Teairra Mari Previews New Single ‘Bad’

Published: Monday 11th Sep 2017 by Sam

Teairra Mari has come a long way from the days of being primed to be the Princess of the Roc.

Nowadays, she’s more renown for throwing drinks and pulling wigs on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.’

It’s a steady check, but – for many – has translated as wasted potential given the trajectory she was once on.

Hoping to re-affix the focus on her music career, the 29-year-old has previewed new song named ‘Bad.’

Due to debut in October, a snippet of the track awaits below…


Jury’s out until we hear this in full. Sounds promising, though.

More than anything, we’re just glad that Teairra is focussing on music again.

For anyone’s who’s watched the show, she’s obviously had her problems. But it’s always been unfortunate that she hasn’t managed to use the platform in a way to benefit her actual talents.

Maybe just maybe now’s that time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman September 11, 2017

    I actually like it so far..

  2. Anonymous September 11, 2017

    I did love me some TeaTea but she lost it. Phonebooth was my jam for weeks on end. But hey if Cardi can do it so can she.

    • RIhYonce September 11, 2017

      Trust me her vocals are better than ever. just wait for the single & the album to drop sis

  3. RihYonce September 11, 2017

    I am so proud that’s Tt is finally using her talent again. She’s been through a lot since being on LHH I’m glad that she’s beginning to realize who she is again. She just got out of rehab Shen lost all of that weight she is SNATCHED! She just shot her album cover a few days ago she’s is COMING!

  4. RIhYonce September 11, 2017

    Wait until October TT is COMING back for crown as the OG R&B Princess. Y’all are not ready for this comeback. She’s here to stay this time. So proud of her

    • Jasmine September 11, 2017

      Princess at 29? Get real. She should be on some grown woman ish by now.

      • RIhYonce September 11, 2017

        Seriously ? I’m talking about her position in R&B she still has a lot to prove to the mainstream audience. She can’t be a queen yet and everyone already knows that Beyoncé Is the reigning R&B queen. Teairra has her own lane and she’s about to bring real R&B back with this album “Night Shift” bye sis

      • Jasmine September 11, 2017

        I’m here for the comeback. I’m rooting for her too. I don’t really believe she ever had the position of “princess of r&b” so it is a big stretch calling her that and an even bigger stretch thinking she could get that title at her age. Anyone who ever held that title down in the past had many hits and a greatest hits CD under their belt (Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah, and even Ashanti). Fans are too quick to throw out unearned titles these days. Just being real.

  5. Gee September 11, 2017

    Sounds pretty good from the snippet.

  6. 2Bad2Bme September 11, 2017

    Sounds like an Ashanti reject. Get in rehab and get yo self together!

    • RIhYonce September 11, 2017

      1, Teairra just got out of rehab. 2, if you listen to her music you would know that this is her sound. Her and Ashanti always kinda sounded similar but Teairra is vocally stronger & can smash her anyday stop it.

      • Livefortomorrow September 12, 2017

        You sound d ujhmb as f*** b****, Ashanti sung/def now sings circles around this flop ?? b**** look who they choose to sing national anthems etc you sound Foolish.

  7. YONCE September 11, 2017

    It’s alright. I’m just glad that her focus is on music again.

  8. Junior in Jamaica September 11, 2017

    Each time I see this chick it reminds me how underdog Rihanna just took over. Everyone thought she was going to outdo Rihanna and look how the cookie crumbled!

  9. Justafan September 12, 2017

    Sounds like leftovers from 2003

  10. Tyler September 27, 2017


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