Hot Shots: Chris Brown, Ke$ha, Omarion & More Are ‘Stars Who Care’

Chris Brown attended the Us Weekly ‘Stars Who Care’ event in Hollywood last evening. The entertainer was joined by other younger stars including Ke$ha, Nelly, Aubrey O’Day, Brandy and Omarion. Peep more images below via Neon Limelight:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Mr B.I.G. November 19, 2010

    Everyone looks nice.

  2. Nothing But My Opinion November 19, 2010

    lmfao @ keshas hair. that child is a mess
    anyway chris looks nice here.

  3. Heaven November 19, 2010

    Nice pic of his freckles. Everyone looks nice/ minus the hair on that girl.

  4. I & I (yardie style) November 19, 2010

    Nice looking people. Love that conspiracy jacket Chris has on. His smile is so damn contagious, you can’t help but smile back.

  5. NICE TRY NIGGAAAAAAAA November 19, 2010




  6. NICE TRY NIGGAAAAAAAA November 19, 2010


  7. Keesha November 19, 2010

    I love Chris Brown! I cannot wait to hear the new music from him.

  8. Keesha November 19, 2010

    And the haters love Chris as well. Why else would they care if he was a “flop?”

  9. GangsterA November 19, 2010

    kesha looks great with her crazy hair love it and chris looks cute too love hes hat

  10. lola November 19, 2010

    Kesha looks like Pink mixed with Lady Gaga right here.

    Chris, I wish he would get a stylist.

    Brandy actually looks cute.

    Aubrey is a sult and is doing nothing with her life. She looks so trashy and she’s ugly.

  11. lola November 19, 2010


  12. NICE TRY NIGGAAAAAAAA November 19, 2010


  13. That Cranberry Sauce November 19, 2010

    ^ Sounds like your jealous rofl.

  14. Dave November 19, 2010

    Omarion is s***

  15. fxhfx November 19, 2010

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  16. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 19, 2010

    Chris looks so cute! 🙂

    Brandy looks GORGEOUS!

    Nelly is s*** as always.

    Omarion looks his usual self.


  17. drfenty November 19, 2010

    all these lessor people?


  18. Nichole November 19, 2010

    Of course, Chris just has to be the best looking one as always.

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  19. Sunflower27828 November 19, 2010

    Thank you @NICE TRY….. Your crazy rant has given me the biggest laugh of my day. In addition to being certifiably insane, you’re BLIND in 1 eye and cant SEE out of the other….lol In the words of T.I. ‘You HATERZ are hilarious” lol

  20. Secret Voice November 19, 2010

    Chris looks so happy here! Keep it up lil brother!

  21. Geronimo Deuces November 19, 2010

    MICE TRY N…… is also nicky ignore her/him.

    chris looks fly as always

  22. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    Chris Brown Looking S*** (as always)
    and to nice try niggaaaaa
    and you must be very beautiful ? child please…’re just jealous
    if chris brown is ugly then what are you?
    “lesser people”
    um…sweetie call me when your fave becomes an ALBUM artist
    which mine has been since he started
    call me when BOTH of your fave’s singles are in top 5 Of the billboard-year-end chart (forever and with you)
    call me when your fave get’s a number 1 single OUTSIDE of the UK (The us is alot more important)
    Call Me When she can sing and perform like chris until then don’t chat s***
    And Ke$ha (although i don’t like her ) didn’t she have like the most digital downloads of 2010? mmm not too bad for a “lesser person”

  23. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    haters haters haters……
    i don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your uneducated ghetto asses
    mean why call chris brown ugly when he is clearly beautiful?
    huh are you insecure about YOUR own looks???…SHAME

  24. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    chris looks mega cute here and i love his smile <3 <3

  25. chile please! November 19, 2010

    LMFAO @ Ke$ha! WTF!!!!!! She looks like a Lizard that just got electricuted! I can’t with her…………& Chris Brown looks like the Black Howdy Dudy in the face! LOL!

  26. zania November 19, 2010

    Chris Brown is fine. Nice to see him smiling, haven’t seen that beatiful smile in a while.

  27. drfenty November 19, 2010

    😆 @ HOWDY DUDY,

    yew guys are so messy

  28. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    can all the E.T ass-wipers get outta here man for real
    yes we know you don’t like Chris Brown -we get it already
    now get outta here and See what ET is up to
    don’t she have a new album or something ? or chris is so much more talented that you just had to post a comment ,and give him more hits and make him more famous awww that’s so sweet you shouldn’t have
    like chris says “all da b*******’s for the birds”

  29. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    Howdy Dudy? so not only are y’all insane but you clearly are BLIND too
    mean the boy is f****** gorgeous stop hating
    if chris looks like Howdy Dudy
    then Rihanna Looks like La Roux Chucky Ronald Macdonald and Prince
    and her voice sounds like a goat with cold having an orgasam underwater whilst being stabbed and throwing up and sucking d*** at the same time

    DEUCES !!!!!!!

  30. drfenty November 19, 2010

    November 19, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    “lesser people”
    *”um…sweetie call me when your fave becomes an ALBUM artist
    which mine has been since he started” /////// 😆 GGGB>FIST CLOWN CAREER #tryagain

    *call me when BOTH of your fave’s singles are in top 5 Of the billboard-year-end chart (forever and with you)///// 😆 RUDE BOY & LTWYL to top year end chart on GLOBAL CHARTS #tryagain

    *call me when your fave get’s a number 1 single OUTSIDE of the UK (The us is alot more important)/////// Only Gwarl is currently #1 in 14 countries and the GLOBAL CHARTS as well as Whats my name topping BBHOT100 last week


    that was


    Easy!!! 😆 😆 come harder than that


    Chris looks really good love the smile everybody else is just bla. I see the undercover Chris stans in here.

  32. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    Exclusive>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A h** Like Me ,Music Of The Talentless ,Good Girl Trying To Be Bad ,Rated Gay Emo S*** ,Bleat
    Nuff Said
    and sweetie
    Love the way You SUCK is NOT rihanna’s song it’s eminem’s
    so nice try

  33. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    hatin is for suckas
    yeah they claim they hate chris but yet they come on here
    and comment
    focus on ET please stans
    cuz PRINCEtopher is doing Fine

  34. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    Deuces>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>P*** de Replay ,S.O.S (I need Voice lessons) if it’s f****** that you want,we f*** Untalented,Umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh (i can’t think of anything else to say) SHUT UP and drive, Please STOP the music,Distubia(my voice is)
    Sucide Song (russian roulette) Wait is OVA (for rihanna TO shut the f*** up)
    Hard (to stay in tune) Rude Voice, love the way it sells,What’s My Talent

  35. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    oh yeah and PORNstar 101

  36. I’M A Billy Goat November 19, 2010

    Hey, look at handsome and the rest looking good! 🙂

    I am happy to see him smiling. He’s eyes have that sparkle again to go along with that million dollar smile! Looks like he’s wounds have finally healed!

    Congrats on making the 50 most successful in R&B/Hip Hop list!


  37. I’M A Billy Goat November 19, 2010


    Perhaps you should be more concerned with buy that flop skanks CD then worrring about “PRINCEtopher” as @ISATNFORCHRISBREEZY just said, “he is doing FINE”!

    *baa…..I’m a pathetic lonely ugly used billy goat won’t some one love me?

  38. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    oh na na what’s my talent
    oh na na not much
    oh na na What’s My Talent
    oh na what’s my talent

    Hey Guys i really wanna see if your ears can handle a girl so tone-deaf like me ,
    Jay You’re So amazing you figured out i can’t sing but still signed me <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<What's my name the version rihanna didn't want you to hear

    btw are Nicky and DrFenty Like The Same Person

  39. drfenty November 19, 2010


    i wont even bother, CB stans are on a SELFDESCTRUCTIVE path!!!

  40. I’M A Billy Goat November 19, 2010

    November 19, 2010 at 7:59 pm
    Howdy Dudy?

    “Howdy Dudy”? LOL…. ..When that freak looks like a burned, scared, and marred CHUCKY DOLL!

    Damn, Susan Boyle slays again!

  41. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    f*** the haters
    Chris GOLD is doing his thang – haha see what i did there

  42. Bodiddy November 19, 2010

    Chris is such a handsome young man…. Someone said they get 27 million fan mail… and…. never had a number one album!!!!

  43. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    I’m A billy goat
    hahaaa i know right
    speaking of “chucky doll” dosen’t rihanna remind a little a bit of one 😀

  44. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    instead of Worrying about chris
    go buy the horny little bajan girl with the voice of billy goat gruff’s album
    yeah ?

  45. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 19, 2010

    lmafo at all the ET stans getting mad-how cute
    see chris is on here doing a CHARITY event (i think ) and he’s doing it because he genuienly cares not to just get good publicity unlike certain people…people still find a reason to hate on him
    and they are so quick on to jump on anyone who writes mean stuff about rihanna in HER post

  46. VA STAND UP!! November 19, 2010

    CB looks cute (minus that furry back pack thing he was wearing). I swear he has the goofiest smile! Lol! At least he seems happy.

    Brandy looks gorg! Keep ya head up Ma! F*ck Dancing with the Stars! Now take advantage of all this attention & get your ass in the studio and make some hot ish! You can do it!

    Kesha….blah! She always looks dirty!

    Aubrey’s outfit is a mess. She is trying so hard to stay relevant!

    Nelly is so s***! Too bad his album flopped…HARD! SMH. Maybe sales will pick up as he yeleases more singles. *shrugs*

    Omarion looks handsome. He should dress like this more often cause that mess he was rocking at fashion week had me questioning not only his sexuality but his sanity. He was truly on some other ish. SMH.

  47. GOTAA LOVE DA LOVE November 19, 2010

    BRandy LOOOKS AMAAAAAAzinng.. a flawless queen.. Nuff sed and she really is a star that cares.. perfect for her.. now album time!!!!!

  48. Blue Kid November 20, 2010

    I’m just lurking and reading ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY and I’m a billy goat! those two keep me laughing.

    Chris Brown does look handsome and his smile is so nice, it really does look like he’s in a good place right now. Good for him!

  49. WTF November 20, 2010

    HOLD UP!! Chris looks 1000x better than Matt old looking ass. Sorry I just had to go there.

    Chris has the biggest smile you can tell he is in a good place now. And for the person probably Nicky using another name, yes Chris has over l mil twitter followers but I can tell you one thing at least he is not buying up his own music.

    And that one eye banded always has something to say about another artist other than the bytch that always have a fake smile on her wide face.

  50. noodles November 20, 2010

    “i hope this isn’t weird but i find the sexiest thing about chris is his freckles their are so beautiful”
    Well if that is weird call me a weirdo because I’m in love with his freckles. They are so cute!

    Ke$ha…girl take a shower. If I ever see that girl I’m gonna hand her the hand sanitizer out my purse. She is a mess. Blah.

    These comments are a mess. Lol. I will never understand if you aren’t a fan why comment? Why you mad?

    @Dr Fenty
    Child you sound so dumb. “Lessor people”? By your avatar I can tell who you stan for and you give her stans a bad name. Everyone is equal. Nothing is so special about your queen. In fact she isn’t a queen. If she was Mariah or Beyocne maybe I would understand JUST a LITTLE bit why you are so crazy but she is not a queen and other artist or people are no lessor than her. Its really funny to me how you think people aren’t equal. And if they aren’t your fav they are “lessor” smh. If these people are “lessor” than what do you call yourself? You are nothing but a hater behind a screen and username. LOL!

  51. noodles November 20, 2010

    “lessor” smh. The sad children of today. How are you gonna talk when your avatar is you looking like a Rihanna rip-off?

    Oh Nelly and Brandy look hot too 😀

  52. bunch of crazies November 20, 2010

    Calling Chris ugly will that a first. When Chris and Rihanna was a couple they was the most beautful couple in the entire industry. Now he ugly. Take a real good look at Matt they look just like the odd couple nothing good looking about them. He looks so much older and boring. Have you really seen Matt smile, well his smile is dull not brite


    Thank you @bunch of crazies they just haters

  54. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 20, 2010

    Riwhoreanna stans are so dumb they can’t even spell properly
    “”Only Gwarl”-you can’t even spell your girls song properly what sort of fans are you
    no wonder they are called Rihtards
    notice how Drfenty(aka.Nicky) answered all my questions expect one my most important one

    “call me when she can sing and perform like chris”-ahahha even the stans no the b**** can’t sing (though in denial) enough said

  55. Ciana November 20, 2010

    Chris Brown looking s*** as always IDGAF about anybody else!!!!

  56. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 20, 2010

    i see drfenty (aka nicky) has gone cuz i put his ass on blast
    btw i created new versions of these people’s song on rihanna;s “vocal ablities”

    her voice makes me go Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
    Rihanna Is old S***
    So We’re chucking up our deuces up to her
    we’re moving on to something better better better
    no more tryna make her voice work
    Talented People made us wanna say say,bye bye say say bye bye to this talentless b****

    But If Rihanna’s 15 minutes of Fame Are Up
    Let Me Know Right Now
    i am trying to find a way to listen to her without my ears being offended
    so i hope her career is speeding her career is speeding her career speeding
    so i don’t ever have her whiney voice ever again

    Rihanna sings like Beyonce and Dances Like Chris Brown open my eyes it was only just a dream

    I’m sorry that you seem to be confused the talent belongs to me b**** go back to barbados

    there’s a place i know where they sign talentless and unorginal b****** like rihanna
    and they’re called Def Jam see you don’t have to have talent to be A singer…

  57. Soulful Roses November 23, 2010

    PRINCEtopher looks cute 🙂

    Brandy is flawless! 🙂

  58. ISTANFORCHRISBREEZY November 28, 2010

    hey guys this is a little off-topic but can someone help me with this
    someone tell me what’s the sitituation on the UK tour?
    cuz i still have my tickets from June last year
    will he be touring the uk this year at all

    p.s any information would be very apperciated

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