X-Factor 2010: Performances (Week 4)

Published: Saturday 30th Oct 2010 by Sam

The X-Factor 2010 live shows continued tonight. Check out this week 4’s performances after the jump…

{For those unfamiliar with The X Factor, the show is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 28’s are eligible to enter. Now in it’s seventh season, the show is responsible for birthing the careers of Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, and JLS. It’s US version is set to launch in 2011}.

Performances below…(added continually)

TreyC – Relight My Fire

Rebecca – Wicked Game

Cher Lloyd – Stay

Aiden – Thriller

Mary – Could It Be Magic

Belle Amie – Venus

Matt Cardle – Bleeding Love

Paije – Back to Black

Katie – Bewitched

One Direction – Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kiz2400 October 30, 2010

    I actually enjoyed aidens rendition of thriller i wanna see wat cher does this week i hope she doesnt rap cuz she just sounds stupid

  2. Nadjee October 30, 2010

    That rendition of Thriller of was horrid. I didn’t even make it past the 20 second mark. UGH.

    His voice doesn’t compliment the song at all.

    Belle Amie sucked this week.

    Kate’s video wouldn’t show

  3. spring October 30, 2010

    i shulda watched it on TV… lol
    wud dis be reloaded please?????

    much love xx

  4. drfenty October 30, 2010

    this years xfactor has never been so pathetic, its actually shocking how bad most of these artists were.

    the cher thing was cute for a hot second but she CANNOT sing ..and most certainly cant rap with that fake as swagger, where the f*** does she think shes from? brooklyn

  5. drfenty October 30, 2010

    and paije is the biggest queen ive come across on recent british television

    and katie ….wtf is a katie, she cannot sing and her wanabe madonna/gaga attittude is truly pathetic

    Bell A Mi ? FAIL, we already got The Saturdays

    and that justin beiber group…wut in the f***?

    the rest arent even worth commenting on.

    after producing talents such as alexandra burk and leona, everything just went str8 to s***. not even moderate singeers…these are all just shocking.

  6. NICKY October 30, 2010



  7. Daniel October 30, 2010

    Cher was amazing!!!! She was the best tonight by a mile!!! go cher!!

  8. TresChic October 30, 2010

    Rebecca to WIN!!! She’s the only one I turn on for…and Cher, but that’s when I wanna laugh!

  9. Dunster October 30, 2010

    Cher can sing!… better than Cheryl but thats not an improvement. The fact is that they want Cher to win so will say the positive comments, the reality is that she was a fiery halloween hot mess!

    Treyc is just a standard singer… backing would be good. The only standouts were Matt and Rebecca, Mary tonight showed the pub singer she really is, Aiden ruined a Michael classic and Paije is Cee lo

  10. Oh Shut Up October 30, 2010

    DRFENTY Your a rihanna fan so passing judgement on vocals is like a blind person judging a fireworks display.

    Cher was good and so was Matt although his falsetto needs ALOT of work.

  11. Salz October 30, 2010

    matt disappointed me this episode,so did adien!
    rebecca always delivers
    cher and katie were both crap and the judges really need to calm down

  12. caitlin kelly October 30, 2010

    BELLAMIE were AMAZINGG 😮 same as every week 😀 THEM TO WIN DEFOOO 😮

  13. Truthfully October 31, 2010

    I hate cher but tonight she was the best by far….mary was boring today….bad song choice n matt….danni never gets the song right….tracy to go.

  14. Carly October 31, 2010

    Performance of the night for me goes to Rebecca! She has been consistently amazing during the live shows.
    I can close my eyes and her vocals take me to a whole other place! She is incredible.

    Cher was great too, I just hope she doesn’t get pushed into the pop ballad direction now! She needs to perform “Turn my Swag On” again!

  15. who? October 31, 2010

    I love Rebecca’s performance because she took a classic and really made it her own and it was more than obvious she was actually singing. Cher, I’m not a fan of and don’t like her voice at all and it was funny that the camera was hardly on her while she was singing. And once again over praising Cher does nothing but make her unpopular with the masses. On a side note, I’m glad we didn’t have to sit through her subpar rapping this week.

  16. well yeah October 31, 2010


  17. Jazlene October 31, 2010

    Have Mercy #EPIC FAIL. Australia’s x-factor contestants have more talent in their barf buckets then this circus.

  18. WOW October 31, 2010

    Cher was just awesome and she CAN SING!!! I think she is a great little pop star with a bright future in music, she just has that star quality about her.
    I also liked Matt and Rebecca…. that is my top 3 this year 🙂

  19. Scott October 31, 2010

    What a poor show and wHy do thy keep allowing Cher and One Direction to use backing tracks that seem to have pre recorded vocals.Please vote to keep TREYC IN AT LEAST SHE CAN SING

  20. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD October 31, 2010

    its a damn shame that only a hand full of them can sing

  21. ADE October 31, 2010

    I only watch this for Rebecca., f*** the rest to hell.

  22. Jeannie November 1, 2010

    I think this years ex factor is so disappointing and so much crying going on with some of
    these silly chicks I agree that Mary does convey a pub singer fat at that! I am proud to say that I was a stunner at her age and still am.
    I like TreyC at least she has a strong voice and can keep in tune although we don’t
    need another Alexandra. I bet Wanger wins!

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