Trey Songz Suffers 2nd Week Slump

Published: Wednesday 29th Sep 2010 by Sam

Despite debuting with an impressive 240,000 units last week, Trey Songz‘s fourth studio album ‘Passion, Pain, & Pleasure’ suffered quite the sales dip in its second week.

Full story below…

Billboard reports that the LP saw a sales decrease of 73% – selling through 65,722 copies; bringing the album’s total tally to 305,000.

Not a bad total given it’s only the 2nd week. However, should the raunchy singer experience a similar dip or even a 40%-50% drop next week, it may very well render his and his label’s hope of that ever-elusive Platinum certification fruitless. I guess time will tell.

Although, with word of mouth remaining one of the strongest avenues for consistent sales, things aren’t looking too good Songz. Slammed by critics and generally considered inferior to his previous efforts, ‘Passion’s solid first week showing is increasingly looking rather fluky.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mindset212 September 29, 2010

    He ll NEVER have a platinum album or Grammy.. In 10 years hell be folklore.. Like Al. B Sure

  2. elleuk September 29, 2010

    not surprised.
    trey is not a platinum selling artist, and unless he shows somthing other then his pecks, s**** dislusional attitude and wobbly vocals i doubt he ever will be.

  3. NUNYA September 29, 2010

    I was just looking at his sales. He better get on twitter and have his stans act a fool promoting his cd. trey wiill never go platinum, he’s a gimmick and gimmicks dont last. so what he’s going on tour with usher, that dont mean s***.
    And I bet if trey wasnt in oceans 7 with usher, he wouldnt be going on tour with him.
    Oh well just remember that a million plus followers on twitter dont equate to having a number 1 album in the country or real fans supporting you because alot of his followers didnt go out and support him.
    everyone I follow on twitter, I’ve supported them, if she/he came out with material I loved

  4. NUNYA September 29, 2010

    LMAO@ unless he shows somthing other then his pecks, s**** dislusional attitude and wobbly vocals i doubt he ever will be.

    ^^I totally agree with your statement,

  5. Steffon September 29, 2010


  6. Diagnosticluv September 29, 2010

    I heard he would not apolize to the King of R&B and musical genius (yes I said it) R.Kelly.Trey remember God resist the proud but givr good grace to the humble. You should have some humble pie. Trey I am not a fan but I wish u the best of luck.

  7. Lysa September 29, 2010

    Didn’t surprise me at all… he’s too darn cocky and he’s been at it for years, it’s now or never for him. I guess the roc a wear ads, Jay-Z, tour’s isn’t helping at all. Here where I live the person who does the review for new music in our newspaper, called him a R-Kelly wannabe….

  8. UGh September 29, 2010


    I don’t know what he said about R.Kelly but he better apologize. He really needs some humble cus he ass sounds like a damn goat in heat when he yodels.

  9. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 30, 2010


  10. drfenty September 30, 2010

    DEAAAAAAAAD!!! trey songz will still probably sell more than grafitti, ..thats the rea shade here

  11. Misty September 30, 2010

    Trey needs sum humble pie. No I aint buy that dry ass album. And I actually liked him months ago when I saw him perform here. But his attitude and TV show has SINCE turned me off!

  12. Ms.T September 30, 2010

    @DRFENTY whether or not if it sells more then Graffiti ,trey will still never be a platinum artist,its just the truth

  13. Treysongzisshit September 30, 2010

    Lool and can this b**** stop pouting in every shot!

  14. Kick The Ear Drum September 30, 2010

    It’s going to be seriously hard to hit platinum at this point.

    Check my new music blog:

  15. meme September 30, 2010

    LOL. not hating but dude needs alot more than his skanky attitude and a few s*** songz to be IT

  16. Christopher September 30, 2010

    Oh really? Is there a reason you failed to post that the former #1 (Linkin Park) also dropped by over 70%? Obviously, that means it has nothing to do with Trey but that it is the general state of the industry.

  17. S*** September 30, 2010

    LOL, This reminds me of how (the highly over Hyped) Lil Wayne (whos probably more wack than Drake) sold 1 Millie the 1st Week but ended up only selling a mere 3 million in the Long Run. 😆

  18. Wire September 30, 2010

    Poor Fist Brown.

    Trey’s album sold more than Graffiti in its 1st and 2nd week.

    Fist would kill to sell 65K of anything these days. It will never ever happen.

  19. iLoveXtina September 30, 2010

    Shame, he has crossover potential on this album w/ songs like “You Just Need Me” & “Blind”. Continous promotion through just the urban market won’t get him anywhere.

  20. latoya September 30, 2010


  21. True Blue September 30, 2010

    @ S***:

    Probably the only thing we’ll ever agree on.

    @ Wire:

    Escaped from the psych ward again, I see.

  22. True Blue September 30, 2010

    @ ILoveXTina:

    At first glance, it looks like you got P!nk in your gravatar (I know it’s X-Tina, though).

  23. KS September 30, 2010

    It wasn’t slammed by critics. It received better ratings from “Ready” actually. It was critiqued as having more ballads then “Ready” actually and being more sensual over sexual unlike the early/premature bloggers have said.

  24. KS September 30, 2010

    And he was talking about how much he loved R.Kelly’s new song last week. He just said that R.Kelly didn’t need to use autotune and gimmicks and he doesn’t. Now R.Kelly’s not doing that. ..Trey Songz was right and it wasn’t shade or hate. Trey Songz idolizes R.Kelly. He has for a while and R.Kelly was on his 2nd album.

  25. S*** September 30, 2010

    @ iLoveXtina

    *Goes to listen to “You Just Need Me” & “Blind”*.

  26. Yellow Gorilah September 30, 2010

    =/ Him and FIST are the same

    They sell because of their looks PERIOD! Trey is like the hottest RNB guy out right now so girls are buying into that craze trey is all about s** which can sometimes get boring the niggah don’t even dance =/….And it is only the SECOND week give the man a chance review his sells in like 2 months then you can get a clear view on weather it will flop or not.

    He is the most cockiest arrogant son of a b**** out there and Fist brown ain’t far behind him =| *Rolls Eyes*

  27. S*** September 30, 2010

    @ iLoveXtina

    Meh, they were OKay. *Goes to Play some R. Kelly(When A Woman Loves).*

  28. S*** September 30, 2010

    @ Yellow Gorilah

    Well, Atleast hes not Flopping like Growl-Tina!! Bionic anyone??

  29. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 30, 2010

    Thank u, he did not shade Kelly. He just said Kelly was too great of an artist to use auto tune. And he happened to be right. He was on his twitter account raving about Kelly But bogs never report stuff like that.

    Anyway the sales don’t look good but I hope it picks up for him.

    Y does everybody whoever comments of this site get a kick of people not doing well accept CB and Bey.

    Good Luck Trey and anybody else who’s trying to make it

  30. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 30, 2010

    That was At KS

  31. Lisa September 30, 2010

    Linkin Parks album, which came out the same day as Trey, also suffered a 73% decrease this week. Why is no one bashing them? This is the nature of the music industry now. But Trey will still out sell your favorite R&B artist! 🙂

  32. Lisa September 30, 2010

    And to all the REAL R. Kelly fans you should be thanking Trey for those comments he made because he is now making the music that he should be making as the genius he is! He lit a fire under his ass!

  33. EDIDION September 30, 2010

    oh ppl leave trey alone we need a trey songz its not like r.kelly is doing anything… even tho he is too cocky..if u had tons of money..girls everday worshipping you i would be HARD AS HELL to stay humble i bet when trey is tremaine in his downtime hes a humble like-able person..and album sales do not make the artist its the talent.

  34. True Blue September 30, 2010

    “Linkin Parks album, which came out the same day as Trey, also suffered a 73% decrease this week. Why is no one bashing them? This is the nature of the music industry now. But Trey will still out sell your favorite R&B artist! :)”

    Because a) This is an urban blog, so nobody’s gonna discuss a rock band. Irrelevant example. However, it is worth pointing out that most LP fans are disappointed with the album, in spite of the positive reviews it got. So that most likely explains the massive drop in sales, and it probably explains Trey as well. 2) Yes, record sales are at an all-time low, but there are still artists who can pull amazing numbers even times like these (i.e. Eminem, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga). I think it has more to do with having a solid fanbase, releasing music that your fans will enjoy and properly promoting yourself. Those three major factors are what will decide the fate of an album in regards to commercial success. 3) How do you know what everyone’s favorite R&B artist is? Someone’s favorite R&B artist could be Usher, do you honestly think Trey will EVER at any point in his career outsell him? Don’t make assumptions with a dumb statement like that. You honestly don’t know who our faves are. We’re not all CB stans.

  35. kody September 30, 2010

    @wire just cant wait to bring up chris brwon get a life you hating loser
    and @yellowgorrilah if chris brown just sells off of looks then r**** does to she has no talent chris brown can sing write music and the best dancer out

  36. Lisa September 30, 2010

    @True Blue The point with Linkin Park was they’re white and still sold the same amount as Trey in their second week, which shows that his #’s are still pretty impressive given the state of the music industry. Urban artist usually do not sell as much as as rock or pop music. And all the AMAZING artist you named that still sell alot of records are WHITE! To compare Trey’s #”s to theirs isn’t fair. The only other R&B artist who is selling more than Trey right now is Usher and not by much cuz he sold 300,000 something in his first week and he’s been out for centuries lol. I wasn’t just refering to Chris when i said that, i was talking about EVERYONE and that includes ur favorite! 🙂 Marques Houston sold like 5 copies, Jeremih isn’t gonna sell s*** this week so what Trey is selling is imprssive and is what the URBAN market needs! So give the man his props sheesh!

  37. KNUCK September 30, 2010

    poor GHey

  38. Keesha September 30, 2010

    @TGJ Y’all just couldn’t wait to post this huh? Look, I’m definitely NOT a stan and not that big of a fan of Trey’s (I did like him until I saw his BET awards performance…) but you guys just couldn’t wait to post something bad about him. SMH.

  39. BENJAMIN September 30, 2010


  40. S*** September 30, 2010

    @ Lisa

    Exactly & his sales actually are improving & it shows hes growing a solid Fanbase. 305K in 2 wks is really good for him, he could have done way worse as an urban Act. & it seems like the only Blk artist who sell really well are the ones already established like Usher & his female counterpart Beyonce.

  41. Keesha September 30, 2010

    @KNUCK LMBO!!!!

    And I find it so funny that haters cannot keep Chris’ name out of their mouths, or I mean their comments. Yes Chris has looks, but that is NOT the only reason that he sells. He’s actually talented, unlike the person you haters stan for.

  42. DANBOFFICIAL September 30, 2010


    NEXT >>>>>>>>>



  43. Lisa September 30, 2010

    @S*** Thank You! At least you understand!

  44. True Blue September 30, 2010

    @ Lisa:

    Sade isn’t white… and she did really well this year. Alicia Keys is R&B, isn’t white, and her last album went platinum, so your point still doesn’t stand. I agree that certain genres of music sell better than others, however at this point it is mainly pop and country that are big sellers. As far as rock goes, only mainstream rock bands (Linkin Park falls under this umbrella) sell well, alternative and indie rock artists are no better off than the urban ones. As for my R&B faves, apart from Aaliyah, Beyoncé, John Legend and Janelle Monáe (whom I don’t classify as exclusively R&B, but she still incorporates enough of it to fall under the genre) I’m not too fond of many R&B artists from this era. So yeah, Trey outsells Janelle, but remember that this is Trey’s fourth album, his label has tried in vain to make him a crossover success, and so far no luck. Perhaps this does not technically make him a flop (especially since the album just came out, maybe a killer single and good word of mouth might keep the sales steady), but his label are obviously shooting for much higher than that.

  45. DANBOFFICIAL September 30, 2010






  46. True Blue September 30, 2010

    And I’m not a fan of Trey, but I’m not a “hater” either, so I’m being objective about this.

  47. DANBOFFICIAL September 30, 2010






  48. Kevin September 30, 2010

    all the girls and gays went crazy 1st week… we realize no one actaully gives a f***

  49. theman1 September 30, 2010

    Nowadays in the music industry a 70 percent drop is about correct. He’s at about 310k with only 2 wks, so that isn’t bad. His last album actually went platinum. It shipped 1 million copies, the RIAA certifies albums by shipments. By the way Usher’s album sold about 330k in it’s first week. Thats nearly 100k more than Trey’s effort.

  50. theman1 September 30, 2010

    If he can stay between 40 to 45k he’ll be good, and may’be the shopping season will give the album a boost also.

  51. Jasmine September 30, 2010

    I think you are picking on him. He is doing better than expected. He has never had a platinum album. I have not listened to his album but I read some of the reviewers from his fans that said that his last album was a lot better than this one and he could have come out with a better album. If the album was not that great and his old and new fans bought their copies of the album the 1st week his album is only going to sell less and less ending out around 400 to 500K so I don’t know why this post was made except to pick on him.

  52. butler_84 September 30, 2010

    i finally listened to treys album and it is really good
    not his best work but its still got some great songs on there
    my faves at the moment
    ‘love faces’, ‘red lipstick’, ‘unusual’ and the best for last ‘BLIND’

    why is there no mention of donell jones new album lyrics
    a good solid album right there
    imo all his albums are good old r&b like it should be

  53. LAX September 30, 2010

    @ danbofficial,,,you have me lmao,,,,, ,,
    but you speak the truth,,,,

  54. Kevin September 30, 2010


    i see you’ve taken to becoming a rihflop stan………………….. did you realize your fave couldn’t get gold status so have taken to a talentless gimic instead?

  55. noodles September 30, 2010

    September 30, 2010 at 12:52 am
    Poor Fist Brown.

    Trey’s album sold more than Graffiti in its 1st and 2nd week.

    Fist would kill to sell 65K of anything these days. It will never ever happen.
    Graffiti sold 317k so far. But idk why you are comparing Chris’s 3rd album to Trey’s fourth. And unless you can’t count 305k is not more than Graffiti total. Its doing better but we all knew Graffiti would flop.

    And who said Chris sells only because of his looks? *crickets* There is a thing called talent. TGJ is home of the most dumbest people. But anyways I’m happy for Trey. Those VA Boys are the BEST!

  56. Lisa September 30, 2010

    @ True Blood
    All the people you are naming are way bigger acts and are suppose to do better than Trey. Everyone knows who Sade is, everyone knows who Alicia Keys is. You make very valid points about the record sales of other genres but the part that you have messed up is Trey has stated he is not trying to be a cross over artist, he wants them to come to him. He doesn’t want to compromise his music or himself to get that audience. So as far as “trying” to make him a crossover artist, they are not. If so he would make pop music. And i think his record label is very happy with him, who else is selling 200+ in their first week? (besides Usher, Beyonce, Eminem, AK)

  57. ~Team Weezy~ September 30, 2010

    This isn’t surprising news. I was actually more surprised with the numbers his first week than this news of the slump. This album is just okay, nothing special. I just knew that he wasn’t going to top ‘Ready’s material. I thought ‘Ready’ was an awesome R&B album.

  58. noodles September 30, 2010

    I never got why over the past year people have took pride in Trey’s last 2 CDs doing better than Graffiti *blank stare* is that supposed to be something special? I love Trey. But comparing Chris’s worst selling album due to various reason to Trey’s albums that actually had a chance to be promoted without a scandal behind you is kind of the easy way out. Selling more then Graffiti really isn’t a big deal. Its kind of funny when Trey stans, etc. make a big deal over how Ready and now PPP is selling more. But the question is will those albums sell more than Chris’s next album? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Also why did he album drop so much? I guess first week sales aren’t everything…

    TGJ it wasn’t that serious to post. Lets stop acting crazy.

  59. Lisa September 30, 2010

    @DANBOFFICIAL Why are you such a d*****? I dont expect this site to talk about Linkin Park but the point was if he’s keeping up with them in record sales then he’s doing pretty damn good! Even if this site wasnt just urban they still wouldnt mention LP’s records sales dropping because they hate Trey and will do anything to make him look bad!

  60. X,Y,”and Z” September 30, 2010

    Just the facts, and nothin’ but:

    1.)No competition, in the market-place, and your chance to grab market-share from Feb 8th, 09(Chrianna incident) – June 17th, 2010(2010 BET award: “Chris Brown’s official return”).
    2.) Your very-own reality TV-show, which YOU claim isn’t really a “reality TV-show”(but somehow, you’ve gotten it renewed, AGAIN for next season); which, BTW, suffered HORRID ratings…!!!
    3.) Your touring with THE ….”biggest (not-for-long comes “The White Rapper”) rap/hip hop act”. 4.)Your touring with Monica, the biggest female R&B act!
    5.) Your label, spending prodigiously, if not unprecedentedly, on you and your…”brand!”
    6.) Your very-own Times Square, NYC billboard ad!
    7.) Your very-own clothing-line endorsement deal!
    8.) Your NOW, BEFORE the release of your CD, announcing a coming-tour with Usher….

    ….Just how much more “hype-and-shine” does it require to “squeeze a platinum-selling CD from you…???”

    ….And what OTHER act/performer/brand….”artist” in popular culture was-so-lavished-upon with such resources; only-to-then hopelessly and dramatically FAIL?
    ….And-this-said, act/performer/brand…. “artist” was made matriarch for/of the battered; the victimized and “the wronged-women of the world”! …And whose future is now unsure, and only “made relevant” with the employ of hired bloggers, and the purchase, WITH HER VERY-OWN FUNDS, of “itunes Only Girl” tracks?

    …The plot thickens….

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!!

  61. True Blue September 30, 2010

    @ Lisa:

    I see “Bottoms Up” on MTV… maybe Trey himself may not care all that much (I doubt it, though), but the only thing on a record exec’s mind when putting out an artist’s album is the profit, not the artistic integrity behind it (as sad as that sounds, it is true). And Trey’s ever shifting image seems to correspond with what he or his label think will sell. When he came out, he wasn’t overtly sexual, he was safe & sweet. Then he went the ubersexual route on “Ready”, and some people complained about that. Now it seems that he found a happy middle, released a single with a much talked-about artist of the moment (Nicki Minaj), apparently that still wasn’t enough to translate to mind-blowing sales. I’m not calling him a flop as of yet, as he has still sold more albums than some mainstream artists this year, but he’s not exactly being marketed as a niche artist either, so after his last album being certified gold, his label must be hoping that they’ll have better luck this time around.

  62. True Blue September 30, 2010

    Also, it depends on how much money his label pumped into the making of the album and the promotion.

  63. Lisa September 30, 2010

    @ True Blue
    Just because you see Bottoms Up on MTV does not make it a “crossover” song the song is still R&B with hip hop urgency, it just means that the people are coming to him (which he wants) because the song is still very true to who he is. I still dont get why people think having Nicki on ONE song was suppose to sky rocket his sales? Trey has always had sexual songs even dating back to his first album, Ready the album wasnt overly sexual, the singles were though. But obviously it worked and he has to do what works for him. This album no matter what is not a flop. Trey is one of the only artist to consistently sell more than his previous album. Of course he wants a platinum album, but when he gets one all yall gonna say is “well he cant sell 2 million albums” smh!

  64. Lisa September 30, 2010

    And he has a lot of success with out a platinum album, so record sales aren’t everything! (but imagine what he gonna do when he gets a platinum album!)

  65. butler_84 September 30, 2010

    gotta agree with lisa there
    that song in the middle on treys first cd was definitely over sexual

  66. Lisa September 30, 2010

    Thank you! I’m tired of these new fans/haters/on-lookers trying to tell me what kinda music he used to make when I’ve been a fan from day 1!

  67. Heaven September 30, 2010

    Actually, you can’t gauge s*** by twitter.1/3 are haters 1/3 are frienmies (media and smile in your face types) and the other third are your fans.

    Ha, his stank ass attitude is his ruin and how many f^k songs and one take before becoming brunt out on that s***. I said it before first week means nothing if you didn’t hit gold. You have to worry about those other weeks…uh huh. pssssh

  68. Heaven September 30, 2010

    ***can one take.

  69. Star September 30, 2010


    You BETTER preach!!!!
    Trey came at Kellz sideways, made a diss record towards Kellz off the RANDOM, had the dam nerve to say he was coming from a “fans prospective”, and kepy Kellz name in interviews till Trey got his own name around smdh
    thats when Trey GoatVoice Songz lost my respect as a person and artist…


  70. iLoveXtina September 30, 2010

    @True Blue lol i love Pink, but not as much 🙂

    @S*** haaa i just suggested them since i actually liked them & I’m normally not a fan of Trey. BUT YES R. KELLY >>>>>>>>

  71. Alex September 30, 2010

    Goat Songz will see Gods thunder week 3, 1200 copies sold!
    If he does apologize to R Kelly he would be the better man, but guilt will lead him down the gutter with his oversex songz and bad attitude towards a legend.

    R Kelly 4life and when a woman’s love song just murdered Trey complete catalog of songz

  72. S*** September 30, 2010

    IDK why some of yall act like Trey has No vocal talent whatsoever(or taylor swift for the matter). Chris Brown really is no better Vocally Or Musically either if you ask me ( talent wise he is though). Vocally They are about Equal, the best I ever heard Chris really sing was when he was impersonating Trey’s Voice & on a Cpl of his longer sustained notes on certain songs. They are pretty much on the same LVL vocally.

    & I know Trey is no R.Kelly or Usher but hes no Rihyodel Either!! IMO

  73. VA STAND UP!! September 30, 2010

    Dang! I am not surprised but I am a bit disappointed for Trey. I figured this would happen though. I really do think that part of it is the state the industry is now and that it was too soon for him so release a new album. I am not saying that it was rushed, but I do believe that as an artist you should give people time to miss you. I think he and his team were just eager to get out new material while he was still so hot. I think as he releases more singles, sales will pick up more….hopefully.

    He is going on tour with Usher soon so hopefully that will help with his sales too. That should possibly open him up to a new and broader audience.

    I’s not to late for Trey! He could still go platinum. I still think that ‘Ready’ was better than “PPP’ though, but I am wishing him al lthe luck! He has been on his grind forever andit has really paid off over the past year and some change. Although I go harder for CB, I am still rooting for Trey! VA STAND UP!!

  74. VA STAND UP!! September 30, 2010

    @Keesha: Tell me about it! Swear they hate dude but you always bring him up on a post that has absolutely nothing to do with him! SMH! Pressed much??

    @Lisa: Tell em!

    @Noodles: Preeeaaach! I love my VA bpys! I hate it when people try to compare CB and Trey as if it is some type of competition! Especially when they have the nerve to compare Trey’s current album sales to ‘Graffiti’ when he know why “Graffiti’ did bad, because of his scandal!! Although Trey’s current success on his last and latest album have surpassed ‘Graffiti’, he still has yet to go platinum on any album. CB had multi platinum success on his first two albums! As far as album sales, awards, crossover success and IMHO talent and versatitlity…. CB trumps Trey all day!! Face facts, there is no competiton! Let it go!

  75. number1k9 September 30, 2010

    65K for a second week is NOT BAD AT ALL!

    And selling over 300K in two weeks is def a feat in the current industries climate. (Especially for Trey, whose debut album is what only like in the 500K, if that range, to this date!)

    HATE, pure hate!

  76. jazybelle September 30, 2010

    why am I Not surprised lol
    Anyway I still think hes doing wayyyyyyy better than excepted and 65 000 the 2 week is not tha bad just ask Ciara

  77. Sunshine September 30, 2010

    ^^^ Ciara has a Grammy. She’s gone multi-platinum at least once. She’s had a Billboard Top 100 number 1 song on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Trey on the other hand …

    Try again.

  78. DENIM September 30, 2010


  79. MISCHA September 30, 2010

    CIARA did actually pretty well with her debut album. All went wrong when she decided to lose weight and model on stage like that other girl I won’t name ( her stans are crazy…).

    Trey never had a number one album on the Billbord 200 or a umber one song on the Hot 100.
    Ciara did.
    Rihanna did.
    Breezy did.
    Mario did.
    Even Jason Derulo did.

    Trey never. And HE is the one fronting….

  80. GangsterA September 30, 2010

    its not tha bad sp for an artist like him

  81. Alex September 30, 2010

    Now the truth will tell all, sales will stop for PPP Goat Songz! Elephant fans swat this gay ass fly. Kellz is about to destroy this boy, Kelly is a true artist who writes and produce plus sing his s*** out like Marvin Gaye!

    Trey is singing like Farmville! Baaa

  82. Anthony September 30, 2010

    Good fo hiz a**.. lolol..

  83. Mr.StealYoGurl September 30, 2010

    When will haters stop hating? Maybe when trey start caring what they do…. Keep hating!!!

  84. Myway September 30, 2010

    Is anyone really all that shocked or suprised? Trey is a niche artist unfortunately for him. Though s** sells, it will never out sell true talent. He is a good artist that they have turned into a punchline.

  85. kenny September 30, 2010

    R Kelly sounds worst then a goat in Whena Woman Loves…the lyrics are plan stupid. Stop judging Trey SOngz and do something else with your life HATER

  86. dibadu September 30, 2010

    R. Kelly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trey S**
    He better apologize….
    R. Kelly = Legend, Trey Songz = gimmick period

  87. Robier September 30, 2010

    Excuses. I saw this coming. He is a recycled R Kelly wit recycled image and songz

  88. K Man September 30, 2010

    Damn R-Kelly, He needs to apologize to Aaron Hall for those crazy remarks, They will be playing Aaron hall for years to come but he will be another Al B Damn (Sure).

  89. Tiff September 30, 2010

    Sorry Stray Thongz

    I knew wouldn’t no one was really checking for “Penis, Possums & Penicillin”
    The best thing that happened to that album was Nicky Minaj aka Sticky Mirage

    He’s done..
    Back to grabbing your ankles!

  90. youcansaywhateveryoulike October 1, 2010

    lol at all these comments, tgj keeps me laughin….
    @wire, you’re nuts and its ok, cb has that effect on ppl when he rejects them>>>>>plz see scorned bajan model

    @s*** co-sign on the weezy comment (wonder how much of that first mil was actually bought by his fans

    @mischa, lol thats hella funny!!!

    @Tiff girl you are not nice, stray thongz???really???lol, i almost died when i saw that!!!

    as for this post i’m not surprised, but atleast he’s experiencing some of the success that he’s been trying so desperately to achieve…

  91. youcansaywhateveryoulike October 1, 2010

    @ tiff, your gravatar is probably what his face looked like when he heard his second weeks figures…lolololol!!!!!!!!!!! he was probably singing “i can’t help but wait”, ahahahahaha….

    i’m sorry, i like him but i really could not help myself

  92. GORL! HUSH! October 1, 2010


    The KING of R&B doesn’t have to apologize to no damn body especially that crackhead!

    and poor GOAT SONGZ. He’s trash and his sales is clear indication of this.

  93. HO SIT ALL THE WAY DOWN RIGHT HERE______! October 1, 2010

    Gay Songz needs to come out of the closet first of all! His problem is nobody believes him when he sings about s** with a woman. He is a closet gay,and his “I am the shyt” attitude is his main problem. Cockiness won’t get you nowhere dummy. And furthermore,he does not appeal to the white audience,who buys the shyt out of music! Maybe if he would stop sounding like a goat with a v******* stuck up it’s a**,then maybe I would listen to his music! He never went platinum,and never will. I bet Camel regret taking this fool on tour with him.

  94. REALTALK October 2, 2010

    how cute. treys teenage fans are in here defending his goat sounding a$$. trey will never make it to Kellz level musically.

  95. Christina VA October 12, 2010

    Trey has artistic integrity but, he was not successful writing about single mothers, relationships with women (topics other than his supposed lrg peen). <<Listen to "Gotta Make It" (2005). And he writes the majority of his music. But he is a real urban artist. That is the greatest demographic that he appeals to. He was doing well with his promotion efforts on UStream and the in stores but I guess he got tired of that s*** towards the release date of the new album. He has to make more songs with autotune and techno/house/pop beats to really get to the ppl that are gonna buy the album.o_0 I dont mind him singing about s**. These kind of songs have gained him the most recognition and we all know that fame is the true motivation here. I bet that if he writes about political turmoil and current social economic trends in western civilization he'd sold less than the current numbers. He would not exist. And who gives a s*** that he is cocky?? Aren't they all??

  96. Alexander October 18, 2010

    17,000 this week, next week 9000 then zero after that! Boy he flopped

  97. ADMITITULUVTREY February 7, 2011

    Continue being negative about this guy because God keeps blessing him.

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