That Grape Juice Interviews Omarion

Published: Thursday 21st Oct 2010 by Sam

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As many of you know, That Grape Juice caught up with R&B singer Omarion here in London last week. The former B2K front-man, who was in town for a string of live dates, spoke candidly with us about many a topic including Raz-B’s recent abuse allegations, the poor performance of his last LP ‘Ollusion’, his forthcoming album, the real reason B2K disbanded, his friendship with Bow Wow, and much more.

True to form, That Grape Juice asks the questions you really want answers to. Enjoy.


Interview conducted by: Sam // Questions: Trent / Sam


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  1. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_DA_GODDESS October 20, 2010


  2. Robier October 20, 2010


  3. french gyal October 20, 2010

    OMARION IF U HEAR ME , can u please MAKE RNB LIKE U DID FOR U 1st album,no skinny jeans,no dance
    i want rnb backkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Jrizzel October 20, 2010

    Did he say he was rich? He just filed for bankruptcy!? Hmmm….interesting

  5. Kris J October 20, 2010

    omarion is handsome. he looks like marvin gaye i think. i know that’s random.

    i think he should have joined young money. that record got no promotion. i heard one single that was good but it didnt get any exposure.

    i’m still mad that he blocked me for talking s*** about him so forget that nicca. lol

  6. Kris J October 20, 2010

    it keeps freezing after seven minutes. what did he say abou bow wow

  7. MISHKA October 20, 2010

    Louis Vuitton earrings, oh you fancy uh O?

    I loved his answers . He’s more mature than a lot of people will know. Great job, TGJ!

  8. MISHKA October 20, 2010

    oopsie “would thought” instead of “will know” ^^

  9. Soulful Roses October 20, 2010

    Everytime I see him now, I get this weird feeling in my stomach….

  10. RnB October 20, 2010

    I didnt know Sam had an accent…s*** i dont even know what Sam looks like lol. And that whole BEYONCE vs Rihanna question..HE SHOLL SAID BEYONCE FAST!!! AAAHAA!

  11. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_DA_GODDESS October 20, 2010



  12. nerd October 20, 2010

    omg he so annoying… he need to work on knowing what to say prior befire because he keep saying yenno, yenno ahhhh!!

  13. carl October 20, 2010

    LMAOO I love the way he said BEYONCE with the quickness! He seems like a cool guy!!

  14. VDub October 20, 2010

    i KNOW that he said YOU KNOW too much -_-

  15. BEYDABESS October 20, 2010





  16. carl October 20, 2010


  17. harvey October 20, 2010

    O has,been on heavy ass doin in europe…thats what I call some self promotion.

  18. Stoney-Brie October 21, 2010

    yasss Omarion know real talent!! damn that Bey vs Rih got me lmao!! thats painful!

  19. UMMM…………. October 21, 2010

    Stop making excuses your CD was average at best! Okay, blah, blah, you need someone in the game of some significance to prop you up because after all these years ” in the game” you’re still not established!

    OH LAWD, not another one…….”the songs are taylor made for me”……LOL!

    Wait did he just mention Michael? Mike’s so called worse moment was a sucess this girl will never know! Some ppl are truly entertaining!

    P.S. I still wonder what happened between all those little boys and Chris Stokes?

  20. royalkev October 21, 2010

    I know its easy to bash this guy, but he seems like a nice person. Overall I always thought he kept a very positive attitude. Usher, Janet and Beyonce were the right picks! Well done O! Shame on you Sam, for trying to get him to throw shade at “Janet today”. Janet’s still Janet… Rhythm Nation just shuts down the haters!!! Love it. You still have to give Cici credit though (I think she’s really talented).

  21. nat October 21, 2010

    I aint gonna lie, I missed you beydabess!!!!!!!!!! OMG haven’t seen ya in a while. You always put a smile on my face. Stay representing the true Queen.

  22. Leon October 21, 2010

    If he says “You Know” ONE MORE DAMN TIME!!!!!…

    Good interview beside THAT!

  23. RATED x October 21, 2010

    what about bow wow?

  24. queenbeyonce10 October 21, 2010

    Good answer with the Beyonce vs. Janet

    But who the f*** is this fake rainbow named Omarion?

  25. queenbeyonce10 October 21, 2010

    *beyonce vs. Rihanna

  26. wip hair October 21, 2010

    ask him about bow wow

  27. wip hair October 21, 2010

    sam, I wanna know why both bow wow and him broked up…

    they made a such a cute couple

  28. Blasian October 21, 2010


  29. like sky October 21, 2010

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  31. thatlala October 21, 2010

    i liked this interview better than i thought i would.. very interesting

  32. G.LaSalle October 21, 2010

    I have to apologize to O because I always figured he was arrogant. After watching this interview, I see that he’s the total opposite of what I thought. He was very nice and sincere when talking to Sam.

    SN: I laughed my asz off at the “Beyonce vs Rihanna” question. He couldn’t finish drinking his water good before he said the answer. Lol!

  33. Bey_Bishes October 21, 2010

    IM DONE 🙁 —–> “Beyonce can really out sing a lot of girls that are in the industry right now that are CONSIDERED singers.” LMAO I love the shade Omarion. He didn’t even give Rihanna a chance. Notice how he gave the others who he didn’t choose their props EXCEPT her? Keep it cute O. 😀

    I did notice how he tensed up when talking about B2k. He seems like a cool guy but Chris Stokes really brainwashed him 🙁

  34. fhtry October 21, 2010

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  35. jasmineee October 21, 2010

    Im upset that yall had the NERVE to ask that “Bey vs RiCycle” if his answer was suprising. PFFTT. major points lost with that one.

  36. the kiddz October 21, 2010

    Of course, Beyonce can out sing any female singer out, right now. Her vocal technique is near flawless. She has a nice even blend, beautiful vibrato, has a strong and round head voice and her voice is so FU***** connected. She can move seamlessly through her registers, unlike others.

    This was a good interview, I still want to bang Omarion. Lol notice how he called Bow Wow an “interesting friend”.

  37. Miss Chick Boom October 21, 2010



    “Beyonce can really out sing a lot of girls that are in the industry right now that are CONSIDERED singers.”


    And when he said singers I don’t think he was talking about RIHANNA cuz she is not considered a SINGER.

    I think he was talking more of the Alicia’s Keys and Christina Aguilara’s.

  38. Ladia Yates October 21, 2010

    See, I was gonna say something disrespectful but he saved himself.

    He betta stan for the queen

  39. KS October 21, 2010

    He’s handsome.
    Good answers for the most part.


    he says, “You Know” alot

  41. Pam October 21, 2010

    He is talented, but I not sure if he’s had good advice afar has his career goes he just needs the right ppl to put him on the right track. there is something there. And he sounds like Smokey Robinson. (Google him) he is well spoken even though he said “You know” allot .
    But I was impressed with him.

  42. KD October 21, 2010

    LMAO at the fact that despite all the questions asked and all the answers given the only thing people seem to mention is the Rihanna vs. Beyonce Q&A. 🙂

  43. antertain October 21, 2010

    O was real mad with the B2K & Raz B issues, but i think it was really great how he re-adjusted his anger and got on with the interview and opened back up and kept smiling.

    Be interesting to her O’s tone on a funky track actually.

    SAM these Janet vs CiCi & Bee vs RiRi quick fire questions need to change man.
    It’s not fair on Ciara cus at the end of the day Janet was huge and really paved the way for one’s like Cici so no matter who it is (Brit, Ciara, J-lo, Paula Abdul etc..) Janet wins.

    As for Bee vs Ri is that even a contest really? It’s like asking what is best for your cup of tea, sugar or salt.

    Bey’s tone might not be everyones favorite but technically her singing precision is class.
    Ri has an ok tone, with hit songs here and there BUT especially live lacks technical finese as a singer.

    Both done very well for themselves in charts BUT still no comparison.

    Omarion just be happy with what you do by 30 and keep pushing yourself in a positive way.

  44. S*** October 21, 2010

    Omarion is cool

    & I gotta say Sam really has GAME!!

    How else would he be able to get so many celebs to do interviews for this moderately successful Blog NO MATTER THE CURRENT STATUS/CALIBER They were HOT at one point & It is worth a reasonable amount of Promo for certain artist like Ciara.

    Im still waiting for Sam to Score a BIG ARTIST though like maybe Mariah, Alicia, or Bey.

    Anyway, Im glad he acknowledged Bey’s Vocal Abilities, Shes the most UNDERRATED Vocalist Ever in my book, She can blow 10Xs better than most PPL think. PPL tend to think shes only on Lauren Hill or Monica’s LVL when shes 10Xs Better. & As I always say: Beyonce >>> StrainTina, Leona & Jennifer Hudson.

    & Him picking Drake over Bow Wow, HMMM, IDK about this one. Both are very BLAND Generic Rappers but Id Pick Bow Wow cause atleast he Actually RAPS & not Autotunes.

  45. S*** October 21, 2010

    & I like his “SPEEDING” Song atleast…

  46. Jay October 21, 2010

    Dam sam u really crack me up ur always asking someone about there flop u have no shame. lmao.

  47. GangsterA October 21, 2010

    lmao at the bey vs riri answer he was like are you for real of course bey and yes he does say you know alot great interview sam

  48. Christian October 21, 2010

    Omarion is still a cutie pie 🙂

  49. ~Team Weezy~ October 21, 2010

    Great interview. Omarion seems really likeable. It doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda cute. I’ve always like Omarion but he had started to get on my bad side recently especially after that collaboration album with Bow Wow. His first album was a really good album but he extremely downgraded when he did that corny music with Bow Wow. And I kinda think songs like “O” and “IceBox” are his peak musically. But I did love that “Speeding” song. I hope he releases some music in the lane of “O” and “IceBox” or even “Speeding” this go round.

  50. True October 21, 2010

    good interview he seem like a nice guy (trey songz should learn how to do interview from omarion)
    he had some good point about what are male solo sing about these dayz, he saying he wants to make a funky house/ tribal house album sound really good because the fact he can dance would add a good element to the scene. I’ve not seen allot US artist try & make a funky house song apart from rihanna . I could see him doing this
    Donaeo – party hard
    Donaeo – devil in the blue dress
    Tribal S****
    I love to see him work with
    Crazy Cousin
    Do you mind
    I see you
    Perempay n’Dee

  51. Rod October 22, 2010

    HE GAY

  52. donna summer October 24, 2010

    That was an awesome interview. From the little clip regarding raz b I thought he was an idiot but he seems to be a very intelligent and grounded young man. I wish him much success. Even though I believe what Raz B says is true. His best bet is to seperate himself from the whole Chris Stokes/Marques Houston scandal and stop trying to defend them.

  53. Monique Johnson December 3, 2010

    you are the best person in this world

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