Sade & Alicia Keys Perform ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’

Published: Friday 1st Oct 2010 by Trent

Alicia Keys got the opportunity to perform with her idol, Sade Adu, during last evening’s Keep A Child Alive Ball. The duo sang Sade’s classic ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’ for the crowd comprising Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Jay-Z. All of the action can be seen below:


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  1. royalkev October 1, 2010

    I love both their spirits! These women are so beautiful.

  2. terence October 1, 2010


  3. elaine12qw October 1, 2010

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  4. Miss Chick Boom October 1, 2010

    That was Beautiful these women are beautiful.

  5. Lioness October 1, 2010

    that was an honor for Alicia..its hard to get Sade on stage to do a duet…i wonder if it was the whole band…either way..Sade killed so..kinda whiny

  6. Erous October 1, 2010

    Sade is a goddess.

  7. KAT DELUNA FAN October 1, 2010

    The performance was OK.Cant wait for a better video (quality)

  8. Leo October 1, 2010

    Whitney and Sade were in the one room, OMFG!

  9. MaZ October 1, 2010


  10. Spunkypoop October 1, 2010

    MY GIRLS! Especially SADE….. I grew up with this woman. My pops kept some Sade on in the living room. GREAT DUET!

  11. Klassic October 1, 2010

    Wow..those are what you call true artist with talent. They sounded amazing.

  12. Waddie G. October 1, 2010

    Yes!!! I’m excited to watch this as if I were there.

  13. Brighteyeshazel October 1, 2010

    Beautiful real talent. I love both of them as well. Song bring back great memories

  14. Ummm…….. October 1, 2010

    I LOVE SADE & rather tepid about Alicia! Sade and a mic is always a good look! 🙂 The women is a goddess. Ppl stan for GARBAGE, GENERIC FEMALE “SINGERS” but this one right here is the the real deal!

  15. Robier October 1, 2010


  16. Ummm…….. October 1, 2010

    It is most unfortunate that the very lovely Beyonce didn’t marry Usher! The very mention of Camel toe and his hump made me almost pass this post by! 🙂

  17. tee October 1, 2010

    Love Sade…Alicia has that pregnancy glow…she looks happy…karma is a b**** tho..#justsaying

  18. Anne October 2, 2010

    Love Sade’s voice!!! I also would have lost sleep trying to pick just one Sade song but some of my top picks are “Mr. Wrong,” “Hang On To Your Love, ” “Your Love Is King,” “Never As Good As the First Time” and “You’re Not the Man.” I also love Alicia’s choice. You just can’t go wrong with any Sade song. Their performance was nice.

  19. MUSIC LOVER October 2, 2010

    I’m STILL upset Alicia isn’t releasing “Put it in a Love Song” video. Even though the song wasn’t the best, I wanted to see Beyonce and her in a video together.

  20. UGh October 2, 2010



  21. BENJAMIN October 2, 2010

    It was ok. Maybe a different choice of song would have been better, like “Smooth Operator, ” or “is It A Crime.” Sade could use a little vocal polishing, and I am speaking as a Sade fan. Hibernation has taken a little toll on her. However, I know she will get it together for the tour.

  22. enoidem s opeoluwa January 11, 2018

    shade adu is my idol as well I love everything about her… my respect and prayer to the dead Whitney Houston .. and my sister cynthia and my dad simeon may their soul rest in peace

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