Jennifer Lopez Visits The Rachael Ray Show

Published: Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 by Sam

Pop diva Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Rachael Ray Show earlier this week. The 41 year old chatted it up with host Ray about motherhood, her new music, her role on Americal Idol, and how she manages to juggle all.

Check out the interview after the jump…

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  1. J03FAmOuS February 8, 2011


  2. JJFAN1814 February 8, 2011

    J.Lo is everywhere. Props to her. Let’s hope she has the same promotion when this album drops.

  3. fagtg February 8, 2011

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    i met him via —– H ot’ Bla c k’ w h it e. C” 0- M—-

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  4. Royalkev February 8, 2011

    Jlo is gorgeous! Sweet , sweet , sweet personality! I bet that her video “On the Floor” is the one that slays the most out of all of them. She deserves to get all the attention she is getting now! Go Jenny!

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  5. Forreal February 8, 2011

    ^ True she or her camp ain’t hyping up her video, why do I get the feeling its gonna be a better video than Britneys

  6. Traci Summers February 8, 2011

    DEAD at forreal its true tho…it might killl britneys and lady gagas born this way snippet sounds horrible

  7. Jay February 8, 2011

    Very likeable personality. Love J. Lopez.

  8. Royalkev February 8, 2011

    @Forreal, one thing I can say about Jlo is that she’s consistent and she’s awesome when it comes to delivering a great dance video. She’s never a disappointment!

    *NEW* Check out my blog: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  9. Bubbles February 8, 2011

    Her weave in that pic is fabulous!!! Photoshopped or not it is slaying!! B**** better hook Britney up.

  10. Pliss February 8, 2011


  11. lola February 8, 2011

    That picture is photoshopped tot he fullest! isn’t it crazy how they can photoshop hair/weave? And JNO looks old. Nobody cares about this shitty DIVA! She’s getting all of this promo, but no one cares. Every time she appears somewhere it’s like “Oh, there’s JNO” but when people read about Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, they’re all hyped up! And I don’t even like S****** or Caca either!

  12. J February 9, 2011

    ^ Hater much? Relaaaax it’s not that serious. Lol

  13. LAKEE March 5, 2011

    This interview was awesome!!!

    I hope we get a lot of hot dance music on this album, although her R&B s*** is still hot.

    But i want more “Waiting For Tonight,” more “Walking On Sunshine.” Even her venture into rock with “Cherry Pie” was cute. i want her to bring a hot album again 🙂

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