    1 Women-in-Rap post – … Whatever …!!
    1 Neyo post – Ms. thing is ’bout her bidnizz; two-snaps up, a roll of the eyes and toss of her lace-front, for good-effect!
    1 John Legend post – Probably lamenting his hair line.
    1 JLS post – I STILL have NO-idea just who they are or what they do!
    1 Leona Lewis post – …Whatever …
    1 Faith Evans post – …Er …damage-control, maybe?
    1 Christina Agulera/Cher post – ’bout some upcoming movie they’ve got coming up; Cher who? …Good luck with that Christina!

    And lastly, the obligatory; you-can-set-your-watch-by-it; TGJ’s favorite can-never-do-any-wrong daughter; the Photoshop-Princess/Queen Weave herself; Beyonce’s X back-up dancer the 30-year-old……. Kelly Rowland!

    But what’s missing? … Oh, just maybe the news that T.I./CBreezy/Idris Elba was seen in the #1 movie in ALL of THE United States Of America – The current-reigning boxoffice LEADER – ‘Takers’.

    So far, I’ve been good! I’m NOT one to break MY word; time to “rethink the terms” of our contract/pact…??

    I’ll give y’all the “benefit of doubt”; Sam/Trent, what gives ….??

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!

  23. Sistah Souljer August 31, 2010

    leave that man alone

  24. SohhJavier August 31, 2010

    How bout shutting the f*** up about it damn!!! I believe you the first time you said u wasn’t lol…

  25. JAZ0195 August 31, 2010

    Ne-yo needs to be more like Trey songz and ignore the gay rumors.

  26. JAZ0195 August 31, 2010

    TGJ when Yall are gonna post about chris brown and T.i’s movie going #1 in the box office.

  27. Heaven August 31, 2010

    Surrogate mother = all the way in-in da closet. hehehe

  28. well well well August 31, 2010


    Trey doesn’t really ignore those rumors. He had the nerve to say he was straighter than a ruler on Twitter #FAIL and he always gets agitated or nervous when speaking about it. Suspect much??? His new-found hyper-hetero sexuality doesn’t help either.

    I believe DMX. The industry is full of gay men, half those rappers & r&b singers are anklebiters. Case Closed.

    As for Ne-Yo. He’s getting on my damn nerves talking this s*** to death every 5 minutes. If you don’t like being called gay, stop talking about it!!! NOBODY cares. He’s such a whiny b**** & he’s also two-faced. He tries to be like MJ yet he says “The comedians who made fun of him were right. Sad but true. He didn’t have a very manly/masculine voice” HUH?? Anybody who *really* knew MJ knew that his soft speaking voice was FAKE

    F*** OUTTA HERE NE-YO!!!!

  29. Ash Jones August 31, 2010

    you know what all you b****** are tripping. Who gives a damn if he gay or not? Lets just hear good music. F*cking haterz… all you bullshitterz want to control every aspect of your idol’s lives. Just because Lady Gaga lets her fans tell her how to behave, look etc. doesn’t mean all the real artists out there do.

  30. JAZ0195 August 31, 2010

    @WELL WELL WELLCo-sign I didn’t know that about trey songz that changes ny opinnion of him.

  31. REALTALK August 31, 2010

    ne-yo just isn’t attractive. whether hes gay or straight.

  32. idrag4mj August 31, 2010

    @well well well………… wait neyo said the comedians were right about mj??????????????????????????????? wtf and i actually lke neyo cso i thought he was a stan..smh

  33. well well well August 31, 2010


    Yep. Ne-Yo has also talked a lot of s*** about Chris Brown (who was once his “friend”) and his attempts to dispel gay rumors comes off desperate and ridiculous.

    As for Trey, did yall notice his reaction to Sam’s question in his TGJ interview about his gay fanbase?? He was NOT diplomatic at all.

  34. luvlife August 31, 2010

    @well well well

    Trey was not agitated at that gay question, he was annoyed at the whole TGJ interview. And the question was mad slick. All R&B singers get asked gay questions in interviews, and so far Trey and Usher answer those questions the best. You know who get agitated when asked about being gay? Maxwell. He gave the most awkward answer in an interview b4. And so what if Trey responded to someone on twitter? At least he doesn’t delete his tweets. He says what he wants when he wants and he was only kidding anyway. Trey gets called gay everyday on twitter. If he was serious about it, he’d be replying all day. smh…

    Anywho, back to Ne-yo. I do think he is gay, but so what? Its his life and he should live it how he wants to live it. Stop trying to drag someone out the closet…

  35. SEAN2010 August 31, 2010




  36. Joseph August 31, 2010

    He’s OBVIOUSLY a homosexual.

    NOBODY talks about neyo being gay anymore (everyone just knows) and the fact that he is CONSTANTLY in EVERY interview trynna argue he ISNT gay means he’s NOT secure with his sexuality. #GetOverIT Neyo, it’s not like coming out is gonna kill your career. you crossed over to pop anyway.

  37. JJFan1814 August 31, 2010


  38. Kross August 31, 2010

    I think it’s interesting that she is his best friend…now that really makes me wonder about him…smh…sounds like an arrangement….#Imjussayin

  39. MISHKA August 31, 2010

    Prince has been rocking wheels for years , I never heard him complained about gay rumors though.

    The irony with Ne-Yo is that the media and the audience don’t care that much about his sexuality; so what is he tripping for?

    Ne-Yo, four words for you: PLEASE SHUT UP ALREADY.

  40. jann456 August 31, 2010


    Nobody is trying to drag Ne-Yo out of the closet. He keeps bringing up gay rumors, thus keeping the momentum going. BTW Trey WAS agitated by the gay question and he’s been more than once. That comment he made on Twitter was lame & ignorant.

    P.S. Tell B****-Yo and Stray Thongz we said hello.

  41. yesyes August 31, 2010

    oh puhliease, boy is gay i just feel bad for him having to live his blessed/cursed life. im here for ya Neyo 😉


  42. notadummy August 31, 2010

    Neyo is a fruity as a fruit cake!

  43. boi_pls_stop August 31, 2010

    Dear Ne-YO,

    We know that your gay and we still accept you with all of your queen ways. Please stop going around on this I’m Not Gay tour cause nobody believes you not even your best friend/baby momma. Take off hat..put on wig..apply lip gloss.

  44. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS August 31, 2010

    Neyo if your not gay then stop answering question about being gay. The more you say your not gay the more suspect you look and sound. All the other artist or movie stars I know that people claimed or said they were gay never answer questions about being gay because if they did they would look suspect. So Neyo stop answering those gay questions and you want look or be suspect but that Jason dude look a lot suspect.

  45. Kyle August 31, 2010

    LOL, you guys are right. The more you defend your sexuality the more apparent it is that you’re gay. And he says that his “best friend” is having his child? HE IS DEFINITELY GAY. Clay Aiken said his “best friend” had his child and 2 months later he came out to People Magazine.

  46. iLoveXtina August 31, 2010

    I wouldn’t even think about his sexuality until he mentioned it! That’s why it never goes away because he just keeps bringing it back.

    congrats on Takers being number 1, but damn! Stop spamming every f****** post!

  47. Duh September 1, 2010


    The interviewer is the one who brought up the ‘gay topic’ not Neyo.

    Loves this guy, i will be the first to get his album

  48. Commander for Kelly & Ciara September 1, 2010

    NEYO IS GAY ITS THE Same in high school ull hav that 1 boy is who is gay.. evr1 talks about u go n ask him n hes like NO IM NOT ..IM NOT!!! but then u see his ass featured on BGC Live

  49. jonberry September 1, 2010

    Umm, is that right? Per She-Yo, MJ said he liked her..*cough* I mean his music. Well He was actually interviewed on his 50th birthday by the cable morning show, Good Morning America, and he talked about the two young ppl he most admired in the industry and guess what, he didn’t mention you She-Yo so STHU!

    ………Chris Brown and Justine Timberlake! 🙂

    P.S. You and your best girlfriend decided to have a child together? Now I don’t know for sure if he is gay but this is a definite red flag!

  50. Soulful Roses September 1, 2010

    Prove?!…Ne-Yo, if you’re secure about your sexuality, you shouldn’t have to PROVE anything. But all in all, Ne-Yo needs to keep his mouth shut because he’s not making it any better…

  51. True Blue September 1, 2010

    Can’t wait ’til all these hyper-macho, hyper-hetero rappers come tumbling out of the closet like roaches out of a run-down building one day. It will be HILARIOUS. Ooh man, that day can’t come too soon. Everyone knows it’s just plain impossible for every other genre of music to have well-known gay and bisexual musicians, but hip-hop happens to be that ONE exception. That s*** will someday change. And I will be waiting with my bag of popcorn and soda.

  52. Damo September 1, 2010



  53. jonberry September 1, 2010

    OMG why is he lying? You can go to Youtube right now and see two of his mugshots and he was not arrested for speeding? Who gets arrested for speeding? Wow, I cannot believe he just sat their and blatantly lied! Why She-yo? He was arrested just last year in Asia for fighting in a club. He and his associates were figting in a clothing store in NY with Jim Jones, Freaky and members of Dipset. Okay, now I know I cannot trust what he says. Come on She-yo you know you crave attention that’s why you are constantly bring up either Usher or Chris Brown’s name in interviews. I am surprised you didn’t mention them during this interview!

  54. jonberry September 1, 2010

    @Erin Chenault,

    That’s not entirely true. There is a recent post about Cher and Christina Agularia’s new musical? or movie? Also, there have been other posts on TGJ promoting Takers so now that it has beaten the odds and took top billing, I do believe we should have a post dedicated to that topic!

    @Sunshine and Shimmy, I agree with you two!

  55. FreshUrbanEnt September 1, 2010



  56. Sanging September 1, 2010

    We all know he’s gay!!!! Just say it and feel better about yourself. What’s his issue about not admitting he’s gay? Big effing deal. He still has the same amount of female fans and more gay male fans. He must have an issue with that in his little black community group, just sayin.

  57. True Blue September 1, 2010

    ^^^ We all know how notoriously homophobic the black community is.

  58. luvlife September 1, 2010


    Chile boo! Agitated according to whom? You? please…
    And I agree, what he did on Twitter was ignorant. But Trey is type ignorant. He’s a corny country bumpkin. But you are gonna believe what you want to believe. So whatever…
    Leave Ne-yo alone yall. He makes good music and thats all that matters.
    Also, I think its interesting that some of these rappers are not mentioned, but y’all steady tryna “out” R&B singers. Shows how little y’all really know.

  59. Angie September 1, 2010

    Umm…ok Ne-yo. You’re ready to have a baby, but you’re not ready to put a ring on it. I hate when guys act like having a baby is not that serious, but marriage is so major. And you’re right Ne-yo, ain’t a damn thang you can do to make me believe you’re not gay. Give him another 5 years, he’ll be coming out.

  60. wateva September 1, 2010

    i just cant with this girl.. look lady.. you are GAY.. get over it! nobody wants u sexually anywayz… i wanna see a show of hands of anybody that is sexually attracted to his greasy ass lips and tumor looking head… anybody? bueller??

  61. JAZ0195 September 1, 2010

    @JJFAN456 Takers is #1 r***** it has be updated why else would T.i,chris brownand Idris tweet it. Even the box office Tweeted it #hohaveaseat

  62. True Blue September 1, 2010

    @ wateva:


  63. WHATEVER September 1, 2010


    Unless Trey Songz is paying you, please STFU!!! People who defend celebs like you are tired and ridiculous. Enough already

  64. luvlife September 1, 2010


    why you mad tho? lol! I’m not defending anyone. People don’t know what they are talking about. tis all. And I’m allowed to say what I want, loser. you STFU.

  65. #STOP_IT_5 September 1, 2010

    I swear you people have got to be the dumbest people to come out the womb!! if you would use your auditory skills and listen, you would CLEARLY hear and see that the interviewers ask him about his sexual preference, he doesn’t blatantly volunteer this information. there are speculations about it in the media and its a topic that people obviously like to bring up about him. I personally think he is trying to hard to push this “gentlemen” image, but to each his own. just like how trey songz forces the “Im too s***/fly” image. A lot of them muhfukas is gay, and its a shame but w.e.. jus let n***** be, if you dont fuks wit him dont comment, str8 up!! black people man!! always scandalizing each other.

  66. Jasmine September 1, 2010

    Ok, I’m tired of neyo always talking about this…like seriously dude no one cares. The fact that you keep talking about it makes people think you are. If you ignored the damn rumor in the first place, things will be fine. In every interview he has to bring it up. I’m convinced that he is now. It’s usually the ones that have to keep validating themselves are the ones that are gay. And so what if he is, no one cares. Ugh, get over it

  67. mark ginnis September 1, 2010

    You are gay! The best thing is to just not say!

  68. Robier September 1, 2010

    This lady is angry. She brings it up wayyyyyyyy to much. Real young ladies that are rumored to be gay but are secure in their sexuality leave it be.

  69. FORONCE&4ALL! September 1, 2010




  70. Robier September 1, 2010

    Great point. Def a double standard about ugly gays @FORONCE&4ALL

  71. Boricua September 1, 2010

    He’s talking really fast, like he’s on something or he’s stressed and about to have a breakdown…
    Not good.

  72. aj299 September 1, 2010

    Well if people ask him what’s he supposed to do? People will think he’s gay whether he denies it or not. Bottom line is its not anyone’s business, so stop expecting him to confirm it! Is that gonna determine whether you’ll buy his album or not??? Get a life folks!

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