New Video: Teairra Mari – ‘Body’

Published: Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011 by Sam

Another day, another Teairra Mari video. This go round, the visual is for ‘Body’ – the latest single to be lifted from her ‘Point of No Return’ mixtape.

Check out the World Star Hip-Hop exclusive after the jump…

Oh Teairra….yet another recession special. Sigh.

Nonetheless, one still has to admire her hustle. Although, at this point, things really do need to start taking off for herfor all of this to not be in vein. Ms. Mari has a renewed deal with Warner (despite never actually releasing the re-recorded version of her sophomore LP ‘At That Point’); hence it’s high time she does away with the mixtapes and drop something from the actual album. After all, people’s attention will only hold for so long, before she’s considered just another bit of (near-naked) eye candy.

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  1. jasmine February 2, 2011

    This song is dumb old first of all. and its Teairra Mari..I mean, were you REALLY expecting something groundbreaking?

  2. raraskils February 2, 2011

    i liked it.

    Sam, sometimes you’re just too judgmental.

    and yes lets hope all her hard work has not been done in VAIN. lol. 😛

  3. black February 2, 2011

    The songs sounds like a beyonce song

  4. TERIANA February 2, 2011

    She should perform at the Grammys too. I’d love to see her on that stage killing this!

  5. VA STAND UP!! February 2, 2011

    Damn! Didn’t this song come out like last summer?!?! This video is late as hell! I almost forgot about the damn song! SMH.

    Anywho, the video wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I mean, it fit the song and wasn’t overly sexual. We can’t blame her for using s** when everyone else is doing it! It even had a bit of a concept. Obviously it was low budget, but we should have expected that, plus it’s just a mixtape single.

    I think the song is cute and she is so pretty and can actually sing but sadly, I just don’t think anyone is checking for her like that. It sucks cause I feel like she tries so hard and puts our a decent effort but just gets overlooked. *shrugs*

    I have a feeling this song will fail to chart and her album won’t ever come out and if it does….well we know what is going to happen. *shrugs*

  6. VA STAND UP!! February 2, 2011

    @Teriana: Are you serious?!?! I don’t think the Grammy comittee even know who she is! Lol! That was a good laugh! *wipes tears*

  7. incognegro February 2, 2011

    I thought that this video was really cute, and actually brought life to a song that was released some time ago – way to go Teairra!!!

    Sam, you do make a good point about the shelf-life of an artist; however, we should not misconstrue something that is released as being fun as actually being serious. Moreover, in order to release more album-based videos or songs there must be a fanbase, which I believe Teairra Mari is accumulating with these videos and mixtapes – so there is a purpose. I personally believe that Teairra Mari has a lot to offer, but when you have comments that read: “Oh Teairra….yet another recession special. Sigh.”…what exactly do you expect from fans. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I am all for the commentary and opinions that bloggers offer, but you must also keep in mind the power of your negativity. Seriously, when the entire post is devoted to degrading an artists work, why even post the video, the damage has already been done.

    Point is, I loved the video, I really respect and enjoy Teairra Mari, and i do hope that she gets the success that she deserves, because she has definitely worked for it!!!!

  8. Avenger February 2, 2011

    Teairra Mari needs to find a real job. They been trying to “break” her for the last six years and it hasn’t happened yet. She began as a teenager and is now nearing her mid 20s, but still hasn’t had that real hit.

  9. incognegro February 2, 2011

    Case in point ^^^^ *no shade for real, just saying*

    Sam, I have an experiment for you…see what happens when you actually write something positive about an artist, or better yet just state things objectively. It will be interesting to see how it will steer or not steer the comments people leave…

  10. GangsterA February 2, 2011

    damn she’s hot love the vid and the song

  11. ANTHONY February 2, 2011


  12. LSZ February 2, 2011

    Sam please stop wasting your time and ours by posting on irrelevent artists such as the one above and many others, you make your site look stupid. I didn’t even bother watching the video.


  13. @in_orbit69 February 2, 2011

    the lightskin boy in the video was super cute……

    thats all i got.

  14. mmmkayyy February 2, 2011

    honestly i like the song. its clear the video treatment had no budget but ive seen worse. i actually like this chick she can actually SING unlike that goat that resembles her.

    she is someoen that can def carry a song live ONSTAGE. here’s hopin for her tho

  15. Fio February 2, 2011

    nice elements… but why all at the same time

  16. Oggie February 2, 2011

    I think the song is HEAVY and i love this girls hustle just shows she is a true artist, she will keep her ish moving without label support, still making music , pushing her mixtapes and shooting videos and keeping her fanbase moving all by herself, nuff respect to her for that , in the end she will be a winner, someone will eventually take notice of all the hard work she is putting in!

  17. jaybarbiebitch February 2, 2011

    Cute video better than the s*** Keri has put out to be honest pretty girl rock would have been better suited and would have saved Teairra. She is talented and very beautiful but these labels just dont know how to market her. With Keri and Ciara both hanging on for dear life R&B is nealry dead. I can see Teairra doing Beyonce style pop this song proves she can she just neeeds the right team if all else fail stick to acting maybe you can land a role as Malik new w**** on the game

  18. ROUND IV February 2, 2011

    yasss I love it ! love teairra mari !
    why did jay-z put her out of his label again????

  19. Dancinstarrlet February 2, 2011


  20. SWEXY February 2, 2011

    She has looks , she dances, she sings, Shes **talented**… but I dont know of her… Iguess she is a FLOP!

  21. Dave February 2, 2011

    The video for the song is late as hell! I mean she already released another mixtape now. But,t he video wasn’t that bad. It actually looks very high quality. It could’ve looked like it was recorded from a cell phone camera. At least the quality of it was exceptional even though it wasn’t much plot of extravagance in the video at all.

  22. KAT DELUNA FAN February 2, 2011

    I like the video and she looks damn good.Her skin is flawless
    The vid was cute and she she is a hustler ..hatas gonna hate

  23. KAT DELUNA FAN February 2, 2011

    And yeah …cant wait for the STAY ROUND AND ROUND <3 STRANGER VIDEOS


  24. LuvMeDj February 2, 2011

    @INCOGNEGRO You couldn’t have said it any better! I totally agree! To me it seems if your not “mainstream” then your just not good enough. Whether your grindin or not, it seems people will always have something negative to say about SOMETHING. And it does start with the blogs, if you begin with a negative post, once the readers read it they are already put in that negative mindset and begin looking for EXACTLY what was stated and then comes MORE negativity. If your gonna hate on the artist then I don’t see any point of posting them on your blog. Teairra has been on the grind for sometime now and people who don’t know much about the industry wonder why she keeps releasing mixtapes. But its for a reason, to gain exposure and a solid fanbase so that when she actually DOES release an album people will actually go out and buy it. Last I read Teairra’s latest mixtape has over 105,000 DL’s so far (may be more at this point). If people weren’t interested then they wouldn’t have even downloaded it for FREE!!

  25. Secret Voice February 2, 2011

    Another no talent ho if you ask me!!!!!!!!111

  26. tumay February 2, 2011

    Sounds ok, not hit material quite honestly

  27. Prince February 2, 2011

    Teairra girl u is soo GORGEOUS!!! I think the only way 4 her to get some attention is if she go the Soul route. She also is too much of a Beyonce. No ones ready 4 another Beyonce. Teairra girl keep trying ima still stick by u. The video is Hawt but its too late.

  28. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 2, 2011

    Mmmm, hot pic.. now all i need is one of her bent over showing that assss mmmm

  29. Yellow Gorillah February 2, 2011







  30. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 2, 2011

    @LuvMedJ PREACH!

    #PrincessTeairra 🙂 …That is all…

  31. STRAX February 2, 2011

    Why all the complaints, this is the kind of sh*t R&B that sells nowadays, is it not?

    What has happened to a consistent level of melodies, writing and arrangement?

    No wonder music sounds the same in recent years, Beyonce could sang done this song with a massive marketing budget, radio endorsement and everyone would be loving it.

    Come on now…

  32. kekeluvsu February 2, 2011

    I actually really like this song. So what the video is cheap. Y’all have to really respect this girls hustle. Like I have never seen so much determination in my life from an artist. She is the def. of a true hustler. Whether you like the girl or not, you gotta give her that much credit.

  33. STRAX February 2, 2011

    Credit to her, she is v. nice looking, good voice, but I have to say that this tune is not memorable….

  34. lola February 3, 2011

    Just by reading these comments, it’s so TRUE that anybody can be a singer. Teairra looked like a ghetto, hoochie, video HO. I am sick and tired of these females selling their stank asses! Her attitude sucks. She has this snotty I’m so ghetto fabulous and cute personality about her by her facial expressions and interviews. This song is a mess, it’s a “DIVA” knock off. And the video is even worse. I understand keep on shooting for the stars and following your dreams, but she needs to give it up. It wasn’t meant to be. Singing is not her thing. Damn, she’s been trying for 6 years now and still hasn’t gotten anywhere. How pathetic and what a poor example of a young women? She’s 23 and doesn’t have a career. She doesn’t even have a back up plan.

  35. incognegro February 3, 2011

    It amazes me how many double and triple standards folks have – when in fact it’s just a way of them rationalizing their negative comments about someone else. She’s a h**. This is not R&B. She can’t sing. She can’t dance. This song is horrible. She’s a Flop. She’s too old. She’s too short. She’s too light…c’mon son, give me a break!!! In one sense I respect your opinions, but by the same token if it’s soooo bad, I would ask you to do better. Folks are so quick to rain on someone else’s parade, when the reality of the situation is that they could not achieve the things that Teairra Mari is doing. Furthermore, I would love to see if these standards are held for other popular acts. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen other artists p-poppin’, wearing revealing clothing (if clothed at all), singing horrible songs – but people would swear by that person as if they are the gospel. But let an up-an-coming artist do it, and she’s a h**…really??? *gives “c’mon son” face*

    This is my challenge for those who are being extremely critical of Teairra Mari. Ask yourself, honestly, if another artist released this same song/video, would you be as crtiical? Ask yourself, if Teairra Mari is sooo horrible, can I do better? And lastly, ask yourself, if you know what your talent is, would you let haters keep you down or would you continue to strive on like she has. I’m sure once you consider those questions, in earnest, you will have no choice but to respect Teairra’s hustle.

    So I’m not saying that Teairra Mari is the best singer out there, nor am I saying that this is the best song or video to grace this green earth; however, what I am not going to do is transpose my own negative thoughts and beliefs on someone else, just because I have nothing better to do than be NEGATIVE…smdh.

  36. Some Guy Far Away February 3, 2011

    so uh… yeah! I agree with Incognegro. He pretty much said it all. And whats with the guy LSZ hating on a video he never watched? ha ah ha ha that guy is funny. So lets look at this vid….. yeah I think the colors were pretty good, the story made sense and IS kinda cute (no homo). You also have to put into consideration that this video and song is not really for the guys. I think women will probably receive this pretty well. Funny story, good song and a video that makes them want to go and work out and work on their health. Seems pretty positive to me. I bet if this was on MTV (I know they dont’ play music videos anymore but u know what I’m saying) and BET, it would work. We’ll have to wait and see. Anyhow, I can tell her and her team are working hard I give them that. Good stuff.

  37. Kyle February 3, 2011

    I freakin love Teairra Mari. No album out, no one really checking for her but she just keeps things moving and does what she loves. I actually think the video was pretty decent too. I will always support her…been a fan since 05′.

  38. anna February 5, 2011

    maybe she should have sucked csi wetback actor c*** like singer melanie fiona done then she would not be an flop.

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