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Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Sam

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In expanding our cause, That Grape Juice will, alongside our staple celebrity interviews, also now serve up candid features with noted names behind the spectacle of the industry. What better way, then, to kick off this foray into the relatively unknown, than with a sit-down chat with Beyonce‘s creative director Frank Gatson!

The much-sought after choreographer/director, who has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Destiny’s Child, talks openly with us about how he broke into the industry, working with Beyonce, her new project, reuniting with Kelly Rowland, Rihanna needing to add more ‘energy’ to her performances, Trey Songz and much more.

As ever, we ask the questions you really want answers to. And answer Mr Gatson did. A great read, if we must say so ourselves! Enjoy.

Sam: You’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and worked with some of the best to ever do it. How did your journey begin?

Frank Gatson: I saw ‘The Wiz’ on Broadway while in high school. It was that show which made me pursue (a career in) show-business. Not to be confused with ‘The Wiz – The Movie’. But the original show on Broadway with Stephanie Mills and Hinton Battle.  It was amazing.

Thereafter, I traveled around the world with a group called Up With People. They used to do halftime shows for the Superbowl and we traveled around the world to build understanding between races and cultures through song and dance. I was a dancer, dance-captain and then a show-director with that group. Next, I moved to Los Angeles after the suggestion (that I do so) from a young lady I met while working with Up With People named Cheryl Cobb. I credit her with introducing me to Los Angeles show-business.

I was staying with her when I  landed a job as a dancer in Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ video, did various jobs in LA, worked with Paula Adbul, Billy Goodson, Vince Paterson, Debbie Allen, Lester Wilson, Claude Thompson, Lavelle Smith, Travis Payne, Richard Lagraveness, Matthew Rolston and many others.

Then I got my “big break” choreographing for EnVogue. This came after meeting member Cindy Herron, who was in a pageant I choreographed. (Working with) EnVogue opened the door for me (with them I have 3 MTV Awards). Thereafter, I was invited to guest on a show with Oprah. Doors opened from then on out. More and more…

Sam: To the new generation, your most prolific work has been with Beyonce. Having collaborated with her for so long, what is it about her that sets her apart from the competition?

Frank: Beyonce is the best in the game because she rehearses, plans and is very creative. She is nice, she is beautiful, she gets “it”, she is honest. She does not waste your time in rehearsal. When you’re in rehearsals you work very hard which is exciting. You might say everyone rehearses, but Beyonce is full-out, working harder than the dancers. She comes from a place of love for what she does. Most female dancers and performers don’t love it like her. She never complains when it hurts; she’s always in her heels killing it. She is a beast on stage and in rehearsal. She is so gracious, so fine, but not a bitch (she will push you to get the best out of you and I love that sh**) and that makes her a gift to this business and the world. She might not be from this planet (laughs). I would love to visit the planet she’s from (laughs) because I bet there are some amazing people there!

Sam: Beyonce’s ‘I Am…World Tour’ DVD was recently released and featured her traveling around the globe. With a new Beyonce project around the corner, how have these experiences – if at all – been fused into her upcoming musical and performance output?

Frank: I have heard some of the new project, but I can’t talk about it…yet.

Sam: Is there anything – at all – you can share with us about we can expect from the LP?

Frank: Once again, I cannot talk about it…yet (laughs).

Sam:  From one of destiny’s children to another; Kelly Rowland. Word has you recently reunited with her. Tell us a little about how that came about and what you’ll be doing with her this go round?

Frank: I love Kelly and I am very excited about being an artist visual developer/creative director for her! Kelly is amazing and the world is going to be amazed. I know the secret to Kelly. Watch. VERY excited about her new project.

As to how our reuniting came about; I asked her, she said yes…

You must wait to see the direction we will go with Kelly. We are baking the sock-it-to-me cake now. Just wait till you see Kelly Rowland – the solo artist!

Sam:  How do you feel the Kelly of today differs from the Kelly of yesteryear?

Frank: Kelly today has always been the same Kelly to me. She just needs to find the music and style that says “Kelly” (which she is doing now). The Kelly that performed in Paris last month at Starfloor; I saw it on That Grape Juice and was excited to see that people loved it.  I have always known that about Kelly.  People don’t open their eyes to see sometimes…

Sam: Clearly the name of the game with Beyonce is to achieve icon status (as evidenced by her undeniable drive and the careful post-production on the ‘I Am…World Tour’ DVD). What do you think Kelly needs to do to achieve icon status

Frank: I don’t like to compare sisters – they are like little sisters to me. Kelly is at icon status. She was a member and still is a member of Destiny’s Child, so I feel Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle are icons because they are stars of Destiny’s Child. Destiny’s child is an iconic group, everyone knows that.

Also, I co-directed the DVD with Beyonce and there was so much footage to choose from that we could have done 15 DVD’s! Beyonce is undeniable. Fans were going crazy. I can still feel the excitement. It amazed me. And thank you for the compliment on great post-production work. I’m pretty sure Ed (Burke) and Beyonce would say thank you too. ‘Cause we worked very hard on every aspect of the DVD. Therefore there was a lot of accuracy in the capturing of the excitement of the shows.

I can’t wait for Kelly to allow me to direct a DVD for her upcoming tour. I’ve known her for 14 years also. I am so very excited for Kelly. Thank you Sylvia Rhone (Universal Motown President) for believing in Kelly.

Sam: Who are your top 3 performers of today and why?

Frank: Of course (I have to include) Beyonce and Destiny’s child, so there are 6 in total:

1) EnVogue – they still have “it”. Dawn Robinson just gets in the way of herself and of the group. The original EnVogue group will go down as big Beyonce. Beyonce, to me, is all 4 girls in one person. And EnVogue with all 4 members is just like Beyonce. Terri Ellis has the grace  and southern charm of Beyonce, Cindy Herron has the confidence and beauty of Beyonce, Dawn Robinson has the style and swagger of Beyonce, Maxine has the soul and passion of Beyonce. So therefore EnVogue is one of my top 6 and it is stupid that executives of record companies don’t see what these ladies still are.

Dawn, please get it together so EnVogue can fly again, ‘cause we are all getting older! Dawn is so fly, but I just want her to see the greatness that is in her. I wish them good luck on their new album and I thank all the ladies for opening that door for me. Thanks for the hard work.

2. Michael Jackson – he just got “it”. I am so glad I got to work with him. He works hard. Beyonce is probably from the same planet as Michael (laughs)

3. This is a tie. Chris Grant and Danielle Polanco. These 2 dancers/performers are the most amazing performers of our time. Chris Grant was picked by Michael Jackson for his ‘This Is It’ tour. Chris is amazing. Chris played Michael Jackson for me in a tribute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I feel Michael has left his soul of dance in Chris Grant and I believe this with all my heart. Chris is so magical and he is pursuing a solo career. Danielle Polanco is a dancer that is magical and if I had the money I would do a remake of her in the ‘Flash Dance’ movie. Her life is a similar narrative.  This girl can dance anything well. Every chromosome of her exudes magic like Cyd Charisse or one of the greats of the past. It’s a gift.

4. Of course I must mention the act that I manage, who has just been signed; Luke James – originally from the group Luke & Q (formerly of J Records). Luke is very cutting-edge and hard-working. He is after the same success as Beyonce and I respect that drive in him. Watch out for Luke James. Beyonce is a fan of his also and that is very exciting. Luke is from New Orleans.

Sam:  Several artists in today’s era lip-sync during their live shows. What are your thoughts regarding that issue? What are your thoughts on the use of pre-recorded vocals?

Frank: I feel if you can really sing, lip-syncing does not matter. Michael Jackson always did on TV – sometimes without even having a microphone in his hand and it did not matter ‘cause he brought it in the performance. So if you can hold the note and project with confidence in the recording booth, just bring it when you perform it and the only reason you need to lip sync is cause you’re doing a lot of movement.

Sam: Rihanna has emerged as quite the (singles) chart force over the last 5 years. What are your thoughts on her as a live performer?

Frank: I met Rihanna when she did a tribute to Destiny’s Child for the World Music Awards in 2005 – alongside Amerie and Teairra Marie. When I met her, I knew she was a star. She was amazing and I asked her if could work with her and she let me work with her on the ‘SOS’ and ‘Unfaithful’ videos, as well as many live performances. And I was right, ‘cause she is a big star and people see it finally. Only note, if I still worked with Rihanna, I would tell her to project more (more energy)  and if you look real close, you can see I just worked with her on the Anthony Mandler directed clip for ‘Only Girl’.   It was fun to work with her again. She is like a little sister to me. She just needs to project more energy. She has magic also; everyone’s magic is unique and different. I did not miss hers when I first met her..

Sam: Name us three artists who you see potential in, (who for one reason or another haven’t realized it), that you’d love to work with/transform?


1) Usher. I have worked with Usher, but (at this point) he should be the master (meaning MJ level & killing everyone on stage). However, he just over thinks it on stage. When Usher begins to not over-think on stage, he is gonna blow people away. When Usher is on stage, he must (allow himself to) get lost and then the audience will totally see the magic he possess. You saw the magic at Michael Jackson’s memorial event in 09 and his remake of Gene Kelly’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ at Movies Rock. In those instances, he did not over think it, and it was magical. I would like to work with him again to make him realize this. Congrats on his success with his new project, though.

2. Brandy. I think she just realized her potential on Dancing With The Stars, but I could help bring it to her music career.  She has to dismiss all fear and then she will be amazing. She has always had great music and the talent. She just needs the right direction.

3. Trey Songz. I just staged a Monica tour where she opened for Trey and I saw his show a few times. But I said to myself, that brother is a star, but he is too safe on stage, trying to be too cool (cool is not needed on stage – just truth and honesty). He should not be-occupied about what people say about him. I would show him how to forget what people say and just show him all the concepts of a great production and a great performer. With my help, Trey Songz can be great as R. Kelly was.  I have worked with R. Kelly and I do see similarities, but differences too. ‘Cause don’t mistake this statemen but: R. Kelly is the king of R&B, yet there is room for a Prince of R&B too.

Sam: Name a legend, whose stage-show comeback you’d love to mastermind? And why…

Frank: That’s easy: EnVogue. They get it, and when they left the scene pre-maturely, there is so much they had not done yet and I want the world to see what I saw everyday in rehearsal. They were just too nice protecting the real truth of why it ended. I pray and hope all four original girls of the group do it for the world the right way. They owe their fans that…

Sam: What’s next for Mr Frank Gatson?

Frank: First of all, I must say that I have been so thankful for the success of the ‘I Am…World Tour’ DVD. To co-direct that body of work, along with Beyonce and Ed Burke, makes its recent double Platinum certification so gratifying.

Next– working on Beyonce and Kelly Rowland’s new projects (very excited about that).

Also looking forward to releasing Luke James’ project in 2011.

Have also been asked to direct a feature film, where I’ll be bringing a classic book to life. I can’t talk about the film until the screenplay is finished.

My biggest dream is to bring back the movie musical like Jerome Robbins. I want to direct & choreograph the musicals of today. When will people see that music videos are little small movie musicals? So I want to bring the movie musical back. The industry did it with ‘Chicago’ and so there is room for many more, just like the 50’s and 60’s.

Sam: Frank Gatson, thank you for your time!

Frank: Thank you Sam and Trent for the interview! I love your That Grape Juice…always informative!

P.S: I also just want to add that I enjoyed working with Duffy, JLS and Alexandra Burke over there in the UK!


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  1. OLO December 8, 2010

    Lol@ En Vougue being legends….nowadays people dont evn kno them so no elegends.

    2. LOL@u asking again about RIHANNA and once again people give her compliments on her TALENT.

  2. MissImpartial December 8, 2010

    You do need to be a professional or genius to know Rihanna needs to put some energy into her performances.

    I hope that he can bring something unique to the table when it come to Kelly Rowland music. I would to know whether he woul

  3. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 8, 2010

    Great Interview.

  4. annie! :] December 8, 2010

    hahaha i love how he mentions Beyonce in like every answer… he’s such a stan 😛 hahaha i love him! he’s an amazing choreographer and i can’t wait to see what Bey and him come up with next!

    *waits for R****** stans to somehow make this post about her*

  5. B@tch Please December 8, 2010

    It seem like you guys always want someone to say something bad about Rihanna but the girl is talented and very good at what she does and most people realize that.

  6. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    This was a great interview. Thank for you this, Sam. Frank is a class act, and I am glad that Bey works with him. I love the passion that talks about with regards to choreography and the respect(yet honesty) that he spoke of the artists who he worked with and those in the industry that he hasn’t.

    Like Rihanna for example, I agree with him. She just needs more energy, it would help her as a performer and take her to the next level as an entertainer. And I agree with him on Trey Songs also. Again, great article and I am pleasantly surprised that he is working with Kelly R. That’s a good look for her because he will get something out of her. She’s has so much personality and I would love to see it come out more in her performances also.

  7. DION-ISH December 8, 2010


    RIhanna is VERY energetic in my Opinion. I can say at times maybe not “as” energetic as usual (for example her AMA perf in 09) and some other award show appereances were she wasnt as energetic but at Rock Festivals, Concerts etc. she projects A LOT of energy she just needs to do the same w/ public (award show) appereances as well….WHICH it seems she has from the result of her AMA 2010 performance ….So i feel we will be getting A LOT more energetic performances this era so Go RIh RIh….I wouldnt consider Rated R that much of an energetic era anyway.

  8. royalkev December 8, 2010

    This interview was amazing. I love his insight and his vision. I knew Beyonce was just the type of artist he described. She’s the beast of the industry and I’m pleased that he recognizes her as an Icon and soon to be legend(I’m sure). I’m so glad he reassured the pubic of how the post production of Bey’s I am tour accurately captures the excitment(as he put it). It lays to rest the notion that any of it was embellished.

    I love EnVogue and the place 2nd on my All time – greatest list (I have 4 tied for 1st, I know…) They’re so underrated and remarkably talented, it’s insane!

    I’d love for him to get his hands on my golden girl Brandy! She has so much natural talent and anyone that sees it hidden underneath her exterior gets my vote on bringing her to the next level.

    I’ve admired Usher for a long time and it was great reading his thoughts on so many of my favs. I have to admit that I’m more of a CB fan these days, but Usher was the blue print.

    This was all very exciting to read.

  9. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    And I like his answer on Kelly, Michelle being Icons along with Bey. DC3 IS a very iconic group and their status will be appreciated more as time go on. But there is a difference between being part of an Iconic group and being Iconic as a solo artist.

    If Frank can get that out of Kelly, I would love to see it. People always talk about how only member from a group can be Iconic but I point to the Beatles with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I see Kelly as the McCartney to Bey’s Lennon, Michelle is Ringo Starr(btw) and I would love to see it happen. She has to see it happening for her because if she don’t, no one else will.

  10. I HATE CIARA December 8, 2010

    what a boring interview ? who is this queen ?


    THAT IS A F****** JOKE,


  11. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010


    Nah, Rihanna could work on her energy. Sometimes, she seems like she don’t want to be on stage. At least, it projects that way. Note, he did compliment her too. Don’t forget that. Never throw out the baby with the bath water.

  12. DION-ISH December 8, 2010

    And didnt he say he worked with Rihanna and just saw her?!?

    soooo DID HE TELL HER THAT?!?! o_O

  13. RI RI THE BEST December 8, 2010

    this was most defiantly a great intrview.

  14. DION-ISH December 8, 2010


    I Didnt say she shouldn’t work on it.

  15. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    @ I hate Ciara.

    Re-Read what he said. His point was not to compare Bey to Kelly because he loves BOTH OF THEM. Not to mention reminding people that she was part of one of the all time mainstream girl groups with DC. A founding member at that. There is a difference between being part of a Iconic Group and being a Icon as a solo artist in the industry, but let’s not forget this fact about Kelly.

  16. DION-ISH December 8, 2010

    Plus im “glad” to see Rihanna is ALWAYS on sams Mind!

    I Believe he secretly wants to be apart of the Rihanna Navy, extremely Pressed, SOMETHING!

  17. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010


    Well, he didn’t say she DIDN’T have energy, just that she need MORE energy: I would tell her to project more (more energy). There is a difference.

  18. Rihgoeshard December 8, 2010

    I LOVE RIRI!!! SHE’S THE GREATEST.. and only 22 years old and already has more success than for example Beyonce. FACT!!

  19. DION-ISH December 8, 2010


    And i SAID i agreed on that front.


    Trent/Sam SIT DOWN trying to get hits off a Bee/Rih stan war ROFL

  20. Destiny! December 8, 2010

    Love’d it!! Great Job Guys!

  21. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    LOL @ Dion-ish’s comment: Trent/Sam SIT DOWN trying to get hits off a Bee/Rih stan war ROFL

  22. Beyoncestan December 8, 2010

    Im so tired of people saying rihanna’s more successful then beyonce, how? were is the grammys to prove it because beyonce has 16 and if u want to exclude the ones with destiny’s child she has 13 not to mention 42 nominations making her the only female to be nominated that many times EVER, were is rihannas icon status tours because beyonce has 3 of those under her belt while ur girl was strugglin to sale tickets, and most important were is rihanna’s number one albums’s?? anyone can get number one singles but what about the whole package which is an album, stop trying to compare there is no comparison, beyonce has been were rihanna’s at right now and shes past it so get over it and stop tryin to make her out to be the greatest artist of all time

  23. spunkypoop December 8, 2010

    great read! He broke it down to the T! He has been in the game for 20 plus years he would know!

  24. Quanberg December 8, 2010

    Great Great Interview, Kelly is gonna shi tin them in 2011, He knows her SECRET u heard him, I agree with th eother things he said as well !!! Iconic Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle as a group and soon as solo artist !!! They’ve go the fire burning !!! Brandy i csn’t wait to see, Trey I saw in August – He is to cocky on stage !!! Can’t wait – 2011 gon be head to head with some of these artist !!!

  25. LDJ_BEY December 8, 2010


  26. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 8, 2010

    Wow, this was such a great interview. This is one of the reasons I like TGJ because they interview people you would never think to hear from. Kudos!

    It’s great to hear an insider’s opinion on what makes the Queen so great! It’s no surprise for me but it’s kinda like evidence for the pressed ones. LOL!

    I like his enthusiasm about working with others like Brandy, Usher, and even Trey! It seems like he’s really passionate about his art. I’d really love for him to work with Bran Bran!

    No surprise about Rihanna’s energy or lack thereof. I don’t think she’s good enough for even him to help, IMO.

    And En Vogue is VERY underrated! I like how he kept referring to them. Love them!

    To the idiot who said he called Kelly an Icon, he called her an Icon as apart of the group DC! Learn to read and comprehend! Smh.

  27. DION-ISH December 8, 2010


    Its not that serious Sweetheart! Its quit obvious Bee is more Successful! Thats prob not even a Rihanna stan….Its someone trying to generate a stan war. I wouldnt be surprised if you were actually @RIHGOESHARD

  28. Beystanbish December 8, 2010

    Yes Frank. You better tell these lesser girls about the Queen. And no stans war please. Just childish

  29. black diva December 8, 2010

    In every single question he mentions Bey’s name LOVE THE GUY!!!! As for Rihanna…. Girl u gotta put some energy in your performances but in general you’re talented. But not an icon yet. But one things for sure my sista Beyonce has already crossed the line of icon, she’s on a whole new #LEVEL

  30. movieman December 8, 2010

    queen beyonce coming back next year with another nr1 album hits the top spot on forbes and another 100 million grossing tour

  31. Edison Dreams December 8, 2010

    That was good guys. I swear I was looking for his interviews on youtube and all over the internet for months now, but i only found one interview. I would love to meet him. He knows what he’s talkin about. I agree with everything he said. People forget that EnVouge was really big at one point. They were all over MTV… Beyonce is the Female Michael Jackson* !!! Fantasia really needs to take his advice aswell, and keep her shoes on! And stop screaming. She gets the best reactions when she sings softer…. Frank Gatson, you are a legend too!

    Follow Me To Heaven :

  32. MissImaprtial December 8, 2010

    My internet crashes that is why i could not finish my sentence.

    I would love to know whether you would consider to work with a Pop Artist like Britney Spears.

  33. Yellow Gorillah December 8, 2010

    Why is Rihanna always in their mouth as much as they try and act like they hate her they just cant get enough of her,

    I also agree that Rihanna needs to bring more energy in the table but as I fan I know that she has it in her I have seen some performances of her when she really rocked it and danced and owned the stage there are some performances when I’m just like NO RiRi no.. but she has got everything else on lock she just needs to practise on her performances practise makes perfect beyonce has been training since she was 10 or something. Rihanna has a long way to go she has time in her hands to improve on her weaknesses

    There is no doubt about it that she will be remeberd and one day will also become a icon/Legend she is hard worker and a bad b****,.

    Beyonce is a beast on stage so I have nothing negative towards her.

  34. ChaseKILLS December 8, 2010

    Great read…. he really hit the nail on the head with En Vogue.. Dawn left RIGHT before they could enter the best phase of their career.. (although “Don’t Let Go (Love)” was a great way to leave the group).. but it does sadden me that a major label won’t take a chance on them. Dawn must have really burned their name.

    There is a difference between DC being icons and Beyonce being an icon… hopefully we can see Kelendria become as well.

    I would love to see him work with Brandy… and LETOYA

  35. December 8, 2010

    This was my favorite interview by far. Lots of great conversation pieces in such a short interview and learning the legendary career of a man who worked with the greats of the last three decades. Kudos, TGJ!

  36. Team K. Rowland!!!!!!!!!!! December 8, 2010

    This was indeed a good read! Wow! He was so intuitive! I’m glad to hear the Kelly is WORTH waiting for! Get it girl!

  37. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    I agree with dude for the most part…

    but we all know destiny child was and still is beyonce… kelly and michelle was just her back up dancers…

    and its really sad how they all suppose to be friends, and u rarely see beyonce supporting any of them..

    but ull always see kelly supporting beyonce though..

    we all know as long as rihanna keeps licking joe camels balls, she gonna be around, f*** talent… NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  38. caroline Wilson December 8, 2010

    Such a great interview!

  39. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    trey sonz needs to take the d*** out of his a**, and learn how to be humble…

    his ego is to big right now…he can be easily replaced…

  40. WeOker December 8, 2010

    I’m sure Thatgrapejuice is paid by beyoncé’s team to promote her. SMH. Biased media

  41. SparkD December 8, 2010

    Wow! Frank Gatson wants to work with BRANDY!

  42. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    Actually, Kelly don’t even mention Bey and her days with DC anymore which is smart because she has to set herself apart from her DC days in some way. They support each other but they don’t need to mention every moment and every interview. As for Bey’s support of Kelly, any entertainer who is willing to go off their tour, perform at the BET awards just so Kelly can get her spot and sing Like This, that’s support.

  43. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010


    Isn’t it beautiful? And he WILL take Brandy to the next level if she wants that to happen. He helped Fantasia out too and did a good job with her polishing her up. I know people talk about her personal life, but as for her performing and her stage image, definitely better.

  44. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    @Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    Kelly doesnt support beyonce anymore? sweety do u live in the real world, or just the beyonce is always right world?

    just a week ago kelly was tweeting about beyonce…

    umm nobody is saying that they got to advertise their friendship to the world, but beyonce rarely supports michelle or kelly..

    when the hell did beyonce get off her tour just so kelly can performe on bet?
    how delusional are u to be making s*** up

  45. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    Rated XXX: when the hell did beyonce get off her tour just so kelly can performe on bet?

    Me: That’s not delusional, that’s a fact. Bey was on a WW during the B’day era and she went on the BET Awards, to perform and then gave Kelly an opportunity to shine by performing Like this ON HER SET.

    Again. THAT is supporting. If Kelly wants to mention Bey all the time, that’s on her. I don’t need Beyoncé mentioning Kelly every moment to know that she supports her.

  46. Dane December 8, 2010

    This is why some of you will never be famous or successful. This man just gave positive criticism about each artist and the majority of people are offended…..SMH…this man has worked with the Greats…I think is opinion and criticism matter more than anyone of yours…

  47. SohhJavier December 8, 2010

    Why are there always negative people … anyways kelly is a Icon with and without out the group, the world just has’nt caught on yet and as frank said it hiself… he knows her secret …kelly kind of got to comfortable and just got lazy now she’s about to attack the stage, starfloor is just the beginning of great performances and not only will she attack the stage she will also attack the charts watch and see…I am so glad she’s working with him I always admire frank work ethics I remember watching Bey’s first performance at bet awards performing crazy in love and he was dancing with her bringing sasha out of her ..people have slept on kelly because kelly slept on herself and now … its going to be tough for these industry chicks Bey and Kellz at the top of the game together can’t wait

  48. notadummy December 8, 2010

    This is very Unique of you. You should always interview famous background singers, etc. to get the scoop on these celebs

  49. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    @Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    so u just proved my point…

    notice I wrote earlier that beyonce rarely, key word rarely..

    so that bet perfomance was one of the rare ocasion bey bey supported kelly..

    u dont need beyonce to promote kelly everyday day? who hell hell said she needed to be promoting kelly everyday?

    I’m still trying to figure out what exacly was the point of u comin at me…
    Ive never said beyonce NEVER, promotes kelly or michelle.. I said she RARELY promotes them..
    and yet kelly is always promoting her…u felt the need to come at me because?

  50. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    @Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    I’m sticking to delusional on ur part..

    because I’m here minding my business, and here u come being all defenssive, over some truth s*** I said…

    its never that damn deep boo

  51. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    I’m trying to figure out why a stan feel the need to become all defensive over a statement I made..

    Ive never said its beyonces faulf kelly is not as famous as her..

    I never said its beyonces fault kelly isnt making millions and sellin millions of albums..

    all I said was, destiny child was and still is beyonce..and michelle and kelly were her back up dancers/singers…

    and that beyonce rarely supportd michelle and kelly..meanwhile they all suppose to be friends..

    I never said she has to support them…

  52. carl December 8, 2010


  53. Mike December 8, 2010

    Frank and Beyonce are so blessed….

  54. Wake Up Six December 8, 2010


  55. the kiddz December 8, 2010

    This was a very insightful interview. I’m glad he spoke so highly of Bey.

  56. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    I only used one example, I could use another where Kelly herself said on the View that Bey sent her roses when she was co-hosting it. But I could give you instance after instance and people are going to believe what they want because of the gossip and all.

    Here is a thought: Frank said that he was working with Kelly, right? Do you think he could do that without Beyoncé’s blessing? Like I said, I don’t need Bey mentioning Kelly’s name all the time to know that she supports her or even know the level of support that she gives her. People need to stop letting Gossip be their gospel.

  57. BDABOSS December 8, 2010

    This was a great interview! I like the concept of interviewing relatively know, yet unknown insiders in the industry. I recently saw Trey Songz in concert on Usher’s OMG Tour, and Frank Gaston definitely stated the same thing I was thinking about Trey’s stage presence. It show could have been way better if he would stop trying to be super cool.

  58. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010


    What you said wasn’t the truth…That’s the point. In fact, there was no need for that statement because those kind of statements start stan-wars, just like the one before your initial post did: I AM NOT HERE TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE WHO THINKS SMELLY FLOPLAND IS AN ICON LMFAO

    Same coin, different sides of it. People need to think about what they say(write in this case) before they say it. A lot of things would be avoided if people lived by that principle.

  59. TC ;D December 8, 2010


    THIS B**** TEAM



  60. carl December 8, 2010

    ^The SAME DVD that sold more than Human’s overall sales in 6 days? Oh. You damn right.

  61. TC ;D December 8, 2010






  62. MissImaprtial December 8, 2010


    Maby Bee and Kelly are supporting each other in PRIVATE. They might share phone conversations,text and email. They do not need to do that in Public to justify that.

  63. the kiddz December 8, 2010


    Exactly. They don’t owe the public anything. Right now, Kelly is trying to build her own image and being around Bey is only going to ignite the media to pit them against each other. But, I have no doubts they support each other.

  64. Mike December 8, 2010

    Why is the person hating on Frank? ……. TC; D… Frank loves. Brandy… Ask her… I met Frank and he is honest and very sincere.. Don’t hate on the brother.. Plus he is too old to get caught up in kids game… Frank is a grown ass man….Frank even did Brandy’s first video.. I wanna Be Down” Much Respect Mr. Gatson…

  65. monica December 8, 2010

    I respect this man period his worked with the best in the industry!

  66. Kevin December 8, 2010

    Great interview!

    I’d kill for the opportunity to work with Gatson. It’d be interesting to see how he’d handle a solo artist that isn’t a singer/dancer, but an instrumentalist.

  67. (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN December 8, 2010


  68. GOTAA LOVE DA LOVE December 8, 2010

    Id love it if this guy gave Brandy the edge she needs for the stage..Never nu he worked with her on I wanna B down…That Vid was nicely done.. very cinematic IMO. .. I just woudnt like making her into beyonce number 2 .. He would hve to keep brandy.. Brandy and no-one else… but im sure he knows what hes doin.. hope shes open to his invitation..I love Frank because hes recognised Brans Potential as well as Maksim it seems..

  69. bigphil December 8, 2010

    This is one of your best posts ever. Very informative. I am a Rihanna fan and noticed that SOS especially was an energetic video filled with personality and always wondered what the hell happened to that RiRi, and now I know. She needs someone on her team that will keep that fire under her ass to PERFORM and not sit back and rely on her “star status” to sell her work.

  70. Beyonce Owns Your Fav December 8, 2010


    Well this f** as you say has worked with everyone from Micheal Jackson to Janet Jackson to even your favorite Brandy.

    You are pathetic. You are beyond obsessed with Beyonce.

    Like I said she has your MIND BODY AND SOUL.

  71. MJfan December 8, 2010



  72. SPUNKYPOOP December 8, 2010

    @TC ;D

    YOU ARE MENTALLY INSANE!!!! LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am laughing so hard I have a headache and I damn near pissed on myself!

  73. AC December 8, 2010

    Excited for this new Kelly Rowland project.

  74. SPUNKYPOOP December 8, 2010

    LMAOOOOOO!!!!!! @


  75. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    @Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    stan war?
    sweety first of all I dont stan for nobody..if the beyonce stans(like u feel the need to take my statement personally, than, I cant help u

    which part did I say wasnt true? that beyonce RARELY supports kelly or michelle?

    and they always support her…

    thats my oponion..and I can back my opinion up with facts..
    if my opinion bothers u so much, well thats on u..

  76. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    oh please, with the beyonce supports kelly with text and phone calls…

    that b******* lie may work on all the beyonce stans..but I wasnt born yesterday..

    I see alot of people dont know what rarely means..

    again, for the slow a** stans, Ive never said beybey NEVER supports michelle or kelly..

    I said she rarely does it…its call having an opinion..sorry the damn truth hurts…

    u guys are the one whos making that s*** into a big deal..and nobody is pitting anybody against each other..

  77. S*** December 8, 2010

    YES SAM!!!!

    You’re not gonna believe this but this is by far your BEST INTERVIEW YET.

    The ONLY interview better would be one with MJ & Beyonce THEMSELVES.

    Speaking of which, Heres what Frank had to say about Bey VS MJ:

  78. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 8, 2010

    I’m sorry, umm we the public are the only ones pitting against each other?

    how many times has beyonce release a song on the same day as kelly or michelle?
    more than 1, 2, 3 times

    wasnt it beyonces people who told bet not to let letoya perform, because beyonce suppose to peform?

    yea its the public whos to blame………

  79. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 8, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    But it’s NOT the truth. That’s the point. Because if it was the truth, people wouldn’t be correcting you in here. It has nothing to do with being a stan. People need to stop listening to Gossip sometimes. The only thing you(and I) can say is that she don’t hang with them much of the time like she did when they were a group, because she spends a lot of time with Jay from what we KNOW in public. That’s ALL we know of them. Anything else is speculative gossip at best.

  80. fatu sankoh December 8, 2010

    good interview beyonce is the best i love proud to be a fan for life god bless you bey

  81. S*** December 8, 2010

    @ TC ;D

    H** Have a Sit. Its not Beyonce’s fault that her Concert DVD is selling more than T*****’s whole last Album. Trandy could never reach Bey’s LVL of Singing, Music, Performing or hell Even ACTING, where is Tanny at the Box office?, the GRAMMYS??.

    @ MJfan

    Oh SHUT UP, you give MJ fans a bad name wwith that same dumb sad Story of how “MJ was the best there ever was & yall aint sit compared to him, he is “legend.” rubbish/B*******. NOT EVERYONE agrees that MJ was hot s***. I for one but Beyonce OVER MJ, I couldnt care less how much he sold or who fainted for him (I never would). I think MJ’s Voice sucks & so does most his Music to me, hes just OKay to me so WHATEVER.

    Bey >>> MJ (AND WHAT???)

    Anyway, the only thing I dont agree with is what Frank said about EN’VOUGE. LMAO, Sorry Frank but NO way, TOGETHER they still cant touch the Queen in anysense. FAIL But Yeah…


  82. MISHKA December 8, 2010

    Love the interview!

    Everybody and their momma know Beyonce is an alien. She just never stops to challenge herself. Even in rehearsal, girl?

    He’s right about Trey Songz, the guy needs to get out of his comfort zone when he sings live.

  83. (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN December 8, 2010


  84. tron December 8, 2010


    Don’t EVER ABUSE the Goddess’s Name.

    I won’t make a comparision but we all know who paved the way for your little Beyondroid. I think even Bey knows herself.

    Brandy’s sold ton of albums and tons of EVERYTHING. SHE’S HAD HER own SITCOM and is actually respected as an actress. We’ll see if Beyonce ever gets that.



  85. S*** December 9, 2010


    Chile you & me both. I would probably prefer Elvis with them standing side by side over MJ. PPL swear up down MJ was the best EVER. OMG, I hate to call a King/legend like him Overrated but dammit, he is!!! I wouldnt have a problem with that OPINION if PPL didnt try to Shove it down PPL’s Throat. I do know anyone in my family that likes MJ, I only like a Cpl of his songs like BEN, but Like I said hes just OKay… 😐

  86. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ tron

    Oh Please, Sit you wack ass down. ALL 3 of you Sick Bandy stains need to sit your happy behinds down. Beyonce never gave a f*** about some damn Brandy & neither does the Industry or the Public. Keep your Assholes I mean opinions to yourselves because trust me they ARE NOT Popular.

    LMAO, Brandy?? Chile BYE ==>>

  87. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    Beyoncé is one of the few performers of this generation that SLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAYSSSSSS on all fronts. Only other female artists I can name that do that are Janelle Monáe, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch, although Flo can still improve a little bit as a singer and performer, but considering how well she has improved in just the course of a year, I don’t think it will be long before she’s at Bey’s level.

    I also agree with him about Usher needing to not overdo it onstage. Dude is a natural performer, he doesn’t to go over-the-top, he just needs to let himself be.

    And *DEAD* at him trying to be as polite about Rihanna as possible while still being honest! He’s right, she needs to work A LOT on her stage presence, cause as of now she has about as much stage presence as Shy Ronnie. I’m not gonna even complain about her voice anymore, because at this point it’s obvious that she’s not gonna improve on that front. But she should at least be a good performer to compensate for the lack of vocals. If there’s anything she should learn about those canceled tour dates from this summer, is that she needs to bring it onstage if she’s gonna expect people to pay good money to see her live.

    And extra props to him for mentioning Cyd Charrisse! I love her, she’s one of my favorite dancers ever, and if you don’t know her already, you can check her out tonight on Turner Classic Movies when Singin’ In The Rain airs at 11:15 PM. She’s the one dressed in head-to-toe green with a black bob dancing with Gene Kelly. Next to Gene’s famous dance in the rain scene, it’s the best part of the movie.

  88. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ S*** & (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN:

    You guys are perfectly entitled to not like MJ, but saying he can’t sing is beyond retarded. And he is one of your fave’s biggest inspirations, so show respect.

    No MJ= No Bey.

  89. S*** December 9, 2010

    ^^^ I never said MJ couldn’t Sing, I just think hes much more of a Dancer than Singer. Beyonce is more Dynamic than MJ. Great Singer,Dancer & Performer, Not 2 but all 3 & versatile at that. MJ just doesnt do it for me & no I dont like his Voice at all. R Kelly >>>

  90. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ You said his voice sucks, isn’t that the equivalent of saying he can’t sing? It’d be a different story if you had just said “I don’t like his voice”.

  91. inconegro December 9, 2010

    Great Interview!!! Frank Gatson really appears to be a class act, and he shows how talent is ageless which is apparent in his ability to choreograph artists from totally different generations. He kept it PC with his comments about Kelly, but I like that he highlighted the talent that she has without making a “greater than, less than” comparison to Beyonce as most people like to do. I did find his comment about EnVogue to be a bit harsh, particularly the comment about these 4 incredibly talented women equalling the talent of Beyonce…kinda disrespectful. Anyone of the ladies of EnVogue could have been Beyonce (watch this clip and tell me I’m lying:–XEugv0&playnext=1&list=PL95C4AA9EC7D9A6D8&index=71)if given the opportunity, it just wasn’t meant t be. Also, his comment about Dawn Robinson was a bit direct, but tell the truth and shame the devil. Lastly, I LOVE that he gave Danielle Pollanco her due props. The chick is bad…she can break, she can vogue, she can do hip-hop…you name it, this girl can do it. I heart Danielle, she is the s***!!!

    All in all, I am a fan of Frank’s, and I really enjoy his choreography. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

  92. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    oh my goodness…

    I’m losing my patience here….

    for the last time I dont give two f**** of how u and the other beyonce stans feel about my opinions on beyonce…

    my opinions aint got s*** to do with gossip..I only state facts..

    if I hurt ur little feelings well built a bridge and get over it..

    its not that damn serious boo boo

  93. TAMI December 9, 2010

    Amazing interview.I agree RIhanna needs more energy she’s BORING!Like damn!I don’t know who is worse Katy Perry or Rihanna.but he got it right, Beyonce is AMAZING!She’s such a hard worker love her!

  94. Perry December 9, 2010

    @Tron HAHHHAHAHAHA. BRANDY?!?! I thought you were gonna say MJ, Janet, or Madonna or something…but BRANDY??? Your poor, pathetic, sad little flop Brandy will never have a successful career ever again! Beyonce has more talent and success in a piece of corn in her s*** than Brandy will ever have in her whole life. Don’t get confused honey. ;D

  95. TAMI December 9, 2010

    Btw I’m sorry Kelly Rowland career is dead like s***!She ain’t going no where.Sorry but 2011 will not be the year of Kelly Rowland!It already SUCKS that Beyonce is releasing something 2011, when she wants to.Lol why didn’t see drop it in 2010??

  96. TAMI December 9, 2010

    I agree on Usher and Trey Songz! Like damn Trey lose the ego. I ain’t see him win no grammy or s*** yet but he thinks he is all that.LOL and Brandy is a good singer but her career is pretty much DEAD too.I’m sorry…………….If she was to drop an album in 2011 among Beyonce,Lady,Gaga etc she would FLOP FLOP FLOP

  97. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    Beyonce is more Dynamic than MJ…

    n**** said what?

    I’m gonna need for S*** to get out of bey beys c****** and join the real world..

    beyonce is a great singer and performer, and I do kinda see why her stans stays on her nuts 24/7

    but to compare her to Michael and say shes better..

    beyonce isnt no where near micheal jackson status..not with all the c****** popping, single ladies, I’m a diva, its to big its to wide, crap shes been putting out..

  98. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ Angry response from S*** in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ….

  99. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    lets not get ahead of ourselves here people….

    Brandy can always have a huge comeback..that broad can sing circles around beyonce..

    lets keep it 100%..

    beyonce is a better performer, but singer, Brandy wins..

    and lets not act like beyonce is the baddest walking JUST because of her talent..

    she got lucky..I guarentee any of yall if Brandy had the same chance as beyonce, she would be on the same level of fame too

  100. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    hey, I havent f*** with the rihanna stans in a min..

    I got to have fun somehow..


  101. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @s*** aka and Beyonce/Kim/Gaga Stan

    That comment was so delusional.

    And when did you start liking Lady Gaga??? I’m Confused.

    Agree w/ @ True Blue

    @Rated XXX

    Beyonce got lucky???

    No Beyonce is where she is at because of her hardwork, drive, and determination.

    Not because she got LUCKY.

    Save that s*** for the Rihanna’s of the world.

    But I do agree with the right material and packaging Brandy could make a big comeback just like Monica. Maybe even bigger.

  102. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    I think it’s safe to say that every legendary musician got to where they are due to a combination of hard work AND luck. Of course if they were lazy and had no ambition, then they’d never get anywhere in life no matter how talented they are, but considering how many talented people there are out there who try so hard to make it and for some reason can’t do it, those who do make it are lucky in a way.

    Also, there’s this thing called fate. If you are destined for something, it will happen. If you’re not meant to attain a certain level of success (even if you do deserve it), it’s not gonna happen. That’s life for you.

  103. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Yeah what you said actually makes since now that I think about it.

  104. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Rated Xxx(aka rated x)

    This Trick said… “Brandy can always have a huge comeback..that broad can sing circles around beyonce””

    Its OKay if you like her voice more (Raspy & Hesitant & all)

    But Um, Sorry baby but HELL NO!!

    When Brandy (or Jasmine Sufferen) does half this…

    NEVER. Bey shits on BOTH of them Vocally(5 X’s Over). Bey still shits on them even on her worse PHARYNGITIS FILLED DAY. #Fail

    Please Guys, just stop mentioning T*****, you’re just setting yourself up for the biggest FAIL.

  105. S*** December 9, 2010




    December 9, 2010 at 1:48 am

    @ Rated Xxx(aka rated x)

    This Trick said… “Brandy can always have a huge comeback..that broad can sing circles around beyonce””

    Its OKay if you like her voice more (Raspy & Hesitant & all)

    But Um, Sorry baby but HELL NO!!

    When Brandy (or Jasmine Sufferen) does half this…

    NEVER. Bey shits on BOTH of them Vocally(5 X’s Over). Bey still shits on them even on her worse PHARYNGITIS FILLED DAY. #Fail

    Please Guys, just stop mentioning T*****, you’re just setting yourself up for the biggest FAIL.

  106. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ I’m bookmarking that one.

  107. (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN December 9, 2010

    Prince >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Michael Jackson
    Beyoncé >>>>>>>> Michael Jackson

    It’s doesnt matter who came in the Biz first. I know Michael paved the way for Bee and others but that doesnt mean he’s better than them. I’ve seen many Michael performances. Recently bought a collector DVD of him for my Boyfriend B’day. Because a Big fan of Mike. Honestly like Franck Gatson & S*** just said He’s GREAT Performer and Dancer. But his voice is not that strong live and Cant sing Live and Dance properly as Prince or Beyoncé. THEY CAN SANG THEIR ASS OFF AND PERFORME GIVE A GREAT SHOW. Michael in my opinion was like a Blockbuster WHO CAN ENTERTAIN more than a real Singer.

    Now I’m Out!

    @ S*** i agree R.Kelly >>>>>>>>>> Mike too.

  108. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    S*** you put the most unflattering pictures of Beyonce as your gravatar.

  109. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    Micheal Jackson can SING. And Gatson didn’t say Micheal Jackson isn’t a singer. he said,

    “I feel if you can really sing, lip-syncing does not matter. Michael Jackson always did on TV – sometimes without even having a microphone in his hand and it did not matter ‘cause he brought it in the performance. So if you can hold the note and project with confidence in the recording booth, just bring it when you perform it and the only reason you need to lip sync is cause you’re doing a lot of movement.”

    A lot of people would agree w/ about Prince. They are not the same though so why compare them.

  110. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    That GIF is Hilarious.

  111. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    I’m curious as to who you listen to besides Beyonce. It seems you have a lack of interest with everyone but her, including those who she owes her career to (MJ).

  112. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ I love how you have my ULTIMATE faves in that gravatar. 😀

  113. Mike December 9, 2010

    No disrespect to MJ,,, but Beyonce and Usher have at least 20 years before they are 50 years old… Lets talk about it then….the icon and legend stuff….. FACT …Beyonce is at the same place MJ was at 29 years old as far as success…………..LOVE MJ……. but we will have someone else that is great one day… we just need Barry Gordy back in the business… cause these execs are slow and too busy trying be stars themselves…. someone should give Frank Gatson a label…He seems to get it….he knows talent… GREAT INTERVIEW FRANK

  114. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns Your Fav.

    I said beyonce is not the baddest walking JUST on talent but luck too..

    key words talent and luck…meaning I did say shes the baddest because of talent and luck

    now i wouldnt go that far in saying hardwork and drive..because the broad is always getting her a** sued on her hardwork and drive..

    but of course she only get sued because people are jealous of her hardwork and drive right?

  115. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav.:

    Don’t even bother with S***. She prays at the church of Beyoncé, worships her as God and thinks everyone else sucks in comparison to her.

    This is the same idiot who once said Beyoncé is more talented than John Lennon. I think that explains everything about S***’s thought process.

  116. fhg December 9, 2010

    Christmas is coming !! Still alone this year??? Come to

    🙂 _________ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _________ 🙂

    which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opport unities for you to meet the attractive sin-gles and treat you like a king or Queen. Come to find the special one for the special new year !!!!!

  117. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Lol. I thought of you when I found it saved in my pics.

  118. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010


    what the hell u be smoking?

    both jamine and brandy can sing sing circle around beyonce..

    sorry n****…..beyonce cant be great at every damn thing..

    she may be great at performing, getting her a** sue on the regular, and stealling people s***..

    but I can name alot of people who can sing circles around beyonce…

  119. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ Rated X:

    People get sued everyday, so by your logic no one works hard?

  120. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    After reading your comment I know what u meant my bad.

    But I Guess

    Madonna is a Pop icon because she is the MOST SUED ARTIST IN HISTORY

    Elvis is a LEGEND because he stole a good chunk of his songs from African Americans who couldn’t get a break.

    I guess is Lauryn Hill is a magnificant songwriter because she got sued for not giving writing credits to the people who helped her out.

    My point is that,

    If we are always going call Beyonce out lets call everybody out.

  121. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav

    LOL, whats wrong with my Gravaters?? I actually find my selection appealing, Bey NEVER takes a bad pick in my book. Shes always either S***, Beautiful or CUTE.

    @ the kiddz

    Well really everyone in Bey’s Circle like Rihanna, JayZ & Kanye then I like bits & Pieces of others like Britney, Chris Brown, Fantasia, Aaliyah, Alicia, Trey Songz, Usher & R.Kelly ETC but you know the list isnt that long. Musically Im pretty Picky when it comes to my Music. I do respect almost all artist (with the exception of Gaga & Madonna)

    & as for Prince, Meh, I put him on the same boat with MJ only hes in no way overrated. But I cant say I prefer either or.

  122. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    did somebody say R kelly is better than michael jackson?

    R, kelly?

    R kelly is great and all but………………………………………..

    but he cannot touch michael..never….

    what the hell yall smoking tonight?

    first this broad talking about how beyonce is better than GOD, now this one is saying r.kelly is better than michael

  123. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Rated Xxx(aka rated x)

    Whatever helps you sleep at night…

    “Aint Nobody Gon want us to go to dey shows Frank. Cause We go meet everybody & say “Hey Great Show” & then steal it!! haha”~Beyonce

    LMAO, Thats right Bey, you better take whats RIGHTFULLY yours!! The only reason she ever went to Shakira’s Concert was to steal some new moves anyway cause she doesnt even like Shakira or her voice that much. & Shakira knew she couldnt do nothing about it (Cant beat em, join em) cause she knows who OWNS THE GAME, the Queen BB.

    “But Everybody does that though…”~Frank Gatson
    “yeah, Everybody does…”~Beyonce

  124. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @rated x

    You may PREFER other singers to Beyonce, but the fact is she is technically the besy singet out. Perfect pitch, her voice is insanely connected, operative head voice, earthy belts, ease throughout all her registers and the best user of melisma since Mariah and Whitney (not that I’m saying she’s on their level vocally).

  125. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    Take your ass back to Destinys Rehab.

    You damn c*** flea.

    S*** said,

    “LMAO, Thats right Bey, you better take whats RIGHTFULLY yours!! The only reason she ever went to Shakira’s Concert was to steal some new moves anyway cause she doesnt even like Shakira or her voice that much. & Shakira knew she couldnt do nothing about it (Cant beat em, join em) cause she knows who OWNS THE GAME, the Queen BB.”


    That Right there makes believe that you are not a stan at all. And a Troll indeed.

  126. S*** December 9, 2010

    @Rated Xxx(aka rated x)

    We only said R.Kelly is the Better Singer (also better than Brandy & Jasmine as is Beyonce) Not that Hes better all together (though that can be argued too) 🙂

  127. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    Excuse my typos..damn iPhone

  128. S*** December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns Your Fav.

    Im dead Serious actually. & good to see you’re on DR too, do you post as Anon. Im a bit disapointed in you LOL, you got me Owning those Haters Left Right & center all by my Lonesome. 😆

    & Ill even post it again, Im serious…

    “Aint Nobody Gon want us to go to dey shows Frank. Cause We go meet everybody & say “Hey Great Show” & then steal it!! haha”~Beyonce

    LMAO, Thats right Bey, you better take whats RIGHTFULLY yours!! The only reason she ever went to Shakira’s Concert was to steal some new moves anyway cause she doesnt even like Shakira or her voice that much. & Shakira knew she couldnt do nothing about it (Cant beat em, join em) cause she knows who OWNS THE GAME, the Queen BB.

    “But Everybody does that though…”~Frank Gatson
    “yeah, Everybody does…”~Beyonce

  129. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    I am Monique Price….

    I am blocked from commenting.

  130. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    A c*** flea?! *dies a quick and painless death* lmao

  131. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav

    I watched that Video &…

    KID MJ >>>> Adult MJ all day everyday.

    His Voice just got to raspy, Shaky & hesitant as he got older but as a Child I consider him thee best Child singer Ever, he would have won every season of Star Search but Adult MJ……………. 😕

  132. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    Yep, they blocked my comments because I use to always make them look stupid. I swear every-time I made a point to the moderator of the blog her and all the other haters use to change the topic. I guess she finally got tired of looking like the irrational hater she is on a regular basis so they blocked me from commenting.

  133. Dave December 9, 2010

    KELLY ROWLAND >>>> He makes me so MUCH MORE excited about her upcoming project. Love her

  134. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns Your Fav


    sure when can calll out all the other people who steal other people s*** and take credit for them..but how is that relevant now, we’re not talking about madonna, lauren hill or elvis..

    but what does it got to do with beyonce? u claim is her drive and hard wok and my response is
    her hardwork consist of stealling other people s*** and claim its hers, on the regular..

  135. S*** December 9, 2010

    “Aint Nobody Gon want us to go to dey shows Frank. Cause We go meet everybody & say “Hey Great Show” & then steal it!! haha”~Beyonce

    LMAO, Thats right Bey, you better take whats RIGHTFULLY yours!!

    “But Everybody does that though…”~Frank Gatson
    “yeah, Everybody does…”~Beyonce

  136. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    Are you talking about bwboard?

  137. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    never said beyonce wasnt talented,

    never said beyonce doesnt work hard

    but my point is, u stans give that broad too much damn credit..

    put her on a pedistal like she cant do no wrong….

    shes human like everybody else..and shes a greedy, selfish broad…

    and what?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  138. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010


    I bought them up because people constantly call out Beyonce but never call out anybody else.

    And no her hardwork consist of staying up late nights, rehearsing without stopping to eat, take a break, or use the bathroom for hours.

    It has caught my attention that most of the people who attack Beyoncé’s songwriting credits tend to linger on whether or not she wrote the lyrics. That is plain foolish because it takes more than words to compose a song; unless I’m mistaken and Beyoncé is presenting herself as a poet and releasing spoken words CD’s.

    Last time I bought a Beyoncé record [and I would like to believe I’ve purchased all her material from 1997 up to now] it contained music: beats, instruments, harmonies, melodies and vocals. That’s at least 5 other elements that come into play and get a “songwriting credit.” Whether she came up with the harmony, melody, changed a key, added a word or wrote it from scratch this all deserves and gets credit.

    Lets discuss some of the songs in questioning starting with the one that caused the most controversy: “Irreplaceable”. Everyone knows by now [eventho Bey mentioned him writing the song on various interviews before B’day even hit stores] that Ne-Yo wrote the lyrics to Irreplaceable. Ne-Yo himself said that Beyoncé helped with the arrangement of the song and came up with a melody for the bridge. Both of these actions fall under “songwriting.”

    On to the next one: “Listen,” was fully written when it was sent to Beyoncé to be recorded for the Dreamgirls soundtrack. However, the writers of the song say that when Beyoncé sent them the finalized track back it sounded totally different from the one they had send out to her. This means she had re-arranged the chords, which is why she received her songwriting credit for “Listen.”

    A certain flop blog thought that mentioning Rob Fusari would help them score some points. When in actuality Rob Fusari only shows that Bey does give props where props are due. Rob wanted to RE-play the infamous Stevie Nicks guitar riff sampled on “Bootylicious” so he can get credit for it. Instead, Bey and Mathew opted to use the actual sample and give credit where it was due, to the originator Stevie Nicks.

    Never was there any question about her writing the lyrics it was simply Rob being mad they wouldn’t let him take credit for Stevie’s instrumental sample which meant less money for Rob [ain’t that the reason that he’s really mad??]

    Lastly why does she get attacked for collaborating with other writers? It’s funny that people like Keri Hilson and Alicia Keys that have often collaborated with other writers still get props and respect for songwriting [even tho in Keri’s case they have NEVER written anything amazing? I mean how many time can one person write down “Gimme More” then have Jim Beanz make up a melody to it??]
    Alicia Keys got songwriting credit for “A Woman’s Worth” even tho the lyrics to the song were written by Erika Rose, why has nobody stumbled on this?? Because the rules ONLY apply to Beyoncé. When it comes to others all of a sudden people know how to use common sense and know that Alicia is credited for playing the piano on the track which is also a songwriting credit.

    While we’re on the Alicia subject, how many times has she jacked melodies and harmonies from the 50s to the 80s without giving credit? A couple of examples, James Brown’s “A Man’s World” = “Fallin”, most infamously Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” = “Impossible” [Xtina “Stripped” album]
    This is her taking credit for other people’s work yet her integrity has never been questioned. Beyoncé gets attacked yet any fool with half a braincell that can open a CD booklet and read the credits can see that nobody has went uncredited.

    Also, also in terms of videos. Beyonce always says where she got the inspiration from. No one knew that the single ladies dance was from Bob Fosse until Beyonce said so herself on 106th and Park.

    Millions of artist take stuff from the past or put sampling in their songs but they never get called out as Swagger Jackers.

    Because it is a double standard for Beyonce.

  139. Jay Scorpio December 9, 2010

    LMBAO it was too funny he saying Beyonce works harder than the dancers of course the bytch would have to work harder than them she is NOT a dancer and the Single Ladies video proved that….

    But yes i do agree Beyonce even though she is nowhere near the performance level as Janet is the relevant Black Female Entertainer but trust Rihanna will take over in due time. Rihanna has proven on more than one occasion that she can handle choreographed routines and will be more consistent with it in time.

    SOS video looked very Beyonce and i see why now as the master mind of Beyonce was behind it and that’s what Rihanna’s label pulled away from and developed Rihanna in a totally different direction.

    Much continued success to Beyonce, she def give it her all when she is on stage.

    Just needs to work to giving her fan quality music.

  140. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    In the spirit of that today we’re going to play a game called “THINGS BEYONCE COULD NEVER GET AWAY WITH”. I’ll name things that other superstars have done that you would never, ever, ever, ever let Beyonce get away with.

    Let’s begin:

    WHO AM I?

    I am a MASSIVELY TALENTED multi-platinum superstar. I am undeniably talented but at times I am pitchy and down right off-key during live performances but you let me get away with it because I play the piano. It was RUMORED that I broke up a marriage between a producer and his wife but that rumor didn’t get very far because I’m not Beyonce, but had it been Beyonce it would have been headline news on CNN and y’all would have hanged me live on 106 and Park. Who Am I?

    WHO AM I?

    I don’t allow ANYONE to use my photos, videos, songs, or image in any way. I have sued and shut down my own fan message boards to stop them from posting videos, songs, or photos of mine without permission. If I was Beyonce and I did this y’all would torch the wig crypt to the ground but I can get away with this because I’m not Beyonce (although we do wear the same size high heels). Who Am I?

    WHO AM I?

    I have 5 kids with 3 different fathers. Despite the fact that I wasn’t the best singer and arguably not even the best looking member of my singing group I became the lead singer, (maybe because I slept with the head of my record label). Years later, while on stage with my group mates I pushed one of them to the back of the stage because I wanted to be the one in the front. If Beyonce had done this to Kelly you would beat her with a House of Dereon lizard skin belt with rhinestones but I can get away with this because I’m not Beyonce. Who Am I?

    WHO AM I?

    I have feuded with Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross, my own sister, and even Beyonce. I wrote a book about those feuds years ago. I didn’t go into detail about what started these feuds but I did write in great detail about who makes the best hot dogs and catfish sandwiches in Harlem. If Beyonce were this mean to her peers she would never work in the industry but I can get away with this because I am the Queen. Who Am I?

    WHO AM I?

    My album didn’t debut at #1 but that’s ok because I’m not Beyonce. Beyonce’s album has to debut at #1 with at least 900,000 sold or she’s a flop. I released 3 singles none of which were big hits, but that’s ok because I’m not Beyonce. All of Beyonce’s singles have to go to #1 for 10 weeks otherwise she’s a flop. I’m not quite big enough to headline my own tours, but that’s ok because I’m not Beyonce. All of Beyonce’s shows have to completely sell out. If there are 10,000 tickets on sale and she sells 9,998 she’s a flop because it’s not completely sold out. My career is kinda mediocre right now but it’s ok because I’m not Beyonce and you would NEVER let her get away with this. Who Am I?


  141. royalkev December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns your favs, preach! …especially with the part about Bey being #1 album w/900,000 and having a #1 for 10weeks. It’s not like she can have 3#1 singles and sell 450,000 with her album and not be a flop. I was taking your test and my answers are: A.Keys, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross(?), Patty Labelle(idk???),Rihannna. What do I win?

  142. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 9, 2010

    LOL @ this post.

    I actually think @ S*** isn’t delusional but more of just brutally honest. No I absolutely don’t agree with a lot of his opinions but their interesting to read. Not to mention I laugh my ass off at nearly everything he posts (I.e. Gargle-Tina, and Jasmine “Suffering” totally caught me off guard LOL!)


    You guys should REALLY post the performances from the show “The Sing-Off”! These people are going OFF! My new fave show!Amazing!

  143. TERI December 9, 2010

    Beyonce owns your fav,

    1. Alicia Keys
    2. Lady Gaga
    3. Diana Ross
    4. Kelly, Ciara, Keri

  144. TERI December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns your fav, I am going to change my answer to #3 to Aretha franklin.

  145. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ Teri:

    No, #2 is Prince. Lady Gaga treats her fans like gold, she would never do that to them.

    But you got everyone else right.

  146. En VogueFan December 9, 2010

    En Vogue>>>you
    You b****** paying GODVogue some shade are f****** mentally retarded…if it hadn’t been for En vogue,beyonce’s choreography and s*** would not be so f****** “bomb”. En Vogue opened the door for him and En Vogue was shitting in the 90s….all over VH1 and MTV downe.MJ praised En Vogue,Aretha praised them,Patti praised them,Chaka praised them…people still know what the f*** is UP.

  147. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    Kelly, Ciara and Keri are #5, Aretha (God be with her) is #4.

    And I agree with Beyonce owns Your Fav, Beyoncé is a popular punching bag for mostly stupid reasons.

    I’ve frequented the Prince message boards, and damn near everyone on it always talk s*** about her for no reason. Same w/ Tina Turner fans and whatnot. I’m not claiming that she’s perfect, nor should anyone treat her like she is, but damn, some people act like she’s the worst person ever. Artists who get far more respect than her do far worse, and people sweep their misdeeds under the rug. Double-standards indeed.

  148. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns Your Fav.

    oh please cry me a river, with the beyonce is the only person who gets call out on doin h** s***..

    beyonce gets call out on doing h** s*** the most, because u guys put that broad on a pedistal, and blame everybody and their mama..

    umm no sweety, most people who attacks beyonces songwriting credit are the ones who catches the broad on a lie..

    how many songs has beyonce claimed she wrote all by herself, and then her a** gets call out for it?
    bootylicious, irreplaceable, if I were a boy, Ego, Scared Of Lonely, sweet dreams the list goes on

  149. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    Beyonce owns Your Fav

    all I see ur doin is writting a bunch of crap ..

    first of all we all know neyo called beyonce a** out for claimin she wrote irriplaceable herself..
    sweety ur are trying to fool the wrong person..

    u can keep trying to convince me that beyonce is perfect, that people who claim shes a fraud, lying stealing h**, are a bunch of haters..
    my opinions are never gonna change,
    and i got something call REAL FACTS, not the b******* ur tryna come up with..

  150. Queen B Stan December 9, 2010

    I’ve met Frank before…twice actually…at the Abby (upscale gay club in LA..I met Michelle there as well)…He’s always nice..and always with a bunch of young dancers…Do you know how many times I wanted to BEG him to call THE QUEEN BEYONCE so I could just say hi.

  151. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Funny thing is that the artists themselves have nothing but love and praise for Beyonce. Even saying they’re proud that someone like her is carrying on their legacy. Sounds like some bitter fans to me.

  152. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    Hello? why aren’t my comments showing up

  153. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    Now your ass is just reaching. When has Beyonce claimed to have written her songs BY HERSELF? I’ll wait…..

    So, Ne-Yo can say he wrote “Let Me Love You” when his name is not the only one credited?

  154. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    Answers are:

    1Alicia Keys
    3Diana Ross
    4Aretha Franklin
    5Amerie, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Keri Hilson and any other irrelevant flops you can name.

  155. GangsterA December 9, 2010

    great interview you can tell that he love bey i agree with him on rihanna and usher esp usher yes he over think hes peformances he need to do it like bey a mic and a light thats it can’t wait 4 bey and kelly albums

  156. ddddd December 9, 2010

    @ S***

    Beyoncé is NOT an artist, she’s a product, WAKE UP.

  157. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    Like I said, any fool with half a braincell that can open a CD booklet and read the credits can see that nobody has went uncredited on a Beyonce album.

    When did Beyonce ever say she wrote “If I were a Boy”. She isn’t even credited as a writer on the song.#FAIL

  158. Mike December 9, 2010

    Lets don’t argue.. How can we get Envogue back on the scene.. That would be great…Lets start a ENVOGUE Team…>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  159. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    True that. Mostly bitter fans who can’t get over Beyoncé slaying their faves’ careers and old fogeys who always think everything was better in their day.

  160. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    Like I said, any fool with half a braincell that can open a CD booklet and read the credits can see that nobody has went uncredited on a Beyonce album.

    When did Beyonce ever say she wrote “If I were a Boy”. She isn’t even credited as a writer on the song.#FAIL

    She only said she wrote Irreplaceable one time. Times before that and after she said Ne-Yo wrote it.

    When did she say she wrote “Sweet Dreams”?

    She never said she wrote “Ego”. And for the record Chrisette Michelle didn’t write the song either. She said herself the 1st time she heard the song was on the radio.

    Bootylicious-Let Me Say it Again.

    Rob Fusari only shows that Bey does give props where props are due. Rob wanted to RE-play the infamous Stevie Nicks guitar riff sampled on “Bootylicious” so he can get credit for it. Instead, Bey and Mathew opted to use the actual sample and give credit where it was due, to the originator Stevie Nicks.

    Never was there any question about her writing the lyrics it was simply Rob being mad they wouldn’t let him take credit for Stevie’s instrumental sample which meant less money for Rob [ain’t that the reason that he’s really mad??]

    When did she claim to writing Scared of Lonely?

    Now I’ve just hit u with the REAL facts. And not the M** facts that u obviously cling to.

    Take a Seat.

  161. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    * back in their day.

  162. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    And for the record not all gays like Beyonce, Only the good looking and pretty ones.

    Ugly Gays like people like Amerie, Tierra Marie, Keri Hilson, etc.

    Old Worn Out Queens like Janet Jackson

    Homo thugs like Keyshia Cole

    Old Homo thugs like Mary J. Blige.

  163. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce Owns Your Fav.

    YESS My fellow bumblebee, let these b****** have it. Lol. And about Irreplaceable here’s what Ne-Yo had to say that people tend to ignore. An interview with Concreet Loop.

    “Angel: Ok, we want you to clear up this whole incident with the “Irreplaceable” song with Beyonce. We hear a lot of rumors, she didn’t give you credit, you talked about it on 106th.
    Ne-yo: Yeah.
    Angel: So what’s the real story behind that?
    Ne-yo: The real story behind that is… it is what it is. I think what happened was she was in Japan or something and right before she sang the song she said, “I wrote this for my ladies.” My whole thing is this, I didn’t write, “let me love you” by myself, I wrote that with this cat by the name of [couldn’t pick up the name]. He is one of Scott Scorch’s writers. So when people ask, “Did you write Let me Love you” I say yeah, because I did write the song, I just didn’t write it by myself, but I did write the song. Same thing with Beyonce, she didn’t write the song by herself. I wrote the lyrics, she put together a lot of the melodies and harmonies and what not, which is what makes it a co-write. Now she’s at a show, the spot light is on her, I’m not expecting her to turn around and put the spotlight on me in her show. There have been incidents with her crediting me with writing the song with her before, but she just didn’t do it that one time and people really blew it all out of proportion. I know that she didn’t mean nothing negative by that. I know that is wasn’t on some “let me just let the world know that I wrote this song and he ain’t had nothing to do with it.” I know it wasn’t nothing like that, because I know Beyonce and she ain’t that type of person. Real Talk. So I just think that the world kind of blew it out of proportion. I want to thank everybody for riding with me on some “yo Ne-yo wrote that song.” But it wasn’t that serious.
    Angel: Ok, thanx for clearing that up.
    Ne-yo: 4sho”

  164. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce owns Your Fav

    how about u get out of beyonces a** for a second and google beyonce if i was a boy scandal..

    i know thats a hard to to do huh..but try it once in awhile..

    I am done talking to ur a**..

    I dont know wheither to laugh my a** off at ur obvious DELUSIONs, or just shake my head..

    u stans just kill me…

    get some professional help while u at it..

  165. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    posting up the neyo convo suppose to do what?

    isnt neyo working with beyonce on her new of course hes gonna be kissing her a** now


    I thought the rihanna stans was delusional..but u beyonce stans takes the cake…

    talking about let these b****** have it..n***** please…all u beyonce stans are proving is how dumb and delusional yall are..

  166. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ ~aMaZiNG.Lee~

    LOL, Im also brutally honest in Real Life so that explains a Lot 🙂 & I appreciate you’re good sense of Humor…

    @ ddddd

    H** HUSH!!!!!

  167. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @The Kiddz

    You have to put these people in check. I mean they talk about Beyonce like they personally know her say ish like, “shes a greedy, selfish broad…

    and what?………………………………………………………………………………………”

    Like seriously?

    And every-time u debunk their comments

    They come up with some other lame excuse for why Beyonce is a “greedy selfish braod.”

    And then they stay bringing up ish that happened 10 years ago. Get over it with the rest of the world already.

    And they always bring up irreplaceable although Ne Yo on many occasions has explained why she got songwriting credits.

    But they are so far up their irrational asses they don’t comprehend very well.

    And I love the fact they have a negative excuse everytime something good happens with Beyonce.

    They say she buys her grammys.

    I say..

    I mean Beyonce has by far the most dumb haters in the world.

  168. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    the ironic thing in all this s*** is..
    i’m a beyonce fan/ fan of her music
    not a fan of her stealling people s***..

    just the dumb stans i cannot stand…

    thats y I’m laughing my a** off here, watching the stans trying their best at proving beyonce s*** dont stank..

    please…. the more yall try, the more sad and damn pathetic yall look..

    nice try though..

    this was fun…………………….goodnight everybody…….

  169. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav

    LOL @ “not all gays like Beyonce, Only the good looking and pretty ones.”

    lol, that Might actually be kinda right actually, I think Im Pretty(handsome) & I have many other examples to back up your claim not to say that she doesnt have some Busted up ones (females included that are Gay also).

  170. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ You’re a gay dude?

  171. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Rated Xxx(aka rated x)

    Just learn to think for yourself thats all & not belive EVERYTHING thats hear-say on these blogs so quickly. Just think & have some common-Sense. Learn to do that & you’ll be cool with your Fellow Bey#Hive. Kay?? 🙂

  172. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @Rated XXX

    No how about you stay off of Beyonce ass.

    And I know that’s hard to do because like every other hater she has your MIND BODY AND SOUL lost one.

    I stated you with FACTS that can be PROVEN, nothing I said was delusional. I mean damn is U MAD?

    And you are proving how irrational you are.

    I mean but you must know Beyonce so well though since you know exactly how she is. Since you know she is a greedy money hungry b****.

  173. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    Well Im a GUY & I am a FAN defending BEYONCE… 😕

  174. S*** December 9, 2010

    True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    & you know I cant stand Gaga so thats another Myth Broken. I think shes a Disgrace to the Type of Gays she attracts but they seem to Love her anyway, Ill never understand why though… 😐

  175. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ Well at least you’re honest about it, unlike a certain Rihanna stan who is a queen, but won’t admit it… even though he’s been cornered.

  176. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Lol. I’m a gay dude. Not to brag, but I have been called pretty on occasions (irritating to say the least). But, I’ve known about my sexuality long before I knew who Beyonce even was. I don’t see why people claim sexuality has anything to do with your musical preference?

  177. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ S***:

    I always thought you were some aggressive chick. Oh well.

    And yeah, I know not every gay man is in love with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler, Grace Jones, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, etc.

  178. S*** December 9, 2010

    True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    & Im not a Queen either, If you saw me right now you honestly WOULD’NT even know…

  179. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    The funny thing is, I was once suspected that you were a dude… but then I thought you were a chick!

    Yet for the longest time I thought Amazing Lee was a guy when she was known as Team Weezy, but she isn’t… weird.

  180. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce Owns Your Fav.

    LOL! I’m saving that gif. Now that their faves aren’t getting any love, the Grammy’s are now a joke? And when they call her names like thiefyonce LMAO!…it’s pathetic and it shows that they need to reevaluate their life.

  181. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    I’ve always know Team Weezy was a chick. As are you? Lol what gave me away. My love for Pharrell? —-> We’re getting married as soon as it’s legal where I’m at. XD

  182. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    Yeah, it’s annoying. Some female artists also attract a lesbian following, so if you like that artist, then it is automatically assumed that you’re one too. Try being a girl and telling someone that you like Tori Amos or Indigo Girls and see if you won’t get weird looks and snickers.

    Also, why does everyone assume that if an artist is gay, then all their fans are gay, too? I’ve even read comments from idiots saying that if you listen to their music, then you’ll turn gay. WTF?!?!?

  183. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    You’re probably some burly football player, who can do some serious damage.

  184. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    I love Gay People. They are so funny, cool, and most of all honest.

    My best friend is Gay and he FINE. I mean caramel complexion hazel eyes and all. And if he wasn’t gay i’d….(sigh)

    Anyways he is the biggest Beyonce stan I know in person. He was sick when Beyonce came to Los Angelos so he flew all the way to Chicago to go see her the next week. And came back the same night.

  185. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    I’m a girl. And actually the reason I thought you were a man was because of your writing style… for some reason it looks like how a dude would write. I really thought you were a straight man, then you admitted you had a crush on Pharell, and that’s when I thought you were a chick.

    Oh, you’re distracting me from my Gene Kelly. 🙂

  186. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    ^^^Damn. Sorry Bee, but I’ll wait for the DVD.

  187. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    Previous comment was for @Beyonce Owns Your Fav.

    @True Blue

    I don’t have a crush on Pharrell…..I’m his secret lover. LMAO JK! People tell me all the time I look like him, idk how when I’m at least 10 shades lighter than him and probably taller. Lol

  188. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav.

    Aughhh, I hate when PPL say how Fine someone is online. It makes me WISH I could see for myself. I would probably be wasting my time asking you to POST HIS PIC 🙂

    Heres a good looking Gay guy on FB:

    Does your Friend look better??

  189. Hood Star December 9, 2010

    U bishes protec dat ugly stanky mouf ho beyaki lik she pay yal asses.
    she aint payin yo bils so y u defenin her so hard.

  190. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    Too girlie

  191. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    LOL, he is cute… I still can’t believe he’s 37. Dude looks like a college freshman. Funny thing is I have a friend a year younger than him, and if she’s not wearing makeup, she looks like she’s 16. I look like I’m 12, and I haven’t been 12 for six years.

  192. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    I guess the saying “Black Don’t Crack” applies to Pharrell. If that’s the case, I’m f***** cuz I’m only half. Lol. I’m 18 too, I look about my age.

  193. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce Owns….

    In the second pic, you can tell all of them “Snap for the kiddz” LOL! But boy is he Fine, I mean FINNEEE!

  194. S*** December 9, 2010

    @ Beyonce owns Your Fav.

    DAMN, your Friend & the guy I posted looks almost the same.

    Too Girlie, Hes Cute but My Guy looks Better… 🙂

  195. S*** December 9, 2010

    the kiddz

    How do you know hes girlie just because hes wearing a stripe pink shirt??

  196. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    @The Kiddz

    I know right

    Yeah that 2nd pic was like 3 years ago. And when I first met him he was one of those ‘ghetto’ gays who talked so damn loud you could hear him from a mile away. But he was grown into quite the class act.

  197. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    Damn, I can’t count. I meant to say that I’m 19, lol. Ah, who knows? Maybe you’ll stay frozen in time and you’ll look 18 for the next 18 years. BTW, I always thought that you were in your mid-20s.

  198. the kiddz December 9, 2010


    your guy? Nah, he just has soft features.

  199. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Lol. No, just an old soul. What made you think that?

  200. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    ^^^ You seem unusually mature and knowledgeable for an 18-year-old.

  201. Hood Star December 9, 2010

    Fukin faggets

  202. the kiddz December 9, 2010

    @True Blue

    Why thank you. But, the same could be said for you. Your musical taste almost mirror my own and the only reason I know about vocals and things of that nature is because my mom was an opera singer.

  203. Hood Star December 9, 2010

    I always felt that everyone in the blog world was either a teenager or the college age(18-22) for some reason. For some reason I never felt that adults would waste their time arguing over a music artist.

    But I guess I was wrong and the funny thing is that they are the main ones cursing people out on here

  204. Cool December 9, 2010

    @Beyonce Owns Your Fav.

    Whitney looks so pretty in that GIF.

    Off Topic


    I don’t how Whitney was so beautiful when she was young but her daughter looks like a s*** barbarian.

    Damn Bobby Brown for having strong genes.

    I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Beyonce and Jay Z.

  205. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    Your mom was an opera singer? THAT’S AWESOME! No wonder you’re so knowledgeable about vocal techniques. I always assumed that you studied music or something. Did you inherit her talents?

    @ Cool:

    Oh… I’m afraid it’s gonna happen. Those genes look to be pretty strong on his side.

  206. Babe December 9, 2010

    To all the beyonce stans, do you realize there’s a whole world of artists and real music besides her?

  207. Beyonce owns Your Fav. December 9, 2010

    I wonder if Frank ever comments on here.

  208. Mike December 9, 2010

    It seems Frank just gave a great interview, but people don’t read I guess.. Thank you Frank for being so candid and honest…He is older it seems… He’s worked with Beyonce, Kelly, Alexandra, Michelle, Usher, R. Kelly, Tyrese, Mario, JLS, Neyo, Rihanna, Envogue, TLC, Mary J. Blige, Jade, Michael Jackson, Tank, Rupaul, Diana Ross, SWV, Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore, Tevin Campbell, Johnny Gill, Portrait, Shai, Raphel, Debra C**, Queen Latifah, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Richgirl, Chrisette Michelle, Fantasia, Duffy, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ron Isley, LIsa Fischer, Patti Labelle, Monica, Brandy, Intro, Kenny Green, Destiny’s Child, Shakira, Nelly Fartado and many others i can’t name.. Grapejuice, yall need to get Frank’s resume, so these people will listen to someone who really knows the acts… Thanks Frank. you are blessed bro.. Oh yeah, he even taught Oprah to dance.. Loved the interview……

  209. TERI December 9, 2010

    I really don’t understand all the hate toward beyonce, but she has been dealing with hate since she was in Destiny’s child, so what’s new, and she is still here going strong after 12 years.

  210. Triny D December 9, 2010

    Okay now that was a great interview

  211. WonderLand19 December 9, 2010

    Very informative, Great!

  212. royalkev December 9, 2010

    Wow @ True blue and Bey on your favs, I didn’t know you were female. So many hate on her! (I swear that’s how Rihanna gained her 1st set of fans)… Just saying. This likely means that you guys are attractive.

    @ s***, (like amazing Lee said) you are brutally honest! Some things you say, I could not begin to fix my lips to (and I don’t jump on band wagons and stick with only the popular belief) – but it certainly doesn’t mean your wrong! … You do make people think, even if they won’t admit it.

  213. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 9, 2010


  214. d December 9, 2010

    i would have loved to hear his opinion on ciara. i think she has mj level potential and already is one of the best performers of today. also chris brown. get it together sam

  215. Delmar December 9, 2010


    while you n**-job STANS and faux-HATERS are going back and forth over Beyonce’s credentials, she’s sipping Ace of Spades with her husband, not thinking about either of you, but grateful for the life she has and for the MONEY generated by these senseless arguments on these gossip sites.

    Let ‘that’ marinate, why don’t you.

    She only has as much power as YOU give her; whether you’re ‘hating’ or ‘loving’ her. SMH.

  216. Delmar December 9, 2010


    while you n**-job STANS and faux-HATERS are going back and forth over Beyonce’s credentials, she’s sipping Ace of Spades with her husband, not thinking about either of you, but grateful for the life she has and for the MONEY generated by these senseless arguments on these gossip sites.

    Let ‘that’ marinate, why don’t you.

    She only has as much POWERr as YOU give her; whether you’re ‘hating’ or ‘loving’ her. SMH.

  217. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 9, 2010

    OMG, how did I miss the rest of this post? Postings of cute gay guys and amazing gifs. LOL!

    “Yet for the longest time I thought Amazing Lee was a guy when she was known as Team Weezy, but she isn’t… weird.”

    LOL, people usually think I’m a guy or a lesbian, especially since I’m a Wayne fan. I used to be a tomboy in middle school, more like the early Aaliyah-type tomboy. But, of course, I changed in high school. I was (and still is) very girly and the typical “cheerleader” minus the “Dumb” part. (graduated top of the class) LOL! But yeah, I love my heels, but I don’t think I could ever abandon my Jordan’s. LOL!

    And I think for a little while I thought @TheKiddz was a chick, but then I kind of figured he was a straight guy, and then a few months ago, I KNEW he was a gay guy. And I think I’ve always thought that @S*** was a gay guy, just not a “SNAPS and GWARL” one. LOL! And of course I knew TB and BOYF were chicks.

    Yep, BEEHIVE B****. LOL!

  218. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul December 9, 2010

    This is why I am a proud member of the “BeyParty”. Seeing these posts in here was beautiful.

    Anyways…to the one comment: To all the beyonce stans, do you realize there’s a whole world of artists and real music besides her?

    My answer: I think almost every fan of Beyoncé knows all of this. You saw people mentioning Florence and the Machine, Janelle Monae and etc. The problem is that some of you have stereotypical viewpoints of Beyonce and her fans. We all love music and because we know, that’s why we appreciate Beyoncé.

    WE KNOW that the great artists have their own lane. You won’t see Jill Scott fans debating against Bey fans. Tamia fans(Tamia said that Bey is a friend of her just a week ago btw) vs Bey fans. Amel Larrieux fans…etc.

    It’s always the fans of BEY’S INFLUENCES going to battle with Bey’s fans and we are just setting peeps str8. Enough is enough. That’s why I love it when S*** tells Rihanna fans that Beyonce is Rihanna “momma” because she pretty much is in the industry. It’s one thing to not like Bey’s music but have respect for the one who majorly influenced your fave artist.

  219. Tye December 9, 2010


  220. Whats wrong December 10, 2010

    Imma be very honest , I loved the interview , but when he started to talk about beyonce every 2 second i had to quit. Please leave me alone with her , she’s an amazing singer performer all you want be DAMN she’s not god ! Stop mentioning her every time you open your mounth ..
    It’s so boring and tiring.

  221. Danii December 11, 2010

    Beyonce is GOD ! What freaking planet have u been living on to not kno that ..?! Lol ANYWAYS this was very nice . I mean wow , he knows his s*** . From everything with Usher to Trey Songz and then RiRi ..?! Haha f****** priceless ! She does need alittle something extra when she’s live . But I found love for her after Rated R came out , which is miles ahead of Loud . He didn’t bash her at all . She’s been dominating the charts for some time now , the girl can sell music ! So marketable u kno ..?! I’m just glad she’s wearing her hair long again ! But damn I love this man for mentioning Bey like he does . I mean she’s perfection ! If all these ladies would go home and study there craft , they’d all be successful . Kelly will never be true superstar status . That’s just the sad truth and its the curse casted on her for being “sisters” with the queen of the world . But I do agree with him . Ugh , great interview . Anybody who loves Bey is a friend of mine ! 🙂

  222. tera December 12, 2010

    @danii # u need to get lost and go to the last bottom of hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who dare u call beyonce a god ?????????? can u compare her to the supreme being the mighty god who rules the world ########### man is dust and alltogether vanity ********* she is reapin success off aaliyha and lefteye but a d_day is comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is goin to c them again hopefully shinin fr above need i say more???????????? i not a friend of the devil ##### %%%%%% !!!!!!!!!!!! ****************

  223. Kazz Forbes December 12, 2010

    The most truthful interview I’ve ever read and was excited to read! Congrats Frank, you are the man!!

    I pray that the artists mentioned can read this interview and take your advice. Better yet; request your services.

    -Kazz forbes

  224. Brownspool December 15, 2010

    Many of Beyonce’s dance moves were seen in En Vogue’s days. The funky divas really owe it to the fans to get their s*** together again, and reveal what really went down.

  225. Tary March 4, 2014

    Please get your facts straight. Dawn did not destroy En Vogue nor does she get in the way of herself. Unlike most fools in the music industry, she just refuses to work hard only to have everyone else (record label, managers, producers, etc.) make more money than her. Also, people need to realize that Dawn fights for what is right, unlike Cindy and Terry. How would you feel if you were working harder than everyone but they were getting paid more than you. Get your facts straight, PLEASE!!!

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