Kelis Performs ‘Scream’ On Titchmarsh Show

Published: Wednesday 13th Oct 2010 by Sam

The eclectic Kelis took to the stage on the Alan Titchmarsh Show here in the UK this week to perform her latest single ‘Scream’. Check out how the 30 year old fared after the jump…

Good stuff.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stoney-Brie October 13, 2010

    i wonder if Kelis can really “scream” with that voice… smh she always chokes on notes that somebody like Ciara would call “high notes” ..

  2. HeLLo October 13, 2010


  3. the truth teller October 13, 2010


  4. the truth teller October 13, 2010


  5. Nikko October 13, 2010


    Was out there doing it way before Lady GA GA , just not to the extreme as her;
    there is room for both.

  6. Question Existing October 13, 2010

    I am not a pessimist, but Kelis should let this album go, it’s a certified failure and I am not saying this because I am a hater – it is because ‘Flash tone’ is nowhere to be found in any significant chart…

  7. Aryo October 13, 2010

    Nicole scherzinger is coming with a new hot single called POISON this friday!! so excited

  8. Candy October 13, 2010

    Seriously, Lady GaGa was not the first artist to be drastically different. So check and revoke your information b/c Kelis has been doing this while GaGa was still in high school. As previously stated, there is room for GaGa and Kelis including haters that populate the Earth. Haha

  9. Blue Kid October 13, 2010

    That was a nice song that went know where, how can that be, it was like she had this good song and she could not take it to the next level.

  10. That Cranberry Sauce October 13, 2010

    @Question Existing

    OK. It’s a failure on the charts. And? Kelis is an ARTIST. A true, genuine artist doesn’t give a s*** about chart success. Because 9 out of 10 times, a number one hit is a horrible song.

  11. chile please! October 13, 2010

    @ The Truth Teller….first of all honey PLEASE change your name because nothing you say is the truth. Second of all you must be young & don’t know a dam thing about Kelis! Third…….Kelis has always dressed & act weird so don’t even go there with the Lady GaGa comparisons because Kelis been on the scene while Lady GaGa was just trying to finish up the rest of High School. So Boo Boo try again!

  12. chile please! October 13, 2010

    @ Candy I just read you post! That’s so Ironic you almost said the exact thing I said! Work B****!! Let’s keep schooling these young Milk Kittens! lol!

  13. theman October 13, 2010

    To bad nothing she’s doing is gaining her any album sales or attention. Kelis is cool but this comes off as look at me, and it’s not working.

  14. credits October 14, 2010

    People keep calling her a flop, but i’m sure when they put out the album they predicted how many she would actually sell becuase she didn’t have a huge promotional budget or anything like that. If they shipped 100,000 more than she sold, then we could call her a flop. My point is, kelis never flopped, like Will I Am said, “kelis is for the cool people” i’m sure the “cool” people bought her album. The only thing holding her back is her “star power”, if rihanna, or gaga sang her songs, they would be hits! she should consider writing for them…

  15. Failures flock together October 14, 2010

    Kelis has flopped her entire career besides her Third album…she is what many call a FAILURE! Gaga slays this jioke called Kelis in everything! She is a 31 year old washed up never been artist.

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