Cover Star: Koreen Sings Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’

Published: Saturday 6th Nov 2010 by Sam

This week’s That Grape Juice Cover Star is Koreen. The French singer tries her hand at Rihanna’s latest single  ‘What’s My Name’.

Check it out below:

Great performance. Interestingly, Koreen’s tone bares striking similarities to the song’s original artist. Yet, where this budding star excels (arguably above Ms. Fenty) is with the melodic means in which she delivers the song, as well the confidence and control she possesses over her voice – as evidenced by the adblibs towards the end. . The acoustic guitar was a great touch too. Good stuff.

For more on Koreen, check out her Youtube page


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  1. S*** November 6, 2010

    What AVG Singer doesnt OUTSING Rihanna?? (Asside from Tricks like Gaga, Britney, Ke$ha & maybe Katty Perry Whom Rihanna Shits all over). There are Very Few B****** that Rihanna can Out Sing…

  2. eddie November 6, 2010

    shes juz shouting. not singing.
    i dun think she sings better than rihanna.
    that’s it.

  3. eddie November 6, 2010

    and singing is not juz about showing off how loud that you can shout.
    if u want to shout. shout with your feeling.

  4. eddie November 6, 2010

    check your ears before u try to throw shade at next time.

  5. vegasgirl November 6, 2010

    Listening to this just makes me dislike the song more. She is vocally more versatile than Rihanna but that doesn’t matter, it’s kinda just a horrible song and I really don’t care that it gets lots of play on the radio or digital downloads, that means nothing to me when judging quality of content.

    I am so over the chanting, repeating stuff, it drives me crazy. I know that’s her thing but she does it all the time. I guess it was a good cover of a not so good song.

  6. Eddy November 6, 2010

    She’s my friend !!!! She’s really GOOD !! GREAT SINGERRRR !!!!

  7. ROBYN November 6, 2010


  8. ROBYN November 6, 2010


  9. ADE November 6, 2010

    No sorry Sam that was horrible. Hated the arrangement and she played the same 4 strings on the guitar throughout.

  10. Keepingitreal November 6, 2010

    At least she can play 4 strings. What can Rihanna play other tjan makeup and wigs #justsaying

  11. UGh November 6, 2010

    wow i can’t believe i’m saying this but i agree with S*** 😐

  12. coockie November 6, 2010

    My ears hurt.

  13. Skielyz November 6, 2010

    haters gon hate, that’s what they do… She’s a great singer with a huge talent…
    Go on koreen… you are the best.

  14. Full Download Rihanna S&M November 6, 2010

    She should cover S&M…

  15. MrIncredible November 6, 2010

    Sam I’m shocked at you… this girl’s vocal are ALL OVER THE PLACE and downright sloppy… not to mention that the guitar is completely off most of the way. I can no longer take your musical opinion serious after this one. smh

  16. Dave November 6, 2010

    DAMN, poor Rihanna… Everybody showing her up, & snatching her wig left & right. *smh*

  17. Soulful Roses November 6, 2010

    Lol @Dave!

  18. spring November 6, 2010

    wayyyyyyy better than Rihanna… Now thats how u sing!!

    for you to have said that, then it is conclusive that you are certainly DEAF and most of all ignorant!

  19. Jumbo November 6, 2010

    Her guitar playing was so horrendous that I couldn’t even get through the whole thing. And her singing was definitely off on some parts. She didn’t come anywhere near Rihanna’s. This just made me appreciate RiRi that much more.

  20. TTB November 6, 2010

    she sounded great

  21. MichelleWFan November 6, 2010

    Love the color of her guitar !

  22. Dom November 6, 2010

    !!! That was really s***, i meanreally really bad and the guitar was just an extra no no. It made it even worst!

    So surprised this is what u think is good. Rihanna any day. She isnt as bad as you guys make out. She is what she is.

  23. dob November 6, 2010

    OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Don’t sacrifice taste and a sound ear for being a hater.

  24. That’s Wack! November 6, 2010

    Sam, you’ve got to be kidding me. You thought this was a great performance? Trick, please! You’re starting to lose your credibility now. Her vocals and vibrato were all over the place. The guitar didn’t help much either. That girl ain’t got nothin’ on Rihanna. NEXT!

  25. vegasgirl November 6, 2010

    Came back to read some comments and I know people are entitled to their opinions but this girl is vocally stronger than Rihanna, even though she is a bit nasally
    . You may not like what she does with her voice but the fact that she CAN do that shows a higher level of control and vocal “creativity” than the original artist.

    You can not like her extra runs ( which may have been excessive) that she chose to add in but she has the option of adding them in- that’s the point. And she is not shouting in that performance.

  26. Binaca November 7, 2010

    LOL! That was just plain horrible. There’s a thing called subtelty and this song is a song that doesn’t need overblown mellismatic vocals…Rihanna’s delicate vocals make the song what it is…Rihanna wins AGAIN.

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