Hot Shots: Britney Spears Unveils New ‘Femme Fatale’ Promo Pics

Published: Sunday 13th Mar 2011 by Trent

Britney Spears released some new ‘Femme Fatale’ promotional images today. The photoshoot was conducted by Randee St. Nicholas. More shots of the low energy superstar are available below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Nandi-Ayanna March 13, 2011

    nothing about her promo pics says femme fatale. just the exact opposite imo.

  2. Kevin March 13, 2011

    idk why, but i see BLACKKK when i think of a femme fatale. a hot, s***, leathered up (ala halle berry as CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!) minx on the prowl.

    from this i see a lot of white and blond.

    i like britney but i need her GMA performance to be gaga/beyonce esque.

  3. ray March 13, 2011

    why is she always playing with her hair in photoshoots? anyways, she looks good.

  4. UGh March 13, 2011

    she looks nice but i agree, nothing about these promo pics says femme fetal. I was expecting something raunchy or badass.

  5. luvey March 13, 2011

    Cute kind of bland though

  6. Lifee March 13, 2011

    Say what ya’ll want about her promo pics but her album SLAYSSS.. and I’m not even a fan of Pop music!

    Very impressed

  7. Blanco Family March 13, 2011

    JESUS!! her album LEAKED!

  8. VOLKAN March 13, 2011


  9. KYLE March 13, 2011


    SICK F*****!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!



  10. are YOU serious? March 13, 2011


    these pictures arent giving me any life when is her 15mins up??

    GAGA B******!!!

  11. LaLa on BeyonCellulite March 13, 2011

    I love Britney, but that Main Pic is so Ugly,
    even photoshop cannot do the magic.
    this pic is more Angelic Femme tbh.

  12. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 13, 2011

    LMFAO At You Dissin Trent xD

    @Are You Serious?
    B**** I Ain’t No Britney Fan But We All Know CACA Will Fade
    Britney Has Already Proven That The 15 Min S*** Don’t Apply To Her
    The Real Question Is, WHEN WILL CACAS 15 MIN OF FAME END?
    Answer: When Queen Beyonce Comes Back;)


  13. dang March 13, 2011

    Britney, please drink some coffee next’re so bland.
    Gaga rules the roost, b******! Beyonce who?

  14. mindgames March 13, 2011

    of course a gargoyle stan would come up in here. gtfo fug ass monster

  15. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ March 13, 2011

    She is really s***. I see red when I think of Femme Fatale. No guarantee these are the shots for the cd artwork other than the cover but we’ll see. The one that they used for the cover is supposed to be a “Femme Fatale” like pose but I like the aesthetic of the final pic most.

    @Blanco Family,

    Where you been lol.

  16. theman March 13, 2011

    Nice pics, but her eyes are passionless.

  17. Christian March 13, 2011

    Awwww Brit Brit looks cute

  18. irene46 March 13, 2011

    don’t be a coward trent , put some christina info on this post. how about letting us know how her movie profits are doing?

    i enjoyed the movie but when i watched the deleted scenes on dvd i found most of the best dancing and hottest stuff was cut out! the dancing was phenomenal and christina’s deleted performance of ‘a man what takes his time’ was waaay outstanding!

    it’s sad such an artist as talented as she is happens to be so hated and beligned by the media. that’s really a loss to those who appreciate true talent!!

  19. KYLE March 13, 2011



  20. hiuyi March 13, 2011

    “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect matc h like “black & white” people

    😛 😛 ~~B lac k Wh it e Fl i rts* C”0m ~~~The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babie s wait too lon g for you !!

  21. jason March 13, 2011

    Femme Fatale is surprisingly impressive and amazing.
    That’s all I can say.
    A pop masterpiece that everyone should have (at least a CD).

  22. are YOU serious? March 13, 2011

    at you wack ass BEYONCE N KYLE


    AND BEYAWNCE needs to go sit her stealing ass down her whole career is a remake!!!

    put it like this these old b****** needs to hang it up!

    GAGA B******!!!! 2011!

  23. are YOU serious? March 13, 2011


  24. GangsterA March 13, 2011

    Dead at b****** saying circus floped umm no 5 million WW is a flop now? Smdh with 4 singles and mini promo bam anyway she looks amazing shes so pretty

  25. Travis March 13, 2011

    Before this I doubt on her latest project. But, it just so amazing, a good production, catchy songs and fresh music. Already pre-ordered. It’s weird, coz this is my first time in 5 years in buying Britney’s album! This b**** is sooo bad! I love it.

  26. Philip March 13, 2011

    I don’t know why Gaga fans crazy over here.
    For Femme Fatale, it’s a strong masterpiece and s*** all over The Fame+The Fame Monster, in fact Born This Way music arrangement and production look cheap compare to these tracks.
    I’m not a Gaga or Britney fan. But, currently Britney is relevant again in pop world.

  27. Judge & Jury March 13, 2011

    Fotoshopped to the max. Not a surprise. Completes the lip syncing and lip dancing look.

  28. Alan March 13, 2011

    For Circus official 4 singles, but technically only 2 singles.
    If U Seek Amy banned in several countries, Radar already served as a single from Blackout album in many countries.
    5M sold and only promoted with tours, that’s impressive.

  29. Paris March 13, 2011

    I LOVE HER ALBUM! Haters or fans I hate you all for these stupid wars.
    Femme Fatale is epic.

  30. Jenny March 13, 2011

    I cannot say anymore, her album is hot, WTF Britney? This is totally fabulous.

  31. marion March 13, 2011

    Seriously, femme fatale going to be the best-pop-dance album in next 5 years. Just listened to it, and it’s perfect. Only Till the world ends is quite boring. The rest, they blow Blackout out!

  32. Kyle 2.0 March 13, 2011

    OMG! do you think black-w**** like Beyonce is beautiful enough? Do u think shemale-Gaga is hot? LOL U have to see Beyonce and Rihanna need to use make-up all over their legs, neck, hands and..the whole body to make sure they look pale and stunning.. LOL.
    Britney doesn’t need to use 3-inch of make up like Gaga, Bee, or Rihanna for only buying Starbucks. She’s a normal person and living simply like us.

  33. Emily March 13, 2011

    femme fatale is the greatest album so far in 2011. In fact Jessie J’s album is a total of shits.
    I’m waiting for Born This Way. I love them both. Thanks Britney. Gaga u better put out a good album for us!

  34. Jess March 13, 2011

    @Emily that’s true! femme fatale is the best thing in her career.
    Criminal, Inside Out and I Wanna Go is epic!

  35. Jess March 13, 2011

    LoL at 3-inch of make-up

  36. That FLOP Juice March 13, 2011

    I’ve listened 5 times FEMME FATALE so far.

    Lady Gaga is laughing somewhere. It’s an absolutely underwhelming and disappointing album.

    I’m sorry guys, but Christina’s BIONIC is much much better. Maybe Britney will sell better, but BIONIC is much more unique and interesting than this.

    My all time fav Britney album is IN THE ZONE, but the Circus material was awesome too. But this album has just 2 or 3 good songs (e.g. TIll the World Ends), but most of them is just a cheap, mediocre, nothing new, Pop or Euro-Pop-Dance song. I’m sorry, I love Britney, and I support her, but this album is just a crap.

    Maybe stans in the US don’t know the Euro-Pop-Dance charts from the previous 3-4 years, but they were full with like these songs.

    It’s Britney, and it will sell, but artistically and musically this album is a big F.

  37. KaVion March 13, 2011

    The photos of Femme Fatale have been really boring.
    No offense to the Britney stans, but damn.
    Britney was looking good as hell at first (Womanizer), now she’s been looking homely.
    Oh well, her music has been on point lately, that’s all that matters.

  38. Linda March 13, 2011

    The reason of ‘hating’ is because of the real success.
    I was like, who are you @That Flop Juice?
    All the reviewers (I mean professional one) and not a trash like you gave thumbs up for Femme Fatale. Now, the whole world gonna listen at you stupid views?? What a dumb-ass!
    Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pop Justice, EW, USA Today, radios already praised on Femme Fatale. Positively reviewed as 4 out of 5.
    You a total Gaga-s***-fan just go back to Born This Way (sounds like mid-2000’s production). Government Hooker already received bad reviews as a rip-off of 80’s.
    Haters gonna hate the real success!
    Bring it back Britney.

  39. FBINX March 13, 2011

    Britney fans I respect her longevity and that is about it. What is wrong with you people? I listened to the new album 3 times to make sure i’m not being bias( I tend to like singers that can actually sing). The music has been the same since blackout. F.F is nothing different nothing amazing or ground breaking. In fact what I hate the most about the album is that you can barely tell if it’s her or an computer doing the singing. You can say i’m hating, but you blog stans are so delusional. Just because some one doesn’t agreee doesn’t mean they are hating just means they have a different opinion or view. When you blog stans get that there would be none of this stupid stan war blogging. The album is ok far from the best of the year. Lupe and Marhsa albums are much better again not being bias I like pop. But only a stan would call the album amazing

  40. Alex March 13, 2011

    what the hell?
    This album is amazing, another #1 debut for britney! Gaga fans, stop it. Britney and gaga is entirely different.

  41. Amy March 13, 2011

    this is the best pop-dance album of the year. i’ve listened to it 3 times and it’s f****** amazing! britney’s back on pop-radar.

  42. landon March 13, 2011

    Blackout 2.0 definitely!

  43. Travist March 13, 2011

    LOL, idk why some people call this album a OK!. to me, it’s definitely not OK! It’s beyond than amazing. Simply perfect and brilliantly produced. All tracks (I MEAN ALL) songs are dancable , fresh and amazing. I think i’m gonna love Britney again. OMG! The b**** is back.

  44. Kenith March 13, 2011

    Sad over leaks. 🙁
    but this album’s pre-order already in top 5 on itunes. Just pre-ordered and all tracks are awesome. Worth for money. YAyyyyyyyy

  45. omen March 13, 2011

    LOVE love love femme fatale. The greatest ever. 😀

  46. FGH_67 March 13, 2011

    The album is actually amazing.
    Its incredible when the ENTIRE album slays the first two singles. And THOSE singles were amazing.
    The production is actually FLAWLESS.
    She sounds great and its most definitely up there as one of her best albums.
    Im going out on a limb and saying its her best album EVER.
    Its cohesive, yet diverse and so fun to listen to.
    SHITS all over Circus!!!!!!!!

  47. Lala March 13, 2011


  48. Johnny March 13, 2011

    My faves (n the future singles,yay!) list:
    1, Drop Dead Beautiful (I just felt weird bout the Sabi’s laugh part, i thought it’s Ke$ha’s in Blow)
    2, Seal It With A Kiss (love to dance my ass off in the club with this)
    3, IIII wanna gooooooooooooooo (love the whistle part:x)
    4, Gasoline (this s definitely my next bathroom-anthem)
    5, Criminal (I cant stop thinking of Miles Away’s Maddie part II)

    These r gonna be next singles!!!! They r really radio-friendly i think. The rests r so gud and absolutely not fillers! Worth my wait! look forward to hearing bonus tracks

  49. Carlos March 13, 2011

    Yes I feel its up there with In The Zone, Blackout and Circus…It could be flawless minus ‘The Big Fat Bass’, that is really a f****** mess. The rest is wowzers.
    she really pulls off the Kesha-esque sound in Till The World Ends, and even furthers it. Hold It Against Me is superb from beginning to end, the breakdown remains orgasmic and drool inducing.
    Inside Out is pretty interesting sonically, its like a regret based song but then again has this s*** under the sheets teasing underlay.
    How I Roll, is pretty chill and reminds me of Brave New Girl, but gone futuristic.
    ‘I Wanna Go’ screams ‘I Wanna’ be a hit, its so damn engagingly fun and happy, the whistles are catchy as HELL.
    Seal It With A Kiss is damn amazing and catchy with the mellow ooh-ooh’s, it takes me back to when she started somehow. Same vein as Unusual You, but not as dreamy but it still has that vibe.
    Trip To Your Heart, reminds me of Heaven On Earth off Blackout, the way it breaks in a transitioning bridge is magnificent. This is the closest to Unusual You, but the opening synths are so misleading, the song is BOMB, if released it would be interesting how it would do, its really amazing and Britney sounds emotionally there.
    Trouble for me is like two songs in one, it engages and retracts amazingly, Britney has really outdone herself. Its trancey, dancey and just overall pop perfection.
    Gasoline is a slowed down Toxic for me, the playfulness and overall sass are to much to handle, its KILLER! The closing ow its so classic Britney.
    Criminal is a bt hard to get used to at first but its a nice grower, it reminds me of Rihanna’s man down, and a fusion of Love Profusion and the overall sound from Madonna’s American Life record. It is well delivered.
    Her voice sounds a bit more mature or is it just me? She sounds her age and playful as she has been before her meltdown. This is looking bright really, the record is brilliant. It doesn;t seem contrived or calculated, on the contrary flows real well and its very cohesive.
    Her delivery sounds more into it than in other records actually, ironic how she seems detached fromthe project in the media but the music comunicates differently. This music is not better, because her music is ALWAYS amazing, hot and generally ACE. So saying its better would be offensive to the other music, they just complement each other and furthers her evolution as a pop act/artist. Its a gorgeous album, the only letdown is Big Fat Bass, which is really schizophrenic, random and all over the place, it tries too hard to find a sound in the end it goes nowhere, her delivery is superb but the beat and don’t enhance it by no means.
    Definitely worth the buy on March 29th, wish they’d push up the date and I hope people and fans alike still buy it because it is worth the wait, the money and the listen. Britney has pulled off another MAJOR SURE FIRE WINNER, it does not keep the control in Circus and incorporates the edgy factor from Blackout, definitely praise worthy.

  50. ToyBoy March 13, 2011

    Won’t listen to FF till it officially comes out. Don’t wanna ruin the surprise + I’m ordering the J3 cowon player that is supposed to be one of the player that produces the finest details of music along with a Shure 440 headphones to take my enjoyment to the next level! All for Britney.

  51. LoveCU March 13, 2011


    1 Criminal (EPIC)
    2 How I Roll ( Just Insane)
    3 I wanna Go
    4 Trouble for Me
    5 Inside Out

    But I absolutely love the entire album, i don’t have to skip any song! Each of them are very unique and SOLID! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I am totally buying 3 copies of it! Britney, max, and dr luke worked really hard on it and it shows, props to them, they all deserve recognition for this masterpiece <3

  52. Shady87 March 13, 2011

    Xtina just committed suicide after hearing this masterpiece lol

  53. BraveNewGuy March 13, 2011

    Okay I heard the album and here is my review :

    1- Till the world ends : A great album starter, this song just wanna make u dance and forget everything 10/10

    2- Hold it against me : If I said I dont like this song anymore , would u hold it against me ? I really like HIAM when it 1s released but then got bored from it so this must be my least fav song in this album, but the bridge in it will remain EPIC. 8/10

    3- Inside out : Simply this is a masterpiece ! the lyrics , the beat the heavy wave in the background OMFG this def. a single material. this song literally flipped me upside down. 10/10

    4- I wanna go : WOOOHA this is what a call a CLUB BANGER , a very cool uptembo song catchy beats. this should be the next single too much epicness. 10/10

    5- How I roll : this song simply bring me back to ITZ era , Bloodshy never lost his touch such a cute song , the part where she goes “bum bum bum” just make me wanna shake my head like they used to do in the 70s and “9 lives like a kitty cat” just AMAZI-I-I-ING and dont let me start about the hook …. speechless again another single material. 10/10

    6- (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Feat. Sabi) : Lookatchu lookatchu Brit singing a song like this ! this is another AMAZING track, very groovy all I can imagine while hearing this song Britney on the stage performing this. 10/10

    7- Seal It With A Kiss : WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I F****** START WITH THIS F****** MASTERPIECE. I like to call this song “Sometimes V.2″ … such a cute song and Britney vocal layered yet it sounded so natural and fits the song. so Im gonna seal it with a kiss on brit cheeks, THANK U BRITNEY FOR THIS SONG. 10/10

    8- Big Fat Bass (Feat. Will.I.Am) : Ok I must admit the beginning of the song was a lil’bit rubbish, but thank god it gets BETTER .. u can hear Will.I.Am touch to the song with the beats and drums. shocking his part in the song is not bad at all its my fav in the song. 9/10

    9- Trouble for me : This song is just PURE – EURO – DANCE – TRACK ! OMFG this is my fav song it should be a SINGLE. lyrical this song is AMAZING “2:30″ I love how they slow things down and go up again in this song … def. should be a single. 10/10

    10- Trip To Your Heart : Another back to basics song … This is “Born to make u happy. Part 2″ it brings u back to the old days and u can feel that vibe in the song. ANOTHER SINGLE MATERIAL . 10/10

    11- Gasoline : Is a mix from various Britney album … this track slows things down brit talks about the HAWT guy …. for me this is a lighter version of Heaven on earth. 10/10

    12- Criminal : Mama Im in love with this song , “he is a hustler , he is not good at all” I love this track my fav … the lyrics are so deep and very mature if this will not be a single I’ll be very disappointed. 10/10

    Summery :

    This album is just a master piece , quoting Britney “Mature Album” HELL F****** YES

    this album is ITZ + Blackout + Circus = Happy Super Duper Funky Dancing album

    I almost cried while hearing this album

    Britney Baby Im happy for u best album she ever released

  54. MissImpartial March 13, 2011

    The bad thing is now the album has leaked they can not put the date forward as Chris Brown is releasing the week beforehand. I hope the leak is not gonna affect her first week sales.

    Anywas I think she should have used the third picture as the cover for the album.

  55. YOOS March 13, 2011

    She does look nice, but she looks boring.

  56. Jess March 13, 2011

    Does she even know what femme fatale means? These pix are uninspired, pretty yet utterly boring, three years away and this is the best they could come up with? Her fans must feel so short changed, again. Her team need awards tho

  57. Chica March 13, 2011


  58. Justin March 13, 2011

    This is super nice femme fatale! Looks polite outside but devils inside. 🙂 I like this theme. All pics are stunning, and the album also perfect!

  59. Justin March 13, 2011

    I don’t know which part you hate on Femme Fatale album? All tracks are fresh and brilliant. Love it! Circus also leaked 2 weeks before it officially released. So, lets hope a better things for Britney! Buy it and make it debut at #1.

  60. Natalie March 13, 2011

    Femme fatale is the best ! LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEE it yayayyyyyyyyyyyy

  61. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 13, 2011

    @ Are You Serious?

    Hunn Beyonce Stealer? Sweety Look At Your Girl, She Has Based Her Whole Career Copying Madonna & Grace. Your Bitchass Probably Will Say, “She’s Inspiered”.
    I Can’t With You xD


  62. Dollar$ign$kills March 13, 2011

    Better than GaGa’s s***

  63. Yellow Gorillah March 13, 2011


    Just heard the album My favourites so far

    Inside Out
    I I I Wanna Go
    How I roll

    This must be one of the Best Pop album in the last 5 Years

    The queen has returned! Gaga better come hard her album already
    sounds a mess!!

  64. Robier March 13, 2011

    Uhhh where is Femme Fatale???? Pics look like 17 yr old shy fake virgin.

  65. MissImpartial March 13, 2011


    “Your Bitchass Probably Will Say, “She’s Inspiered”.

    Lol is that not Beyonce line.

  66. irene46 March 13, 2011

    @ kyle…

    you need to stop with the racist ranting! because of the likes of you some are duped into thinking that you have to be colorless to be beautiful! however, not everyone agrees with you or there would be no tanning salons!!

  67. irene46 March 13, 2011

    @ lovecu & philip…

    britney is, what you want to call…relevant because the media chooses to make her appear that way. all of her outstanding accomplishments came before she was 20. other female artists have record breaking achievements but the media pays little homage to them. when taylor sold over 1 million copies of her album in a week during a recession the media roar died fast!

    phiip, do you really believe britney is going to shade gaga’s shine? get real!! lovecu is on this post trying to push sales for britney’s album by buying multiple copies ( a trick many britney fans use). gaga’s fame album is in the top 40 after 123 weeks on the bb hot 200 chart without her fans resorting to antics to boost sales.

    britney’s longevity is an accomplishment but she’s not the only one still hanging on from the nineties. she just gets all the hype!

  68. irene46 March 13, 2011

    @ alex…

    there is definitely a difference between lgg and britney! gaga has talent!!!

  69. irene46 March 13, 2011

    @ shady87…

    it won’t be jealousy of britney’s album that’ll cause xtina digestive problems but all the over done hype and love the media shows her.

    the media admits christina outdoes britney in the talent department but when it comes to who wins the media likability contest, anyone can see christina doesn’t stand a chance. it’s obvious the media hates her and will do everything dirty to see she never outshines britney. this includes stooping to falsely claiming her successful movie ‘burlesque’ was a failure.

    christina and cher’s soundtrack from ‘burlesque’ jumped from #140 to #18 on the hot 200 bb chart this week. now that’s impressive but will go unmentioned. right trent?!

  70. i’m a billy goat….baa March 13, 2011

    Honestly WTF is Jive doing? Hers is the second upcoming CD release that has been leaked! What are they doing at the label? Who is running thing Jeckll or Hyde?

    Anyway, her pics look fabulous!

  71. i’m a billy goat….baa March 13, 2011


  72. Gabs March 13, 2011

    The pictures are not reflective of the Femme fatale theme. I love brit but she looks like a harmless puppy here, not the fierce b**** that “femme fatale” demands

  73. Black March 14, 2011

    My review of the album is 3.8/5 stars

    it has some cute songs but i have heard better..IE..’baby one more time’,’blackout’.

    but my favorite songs are

    *Inside out (everybody loving that song)
    *Trouble for me (should be a single)
    *Till the world ends (very Kesha-ish)
    *Seal it with a kiss (Such a freaking cute songs)

    but the rest of the album sounds unfinish or left overs from Xtina’s Bionic

  74. Black March 14, 2011

    WTF is wrong with u GAGA STANS…..u sound worst than bey fans in 2007 when rihanna was tapping that ass…get it together losers…

  75. Erika March 14, 2011

    @Irene46 so what is your point?..Britney is the only act received all the fame and attentions from media? Then Gaga is not?.. What about Beyonce?..I think everybody knows Gaga is using media like hell to promote her crap songs. Do you think Born This Way is good enough, after the most reviewer gave mixed review for that song? Yup, Britney is not the only one from 90’s, but no matter what. She had a meltdown before, and now she bounces back. The Fame and The Fame Monster still on the chart. So what? Gaga has her prime time now. If you claim that, so, can we call Madonna a flop and cannot sell now (like Gaga)?..and after none of her singles top the BB lately?. You are the one should get a life! If you look into Britney’s life, she was never desperate for attentions, only crazy paparazzi always following her ass. However, Gaga, she is a media w**** with stupid shoes, crazy clothes, and we call it a talent? What about the rip-off talent that she has? There’s nothing wrong for Britney fans to promote her album. The real is, Femme Fatale is amazing. SO what? Are you mad? You can go to gaga-posts on this blog and see their crazy responses (by Gaga fans). We don’t care if Gaga going to outshine Britney, just let it be. Britney got everything to make her ass being called a living legend. So what? Are you mad? Are gonna explain why The Fame sold over 12M and The Fame Monster not over than 6M?

  76. Jack March 14, 2011

    Gaga stan @Irene46 is delusional. Talking nonsense.

  77. SpongeBobLovesMasturbate March 14, 2011

    LOL This album is huge hit! femme fatale rules.

  78. Jason March 14, 2011

    Idk, but 14M of The Fame was claimed by Gaga’s team. Not from official sources. and those 14M including the single sales (not album alone).
    For Britney, Circus sold over than 4M (album alone) and 8M (for singles).

  79. Sofea March 14, 2011

    i love femme fatale no matter what.. the album sounds amazing. A very very good production. Catchy songs.

  80. Orient March 14, 2011

    I love Criminal! Epic

  81. Cheers (Drink to That) March 14, 2011

    The album is FIYAH, but those pics ARE NOT!

    NOTHING about those pics say Femme Fatale IMO!

  82. Nichole March 14, 2011

    Irene is a Christina Aguilera Stan, and is highly pressed that Britney has been kicking Christina’s ass since 99.

    Girl, don’t be mad cus Britney is still relevant and Christina is still eating from the palm of her hand. Brit ain’t goin no where, therefore, you and the rest can get the hell over it.

  83. irene46 March 14, 2011

    @ jack…

    so you’re a gaga stan?! yeah, right! if that’s the case, instead of jumpin’ me, why aren’t you checkin’ ericka who just ripped into your fave in a major way??

    @ nicole…

    i am a stan for a lot of artists, but only ones with talent; which totally leaves britney out of the mix!

    get it straight! after christina released ‘stripped’ and before the ‘bionic’ disaster, the only britney related ass kicking she was getting has been coming from her razzle dazzled fanbase and the britney boot(ie) licking media. neither ‘blackout’ or ‘circus’ has sold more than ‘back to basics’! christina’s ten year compilation sold more than britney’s last compilation.

    christina’s 1st movie far out did britney’s and the media’s so mad and desperate they’re lowing themselves to lying about it being a flop! it’s probably raised nearly 100 million world wide without counting new dvd sales. this isn’t worth reporting to the press, but an almost unnoticable stumble on stage and being held (but not arrested) by the police is newsworthy!

    if it wasn’t for the media’s taking pity on britney after her horrid vma performance and the appearance that her “comeback” album might flop she’d be still be in meltdown mode. the press went into high gear to resusitate her career with all the she’s a phenom and still an album selling titan as if it were still 1999! pleese!

    btw, if i was going to be pressed about someone outselling christina why wouldn’t it be gaga. the answer is…because gaga has talent even though she’s image snatched from almost every female in creation! she can sing and dance, britney can do neither!!

  84. irene46 March 15, 2011

    @ ericka…

    all of those getting hype are getting it because they’re selling big and this includes the ones who have been around since britney. beyonce way outsells britney and although she may get some press and hype it’s not near what britney gets. just count the number times britney’s had a post on tgj compared to bey anyone else including gaga!

    i can’t answer why gaga’s ‘fame monster’ only sold 6 million but could it be that it was released two minutes after ‘fame’ seriously idk but i have a feeling her new cd will make up for it!

    when mariah’s comeback ’emancipation’ hit 10 million, the press about it was short lived and it didn’t even receive a single grammy in the pop catergory! britney’s comeback album had not sold 2 million world wide before it started getting buried in praise and prizes! wth!!!

    the answer to the madonna question is, she’s overhyped and she does have weak record sales now. but she was (and is) talented and even interesting.

    so britney has never been desperate for attention? so climbing out of cars gap-legged and exposing her bare clean shaven whoo ha for all to see was not for publicity’s sake? how about her calling the press to announce where she could be seen? not for press either, huh?

    britney is considered what her fans and the media that love her call ‘a legend’ because she sold two huge albums when she was a ‘teenager’! if the woman still had an ounce of talent i wouldn’t have a problem. but this isn’t the case!

    sorry, but i just hate the ‘praise of mediocrity”!

  85. Jason E March 15, 2011

    Damn boy. just post your s*** without all the hate. i can read this crap other places….

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