MTV VMA’s 2010: First Performers Announced

Published: Thursday 5th Aug 2010 by Sam

Following this week’s headline-grabbing announcement of the nominees for the MTV’s Video Music Awards, the first set of performers to rock the stage at this year’s show have been revealed.

Find out who they are after the jump…

Leading the list of performers at the September 12th event is newly married Alicia Keys – who will be 7-8 months pregnant at the time of the show!

Joining Keys will be Usher, Pink, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, and 30 Seconds To Mars.



With the announced having already done the award-show circuit many a time over the last year, the show is going to need to pack more of punch if its looking to pull in the them all-important ratings. Last year’s show saw Janet Jackson tear down the house with her tribute to brother Michael; thus far, on paper, this year just doesn’t measure up.

That said, with this being MTV, it’s pretty much a given that the the ‘big guns’ will be announced nearer to the show. If there is any justice in the world, though  a Lady GaGa / Beyonce duet (in light of all of their nominations) just has to happen!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ImYourStar702 August 5, 2010

    So far very boring

  2. JAZ0195 August 5, 2010

    This list looks boring hopefully they add more

  3. YOU Hear Me August 5, 2010

    I bet Gaga gets added to the bill, I love Telephone, so yes Sam if they got both Gaga and Beyonce to perform Telephone that would be amazing, however the list so far excluding Usher and maybe Pink seems a bit boring, Jay Z and Kerry Perry don’t excite me but each to their own.

  4. Jose Mª August 5, 2010

    Please if CIara doesn’t perfom, I will not understand a thing!!!

  5. annie August 5, 2010

    All boring performers. No toping last year awards MTV. Sorry!

  6. rrriiiiiii August 5, 2010

    I am just tired of gaga gimmick

  7. BeyonSLAY August 5, 2010

    Katy Perry is A S*** live performer #FACTANDIDONTCAREWHODISAGREES

  8. DogDays August 5, 2010

    Excluding alicia keys it looks pretty boring so far. I hope florence + the machine get to perform. They’re up for 4 awards so it makes sense. They also deserve to start being recognised in america. It’s about time florence + the machine start topping the charts instead of bloody justin bieber & k$sha! British music is the best!

  9. KD August 5, 2010


    I love her and all but really? Her album has been out for ages now, what song is she going to perform? Anyway I hope she does no acrobatics this time around, they are great the first few times but anymore than that would be overkill.

    Agreed, Lady GaGa & Beyonce would be epic.

    As for the rest…I don’t care enough to make comments about them.

  10. hi8 August 5, 2010

    katy perry , alicia keys ?? S*** , boring …. Where is Eminem , gaga ??

  11. Ehh August 5, 2010

    What about britney

  12. TheBaddestBitch August 5, 2010

    Yes, Alicia the queen <3

  13. GangsterA August 5, 2010


  14. KD August 5, 2010

    Alicia better not give birth whilst performing…Then again that may just bring some life to this already dead on arrival show.

  15. royalkev August 5, 2010

    This looks wack! I’m bored reading the line- up! I don’t want A.Keys to be forced to sing “New York” again. I’m bored with Usher doing OMG, too! Ciara ia the only person that would not be expected to steal the show and could smash it! I would love to see her start off with Love,S** and Magic and kill it with Ride…HOT! Pink swinging on ropes doing Tarzan again is going to pist me off. I know she wants to do it again, that’s the only way she’s interesting. As for Gaga, I think she need to perform solo! I’m not sure if I want my Queen B lending her much needed assistance to this nutcase! I’m sure “Telephone” would be amazing to see live, but let her scary ass do “Bad Romance”. It’s her night and I think she should really on all her gimmicks and carry her own weight!

  16. royalkev August 5, 2010

    * that’s… rely on all her gimmicks and carry her own weight!

  17. malyeh August 5, 2010

    Call Chris Brown & Ciara …SMH

  18. TRUTH August 5, 2010

    why is katy perry peforming? she sounds terrible live and im tired of pink

  19. Shouw August 5, 2010

    I want a Lady Gaga/Beyonce performance !!!

  20. badd August 5, 2010

    This looks kind of ridiculous.
    Katy Perry performs at every show &
    does the same shizz.
    Alicia Keys…..too much.
    Nobody cares for Jay-Z.
    But P!nk should be okay.
    This doesn’t look exciting at all.

  21. Tha Phoenix August 5, 2010

    Brit, B and Gaga HAVE to perform.
    That is all.

  22. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010



  23. KD August 5, 2010

    Britney Spears, Really? Need I remind people of the trainwrefck that was “Gimme More” ?

  24. krys August 5, 2010

    Jay-z is best live act in world right now whether rock or rnb purist/ will admit or not. Glastonbury was the start, he nows kicking b*** and taking names
    Coachella, Werchter, All Points West, Bonnaroo etc

  25. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    Oh please all Jay z does is the same b*******. (YAWN YAWN YAWN)
    Pink (Good performer but we already know what she’s going to do)

    I’m looking forward to 30 seconds to Mars and Katy Perry. I WANT EITHER CIARA, BRITNEY SPEARS and CHRIS BROWN ON THIS LIST and i will be a happy mother*****!

  26. SEAN2010 August 5, 2010



  27. truth serum. August 5, 2010

    Lol @ every one saying the list looks boring. You all come on here and say the same s*** every year. Just stop watching the VMAs all together.

    Anyway, why do people keep acting like Ciara is the messiah of award shows? I cannot name one monumental performance in her impaired career that has stood the test of time — especially on the VMAs. Has she ever even performed on them?

    Alicia Keys is becoming annoying. Tired of her + her scandal, and the fact that she is 7-8 mos pregnant and still trying to be up in every one’s face. Your album is already platinum, you finally got your #1 single not assisted by Jay-Z, and your album has been out since last year. Why are you still performing? That BET thing was deplorable lol… just go sit down, pop your baby out and chill for awhile. Let people miss you & come back and kill it.

    The VMAs met their peak back in like 2003… after the boy band era and pop acts fizzled out. Not even gonna lie, never even liked NSYNC or Britney Spears but they used to bring it in their hey day. That perf NSYNC did with the TVs was dope. And where is Missy with her innovative high energy stage sets? That is what we need. Not Lady Gaga who is extremely gimmicky, not Beyoncé whose album has been out since 2008 and has already performed all of her crap, and certainly not Ciara though — while a great performer — has not even made a monumental performance when she was “hot”.

    When Chris Brown has a good single out, I’d like to see him perform as well — on mute.

  28. Christian August 5, 2010

    To “KD” – do you have to be reminded by Britney’s past VMA performances? Don’t just judge off one performance. So IMO Britney performing would be an great idea.

  29. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    @TRUTH SERUM B**** you has got to be joking!!!!

    Ciara is know for her amazing award show performances! Just look at all of her BET AWARDS performances (07, 08). Especially her 2007 which is know as one of the best BET AWARDS Performances of all time. Look at her MTV Music Video Awards Performance in Japan(09). You jsut hate to give my girl her credit.

    I’m not saying Ciara is a messiah, but give her the credit she deserves. What this award show needs is a little bit of crunk dancing, and some amazing dancing by the artists (no some fancy back up dancers).

    Ciara would absolutely tare that stage up, since she always does when it comes to Award show performances.


  30. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    and Britney would be a great addition to the show. She is what made the VMA’s the past decade.

  31. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    That person obviously doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. Get educated on performances honey.

  32. Ehh August 5, 2010

    It’s britney b****!!! Yayyyyyy

  33. Jink August 5, 2010

    Please don’t perfom neither Lady Gaga nor Beyoncé. I’m so exhausted of these two “singers”… And I’m totally against the nominations.

  34. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    @jink I agree. I would prefer Lady Gaga to perform alone fore the least, but if they both are not performing, that would be excellent. But i doubt that’s going to happen. They most likely will be performing 🙁

  35. santiagoo August 5, 2010

    i am so tired of gaga beyonce is always the same thing, i dont understand why people want to see gaga perform. im just tired and bored about her.
    BRITNEY mmm i dont think so.
    PINK i think its ok but what song is she going to sing ?¿? anyway PINK always do amazing live perfomances
    USHER i think its great.
    the list is pretty boring excluding PINK and USHER !!!!

  36. maybe August 5, 2010

    Its all last year all over again.They need some new performers… Christina Aguilera maybe?

  37. Soulful Roses August 5, 2010

    Beyonce, P!nk, and Usher sounds great, but thats about it.

    Christina Aguleria
    Justin Timberlake
    Chris Brown
    Robin Thicke
    Janelle Monae
    Lupe Fiasco
    J.Cole…………..are just some of the names I WISH were on the line-up 🙂

  38. SEAN2010 August 5, 2010



  39. BENJAMIN August 5, 2010

    OK, I like AKeys, but what is she gonna perform? She did Empire State of Mind already last year, and she isn’t nominated for anything else but that. They need to bring back the Best R&B Video category, deleting was was stupid.

  40. QUESTION EXISTING August 5, 2010

    OMG I can’t wait for 30 Secnds To Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a huge fan, I hope they perform ‘Kings & Queens’. As for the other announced artists – Uhmmmm ok… I’ll also be checking it out for GAGA though, if she’s added to the list, otherwise the line up is average.

    30 Seconds To Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. EXPOSED August 5, 2010


  42. smartee August 5, 2010

    This list does sound boring but to tell you the truth… who else is going to be able to give a good show?

    Christina Aguilera- Yeah right, it’s official… she’s done and over with and a flop now! Gaga has stolen her career and is worth MORE MONEY than her and has accomplished many things that she hasn’t. And I don’t even like Gaga.

    Britney Spears- I wish people would stop acting like she’s such a great performer! She can move her body, but she’s not a good dancer whatsoever! She uses stage tricks and costumes to bring her performances to life. Plus, this b**ch lip-syncs!

    Beyonce- She’s f**king boring and predictable as hell!

    LOL at nobody mentioning Rihanna, because she’s one of the worst performers ever!

    Ciara- Yea right! Ciara gives the same lackluster stripper inspired performances! And she can’t sing either! I agree with whoever said that she has never had a monumental performance!

    Justin Beiber- HIS VOICE SUCKS TOO! And he can’t dance or has great stage presence.

    There’s really nobody worth watching, today’s music and performance just aren’t the same as they were 10-40 years ago.

  43. CIARADABESS August 5, 2010

    I bet @smartee is @truthserum


  44. Kyle August 5, 2010

    I feel bad that Pink is always asked to perform at these events and she NEVER wins a damn thing, which is unfair. She should have like 5 of her own Grammy’s by now but she’s always shut out. But I agree, I think a Beyonce/Lady Gaga performance would be dope. They are nominated like 6 times together so it would make sense.

  45. AnthonySwanno August 5, 2010

    Coming from someone who has seen P!NK live several times, she is anything BUT boring. Everyone on here saying that the list of performers is boring, go get a grip on real musicians and artists. and seriously, GET OVER GAGA. the gimmick is old. and ohhhhh we’re bored with the trapeze performances? not entertaining enough? I guarantee no other artist out there can do what p!nk does. She is absolutely the most underrated and overlooked rockstar out there. She should have the 13 nominations. Mainstream america is so rapped up with the same people, it’s disgusting. Open your eyes and notice real talent. I’m pretty sure P!Nk will steal the show once again. SHE ALWAYS DOES 😀

  46. Beysbetter August 5, 2010

    Beyonce & Gaga will either OPEN or CLOSE the show with a Videophone/Telephone medley! IT HASSSSS TOOO HAPPEN!!!!

  47. West Indian August 5, 2010

    Why People like to mention BRITNEY SPEARS ???? Come on we need people that sings live. Its not a karaoke show to lipsynce . I”m tired of Alica Keys now, Jay can go sit down, Pink & Usher would be a good look at. But is MTV doesn’t get Lady Gaga & Beyonce to Perform UGH!!! that show is goin to be WACK!!! for the two has so much NOM….. They are the two ladies rocking the industry right now

  48. number1k9 August 5, 2010

    @ Truth Serum

    I agree,
    Why is Alicia Keys still performing while she is pregnant, who really does that (at award shows). I understand if you have signed contracts for concert dates, but otherwise, you do need to sit down, because it isn’t like your album is newly released!

  49. QUESTION EXISTING August 5, 2010

    I also think Alicia shoud NOT perform (hopefully she’ll pull out). I know P!nk slays but I have a feeling Usher will steal the show this time around ( I don’t like him that much)

  50. poopy davis August 5, 2010

    where is slim shady on this list

  51. Hadley August 5, 2010

    Lady Gaga has to perform, in light of all her nominations. A gaga/beyonce performance, for me would be the highlight of the shpw

  52. myway August 5, 2010

    A.Keys (@8 months) Usher, Pink, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, and 30 Seconds To Mars??????

    WAIT IS THIS THE LINE UP? Well, Of course drug addict WIFE BEATER Eminem and the so-called victim of the century will be there. Ke$ha (my ears are bleeding now) will be there. Can’t have a show without “grip the mic harder next time” Taylor Swift. OMG, this should prove to be a hot mess!

    Oh well he’s looking a head to the 2011 VMA Awards. They should be better maybe Beyonce will have released new material by then and Chris Brown would have dropped a new studio CD!

  53. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 5, 2010

    Alicia needs to go sit her ass down somewhere! Why? It ain’t that serious! Damn! She ain’t that good of a performer anyway!

    The only performances I’m excited about is P!nk and Usher. So hopefully they can add some more heat.

    Of course, Beyonce would be number one on my list and then Gaga! But I would also love to see Chris Brown and Ciara!

  54. CC August 5, 2010

    They always have the same damn performers on these big award shows…why not give someone else a chance.

    Ciara should obviously perform, but unfortunately I dont think she will be asked to perform 🙁

    It would be great to see some unexpected singers performing, such as Shontelle, Kelly Rowland, Monica, Fantasia, Amerie.

    Chris Brown would make a good addition too!

  55. Blasian August 5, 2010


  56. Antom August 5, 2010

    The only queen I will like to see is the one &only xtina xtina xtinA the rest it just don’t mash xtinas performance she always delivers. . Britney no thanks.

  57. Antom August 5, 2010

    Xtina xtina xtina xtina please performance vanity or I hated boys

  58. Antom August 5, 2010

    Xtina is one prodigycal dougther of MTV!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Antom August 5, 2010

    We want to see hottneses , energy, talent,star powe, who can be??? The only one queen xtina if MTV don’t bring her I’m not waching the show. F*** not

  60. joe sullivan August 5, 2010

    kelly r gotta gwt on this shizz… commander!!

  61. james August 5, 2010

    chris brown should perform, he is the best performer in the business no question.

  62. JonathanGardnerTV August 5, 2010


    N O T .

    I don’t even see why this was worth posting…hardly a surprise…I could have listed most of the names announced here if someone had asked me LOL…so predictable…oh well :\


  63. tony August 5, 2010

    they should let chris brown perform he the best performer and the bussiness ciara should perform too

  64. noodles August 5, 2010

    This list looks boring at I dont say that every year about the VMAs. Jay-Z needs to go on break with Beyonce and Alicia Keyz needs to sit her pregnant self down(although she killed it at the BET Award on the piano). And Usher….I love me some Usher but what is he gonna perform? Let me find out he performs There Goes My Baby or OMG and I’m done lol. And let me not start on the others…Katy Perry might bore me….Pink might be good though her performance was nice last time. Gaga would save the show.

    I agree Ciara and Chris should be on the list. But what would Chris perform? Deuces isn’t exactly a song to perform at the Awards if he had soemthing out like Wall To Wall right now then he’d defiently need to be on the list. If he was to perform he’d have to top 08. I don’t think he needs to be at this show though maybe next year(it’d be nice if he showed up). And Ciara really needs to perform. I think she is very talented.

  65. TheBaddestBitch August 5, 2010

    Wow there’s a lot of Alicia hate here ???

    Jealous much??

    Un-thinkable spent 12 weeks @ number 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-hop charts… Yes QUEEN of R&B stay mad

    This performance will push even more the sales of her album in the states and can’t wait for grammys next year : she gonna slayyyyyyyyy !!!

    Empire Stat of mind with Jay-Z is gonna win at least 3 or 4 (including song of the year and/or record of the year)

    and Un-thinkable is going to win probably best R&B song and best r&b female vocal performance (she already won that 4 times YES stay mad)

    so next year Alicia will be the queen of the grammys !

    STAY MAD and bow to the queen (the real one)

  66. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 5, 2010

    @The Baddest B****

    Hmmm, it’s interesting to see you brag about chart position and awards but when someone brings up Christina’s mishaps, you so quickly defend her by saying “That doesn’t matter, it’s about talent.” “Who cares about the charts?” or “All you people care about is sales/chart position.” etc. It seems as if your bragging only applies when it’s in your favs advantage. = |

  67. TheBaddestBitch August 5, 2010

    @ Team Wizzy

    Christina is gonna win best female pop vocal performance next year with “you lost me”…i’m not worried 😉

  68. iLoveXtina August 5, 2010

    @CC girl this ain’t BET.

    Anyway this list is s***. Katy Perry doesn’t get tired of hearing her own voice? MTV keeps sucking her d***. Bring someone else for a change!

  69. TheBaddestBitch August 5, 2010

    “Katy Perry doesn’t get tired of hearing her own voice?”


  70. BLACK August 5, 2010

    F*** ciara and rihanna * which we all know is performing*

    i wanna see CHRIS BROWN, i wanna see gaga, i wanna see somebody other than jay z, like T.I or young Money, please no drake he suck at performing.

    nobody really wantts to see britney lame ass, from the failed tour she did, where everyone complain how bad of a performer she is now, i dont want to see her.

    let XTina flop ass stay home too.

  71. Randy August 5, 2010

    Get Beyoncé up there and we can have a put it in a love song performance with Alicia too, since it was delayed to be a “summer tune”??????…..??????….. Sorry but it’s more like winter in england now with the cold n rain. Come out soon or don’t come at all. Video is already done and this will be one of the last times Alicia can perform preggerz, might aswell just get it done. But i will switch off if i get a single ladies or half assed sumthin else. dont want video fone if the two ladies turn up either.

  72. macy August 5, 2010

    chris would perform matrix or a new single for his new album whatever he does will be a greatb performance

  73. WHY? August 5, 2010

    This isn’t the best but its over saturated! It seems like we see these same people EVERY year. I have no problem with Katy Perry performing. And while P!nk is a good performer, her albums older than 8 of my newest family members! Its time for her to take a break. Jay-Z could perform “Young Forever”… What is Alicia Keys performing? Usher bores me to death and i guess 30 Second to Mars. Im no fan of Gaga but wouldnt it make sense for her to perform more than ANYONE? It was her (Lady Antebellum, Susan Boyle, & T.Swift’s) year! It would be kind of insulting to her for them not to ask her to perform. Also Taylor Swift new single was released and smashed Itunes all at once. And what about Rihanna? Everyone else is over saturating this award show i’d at least like to see her.

    But Ciara performing? Im sorry but WHY??? Lol no one is really interested in her anymore (besides R&B fans) but i REALLY wouldnt expect to see her at the VMA’s.

  74. Ehh August 5, 2010


  75. TheBaddestBitch August 5, 2010

    It’s just the first performers we know…i’m sure the’re will be more + some surprise

  76. WHY? August 5, 2010

    What about having an 80’s icon perform say… MADONNA! That would be nice

  77. badd August 5, 2010

    As much as I loveeeee Lady GaGa.
    I kinda don’t want her to perform
    Especially if it’s gonna be with Beyonce…b.c I really
    don’t wanna see her…if GaGa performs
    it should be by herself. But I think GaGa should
    take a break & just enjoy getting her awards.
    & Perform next time when she has a new album.

    I agree with Truth Serum about the AKeys part. smh.
    But Katy & Jay-Z are not going to be anything special
    or new…& Pink should be good but she’s just gonna
    be singing one of her same old songs while swinging
    on a rope again. I hope this is not all of the performers.

  78. Ebony August 5, 2010

    BORING!!!! I’m so sick of ushers michael jackson wannbe ass. So far this list sucks. Where is Britney and gaga. But what I don’t need is that child bieber are however you spell it he can’t sing or dance. Chris brown I’m but you all know he will not be at the MTV awards so don’t count on it.

  79. badd August 5, 2010

    But then again GaGa probably will perform
    because I think she has to promote her new single.

  80. crank August 5, 2010

    Jay-Z AGAIN.

  81. YOUR MOMMA August 5, 2010


  82. Rawr August 5, 2010

    Ugh i knew it was going to be the usual people…. prob going to have Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift as usual

  83. bstan August 5, 2010

    they ciara, byonce/gaga, chris brown, i wont be shocked if they get some rihanna, maybe a Kanye and anything else goes

  84. Jamie August 5, 2010

    MTV as a whole is just pointless. They should definitely do away with this award show for good because they don’t even show music videos anymore.

  85. DogDays August 5, 2010

    What we really need is some vma first time performers instead of the same old artists every year. Such as florence + the machine who is up for 4 awards so it makes sense. It would also be good to see mumford & sons perform seeing as they are also up for an award. Muse are also up for a few i think and even though they performed last year they should do it this year as well because they are phenominal live!! The vmas need to open up to other artists instead of just the big american names otherwise it’s just going to get boring …

  86. ella August 5, 2010

    Ci-Error NEVER had a monumental performance in her short lived “glory days” & she CAN’T sing. She’s a chitlen circuit artist & was NEVER mainstream or MTV material. S****** CAN’T sing either and lost her performance swag when she lost her mind (for a second…mmmm). Gaga’s music is GARBAGE but she does put on a good show. Katy Perry is run of the mill & totally unimpressive. Usher better not channel MJ on stage or else his performance will be what it’s always been~ MEDIOCRE. I don’t want to see or hear from MaNdonna after that ridiculous narcissistic speech she gave at the VMAs last year. You would think she was the one who died, not Michael. Beyawnce performs way too f****** much at awards shows & she had the audacity to perform ‘Single Ladies’ last year (like we hadn’t heard that song e-f******-nough already. Her only memorable moment was giving that talentLESS Taylor Swift her “moment’ after Kanye livened up the award show with his infamous interruption (yall know it’s TRUE). No more Alicia Sleaze. I do not want to see a big pregnant woman trying to be s*** on stage. Just stop, Alicia. Go back to Swiss Cheatz and wait for your child to be born. Your scandal aint going nowhere no matter how many piano-climbing spectacles you engage in. As for Jay Z, do we really need another performance from him? At this rate, he’ll be performing when the Blueprint “30” hits stores. Chris Brown will NOT be performing because he’s still an outcast for that Chrihannagate mess. He NEEDS to be there but I doubt he will be. Riyodel is NOT a performer. She’s a stage walking model. Her ass doesn’t belong at any awards show, least of all VMAs or the Grammys. That’s all for now.

  87. UmYa August 5, 2010

    So far P!nk is the only performer i’m checking for and why doesn’t Alicia keep her pregnant ass in bed , geez.
    Oh and expect them to name drop Britney Spears in the coming weeks to pull in more ratings.

  88. badd August 5, 2010

    @ Ella.:
    LOL,, I agree ! Minus the GaGa part
    because her stuff is amazing maybe you jsut don’t get it but,,
    LMAOOOOO @ the Alicia Keys part…

  89. Kyle August 5, 2010

    how about someone who is actually hot right now…idk maybe the man whos been #1 for 6weeks? eminem and rihanna for love the way you lie? or maybe not afraid? or any song of recovery for that matter. An Eminem performance would be something we havent seen in a while and would promote an album that was recently released.

  90. Airplanes Crash August 5, 2010

    This list is fake! doesn’t even have a list of performers up yet and if you click on the source they use for this article, there is no mention of performers. This site needs to do better and stop making up posts.

  91. John August 5, 2010

    I’m Seriously Looking Forward To Seeing Britney and Gaga There…

    Britney is one of the best performers of the last decade! She’s made ome of hte most iconic performances of all time.

    And She doesn’y LipSync All the Time…
    After all, She didn’t at VMA 1999, 2000, or 2002 with madonna.

  92. mr.M August 5, 2010


    Alicia?? P!nk ??

    Those are sooo 2009

    btches leave some places for other BETTER artists

    U got your effing chances!!!!!

    I’m not watching if there is no Xtina or CACA ..

    MTV 2010 SUCKSSS


  93. karmen August 5, 2010

    mmmmmmmmm cristina aguilera no esta nominada q asco estos premios

  94. Nick August 5, 2010

    Idk about 8pregnant mth Alicia but she rocked BET, I def wanna c Usher & god knows gaga & beyonce would slay everybody of they do telephone! Pls Jesus?!

  95. anniemal! August 6, 2010

    a Gaga + Beyoncé performance would be so EPIC… i’ve been waiting so long to see them perform Telephone together! being that both Telephone and Video Phone are nominated for numerous awards it would only make sense that they do a medley… opening the show!♥

    anyway the line-up doesn’t seem too bad so far… ‘cept for Pink; she hasn’t had a new song and i’m tired of the same upside down/circus s*** she always does. and i LOVE Alicia but i don’t think it was wise to let her perform. plus, didn’t she say the BET Awards was her last TV performance?

    p.s. sooo glad rih-tard isn’t performing and is only nominated for Best Editing (LMAO). award shows usually kiss her ass.

  96. anniemal! August 6, 2010

    oh and i agree with everyone who said Florence + the Machine… i love that song!

    and u guys are such LIARS lmaooo u know DAMN WELL ur gonna be tuning in to the VMAs!
    *eye roll*

  97. JAZ0195 August 6, 2010

    ugh why is jay z perfoming again this year he did it last year.

    I hope kanye performs

  98. tyler August 6, 2010

    Alicia Keys, while prego??? Seriously, how about making the viewers time worth it and get eminem and gaga and possibly Kanye in the mix. People don’t want to see a keys and pink and jay z. Get some bomb ass performers who actually dropped some boms ass albums tihs year performing. Alicia Keys…makes me not even want to watch the damn show.

  99. Mini August 6, 2010

    Gosh bring Some really good performances! They should take Paramore cuz their performances are always so good!

  100. naijaboi August 6, 2010

    @ELLA i so love uuuuuuuuuu…….u brought everythn down(xpecially tha part ’bout kanye… least he gave that show sumthn to hang to forever), part from d usher part…… cos am kinda lyk an usher stan….lookin’ 4ward to p!nk though, ‘n katy perry should stick to d studio cos thats were she belongs, she’s so far from being a good performer……i just dunno wat Jay will bring maybe him ‘n usher might do hot hottie(who knows????)……somethin’ i just dont understand is pple sayin’ they wld love to see chris ‘n ciara……anyway it seems lyk 80% of those who visits these sites are either brown or ciara stans……to say the fact beiber even have more shot at performing than chris……i think gaga would get a shot probably with beyonce……’n they might really bring it down

  101. santiagoo August 6, 2010

    P!NKKKK I guarantee no other artist out there can do what p!nk does. She is absolutely the most underrated and overlooked rockstar out there.
    PINK DESERVE 13 nominations.
    america is so rapped up with the same people, it’s disgusting.
    IM 100% SURE P!Nk will steal the show once again.

  102. rosy August 6, 2010

    Britney and Christina should perform a kiss!!!!!

  103. ChrisFresh August 6, 2010

    WE NEED A GAGA/BEYONCE DUET.. this is the most anticipated gaga performance of her career. so i bet she is under ALOT of pressure. Who Knows. But the world will be watching. Its crazy so early in her career this is already her career defining moment.


  104. AnthonySwanno August 6, 2010


  105. Kyle August 6, 2010

    Well on the MTV website, it has no mention of any performers, so this could be made up. But the perfect line would be a Beyonce and GAGA duet medley of Video Phone and Telephone-HAS TO HAPPEN, especially at the opening or closing of the show. Usher isn’t a wow performer, so forget him. Chris Brown and Ciara are one of the best perfromers of this generation, they would tear that stage apart, but i dunno if they would invite ciara becoz Ciara isn’t that popular…but it would be nice 2 c her there. Katy…yawn, I agree with some of the people that say the Pink is overlooked, but she does do the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, It would b nice to have Alicia Keys coz u don’t wanna have 2 many dance perfromances, we need someone 2 bring the energy down-in a good way, and she’s an amazing artist. We need a rock band any1, i don’t care, mayb a Fall Out Boy, reunion. Abd about Britney Spears…IF YOU LOOK AT THE VMA’S MOST ICONIC PERFORMANCES, BRITNEY IS APART OF IT, I must admit, she doesn’t dance like she used to, but she could if she wanted 2, she could totally bring the house down, xtina isn’t a great performer, her MTV Movie Award performance was BOORING, but i like her music, we also need sum hip hop, but new hip hop, like Nicky Minaj, or Drake or maybe a collabo, we need a surprise collabo, like Brit, Madonna, and Xtina, Maybe Brit, Gaga, abd Beyonce, they could do Telephone 2gether, coz Britney did a version of Telephone, but if she did I’ll b afraid that she might not b able 2 live up 2 the performance and get overshadowed by the other, but i can see her overshadowing them…i just don’t know with Britney, she’s unpredictable…but that’s wat i love about her…people need 2 stop hating on Brit, Alicia, Beyonce and Gaga, they are the greats of this generation

  106. yee123 August 6, 2010


  107. truth serum. August 6, 2010


    For a moment can you please reserve your stanism fanatics and be for real. I did not state she was not a good dancer — in fact I said she was a decent performer. However, what single is she to perform? She has not had a mainstream crossover hit in nearly five years now. Not to mention, when people think of headliners Ciara’s name is not the first or even fifth name that comes up for a diverse demographic at this time. In her hey day, she has not even done a memorable performance w/o another artist’s assistance. The only one I can think of is when she performed on the BETAs, and that was only memorable because she danced with Chris Brown. When she gets a #1 on the Hot 100, makes a revolutionary video and then some, sure she should grace the stage. But as of late, talented or not, she does not have the public backing needed to be billed for a big stage show. The end. Also, if you want to be taken seriously stop namecalling bc someone’s opinion is different than yours. I swear some bloggers have vast mental issues, for real.

    @ Jamie
    I think you summed up everything. MTV’s network has been swirling in the toilet bowl for some time. I wish they’d go ahead and flush what little connection they have to music on down because the correlation for the channel and the awards themselves is simply obsolete.

  108. uoiyiuoiiuy August 6, 2010


  109. caroline August 6, 2010

    Hello the best and most needed performance would be EMINEM and RHIANNA!!!!!

  110. Sagar Pattar August 7, 2010

    Alicia Keys and Beyonce should perform Put It In A Love Song and then Lady Gaga and Beyonce should end the show with a melody=)

  111. TAPCON_X August 7, 2010

    Lady Gaga needs to be there !

  112. brianda August 7, 2010

    REALLY??? pink, alicia,jay-z..i love and respect those artist but dude c’mon they performed LAST YEAR!!! they need new ones like linkin park they have a single out already and an album coming out two days after the vma’s that sounds perfect for them to promote it. eminem and drake and ne-yo got new stuff out are hot right now and their not repeats..c’mon vma’s dont be lame!!!!!

  113. hip hop police August 7, 2010

    Is Beyonce on a vacation/ break or whatever? Please let her stay there. Next year Beyonce.

    I can never really get into MTV awards. Its a big joke. The awards are plastic. I can do without them.

  114. mharvhiene August 7, 2010

    …love beyonce and lady gaga for the opening show of mtv vma 2010 xoxo 🙂

  115. CarelessObsession August 7, 2010

    I don’t get. As someone who has seen P!NK perform live 6 times I just don’t get it. A lot of you are going on about how the ‘swinging on ropes’ thing is getting old. I’ve seen her show 6 times and it’s never got old. No other artist can perform the way she can. Can GaGa ‘swing about on a rope’ and still sound amazing? She’s one of the few artist out there that puts in effort to learn something different to include in her show. Would she be better if she just stood on the stage with a mic? No. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. It just bugs me when people get on P!nks back about her being unique. If Gaga or Beyonce started performing this way I bet nobody would have a problem with it. It’s only because it’s P!nk. She’s always been the outcast. She gets shunned from the Grammys and the Vma’s. It’s only recently she’s got back in. Since the release of Funhouse people have started to warm to her I think. Personally, I think she is an exceptionally talented and fearless woman. She writes about real things instead of just silly ass love songs. Her shows are outstanding as well. The USA doesn’t get her way Europe and Australia does. That’s why she barely tours there. Once you’ve seen her perform live over here and you’ve had the privelage of meeting her in person and seeing how sweet she is you can’t really comment on her performances. When you meet her in person she is nothing like you’d expect her to be. She’s not loud and brazen, she’s tiny and sweet and she has all the time in the world to talk to her fans.

    Sorry to ramble on but reading all these comments just pissed me off a little. Feel free to send me any abuse, those of you who disagree with my views. I look forward to laughing at them.

    Peace out

  116. noname August 7, 2010


  117. DIGITALGIRL August 7, 2010

    Three artist I am looking for to perform and if they don’t announce it soon then I’m not watching it period….Eminem, Paramore, and Rihanna.

    Three artist I am not looking for to perform, as much as I love Katy Perry, I just don’t love her live, Pink, and Lady Gaga

    Oh and I’m definitely not watching if Beaver performs!

  118. Necym Remadi August 8, 2010

    VMA Director Jesse Ignatovic Just Revealed That The List Of VMA 2010 Performances Should Be Just Like That :

    1. Lady Gaga Performing Alejandro
    2. Eminem Performing Love The Way You Lie With Rihanna
    3. Britney Spears Performing Her First Hit Single from her upcoming album
    4. Beyonce toPerform Video Phone With Lady Gaga again
    5. Ciara Performing” ride ”
    6. Paramore Performing Careful

    Another Performances Are Expected From : Kesha , B.Ob And Katy Perry

  119. SANTIAGO August 9, 2010

    all u people have to read what CARELESSOBSESION wrote here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats why i like PINK

    u rock PINKKKKKKKK
    but also i wanna see EMINEN fT RIHANNA

  120. Moore August 9, 2010

    Britney would bring eyes back on the vma’s for two big reasons: 1) she hasn’t performed since the 2007 upset, therefore she hasn’t been able to redeem herself and 2) it’s well known she has new highly anticipated music on the way. As for gaga, she’s a little to out there for me, beyonce shouldn’t have to split the stage. Rihanna would be a good pick as well as a more alternate artist like The Frey.

  121. Silverwaters05 August 9, 2010


    I so love you right now. That is exactly the reason why I love Pink. I have never gotten the opportunity to meet her in person but would love to. She is amazing, and talented and brilliant and can sing anyone else out of the water and also the fact that I think she is hot lol. As much as I like Lady Gaga, I wish all these people would stop sipping her Gatorade and comparing her to all these artists that have been here a lot longer than her.

    Again I love you 🙂

  122. D August 9, 2010

    I would love to see Eminem ft Rihanna perform Love the way you live at MTV Music Awards 2010!

  123. Sandip August 9, 2010

    meh nothing really special here – we need some BIG BIG BIGGERRR PERFORMERSSS! With new stage special tricks and effects to add that sparkle in their performance – not just……singing/dancing on the stage :S

  124. PrincessMe August 9, 2010

    I have generally given the VMAs a skip in the past few years. I feel it doesn’t seem to do justice somehow to the music that is out there. As a fan is Asia, personally I feel the MTV World Stage has done a better job of selecting performers (just a personal opinion), after all not all artists are great at giving good live shows. Personally I’m hoping for a better list than this.

    What about Tokio Hotel? Their a young and energetic band, and they gave a fantastic performance at the recent MTV World Stage, I think they would encourage greater viewership. New, Up-coming and Edgy. I would love to see Lady GaGa and Beyonce perform Telephone but somehow I dont feel one performance can put up below-average rest. Alicia is good and Perry might be (Only saw her recently live at W.Stage) but personally I’d love to see Tokio Hotel.

    Otherwise I think I might just watch that few decent performance on repeat (so I can forward the boring moments) and give the show itself a pass.

  125. MOO August 9, 2010

    Best New Artist 2008: Tokio Hotel

    Please let me them perform. They rocked the Europe Music Awards!

  126. Alex Avalos August 10, 2010

    Sad Year Tired Of Lady GaGa ……The Vmas Arnt Complete Without Britney

  127. Jake August 10, 2010

    Omg I’m sorry but lady gaga has to perform!!! I will be so pissed if she doesn’t please make gaga perform the 2009 vma performance of hers was earth shattering plz gaga perform

  128. Producerx3 August 11, 2010

    I never watch these shows anymore, I am not a fan of any of those artists. I agree with the majority of posts on this board… It is a very boring list. MTV needs to show new artists not the same old established stars they show all the time. They only think about ratings, ratings and more ratings.

    Alicia Keys… So far up her own ass and comes across as someone who has an over inflated ego
    Beyonce… Same as aboe and I can’t stand her
    Lady G… Interesting and OK
    Jayz… Boring… Boring… and ummm Dull
    Usher… Good perfomer… Needs to do more music
    Taylor Swift… ????
    Brittany….. Get help and for your music too
    Katy P…. No Comment

    If they really wanted ratings and had some idea on what they were doing the obvious no brainer would be Eminem. I am not particularly a fan of this man but I do find him interesting and his performances are exhilirating… I only watched the last MTV awards because I knew Eminem would be performing. If I know he is not going to be there, I won’t bother watching at all… Unless the muse is there!

    Eminem ft Rhianna – Love the way you lie would be a great performance.

  129. Tee August 11, 2010

    Please…no Rihanna

  130. Nicole August 11, 2010

    If Gaga doesn’t preform then I might not even watch the show. I would enjoy seeing a Gaga/Beyonce duet, but I much rather them preform separately. No offense to Beyonce, but Gaga doesn’t need Beyonce to have an epic performance.

  131. rodney August 11, 2010

    Go Usher !!!!!

  132. Brett Cove August 11, 2010

    Beyonce and Lady GaGa MUST MUST MUST do a Mash Up of Video Phone and Telephone. It just has to happen, I think they will be letting a lot of people down if they don’t do it!
    Also, can’t wait to see Alicia Keys perform! And I could really do without another boring Pink performance with her singing on a fricking tightrope!!!!

  133. nic August 11, 2010

    I’m only interested in seeing P!nk perform tbh. The rest are YAAAWNNN boring.

  134. nic August 11, 2010

    To those who complain about P!nk’s aerial act, I bet none of you have seen it done live. Because I guarantee you, it’s even more impressive and breathtaking in person….to see someone singing LIVE, and performing difficult acts 30 ft in the air. That woman has a great upper body strength and lungs of steel. And to my surprise, she is BEAUTIFUL, sweet and petite in real life ….while in pics and tv etc, I didn’t find her that hot.

  135. melissaxox August 12, 2010

    katy perry AGAINNNNNN??? there’s no escaping this woman, she’s played out and annoying. we need better headliners.

  136. lynda August 12, 2010

    People around the world love to see BRITNEY SPEARS!

    Trust me,..if MTV brings Britney,…the rating will rise like hell !!

    The GaGa maybe a good idea too,..but the most iconic performance still going to Britney,..she got a spirit where everyone will totally crazy to watch her.

    The point here,…it’s not about lip-sync,’s only about loving Britney Spears.
    The whole world doesn’t care about that issue,..but her music is about everything in pop culture.

    Give us a BRITNEY performance…

  137. katie August 12, 2010

    Hope to see Britney,..
    That’s all

  138. janetta August 12, 2010

    no duhh there going to be more performers includin eminem but they list the ppl that are grauntee to perform

  139. Dumbobyblash August 13, 2010

    Love to see Britney,Christina-A and Justin-B,!

  140. OK August 15, 2010

    The only person I want to see is Gaga, if shes not performing I will not be watching. How can she not perform, this is like her biggest year ever?

  141. CarelessObsession August 15, 2010

    Thanks for the support SANTIAGO and SILVERWATERS05

    If anybody else has a problem with P!NK and her aerial acts then they really don’t know jack s*** about performing!! The woman is LEGEND!!! Nuff said…….

  142. Tom August 18, 2010

    Britney should def be performing. It’s been her show good or bad for the past decade.
    She had one bad performance and the next year stole the show with awards without even performing, obviously she still has it.
    Her single is “supposidely” dropping days after the vma’s, so it would be awesome to see a live performance to kick of the release of her new album.
    Lady Gaga wrote “Telephone” for britney- so those 2 would be an awesome performance, though not likely to happen.
    side note-Nicki Minaj is def someone who would be a new and upcoming HOT performance I’m sure.

    Bottom line is , majority of people watch for what gets there attention. BRITNEY SPEARS!

  143. jean August 19, 2010

    bring B.O.B and hayley williams on stage!

  144. Kim August 19, 2010

    The performers are all boring!

    Where’s Lady GaGa & Beyonce? – They could do a medley of both Phone songs!

  145. Ryaan jade August 20, 2010

    Ok 1st off none of us know who’s really know who will perform so lets not be soooo dramatic BUT I will say
    GAGA is thee s*** even if you don’t like her you wanna see her because she crazy and we all wanna see what she’ll do as for rihanna unless she w.em I don’t want to see her,chris breezy would be cool and of course travie cuz im loving his new song and then beyonce iLher but if she’s not performing w.gaga she needs to stay m.i.a and as for kerry beiber ke$ha pink and Akey’s pregnant ass ZzzZZZZZZZzzZZ my bad I just fell asleep thinking about them sorry but im over you guys and I love jay’z but seriously dude go on vaca w.your wife and give somebody else a shot!OH and ciara!LMAO what a joke smh you guys are funny with that chick,and I wouldn’t mind seeing britney she’s been gone for a while.but I WILL be watching either way because im sure there will be some type of suprise in the mix.

  146. Denise August 22, 2010

    I agree, why not have bands like Tokio Hotel, the EMA’s have American and artist from other countries, I think Tokio Hotel should perform.

  147. Airplanes? August 23, 2010

    I think Eminem, B.o.B and Hayley Williams should perform Airplanes considering they are up for s*** loads of awards.
    And considering they’ve never met eachother it’d be a great place for them to start.

  148. billyd August 23, 2010

    we need britney and gaga !!!!!!!!!!

  149. Massimo August 26, 2010

    PINK is always asked to perform because she’s one of the best performer and entertainer
    But I agree with those who said her album is out from ages and we don’t know what she’s gonna perform… but she’s anything but boring…
    Gaga is everywhere and her performance are getting me tired…. but i’m pretty sure she’s performing with Beyonce…
    Strange Aguilera is not in the list… and I would love to see Eminem with Rihanna coz their latest collaboration is amazing! Probably Pink will join Eminem in the duet for their latest featuringin E’s album…

  150. VIP Boy August 30, 2010

    This list is a bit boring… Actually it’s really boring. First of all, this is GAGA’s big year, 13 nominees(WOW), she has to be performing, she’s a stage monster that can never be stopped… And what about Beyoncé, Britney or even Kesha, what’s happening to the world? If anyone wants the year to be unforgettable, there must be a duet Gaga/Beyoncé and i would really love seeing Britney on stage, wowing us all with WOMANIZER. However, i like the VMAs but PLEAZE do’t make it boring.

  151. Martalovesbillie August 30, 2010

    Green Day!! Please MTV <3 <3

    They are the best 😀

  152. leo August 31, 2010

    Lady Gaga tops the nomination she deserve to burn the stage and to give more fantastic performance why we don’t try to have a showdown between Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Rihanna and Ke$ha too. and Charice pempengco as her 1st performance in VMA.

  153. Jessica September 3, 2010

    I’m not really a fan of Alicia Keys so I’m not really looking forward to her performance.
    They really need to get Eminem and Rihanna to perform “Love the way you lie” and Lady Gaga and Beyonce to perform “Telephone” so far the list is toooo boring. However, VMAs never disappoints. 2009 was amazing!!!

  154. Janisse September 3, 2010

    Where’s Rihanna?? && Chris Brown, Beyonce, & lady gaga! WTF.. SMFH

  155. MJSoul September 3, 2010

    Jay Z continues to block poor Chris Brown from attending shows, Chris Brown is the best performer from all these fools, the closest to the great Michael Jackson.

  156. hans September 4, 2010

    i hope to see a britney spears with the new single

  157. jess September 4, 2010

    Not into blocking any artists shine but i’m seriously supporting Ciara she has stage presents like no other this girl is amazing. also would like to see kelly and Pink.. Chris should be perfoming. a duet with Chris and Ciara would shut down anyothers duets they put together just try it and see. They will raise the root up off that muthesucker.

  158. kingofpop4ever September 5, 2010

    Who cares! June 25, 2009 was the day music died. Nothing compares…never did…never will. Only Michael Jackson made award shows worth watching. He is the true meaning of TALENT, no gimmicks, just PURE TALENT. There might as well not even be any awards shows anymore….they’re just so dull and boring with Michael. Long Live The ONE and only King! Michael Jackson!

  159. nATASha September 6, 2010


  160. Jess September 6, 2010

    I WANNA SEE CHRIS BROWN !!!!!!! CHRIS BROWN should perform !!!! He is the best performer right now !!!!!! I know I’m not watching the VMAS if he ain’t there !! He’s rhe best !!! And you can’t just cut the best performer out of a show like the VMAS !!!

  161. Cassie Hicks September 6, 2010

    The performers I’m looking forward to on “The 2010 Video Music Awards” are: Justin Bieber, Pink, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and, of course, Lady Gaga!:) As for Eminem? Once again, not so much. I know, I know, he’s cleaned up his act and all, but, he’s still going to remind me of Diana Ross back in the day, whereas he may end up getting into fights with some artist he may not like.

  162. Cassie Hicks September 6, 2010

    Oh, yeah…..and ALICIA KEYS!:) Love her, still do.

  163. ivona September 7, 2010

    effin tired of Lady Gaga. So glad she wont perform.. finally.
    And yes for AK aka the real artist!
    anyways gonna watch it only cuz of AK.

  164. anonymous September 7, 2010

    they should include kelly rowland…..

  165. likitalau September 8, 2010

    i think the main reason u all are so bored with the list its only your fault, America doesn’t let new international music get to the radio station and to ur ears the same rap artist and air head pop artist(excluding gaga) i think Tokio hotel will be good for a change,Asia, Europe, and all the other countries in America seem to love them why not the USA? If this keeps going the way its going u are going to see the same list next year and the year after that to a point ur not going to watch ”the use to be exiting but now not so much VMA”

  166. Shannon September 8, 2010

    30 Seconds to Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are going to win every award they’re nominated for and you just don’t know it yet but they are going to be the ones to steal the show this year!!!!!!!!

  167. adamiamore September 9, 2010

    I just don’t understand why Adam Lambert not nominated or performing at all. I think he is the only amazing live performance that could stand out for the rest of this year list VMA performances. His album is great and all his music video are fantastic and his becoming well know around the world. He is so freaking famous for being a great artist of this new generation and MTV VMA is ignoring this true talent. I think he should be nominated atleast.

  168. Denise September 10, 2010

    I agree, MTV is starting to get stale, you just see reality stuff,and that same top 40 crap, with the music industry having its struggles, you would think a mega station look MTV would try and showcase new and upcoming acts, also they do seem bias to only American acts, but the EMA’s showcase universal acts. Why not invite acts like Tokio Hotel they won the 2008 best new artist award on the VMA’s. Come on we can do better than the same old acts every year.

  169. RionGaGa September 11, 2010

    According to E! News, Lady GaGa WILL be performing at the VMAs

  170. Martin September 11, 2010

    If Deadmau5 were to perform w/ his Cube set-up, I bet that would have many in Awe! If you never heard of Deadmau5, YouTube Deadmau5 – Ghost & Stuff and enjoy.

  171. melissa September 12, 2010

    I think Adam Lambert should have been in the line up. He knows how to perform and entertain!! I’m really disappointed that he is being over looked.

  172. mondi_21 September 12, 2010

    hope p!nk would kill the show again…! i wonder what song is she going to perform this tym? uhmmmm …

  173. Priss September 13, 2010

    Only pop artists performing, that’s getting old and boring…..Wished MUSE was there, best live performers ever.

  174. Zoe December 20, 2010

    They need to have Tokio Hotel perform Darkside of the Sun at the 2011 vmas. I actually don’t care what song they perform as long as mtv has Tokio Hotel perform a song at the 2011 vmas. It would be awesome if they performed a song in german!

  175. Stacy February 19, 2011


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