Katy Perry Hits the Stage On ‘Ellen’

Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Trent

If you thought that Katy Perry had finished promoting her ‘Teenage Dream’ album then you thought wrong. The Pop sensation visited ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ today to perform ‘Firework’ – her latest #1 single from the record which was released almost four months ago. Peep the footage below:




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  1. IREALLYDONTCARE December 8, 2010


  2. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer.

    But instead of posting what is easily the most important news regarding entertainment, y’all post some irrelevant s*** on here. She’s been having severe health problems for a while now, and you guys have ignored her.

    F*** you all.

  3. Trosto07 December 8, 2010

    That was perfecto! Her vocals have improved thats the Katy I know!

  4. Trosto07 December 8, 2010

    @TRUE This is not Oprah Its an ENTERTAINMENT BLOG!

  5. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    ^^^ And as a singer and performer, Aretha isn’t entertainment?

  6. stan December 8, 2010

    jesus christ, she sounds AWFUL. she’s not even moving around the stage.

  7. Be BETTER not “Bitter!” December 8, 2010

    Ok I must applaud Ms. Perry she Sounds GREAT here. I think that she sounds better when not moving around the stage so it works here. Liked the arrangement and the Band. However, she can’t always stand still for Every Performance so she needs to work her on Singing while dancing and Breathing. But Kudos nonetheless!

  8. klg0845 December 8, 2010

    Beautiful! Love this rendition! She struggled with some of the notes, but she fought through it like a professional. Go Katy!

  9. rick December 8, 2010

    wow how BORING !!!

  10. Lostonez December 8, 2010

    i like the song well the studio version cuz im not feeling her vocals live when she sings this song

  11. fhg December 9, 2010

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  12. Beysus December 9, 2010

    wow her vocals have improved . i will go out and buy this album if this b**** can sing like this more often!

  13. Beysus December 9, 2010

    and STFU about her struggling to hit notes CAN ANY OF YOU SING? NO and Rihyodel stans better not say s*** about vocals!

  14. Dave December 9, 2010

    Oh, she was off key quite the few times. At least she’s trying though.

  15. lola December 9, 2010

    OMG she can never get it right, can she? She sounded A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN HER AMA PERFORMANCE, but she was still off key like every other note! She’s just not that great of a singer. I’m tired of these gimmick artists. They only get by on their catchy tunes, image/look, and pretending like they can sing.

  16. BENJAMIN December 9, 2010

    She sounded ok, but hearing all the bad renditions on this song makes me wish there was a different 3rd single choice, because it is too vocally challenging for her. However, despite a few vocal cracks, she sounded decent. She really is a beautiful lady, with or without makeup.

  17. GangsterA December 9, 2010

    she sound good here

  18. MellyMel December 9, 2010

    This song is too big 4 her voice…she had some nice moments..but, damn…off-key, missed notes…she should take it down a couple of notches

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