Taio Cruz Performs ‘Dynamite’ On GMTV

Published: Monday 23rd Aug 2010 by Sam

Chart-topper Taio Cruz is back on home turf this week to promote his smash hit single ‘Dynamite’. Peep the singer-songwriter’s performance of the song on GMTV this morning below…

An absolute winner of a song, that much is a given. However, Cruz’s performing skills (or lack-thereof), leave much to be desired. From the stiff arm movements, to the singing along with the track, to wearing the same damn clothes (I know, not that important, but still), the performance didn’t sell Cruz in the best of lights at all. Problematic in that, despite scoring a number of hits, folk on both sides of the Atlantic don’t seem to be buying into him as an artist, instead spending small amounts at a time on his singles. With the industry being so cut-throat, iTunes artists (see: Cruz, Flo’ Rida, Jason Derulo etc) run risk of being here today, gone tomorrow. Cruz will have to up his game if he’s not to fall victim to such fate.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bugsy August 23, 2010

    I really like Taio as an artist but he needs a serious makeover and some stage presence.

  2. CC August 23, 2010

    Wait, what? The song is utter trash! It so stupid and pointless, and lyrically, its about as deep as a teaspoon…
    I can practically feel my IQ lowering as I listen to it…

  3. kody August 23, 2010

    only white people like this wackazz n****

  4. kaka August 23, 2010


    Im black and i like this king of music i even neeeeedddd it and i like it so stop theres no type of color for music >>>>> com on

  5. Nikki August 23, 2010

    Taio has no flava and he seems to lack pride.Sadly I cannot get into his music because he does not embrace his heritage or culture as a black man.

  6. Mr.727 August 23, 2010

    This dude is a lame!!! He can’t sing and he is one of these auto tune artist that will never win anything here in America!! I love the UK, but you guys need to get your s*** together when it come to music, all that damn Techno s*** is old and played out!!!

  7. truth August 23, 2010

    itunes artist wtf if sam on about this time….he sang live …its not all about what u wear and doing dance moves…..he can sing…..and hes wearing all black coz he has a beer belly ……so hes tryna cover up the weight

  8. harvey August 23, 2010

    whyy,yall trya be so irrelivant…taio cruz aint lame like yall.hes dope.he needs a style makeover to go with his music.

  9. Fuschia August 24, 2010

    I wouldn’t go to see him on tour that’s for sure

  10. angie August 24, 2010

    Who cares about what he looks like. My cousin is an awesome singer and anyone who doesn’t think so can just stop listening to his music. It’s not like people are forcing you to listen to it.

  11. jay August 24, 2010

    love the song but lets just say i would rather watch the video than see him perform it live…. says alot doesn’t it people???? and don’t me started on his ….i’ll put a black girl in my videos if she looks good… well what he means is if they look white hence this music video lolllllll

  12. Cheggles August 26, 2010

    In the past black artists like Omar, Beverley Knight, Jamelia, Lemar, Craig David even Estelle at first never got the recognition and respect they deserved even when they produced good quality music. They soon got dropped by their labels because they weren’t selling or disrepected like Craig David. But they weren’t being promoted either. New black artists such as Taio, Tynchie, Tinie Tempah, Dizee Alexandra, Alesha etc have had to go it alone but they have had to become more and more commerical in order to be successful. So they get slammed for not selling and then they get slammed for selling out. It seems they can’t win. But certainly this is the first time in my life that we have had a succession of Black British artist topping the charts here and over seas. Good luck to them I say it shows that black music and artists can go mainstream and sell records. Hopefully it will make it easier to promote more orginial talent in the future.

  13. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS August 29, 2010

    I am so sick of Auto-Tune. People use Auto-Tune and think that they can sing.

  14. keisha December 13, 2010

    taio can sing,he’s little beat chubby bt he’s cool.you don’t have to listen his music if you don’t want.i think his voice is s***

  15. keisha December 13, 2010

    just live taio alone.if he can make money,i don’t see the problem,anyway who cares about his weight.how big is sean kingston?does that matter?no

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