Diddy-Dirty Money Performs On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Published: Tuesday 25th Jan 2011 by Trent

Diddy-Dirty Money appeared on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ earlier this week. The trio performed ‘Coming Home’ from their ‘Last Train To Paris’ LP which has this far sold less than 180k copies despite their continuous promotion. Peep their performance below:

Diddy dissolved Danity Kane (who had both a platinum and a gold album) for this. Dawn must be so happy with her decision.


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  1. TIMMI January 25, 2011

    The idea for this band: a rapper and two female backup singers = a Mess.

    Diddy’s rapping = a Mess.

    The performance overall = Messy.

    In other words, a mess.

  2. megan January 25, 2011

    who killed big bird and dyed him black?

  3. Hello January 25, 2011

    I’m sure Dawn is happy with her decision a decision to hustle Diddy into this group with songs she wrote when DK broke up and that 6 songs a day she wrote help her into the group when Diddy was trying to get Brandy and another male artist. Now Dawn wrote 7 songs on Last Train to Paris including Loving you no more ft Drake and she working outside of Dirty Money doing club appearances, writing for other major artist and she the first from to DK to go overseas and that is big because that is something DK never did.

  4. Da Truth January 25, 2011

    First thing I saw: Thank GOD Kaleena finally change her hair cut, because it was a huge disaster
    Then I’ve always said that dawn is the reason why DK broke up, she was sooooo fake, when I look back at the finally, Damn…
    But whatever I wish her all the best, and i hope she is happy with her choice of career

  5. Your STILL SOUR OVER DANITY KANE???? January 25, 2011

    Aubrey sure as HELLL does not care about Danity Kane right about now. She has EVERYTHING she’s always wanted so whyyyyyyyy??????? ARE WE STILLL SWEATIN DAWN FOR HER CHOICE IN LIFE?

    The second Aubrey’s show hits and mainstream AMERICA go nuts for her and her music, I expect EVERYONE!!! will be saying “DANITY KANE WHO” “THEM GIRLS WHERE JUST BACKGROUND FOR AUBREY ANYWHOOO”. PLEASE!!!!….CAN WE DROP IT???

    DK would most def been OVER by now had Diddy? Dawn or THE MYSTERY OF THE WORLD itself not end it. I’m pretty sure D Woods, Aubrey or DAWN would have had enough of being in a group they felt superior to or simply just could not stand being around. All that happened was one of them had the guts to do what they all wanted to do…..STEPPPPP and try to secure a future for themselves at the same damn time. They were all far from over the situation it’s just that none felt secure enough to jump.

    ENOUGH ALREADY!! Loved them but they goooooonnnnnnneeee. ALLL FIVE GIRLS are trying to build a life after it…Dawn just made the smart/unfortunate (depending on how you look at it) decision to do that with Diddy. Choices…we all have and make them…hopefully we learn from them.

  6. 2BAD2BME January 25, 2011

    he cant even rap on beat come diddy

  7. Your STILL SOUR OVER DANITY KANE???? January 25, 2011

    Yeah the sales are pitiful though O_O like damn!!!!

    But “Yeah you would”, “Hate You Now”, “Hate That You Love Me”, “Loving U No More”, “1st Place Loser”……damn more or less all they tracks (minus Diddys rappping) would have been smash hits had they been on one of your favs albums.

    Saying that I heard Bey’s got a new sound she’s working on…it’s Electro/Hip Hop/Soul….hmmmmmmm souls familllllllllliiiiiiiiiiar.

  8. jay January 25, 2011

    coming home is a good song, but DIDDY sucks! hes a s*** rapper, he can blow all the money he likes on promotion it aint gonna sell his albums, this whole diddy dirty money movement will be over soon.

  9. jojo January 25, 2011

    I wish them all the best , but I would like to see those girls do a single without diddy. I can not wait until Audrey O’ Day show.

  10. Oh Really January 25, 2011

    @ hello thank you for saying that.
    Folks act like DK was on same level as Destiny’s Child. They were NOT know outside of the people who watched the show and speaking of the show that is the only reason why they sold what they sold. These chicks were never nominated for any major awards. Never performed on any major shows ( unless you think the tyra show is major) and never headlined a major tour. How long did it take for there single Damage to even pick on radio and become a hit? They were BROKE and all of them were unhappy in the group. So yes Trent I’m sure Dawn is somewhere saying I wish I wasn’t’ traveling the world, performing, writing, getting exposure and getting paid. I wish I was still apart of DK.

  11. ICON January 25, 2011

    Awful group. Diddy will dissolve this group when he gets bored of them two.

  12. Seriously.. January 25, 2011

    trent you need to stup the F*** up. Stop being a hater!!!

  13. Your STILL SOUR OVER DANITY KANE???? January 25, 2011

    Don’t restrict it to Trent. Sam hate Dawn too. DK was like a or a pretty girl to gay man so Dawn is like the DEBIL himself for a. not being the pretty girl in the group and b. her part in the breakup…and what ever insider knowledge they have I could care less. This thing has dragged on WAY LONGER THAN THEY WOULD HAVE continued on as a group.

    I’m a Dk fan but some of you DK fans are like freakin vultures feasting on the bones of something they never paid enough attention to when it lived. Had we craved for them the way we are now we would have demanded for bigger and better for them.

  14. antertain January 25, 2011

    Dawn sounded excellent…
    Ooops Kaleena for that ending but glad she showing off he nice tone.

    Diddy is Diddy

  15. Educated Diva January 26, 2011

    Dawn has great potential to be successful without both of them. She doesn’t need Diddy! She has the voice & the stage presence, she knows how to put on a show & entertain & she also has that star quality. After this she needs to shop a record label/deal if this Dirty Money group doesn’t work out! She out shines them both…

  16. chile bye January 26, 2011

    chile, dawn has some of the most delusional stans lol. Kalenna wrote a lot on the album and had more of an impact than dawn. Kaleena is working with major artists? which major artist is dawn writing for? the writer only gets major bucks if the song is a major hit. all artists travel the world. Danity kane did too lol. dawn isn’t paid like that, no matter what her fans say. dawn star power is still the same when she was in danity kane, regardless of sitting next to diddy and doing major awards/tevelision shows, her star power has not change. Dawn’s been in two fail groups, what is she going to do next? It’s clear she has no real celebrity. between all three, kalenna is the one who will get the most benefits. People know her now and she’s been writing for major artists long before dm. Diddy is straight, he’s already rich.

  17. chile bye January 26, 2011

    also just recently, kalenna is working with Chris Brown. who is dawn writing for? she may outshine (iyo), but outshining alone don’t bring the money. Ciara can outshine all female artists when is comes to dancing, but she’s at the bottom right now.

  18. Dave January 26, 2011

    You act like Dawn is a b****. This is her dream, & look where she came from. She didn’t really have no choice to turn around when she can find opportunities by exploring Diddy’s offers. I love Dawn’s voice, love Kaleena’s too. I wish Kaleena stop being the long lost band member in the background though. Dawn & KALEENA need to be in the forefront & Diddy needs to be in the background. Diddy can’t sing, rap, or perform, FALL BACK!

  19. chile bye January 26, 2011

    if you are referring to me, I never said she was a b**** and I’m not mad at her decisions. her stans try to big her up, by bringing others down, but if someone says something negative about dawn, some of yall cry wolf and she is no huge star for all that.

  20. It’s funny cause for a while January 26, 2011

    dead at chile bye, lol :

    chile bye

    January 26, 2011 at 1:58 am

    if you are referring to me, I never said she was a b**** and I’m not mad at her decisions. her stans try to big her up, by bringing others down, but if someone says something negative about dawn, some of yall cry wolf and she is no huge star for all that.

    i luv this site, always nice stories, people arguing…humm i was borin 4 minutes ago n now it feels like i just had a cold shower that keeps me awake

  21. lola January 26, 2011

    I don’t think that Dawn is a b**** as in a rude, female who has something stuck up her ass, but I do think she’s Diddy’s little b****; she’s weak. She told on the other girls to save her ass. How pathetic? I know she was just trying to do what she thought would be best for her since she wanted to be in the music biz, but that was very selfish of her. I wish her the best, but she’s a damn fool for working as Diddy’s background singer and dancer. Did she not f****** see what he did to all of the music artists before her? He ruined so many careers and it’s a shame. Yea she’s getting paid (very little) for songwriting, performing, and gets to travel around the world, but all of that is about to be gone. Diddy is a greedy, 2 faced, son of a b**** and he’s going to drop Dawn and Kaleena’s asses soon, especially since this album is flopping hard as hell. The performance sucked. Dawn and Kaleena sounded nice but Diddy can’t rap at all!

  22. Your STILL SOUR OVER DANITY KANE???? January 26, 2011

    CHILE BYE knows or is Kalenna but is RIGHT F***** ON. LTTP is ALLLL Kalenna and just bits of Dawn. Don’t let the credits fool you, Dawn’s people are doing a Beyonce. Dawn didn’t write no damn 7 songs…luck if she wrote a line on 2 or three. SHE IS NOT A GOOD WRITER.

    I’ve been saying this from jump. Dawn was THE ONLY ONE that was ever gonna lose in this situation. Kalenna is, has and will continue to be an established song writer and she has (for me) grown and outshine Dawn with a quickness. From her style (she dont play short shorts h** every time) to her personality and now her voice…it’s all effortless and has such charisma and SOLO star quality. DAWN. Love her but she TRY TOOO DAMN HARD. There is no conviction, she never seems sure of herself I mean she’s got that DIFFERENT down but she is too ashamed to own her awkwardness, too fixed on tryna be cool and play a role.

    Diddy has MULA and can laugh this whole situation off tomorrow and keep it moving.

    Dawn is f*****…she really does not make a big enough impression to have you feel enough about her to be a stan. All this “working with major producers and artists” and I doubt she stood out effort for them to remember her or want to work with her again…Kalenna on the other had has an AMAZING personality that makes to remember her.

    Funny this is they all worked with this Chipmunk guy in the UK, he even mentioned fancying Dawn yet he chose to WORK with Kalenna.

    Kalenna WINS BIG, Diddy = indifferent and DAWN = BIG LOSER, MAJOR!! She has no business putting out a mixtape in less than a month she should be somewhere reflecting and enjoying life not in no damn studio. Go somewhere and look at where she’s going wrong because she has it all just needs to believe and have strength of character. Until then people will not CARE.

    Damn I write a lot…

  23. Please January 26, 2011

    Please Puffydoodle is already tired of these two. if anything he will keep Kalenna close because she’s clearly the talent in this group as a writer and producer. He’ll probably have her write for Cassie pay her late if at all and let her sing a couple hooks on his next project.

    Dawn. SMH. I hope you got some serious dirt on Puff or let him knock you up because it’s about to be cold and lonely. Sitting in your room, watching The Aubrey Show in March then watching her tour the world AS A SOLO SINGER selling millions of records. Talking bout “Dang, why I let him hit”.

  24. Bow January 26, 2011

    I’m glad kaleena is getting some props now. Yes, in the beginning she didn’t seem to fit in, but people forget that she was new at being an artist. If she’s in a group with two other people who already have experience, of course she’s going to look like an odd ball. Every artist grow over time, so she will continue to do so. Also don’t forget that Kalenna help create the Dirty Money sound.

    Dawn- I agree, I don’t think dawn is that great of a writer either. All her songs that she REALLY wrote doesn’t sound that great to me. Dawn already had somewhat of a fanbase before DM and that’s why they put her more in the front. To get her fans to become DM fans, but it didn’t happen that way. Dawn does try too hard, but I think it’s more of her way to become more known and to get people to work with her. The industry is a business, so though she may outshine Kalenna, Kalenna work on paper is more impressive than Dawn. But like the poster with the real long name lol said, Dawn may get more praise, but more people are willing to work with Kalenna.

  25. Bow January 26, 2011

    LOL @ Please, I know people say diddy screw around with a lot of his artists, but I don’t think he touch kalenna and dawn in that way lol. I can’t see it.

  26. LTM January 26, 2011

    diddy dirty money>>>>danity kane IMO

  27. Chris Hill January 26, 2011

    Trent Danity Kane’s both albums went Platinum and #1 on Billboard.

  28. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ THE BAHAMAS★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ January 26, 2011

    I miss DK but D&K are dope. Minus Diddy of course.

  29. Please January 26, 2011


    OOOOH HE TOUCHED DAWN. AND SHE LIKED IT. It’s just a damn shame she didn’t realize he only hit to keep her on board and up for the destruction of DK musta been talking bout “I love you. I think your special. Let me make you a star”. That dumb dodo fell for that s*** now she fell all the way off the edge. Moral of the story. NEVER LET YOUR BOSS HIT AND TELL YOU HE GONE “MAKE YOU A STAR…” he just wanna smash and go. Three years she spent around Kalenna and her song writing still sucks major balls. Bland is bland and until Dawn gets some real authentic talent mediocre she will remain. Can’t make mediocre outstanding. Shoot Bey said “f*** this…I can’t write for s*** so you write, and pay me some royalty for the privilege.”….know your limits.

    Dawn is much better off sticking with Laurianne and dancing for Le Ga. Call it a day and make so mula at the same time.

  30. WonderLand19 January 26, 2011

    You guys need to chill out. Danity Kane split because of ego’s, Jealousy and mistrust. Pure and simple. You can all blame dawn because she’s the only one doing something successfull. Dawn’s not the reason why danity kane split.Instead, all danity kane’s real supporters should support her and Dirty Money. I’ve brought the album and its really amazing. one of the best albums of 2011. Truth.
    When they were in london, they were everywhere. There signing in HMV was well received, there Radio 1 performance was creative and there TEAMUK thing was well received too.
    Plus, if we are talking numbers, ‘Coming home’ is No.4 in Uk/Ireland and Top 5 in the US and Germany itunes chart. Real talk.

  31. We need to chill January 26, 2011

    I feel sorry for Dawn sometimes. It’s obvious she really different from what we are used to seeing but she is trying to do what she loves the best way she knows how. Had it been anyone else in the group it would probably have been accepted but because there’s some kind of desperation about her it makes people really skeptical of her authenticity and honesty.

    I wish her luck. Love Kalenna though she seems real fly.

  32. Great Performance minus Diddy January 26, 2011

    I think she has something but she just seem kind of uneasy in her own skin. Like I knew who all the other girls were, they never changed but with Dawn I still have no clue how to take her. This to me makes me not feel comfortable with her. It’s like I’m always waiting for the ball to drop and to find out she’s this horrid evil, manipulative bitchy girl trying to get big by to clinging on to Diddy’s d*** (literally).

    Great performance though she’s real talented but i just can’t connect with her.

  33. Sunshine January 26, 2011

    They Killed It! Shout Out to all the Young Haters on here cause that was a great performance. Those girls were pushing that music through their vocals. Good Job Kaleena and Dawn! Diddy you too……

  34. Dee Eugene January 27, 2011

    Personally, I’m so sad that LTTP isn’t preforming well. I actually have the deluxe edition of the album and I love all of the songs. Yeah it’s a new sound, but it’s nice to hear something refreshing. *sigh* Any who, I’m not a big Diddy fan, but I love Coming Home and Dawn and Kaleena did an excellent job. I hope Dirty Money doesn’t dissolve like the rest of Diddy’s bands. I actually would buy their album (not, Diddy – Dirty Money, but just Dirty Money). 😀

  35. kk February 7, 2011

    both of em females look like underage boiiz

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