Teaser: Omarion’s ‘Come F*ck Wit Me’ Video (Jodeci Cover)

Published: Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011 by Sam

R&B trier Omarion has released a teaser for (presumed) new release ‘Come F*ck Wit Me’. A cover of Jodeci‘s classic ‘Come Talk With Me’, the 1991 song is given an updated twist – complete with a hoard of profanity laced lyrics. Check it out after the jump…


Beyond looking like it was filmed on his Blackberry, the video and song do little to advance O’s cause. A shame, as having interviewed him last year, he is genuinely a very likeable as a person. However, this faux-bravado and hyper-masculine ‘look’ here don’t suit him at all; reeking, instead, of desperation.

Nonetheless, here’s hoping things work themselves out for the former B2K singer. He is, after all, still a very talented.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SHOCKED!! February 2, 2011

    I Love omarion, but what the hell is this… he should have stay with young money.

  2. Fio February 2, 2011


  3. FierceRokstar February 2, 2011

    I <3 omarion but… umm yeah, not feelin this.
    Was expectin much more for this to be a
    jodeci cover.

  4. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS February 2, 2011

    Omarion please don’t try again this was disrespectful to Jodeci.

    No Shade

  5. vegasgirl February 2, 2011

    How Dare HE!! DON’t. DISRESPECT. JODECI. EVA! ( ohh 90’s R&B- I do love it (some) still.)

    Anyway even with the autotune his voice still leaves much to be desired. Umm…whatever I’m confused. The “only for the ladies” part was an interesting addition also.

    He does seem like a nice enough dude though so good luck in whatever this is.

  6. Dilla February 2, 2011

    I think the track should have been upgraded to sound more recent and as for Omarion, I love his take on this song but he has to own it if he’s gonna take on ssinf like this.

  7. Dilla February 2, 2011

    A song like this

  8. Royalkev February 2, 2011

    Why do people do so little to rework a classic song if they cover it. You have to really present something new instead of only singing the same lyrics over. That only works on rare occassions and usually it’s done by a much more superior vocalist than the one in the original version. Omarion should have threw away most of the song and if I was him I’d only use the lyrics: You look so s***/ you really turn me on/ blow my mind everytime I… / see your face girl. Then I only would use the Come and F**K with me, part and create all of the rest. Those parts in between would bridge the gap between something classic and something new, fresh and current. He didn’t pull this one off. I still like him though and the other track he did recently.

    Check out my blog: Thepagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).
    * Shout out to Remmy & Bluekid 🙂

  9. Love February 2, 2011

    What the heck is this Omarion? Omarion needs to go back to his 21 album days or even the O album days when he was his best.

    ** Does anybody know, what happened to O’s music style did it go with his new hair cut?

  10. Dave February 2, 2011

    At least the vocals are on point

  11. life February 2, 2011

    The voice affects gota go but you can NEVER take such a classic and change up the words like that! Be respectful and atleast do a cover because you version will always fall short..

  12. Jay February 2, 2011

    When Plies n Neyo decided to sample Janet Jackson’s “Come Back To Me” and make it into that dirty buss a *** track I didn’t here no one saying anything about it. Therefore, he did his own twist on the song and I think it wasn’t a disrespect but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe that he was just playing around in the studio and but if he was serious I know it would come out alot better….geez, let the guy have fun with it!

  13. unknownone February 2, 2011

    Omarion go sit down and stay away from the classic Jodeci catalog.

  14. MzWhoDat February 2, 2011

    Why does it sound like he has a cold? He has a nice voice, why auto tune? I hope he was just fooling around and is not serious……………smdh

  15. Shanice February 2, 2011

    I know I give Justin Bieber a hard time b/c he still sounds like a 5 year old, but Omarion still sounds the same as when he first came out with B2K. And it annoys the hell outta me.

  16. BREEZYTHEBEST February 2, 2011

    SMH at Omari but he got to do what he gotta do. What is he suppose to do when people are checking for Raz-b more then him.

  17. Damindra February 2, 2011

    How disrespectful, this is one of THE classics of Jodeci, and to have it completely destroyed like this shows a somewhat ‘desparate’ calling for help! As previous comments, he should have stayed with Young Money!

  18. STRAX February 2, 2011

    The comment about being filmed on a BlackBerry had me in stitches!

    Omarion is a cool guy, but clearly is attempting to reinvent himself to no avail.

    I have seen him wearing some really laughable outfits of recent, now this?

    Come on, back to the real formula that got you some credibility amongst people who know a thing about REAL R&B!

    Should know better not touch a Jodeci classic, throw some profanity on it and think people would be lapping it up.

    Come on now…

  19. sonofbaldwin February 2, 2011

    The “only for the ladies” refrain seems like Omarion’s trying to convince himself more than he’s trying to convince anyone else. No shade.

  20. B Rockah Stan 4eva February 2, 2011


  21. getatme February 2, 2011

    uhhhh why is he Cursing all over the TRACK is that REALLY necessary LOL….that is a definite no no….Not his style at all…in fact he sound REALLY DUMB

  22. UGh February 3, 2011

    i love Jodeci. Omarion sounds fine to me. Maybe the lyrics should have a bit different but the dude can sing.

  23. bpleasebelieve February 3, 2011


  24. Jayson February 3, 2011

    still a very talentend what sam?

  25. M J M February 3, 2011

    What the f*** are you talking about? Omarion didn’t use autotune in this song lol.

    That’s what his voice actually sounds like. And I don’t understand why everyone’s hating on this song. Even though he’s cursing his vocals make up for it. He sounds really good in this song and I’d like to see him do more songs like this minus the cursing.

    Just let the man have fun….Geez. He’s not disrespecting anyone.

  26. Zan February 8, 2011

    WTF!!! Jodeci is my FAVORITE R&B group. WTH is he thinking trying to sing a Jodeci hit. That’s like somebody trying to remake Turn Off the Lights or Distant Lover. You just understand that Marvin Gaye and Teddy P are not to be played with. I think Jodeci must have been hurting for the money or they had no idea that he was on some BS. Shoot yourself before you try that again. Save the world the bloody ears!

  27. Misskaydeen April 13, 2011

    Omarion did a great job and i’m proud of him and i don’t care what anyone says about him or is vocals he is very talented and he can really sing and i don’t care what the haterz want to say about him. and i agree with Dilla he could have upgrade it a bit but he had a good take on this. leave him alone let him have fun. look at how many artist screwed up on many songs and no one said anything and as omarion did his thing everybody seem to have alot to say.

  28. Misskaydeen April 13, 2011


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