Keri Hilson Performs ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ (New Single)

Published: Thursday 30th Sep 2010 by Sam

As earlier reported, R&B singer Keri Hilson has lined up ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ as the second single to be lifted from her sophomore LP ‘No Boys Allowed’.

Ms. Keri Baby, as she oft refers to herself, took to the stage at the ‘Beats By Dre’ showcase in New York’s Time Square a few hours ago, performing the song for the first time during her set.

Check out how she fared, and above all, what the song sounds like, after the jump…

Breathless delivery aside, I’m really liking this. A lot. Will hold off full review until the song makes it debut in studio-recorded form. In the meanwhile….

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mellvinn September 30, 2010

    what a Beautifull Song ! Like It Can Wait for her New Album happy with new good Rnb !

  2. The Author September 30, 2010

    Sounds cool, I’m getting a Beyoncé “Ego” vibe from this track that I’m kinda liking.. 🙂

  3. Hold up! September 30, 2010

    Its better than that Breaking Point b*******. I’ll say that. But still hasn’t impressed me enough to actually come out my pocket and buy the album. I just can’t see myself buying an album of someone who took both Ciara & Rihanna’s swag and tried to combine it. #FAIL

  4. movieman September 30, 2010

    another flop for Miss Keri’d Baby

    Beyonce round IV you ready ?

  5. EDIDION September 30, 2010

    its giving me ciara’s “pretty girl swag” & ciara’s “im on” and rihanna’s outfits and style..
    i love the song and her vocals but its nothing about a girl who knows shes pretty..and thers a dance that goes with it.
    but i do like the song

  6. PARIS MIZRAHI September 30, 2010


  7. NICE September 30, 2010

    I LIKE IT! NOBODY EVER COMMENTS ON HER BUT HATERS…the same stans of the same artists…get a life and worry bout the person u stan for! damn!

  8. PARIS MIZRAHI September 30, 2010


  9. Nika September 30, 2010

    Boarderlining Single Ladies….but like the song!

  10. harvey September 30, 2010

    Dame Keri,she got a new hairdoe but,the songs a “Hit” though.wheres the second performance.

  11. September 30, 2010

    I really dislike Keri.

    I mean, she can sing, she’s beautiful… BUT she comes off so arrogant, and stuck up..
    I used to be a huge fan, bought her first album and everything- but when I started to follow her on twitter, and watching her in interviews, I was OVER HER.

    But this song, I must say is my jam already. And I actually liked “Breaking Point”… this is 10 times better. Now hopefully she wont be in a bed for the video. haha.

  12. kdoll September 30, 2010

    I like this! To everyone saying she’s swagger jacking remember that she wrote songs for Bey, Ciara and Rihanna so actually THEY are the jackers…EOM

  13. Tendaji September 30, 2010

    I might be alone on this one, but I like Breaking Point better. Maybe I just didn’t like the performance. But the vocals were “so so” nothing to be jumpin up and down about…I don’t like that line “dont hate me ’cause I’m beautiful”…the writing seems to have been geared to a pop audience. But I’m sure it’ll be a hit for a min. But I won’t be listening to it

  14. SWAG-WAVE September 30, 2010

    @ TWITTER.COM/EDISONMORALES, its true I use to also like Keri Hilson but ever since she came out with that Beyonce diss and then tried to deny it… I just couldn’t seem to like her or her music anymore. But I must I do like this song, and I’m diggin’ the new Keri hair and look. Imma’ give Keri a chance this go around, but she just needs to lay off of some that cockiness… its not a good look!

  15. GangsterA September 30, 2010

    its better than breaking point but still nothing unusual just a good song #stepyougameupskeri

  16. Hold up! September 30, 2010

    @KDOLL LMFAO. Miss Floppy Baby wrote ONE song for Ciara and that was Ooh Baby from her Goodies album which wasn’t even a single. So pleaseeeeeeeeeee Spare Birdie the embarrassment she will NEVER EVER be on the level of Rihanna, Beyonce, or CIARA. The b**** is a swagga jacka tryna give us the pretty ATL tomboy swag and everything else Ciara gave us 6 years ago.

  17. MrIncredible September 30, 2010

    I mean the song is okey but it doesn’t have any umph. Sam please divulge what it is you like so much about this dry ass track?

  18. KNUCK September 30, 2010

    it sux

  19. antertain September 30, 2010

    Why she so outta breath.
    I’d rather she not dance sometimes cus i wanna here her studio vocal abilities live at some point!!!

    I like Breaking Point more but sounds like a single type song

  20. G3 September 30, 2010

    Its okay not a hit doesnt have that umph or pizazz id take return the favor or energy over this any day try again keri

  21. annie! :] September 30, 2010

    this is lame…. all her songs are just bad. i don’t understand why she’s so cocky when she’s not that great at all. like shut up, seriously.

  22. Jermany September 30, 2010

    after dis..she gon b doin da “BIRD GIRL FLOP ROCK” jp..culdn resist..buh forreal..dis song is kinna on da wack side of things..this song shows no growth..KERI YOUR 27 NOT 20!! this is sumin a younger artist shuld be doing..alexis jordan, or tiffany evans.. its like keri took a step back from her last album..becuz most of da songz last album sounded like hits.. and let’s not mention the fact that she act like her shyt dont stink..she hella bitchy to other female artists..i still like her..buh im smh right now to dis..

  23. It’s me September 30, 2010

    I like Keri, she’s very down to earth!

  24. Ummm September 30, 2010


  25. remmy September 30, 2010

    Thank you ummm cuz if you didn’t say it I was…
    Anyway go sit keri…just whack all around…you played your cards wrong, now go and sit…

  26. DION-ISH September 30, 2010


    Keri aint wrote S*** for Rihanna….So Stop.

  27. ~Team Weezy~ September 30, 2010

    Um, the song is alright, but it’s NOT single material. I thought that maybe after ‘Breaking Point’ didn’t get the buzz it needs, she would release a banger! Like the same way ‘Energy’ didn’t create enough buzz, she released ‘Turning me on.’

    Poor Skeri.

  28. angel September 30, 2010

    where is the uptempo single, Keri??????????

    I cant believe these two singles are the hottest track she has recorded.

    a bit dissapointed with these choices.

  29. lisa September 30, 2010


  30. Kyle September 30, 2010

    Um….NOT FEELING IT. I actually like “Breaking Point” a lot better than this song. I was hoping this would be an up-tempo song, not a chessy mid-tempo. But I will reserve my full judgement once I hear the HQ studio version. I know Keri has it in her to deliver a solid follow-up to “In A Perfect World.”

  31. E11 September 30, 2010


    why do these singers refuse to release any hits and continuously give us mediocre…. (See: Kelly Rowland)

  32. *TheENERGYtoRETURNtheFAVOR* September 30, 2010

    @HOLD UP…Uhhhhhhhh I think you need to do your research before you “TRY” to read people cause clearly you don’t know what your talking about….Keri is also apart of a writing team called the CLUTCH and they have wrote COUNTLESS Ciara songs….Including “Like A Boy”……..

    But beyond that…How dare you say KERI is doing things that Ciara did 6 years ago…When Ciara did thinks AALIYAH (R.I.P)…TLC…Janet…Total…and COUNTLESS others Did over a DECADE ago…Like really?……So you lose again…..

    I don’t see where Keri is trying to be like Ciara in any shape way or form…GRANT IT Ciara is an AMAZING dancer….But she can’t DANCE forever…Keri has her beat in VOCALS…CLEEEEARLY….Have you heard “Speechless”?…That “I I I I Im SPEECHLESS”…That s*** is a hot ass mess…

    …..Ciara always has features and BEFORE YOU SAY IT…Yes Keri too has many Features…But remember….This isn’t Keri’s 4th STUDIO ALBUM….Ciara should be an establised Artist by now much like Alicia Keys..&…Rihanna…that have 3-5 Albums 🙂

    …If you compare sales popularity etc…Compare Keri to new artist….Don’t try to compare her with Ciara who we still don’t know as an Artist that has been out for 7 Years….If you do that compare Ciara to Rihanna Beyonce’ Alicia Keys Janet Mariah Whitney Mary J. & Keyshia Cole…And if we do that…Ciara LOSES 🙂

  33. *TheENERGYtoRETURNtheFAVOR* September 30, 2010

    @EDIDION “its giving me ciara’s “pretty girl swag” & ciara’s “im on” and rihanna’s outfits and style”..

    …Uhhhhhh 1 That wasn’t Ciara’s Song it was a remake (DUHHHHHHHH IDIOT)…..2. Since when did Rihanna invent Style coordination…..????….I swear ya’ll say the DUMBEST S*** EVER….LIKE REALLY??? STYLE??? DO YOU NOT KNOW EVERY THING THAT KERI RIHANNA AND THE REST OF THEM WEAR ARE THINGS FROM THE 80’S???….(SO I GUESS ALL THEM COPY)..GUESS NOT THATS WHY YOU RUNNING YA MOUTH…SHUT YO ASS UP ! ! ! ! !

  34. number1k9 September 30, 2010

    I guess I’l lwait too for the studio quality version of the song, but once again she’s delivering a song that is at best mediocre.

    If a song like “Return The Favor” featuring and produced by Timbaland wasn’t able to reach minor hit status, how will this?

    I also would have rather-ed her to title the song “Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful” [even though that’s cliche and less marketable] rather than add that part to the chorus about ‘now lets do the pretty girl rock’, it was unnecessary and a bad attempt at getting Keri to create a dance trend, pass.

    Once again I’ll be surprised if this catches on in the Pop community especially- “Alienated” was a WAY better track than this!

  35. royalkev September 30, 2010

    Thankyou Ummm for clarifying and Remmy for the confirmation, I was just about to ask what song was it that she wrote for Bey? I’ve seen her carry this smug attitude and seem to catergorize herself as someone whose victimized or something. That’s why I wanted to know if there was this great injustice done. She barely was able to look Bey’s way at the Grammy awards this year and she was passing right by her. I think she just had a problem with Bey having the spotlight and finding herself sitting in her usual spot (in the audience)! Well I think this song is mediocure and so is Keri. I wish she would go back to writing stuff like “Energy” and just improve on the songs overall appeal.

  36. Joe September 30, 2010

    Having 2 back up dancers is soooooooooo 2008.

  37. JR September 30, 2010


    I love this song so much. Its so her and I love that. Its always the pretty girls getting hated on…go ahead Keri.. and guess what people can call it a flop but I guarantee you there are a million girl out her that will relate to this song. Get that paper with her s*** ass! Go Keri, I’d hit!

  38. number1k9 September 30, 2010


    She didn’t even write “Energy”

  39. Carmello September 30, 2010

    This b**** is just awful, she is boring, I didn’t even finish watching the the thing. I stopped watching after a minute.

  40. royalkev September 30, 2010

    @Number 1k9, I see… I really don’t follow Keri Hilson’s work and I just assumed she wrote her “hit” singles since she has a reputation for being an successful songwriter. That’s disappointing because I wanted to think that she was capable of something like that. This only reinforces my notion of her being average as an artist or lyricist. Too bad!

  41. Shane September 30, 2010

    Dang! i was expectiing something really intense. i see she is another artist that got wrapped up in trying to make a hit that she lost focus on making good music. & this the song thats suppose to get her a grammy?! smh

  42. Josh Garrett October 1, 2010

    I use to really like Keri , but she is so damn off putting . I hope Ciara smashes her in album sales !!!! go CICI do the damn thing !.

  43. AuntieJackie October 1, 2010

    I like Keri, but she reminds of why some artists sell, are successful and other artists aren’t as successful.

    She wrote songs for people like Bey, Ciara, Rihanna, but she can’t seem to carry an image quite as well as these three.

    I like Keri a lot, and her style/image is cute…she’s just needs to stick with it and brand herself.

    Ciara is a s*** entertainer
    Bey is a Diva
    Rihanna is a style-chameleon

    Keri needs something to attract people to her, the way these three have something going on. It isn’t always about the singing, dancing or beauty. Rihanna is TESTAMENT to that fact. You’ve got to stand out.

  44. jo October 1, 2010

    dog yall are sum keri haterz foreal…….damn if u dislike her so much quit lookin at her s*** untill then she gonna b always recognized as a bad bit**

  45. Yoko October 1, 2010

    Seriously, how old is she supposed to be like 27, 28 even though she’s really in her 30s. What is she singing about?? Her music seems to get dumber and younger. This sounds like something Tiffany Evans could sing. Where is her growth? It seems as though she wear less clothes and has less substance. SMH at this teeny bopper failure.

  46. Your Boss B**** October 1, 2010


    2nd single already? Isn’t it so so sad everyone’s pickin’ on poor lil Keri Wilson 🙁 she ain’t even do nuthin to nobody.

    Oh wait………. she told “someone” to go have some babies…. she told “someone” to sit down they’re fading…. she told “someones” they’re not even worth her time to talk about.

    Ah well… the kericrew got her back. They don’t BUY sh1t… but they tweet… sooo… uh… yeah.

  47. Hold up! October 1, 2010


    Im not here for the essays. Since you “CLAIM” Keri does so much and writes this and that for who ever when is the b**** gonna write HERSELF a solo hit? I’ll wait… When she does please inform me until then IM DONE.

  48. OBI TEXAS October 1, 2010

    Better than Breaking Point!

    I love this song!

    I could see an attitude filled and swaggerific fun video for this! 🙂

    Team Keri!!!

  49. Jermany October 1, 2010

    @that keri stan.. umm..keri has been in da music bisness longer than ciara..she shuld kno what a muthafuckin hit is..since according to u she has soo many credentials..and keri is 27 bout to b 28..and ciara is 24..ciara will deff b where she gotta b by da time she’s 28/29

  50. rob October 1, 2010

    what the hell , keri hilson is bringing it this time n i like it wow ,

  51. TeamKeri_UAE “Amina” October 2, 2010


    Wassup haters checkin on my Keri AGAiN!?!? LMAO Y’ALL ARE SCARED & THREATNED BY HE LADY!!! HUH?? pOOr pEoPle..

    Keri isn’t copying nobody and dissed nobody, why don’t y’all just go to comment on a Ciara, Rihanna or a Beyonce post!?!
    Like really now! This album is gonna hit stores & slay then hit yo head on the way..

    For those who say that her stans are just tweeting and not buying or purchasing her music YOU ARE SO DAMN STUPID! I BET U WERE SLEEPING WHEN WE DID WHAT YOU DENIED & YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER SO PLEASE SHUT YO SORRY *** AND STAY QUIET!!

    I KNOW that Keri fans love her so much and will do anything to get her to #1 You just wait and see!!

    And By The Way it’s a PERFORMANCE!!!! Since when do performances mean that it’s the official thing?! I mean when it comes out on iTuns October.12th Y’all will hear it clearly!

    “All eyes on her when she walks in, no question that this girl’s a 10. DON’T HATE HER CAUSE SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!! IT’S NOT HER FAULT”

  52. roxer October 2, 2010

    i’m fed up of you, haters.. if you don’t like keri, then GET A JOB and stop comparing her to bey/ciara/others….
    remember, GET A LIFE and don’t come here to throw shade on artists that you actually don’t like, it’s so sad that people make this sort of things for feeling better or just having fun….

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