Hot Shot: Eminem Covers Rolling Stone Magazine

Published: Tuesday 9th Nov 2010 by Trent

Check out Eminem on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The rapper’s latest album, ‘Recovery’, has sold over 2.9 million units in the US since being release on June 18th and will soon be certified 3x platinum.

What do you think of this cover?


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  1. Philly November 9, 2010

    It’s Recovery not Relapse.

  2. ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY November 9, 2010


  3. Huh? November 9, 2010


  4. Daniel November 9, 2010

    wow 2.9 million in the Usa. I’d like to see rihanna do that.

  5. Blue Kid November 9, 2010

    I just love Sam and Trent “Relapse”

    Nah! He hasn’t escaped from hell, there is know getting away from that, his soul is still in hell with the Rain Man!

  6. kelly November 9, 2010

    @ daniel STUPSE why does rihanna’s name even have to come up. sigh. well since you started it I’d like to see a whole lot of other artists do that

  7. X,Y,”and Z” November 9, 2010

    Why is it that TGJ (Sam/Trent) feels so compelled to tell, if not glorify, the story of a gimmick? That’s what “The White Rapper” is; nothing more than a gimmick who was introduced to us as, and made his fortune being that certain “creep in a cape” as seen in his video( <- fast forward to the 40-46 seconds. Since then, he's lived "in excess," replete with debauchery and vice!

    …He-himself, then feels his "white privilege" grants him access to our finite-reserves of humanity…

    T.I. was refused such access, wasn't he Sam?
    Wayne was denied said stores, right Trent?

    …And certainly Chris Brown is said… "unworthy" ('guess, even he's not… "light enough…!!")

    What we're seeing here is "White Privilege" at its most brazen and vulgar! What we're now witnessed to, is THE naked example of "Euro-Hegemony: YT's continued cultural piracy/artistic banditry of all that is worthy and right…!" They did it with Jazz music; but ONLY after the world saw it for its genius, and thus "artistic merits..!!"

    "I wouldn't have gotten the backlash, if I weren't white" <– The White Rapper during his recent CNN Anderson Cooper interview, regarding his past homophobic tirades/outbursts! <—He IS only where he is, BECAUSE HE IS WHITE…!! HE'S USING REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY…!!

    But he goes-on to sell millions; not even T.I., after his return home, in a year's time; nor Wayne's now-return, will result in 3x-Platinum status – should they offer their… "journey-in-redemption". You wanna know why? Because WE automatically give a white face "the benefit of doubt." And we'll need, little or no reason, to condemn a black face; particularly the face of a young black man; do you need an example? … Then I'll offer you Chris Brown…!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT…!!

  8. X,Y,”and Z” November 9, 2010

    Trent —

    Re; that picture: The Creep without his cape – convulsive-crepuscular pretense; the fraud, fully en-frocked! Justin Bieber’s mentor, his “blue print” for fraudulence, now “tried and true..!!”

    …A liar. A thief. FALSE PRETENSE…!!


    “Don’t think of a second, that there isn’t a direct connection to the rise of the “Tea Party” and “The White Rapper..!!”

    … The White Rapper = Rick Ross = TMZ(Harvey Levin) = Oprah Winfrey = Barack’s decline (the Democrats recent mid-term election loss) = CBreezy (his continued crucifixion) = Charlie Sheen (still being TV’s highest paid actor, while still doing all sorts of madness, AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT) = Mel Gibson (getting away with HIS equally reprehensible madness).

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!!

  9. chile please! November 9, 2010

    I’m soooooo over him with the dam Hoodie look. He is so wack to me now.

  10. Daniel November 9, 2010

    X,Y,”and Z” Dont be bitter.. he is the best selling artist of the last 10 years… and dont act like this is cause he is white.. his done it cause he is the best rapper. End off.
    Look at the millions he is selling haha who else is selling that much? no one!! He is King of rap

  11. Daniel November 9, 2010

    @kelly. i just said her name.. cause she has so many blogs up on here…

  12. Blue Kid November 9, 2010

    @ Daniel

    I see you are not a thinking person, because if you where a thinker you would know what X,Y, and Z was stating, was the truth, but Sam and Trent knows that, they are just making money as usual.

  13. Daniel November 9, 2010

    @Blue Kid No, he just wants to take away Eminem’s credit and say, his only selling well cause his white, which is a stupf. Thats just being racist. He is selling cause of the songs that he makes are so much better then any other rapper out there.

  14. GOD BLESS AMERICA November 9, 2010

    Serial Wife Beater 37 yr old Feminem is on the mend! Now aint that some ISH? I wonder if his ex-wife Kim Mathers ia also in RECOVERY?

    I wonder why Rolling Stone Magazine has not mentioned the fact that he beat his wife on several occasions and how it should reflect both on how the world views him and his music career?


  15. GOD BLESS AMERICA November 9, 2010

    wow 2.9 million in the Usa. I’d like to see rihanna do that.

    If she continues sucking and f*cking for tracks I’m sure she will reach that number sooner then later!


  16. GOD BLESS AMERICA November 10, 2010


    @X,Y, and Z you are speaking the absolute truth my friend! Excellent post!

  17. MUSIC LOVER November 10, 2010


  18. X,Y,”and Z” November 10, 2010

    @Daniel November 9, 2010 at 7:52 pm —

    “X,Y,”and Z” Dont be bitter.. he is the best selling artist of the last 10 years… and dont act like this is cause he is white.. his done it cause he is the best rapper. End off.”

    Daniel, R.I.F…!! If you don’t understand the idea, or notion of the word/term… “bitter(ness),” then just don’t use it! Find someOTHER adjective, K?

    Is he “better than,” Nas? Is he… “realER” than ’50’? Which-other Rapper can say they’ve… “come further” than ’50’? Which Rapper has the better…”business acumen,” who’d YOU rather invest your money with? (50’s recent $200-Million movie-deal withstanding)

    Do you REALLY think he could go, “toe-to-toe/microphone-in-hand,” with say…. Kanye? I’m talking, just-off-the-top-of-the-head “word/rhyme skills”…? (Do you think he’s even as talented a producer as Kanye?)
    Do you REALLY think he’s in possession of the intelligence, or keen-insight (necessary enough) to decipher; then classify the extraneous; analyze, THEN set-pen-to-paper and enlighten with brilliant acumen? HE HASN’T YET – NOR WILL HE EVER; know why? ‘CAUSE HE’S A GIMMICK: The White Rapper!

    … Do you REALLY think he could out-rhyme, or ever be as relevant as Biggie? Even now, from beyond the grave, well-over a decade later, Biggie’s music, is being played. Do yourself a favor, go and listen to Biggie’s ‘Respect’.

    The White Rapper, in THIS life, in his next 2-lives, couldn’t-EVER be as relevant, nor have the flavor/texture nor musical-inkling of a ‘Chuck D’ or ‘Krs-1’ …! But this is exactly why YOU’LL NEVER GET IT! You see, you, being “YT” will always feel threatened by “REALITY”. This is why you’ll buy Biggie/50 (as musically talented as they are), but not Public Enemy(Chuck D).

    … You’ll support “Gangsta Rap,” but not Public Enemy or Krs-1! Why? Because you’re threatened by reality…!! You’ll support Gangsta Rap, because when the n****** get too…”out of hand,” you’ll THEN call the police. But with Public Enemy/Krs-1, YOUR CONSCIENCE/YOUR GUILT, CALLS ON YOU; and you’re THEN forced introspection/reflection…!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

    P.S. — I didn’t make-up: “If I wasn’t white, I’d have not gotten the backlash” <– HE said during his most-recent CNN Anderson Cooper interview, when referring to his then statements on homosexuality! (not-too-long after, he was all "publicly cool" with Elton John, singing duets with him and all…!!)

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