Janelle Monae, Usher, Jaden Smith & Others Join Grammy Awards Performers Lineup

Published: Thursday 20th Jan 2011 by Trent

The 2011 Grammy Awards ceremony is shaping up to be quite a show. In  addition to the previously announced list of performers comprising Eminem , Katy Perry and Lady GaGa, more high profile names have been added to the event.

Justin Bieber and his mentor, Usher, will hit the stage at the show, which airs on February 13th via CBS, alongside none other than Willow Smith’s equally famous brother, Jaden. Janelle Monae, B.o.B, Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum and Muse have also been confirmed as featured performers, joining Cee Lo Green, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert and Muse on music’s biggest night.


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  1. Ok… January 20, 2011

    So are they NOT having a female R&B performer? They usually have one… Btw, I guess Janelle will take home a Grammy.. Usually if u perform, you win!!! I hope Monica wins for Everything To Me. And I hope Fantasia wins for Back To Me!

  2. TTSUP3R January 20, 2011

    Why the hell did they book Usher “I’m So Tired” Raymond? You know he’s gonna be outta breath halfway through his performance.

  3. BREE January 20, 2011


  4. Eric Crawley January 20, 2011

    i wonder if beyonce will make a surprise appearance and perform a new single..

  5. Shun January 20, 2011

    Okay, another year I will not watch the Grammys.

  6. JohnVidal January 20, 2011

    I just can´t with a girl like Beiber performing on the grammys. Exactly why? And Katy Perry for album and record of the year is just unbereable. Apart from this, the Grammys are still the most respectable awards, not these past two years though!

  7. kw January 20, 2011

    Interesting line-up. Will probably channel surf unless they add CB to the line up and possibly Rhi.

    Will be checking for Janelle, Bruno and B.O.B. as it stands now.

  8. gfhfgh January 20, 2011

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  9. annie! :] January 20, 2011

    Jaden?? what’s he performing?… they should’ve just gotten Willow to perform.
    anyway, i love most of the people on the list so i can’t wait!! i’ll def be tuning in 😀
    but the show would be perfect if Bey showed up and maybe joined Gaga on stage? or maybe debuted her own song? <3 ah, that would be amazing! i doubt it's gonna happen though lol.

  10. GangsterA January 20, 2011

    we want britney we want britney we want britney we want britney great line up though but still we want britney we want britney we want britney

  11. VA STAND UP!! January 20, 2011

    @TTSUPR: LMAO! Let’s just hope he gives a better performance than he did in Germany. Hope he’s well rested and feeling better. *side eye*

    Well..this list doesn’t surprise me or really excite me either. A lot of the same performers we’ve seem at every other Award show this year. Usher, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Eminem. I understand they all were big this year but after seeing them virtually everywhere its get repetitive after a while. I am happy to see Bruno Mars, B.O.B. and Janell Monae though.

    Jaden Smith?? Not Willow but Jaden? WTH is he gonna perform? Please don’t tell me this lil boy is going to be rappin! We don’t need another rapper from that family. Who knows, maybe he will surprise us and deliver some hot ish like his sister but I’m doubtful.

    I just hope this years Grammys is better than last year cause last years show wad truly horrible. I’m not too hopeful though cause this is the Grammys and they usually disappoint.

  12. HOLY DAME GODTINA THE QUEEN January 20, 2011


    NEXT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  13. gabs January 20, 2011

    Jaden Smith? He sings too now? Are you sure they dont mean hes just presenting or maybe they confused him with Willow? Ugh I hate nepotism. People work their whole lives to make it to the grammys and these Smith kids get a free pass? So unfair. Usher and Bieber better not insult us by lip syncing at the grammys. Katy will sing live and be horrible as usual, the rest of the line up sounds solid though. Happy for Janelle. To be honest I am most excited to see what Gaga comes up with. You know b**** wants to upstage everyone with bubbles, fire, smoke, explosions, whatever. Im willing to bet shes the grand finale. @Annie Im also hoping for a surprise beyonce performance but it seems unlikely. Crossing my fingers though!

  14. Mely B January 20, 2011

    ^ OK – can we get Monica, Fantasia, Jazmine or Chrisette??!! I’m not at all excited about the nominations in certain categories or the scheduled line up & will probably skip this year all together and just read about it the next day.

  15. 2BAD2BME January 20, 2011


  16. 2BAD2BME January 20, 2011


  17. CHECKMATE January 20, 2011

    Another lame grammys like last year. Except for 2-3, the performers suck. Where are the real artists like they had back 10-15yrs ago??

  18. Jamie January 20, 2011

    The only reason Bieber’s is performing is for ratings. All of those lil girls/teens will definitely be watching. I don’t really care too much for this year’s list of performers…I guess it’s all about ratings.

  19. Dave January 20, 2011

    YASSSS “Janelle Monae, B.o.B, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green”!

  20. Dave January 20, 2011

    Mo should’ve performed too though, & Chrissy (she always vocally slays the Grammy’s, she’s a Grammy favorite).

  21. RiCiBey January 20, 2011

    Im so excited! Janelle(my girl 🙂 ), BrunoMars, Cee-lo, and B.O.B in one night. What more can you ask for?

  22. RiCiBey January 20, 2011

    I really wanted names like Monica, Brandy, Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Ledisi, Chris Brown, and Beyonce to perform but this is a great line-up too. But just imagine if all the people I named were performing in one night? It would be the best Grammy show we’ve seen in years! 😆

  23. BENJAMIN January 20, 2011

    They need to add, Maroon 5, Monica, Kem, and El Debarge. Jaden is not a nominee, not even Willow. The Grammys are slowly starting to become like all other award shows.

  24. BAA January 20, 2011

    Im definatly exicited about what lady gaga has up her sleeves and definatly want to see janelle monae bob and bruno mars perform cause they are all real talent and omg if beyonce performs a surprise single its over yall

  25. Keesha January 20, 2011

    “Will be checking for Janelle, Bruno and B.O.B. as it stands now.”

    Same with me. I might watch Cee-Lo Green, because I think his “F**k You” song is pretty funny.

  26. True Blue January 20, 2011

    GaGa, Janelle, Eminem, Muse, now all they need to do is add Florence & The Machine to the lineup, and I’ll be the happiest camper EVER!!!!!

    This will be the best Grammys in years.

  27. KaVion January 20, 2011

    I’m only excited about Em,Bruno,Janelle,Gaga & i’m happy muse is performing..
    I love B.o.B’s music, but he’s boring as hell live..
    Usher’s been bad live since the VMAs so im skeptical..
    But i think usher’s just gonna sing Somebody to Love with Justin Bieber.
    I’m guessing Justin’s gonna have a HUGE medley..becuase jaden will probably be performing his song with justin to..i guess Justin’s having a big performance..& he’s pretty good live, he just better not win ONE grammy. It’s not his time, and i don’t even hate him..he deserves to win a grammy enventually because he has promising talent, but right NOW..there are way to many people 10x more talented than him who haven’t even got a nomination. If the grammy’s give him a grammy, people will officially be done with them.
    New artist needs to go to Drake or FATM..and just give best pop album w/ vocals to katy..i guess.

    I don’t hate justin bieber, i actually like some of his acoustic songs but this kid does NOT deserve a grammy just yet..

  28. KaVion January 20, 2011

    Am I the only one who finds “Best Pop Album with VOCALS” a complete contradiction?

  29. Tami January 20, 2011

    Jaden did a song with Justin Bieber last year “Never Say Never” go Youtube it.That’s what Justin’s movie is about.So they are promoting it at the Grammys.That’s pretty cool.Jaden is a pretty good rapper for his age.Raps better than Soulja Boy smh.Lol but really Willow would have killed it too smh

  30. Aloys January 21, 2011

    Wow!! Really surprised to see so many janelle fans, I knew her album was all that for certain listeners but I guess it’s a more universal sound than I had previously thought.. So tuning in no doubt, as for B.o.B im finally going to listen to his album, heard a few tracks and I can hear a some hits so that is a must listen.. I’m soo late!! Lol

  31. lola January 21, 2011

    I love Janelle Monae! I’m so surprised that she’s performing. Her album was good but she needed to do a lot more promotion before she released it. She probably would have at least went GOLD, for an artist like her who has such an eclectic and eccentric style of music, that would’ve been great.

    Usher- Hardly anyone wants to see his old ass do stiff technical dance moves and lip-sync.

    Justin Beiber- He has a horrible singing voice, lip-syncs, and can’t really dance

    Katy Perry- One of the worst performers of this generation

    Eminem- Sit down already!

    Lady Gaga- her performances are boring as hell. She has this stage with all this flashy set and a bunch of background dancers dressed in striking costumes, but her so called dancing and voice always fall flat.

    This award show sounds boring. Oh and, LMMAO at Jaden Smith performing!

  32. jaden smith lover January 30, 2011

    i cant wait to see jaden smith the beebs,and usher be on the stage all at once wat a performance cant wait to see it this is really gonna be a performance talked about

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