JLS Perform On Children In Need

Published: Saturday 20th Nov 2010 by Sam

Pop divas JLS took centre-stage on the BBC’s Children In Need annual fund-raiser tonight to perform their single ‘Love You More’ – the official song for the event.

Check out how JB, Marvin, Ortise, and Aston, fared below…


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  1. drfenty November 20, 2010

    these ol queens are destined to have a B2K style scandal as soon as the music carurr dries up.

    simon will be their chris stokes

  2. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue November 20, 2010

    Considering what my expectations were (i.e., EXTREMELY LOW) they weren’t all that bad, but I hope they don’t try to market this band to the U.S.. Because these dudes will set off even 12-year-old girls’ gaydars, and you know that a boy band is NOTHING without the tween fanbase.

    Also, how the HELL did the BBC go from having Muse on the program last year to these lame f**** this time around? Talk about a huge downgrade.

  3. Lash November 20, 2010

    Lol…pop divas

  4. Jayme November 20, 2010

    they are not pop divas! they are truly the nicest guys ever i met them when they were in the US and they are really down to earth nice talented young guys who love what they do. and no i am not a 12 yr old teenager.

  5. Friends November 20, 2010

    Like seriously

    What did these guys do for you to hate on them.

  6. Obi Texas November 20, 2010

    They are really good.

    Let’s stop putting out fellow brothers and sisters down. I like JLS!

    They make great music. This song is a really nice love song!

  7. Leanne November 20, 2010

    How can u hate these guys after that ? i actually hated JLS but after that brilliant i taught xx i never knew a band like them would be caring and all up to sacrifice a number 1 for children in need xx they have changed my mind about them xx

  8. shilp November 20, 2010

    WOW lved it :)D

  9. Joanna November 20, 2010

    I think they did a great job and furthermore they showed how down to earth and caring they were as they went to that children’s centre and stayed with them for two hours and what not. Shows they are genuine and really care about people.

    Considering you don’t like them, why you always put them on your board and belittle them? Doesn’t make sense, unless you post their performances for the sake of others. Yes they may not be up there with the greatest vocals but they are a cool pop group with a huge fanbase in the UK and have proved you DONT NEED TO WIN a competition to be successful!

  10. antertain November 20, 2010

    Think they’ll grow more into the song the more they sing it cus that was a struggle!!!

    Think the more talented vocalist are Aston and Oritse but even they weren’t on their A-Game
    Sung for a good cause and its a good pop song for UK market at least

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