Mariah Carey Set To Return To Sony Music In 2012

Published: Thursday 17th Mar 2011 by Trent

LA Reid and Doug Morris aren’t the only power players leaving the Universal Music Group for Sony Music. In what is possibly one of the most shocking moves in music since Janet Jackson parted ways with Island Def Jam, Mariah Carey will also be leaving UMG to return to Sony.

Carey, who became the best-selling act on Columbia Records in less than 8 years, left Sony in 2000 following her tumultuous divorce from the company’s then head Tommy Mottola and signed a record-setting yet short-lived $80 million deal with Virgin Records. She then joined UMG in 2002 after the failure of her ‘Glitter’ movie and soundtrack which led Virgin to buy out her contract for over $28 million.

The diva has only 1 album left to deliver for UMG and will reportedly release the project by the end of this year. Other records Carey put forward while signed to the company include the 6x platinum ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ which was co-executive produced by Reid.

See Reid’s official statement about his resignation below:

To my Island Def Jam family:

After much consideration, I have decided to leave my position as Chairman of the Island Def Jam Music Group. I have always thrived on growth and the next great challenge, and I look forward with much enthusiasm to what the future holds.

I am extremely proud of our beautiful roster and all we have accomplished in my seven years with IDJ.  We continue to have incredible success together with today’s most phenomenal superstars – Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Bon Jovi, Jennifer  Lopez, Ne-Yo, Rick Ross, The Killers, The-Dream, Chrisette Michele, Jeezy and Ludacris to name a few.

I want to thank all of you for your amazing contributions.

With Warm Regards –
LA {Source}

This results of this decision could be incredibly good or catastrophically bad for Carey. The real question is which label under the Sony umbrella is best suited for her?

J Records is the home of her longtime chart rival Whitney Houston and most of the female R&B acts signed have not enjoyed the platinum success or heavy radio airplay that Carey hungers. With Ciara currently experiencing public difficulty with Jive (where Reid is most likely to lead), Beyonce dominating Columbia and Christina Aguilera on RCA, this will be a tricky decision indeed.

Which label under Sony should Carey join?


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  2. LEELEE March 17, 2011

    GO MIMI….



  3. Matt March 17, 2011

    Columbia could be interesting …

  4. Jacobmemoirs March 17, 2011

    Where the f*** does it say she’s leaving?

  5. TRGreaves March 17, 2011

    WTF! Mariah!!!!!

  6. Lord March 17, 2011

    She should join Christina. Teehee They should make up already!





  8. RONALDMATTERS.COM March 17, 2011


    I’m not a stan of Mariah Carey LIVE…but iDefinitely LOVE appreciate her music.

    It doesn’t matter which label she’s on really. The music speaks for itself.

  9. royalkev March 17, 2011

    Good for her! I’m sure she’s doing what’s in her best interest!


  10. lsz March 17, 2011

    I think Mariah should move to RCA, Christina will inevitably be dropped by her label if she keeps on flopping, she’s holding on by a tiny thread. Mariah could potentially become the first lady for RCA. And I wonder if Rihanna will remain with IDJ since her 5 albums deal with her current stable recently came to an end with the LOUD release.

  11. Bey’knight March 17, 2011

    It’s d stupidest thing to call Mariah a flop given her accomplishments n longevity in the game. She’s up there with madonna, celine n a few other pop stars that have maintained relevancy for over 2 decades

  12. TIMMI March 17, 2011

    If you click on the word ‘Source’ you would see where it says that she’s leaving.

    Whether or not it is true, I do not know. Mottola was a b**** to Mariah at the end but he is out the way now. Most of Mariah’s best years in music were at Sony. If it is true, I look forward to it…

  13. WORSHIP MARIAH OR DIE IN HELL March 17, 2011




    *Plays Shake it off*

  14. lsz March 17, 2011

    And I don’t know what will make Mariah relevant again, but whatever it is I hope it works because it’s been a while since she’s made an impact. I love her voice and I wish her the best.

  15. TIMMI March 17, 2011


    As a Christina stan, are you really in any position to talk about flops? #JustSaying

  16. Bey’knight March 17, 2011

    @lsz I thought rih contract was for 6 albums tho either it will most likely be a greatest hits collection

  17. JohnVidal March 17, 2011

    As it has been said by others already on this post: music speaks for itself so the trols hating on a bigger star than their favorites… it´s just sad, u know your favorite can´t even make music!
    She will be fine wherever she goes

  18. WORSHIP MARIAH OR DIE IN HELL March 17, 2011



    MARIAH CAREY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EVERYONE ELSE

  19. Ariana March 17, 2011

    You made very valid points and I agree with you.
    Either RCA or Columbia would be Mariah’s best options. Can’t believe she’s probably releasing a new album by the end of the year, relax honey RELAX! 😀

    Looking forward to knowing the final decision but it’s great news that she’s leaving IDJ — I expect nothing but awesome things to come for Mariah.

  20. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    Sony is best.. Thank God she’s moving to it.. Her last album was underated.. Artists like Mariah, Leona, Alexandra, Aguilera and Adele should reign. Unlike some untalented h*** in ths industry..




  22. ole skool March 17, 2011

    Johnny Walker Black Label

  23. LOUD March 17, 2011


    XTina will never be dropped by RCA, you fool.

  24. lsz March 17, 2011


    LOL Happy St. Patricks Day!

    @Twitter Whatever

    It doesn’t matter who you are, any artist can get dropped by a label (i.e Mariah). And Christina is more of liabilty instead of an asset at RCA, her days are just numbered.

  25. Nichole March 17, 2011

    Not true. Mariah wouldn’t return back to Sony.

    The whole point of her leaving Columbia was to leave her ghosts behind (Tommy and his minius,) and have a fresh new start.

    Mariah has had great success with IDJ, therefore, it is pointless of her to leave. Sure, her last couple of albums underperformed but she sold a good deal of albums, had several BB #1 hits and so on. She is one of IDJ hottest artists.

  26. Topman March 17, 2011


  27. LOUD March 17, 2011

    Xtina or Mariah are both legendary artists. They don’t need to remain hot on the charts to be sure to not get dropped.

    Stop the crack people!

  28. MissImpartial March 17, 2011

    I don’t see her going to Columbia as Beyonce is their top artist now and Mariah would not want to be second fiddle.

    She might go to Jive. She won’t need to compete with any other artist regarding promo money as it seems Britney won’t sign a new contract with Jive as Femme Fatale is her last one under conctract. Brit lost interest in the music business. As artist such as Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera having problems with RCA she might stay clear of them.

    Anyways I think she should consider stop making music as she is not in demand as she used to be.

  29. LOUD March 17, 2011

    Mariah should stay away from music for 3 or 4 years. Why?

    First, to be good mother.
    Second, to make a solid inspired album.
    And thus, make a big comeback.

    She gotta stop hurting her legacy with these average albums!




    *flips weave, takes bite out of apple*

  31. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    ^ ^ LOL

  32. LOUD March 17, 2011

    [*flips weave, takes bite out of apple*]


  33. Mr.Imperial83 March 17, 2011

    Ugh I just f****** hate you 90’s kids, I swear ! You m************ always want to call her a flop, but yet 20 years in the game strong, the most number one’s, based on her “TALENT” not just her looks alone!!! She is a legend and you punks have to accept that!! You always talk about “YOUR GENERATION” but who in the f*** in your generation has profound talent, without being a gimmick, or a hook singer, or some talentless hack with two hour singing lessons done on a DVD! Until your generation realizes what real musical showmanship is, and pay there dues (f****** being discovered on youtube, is not paying your dues” auto tune is not a instrument, but some s*** your generation is used too!! Please stop dissing this woman based on your f*** ass lame singers that your so called generation is trying to push on people!! Not one of your favs will ever never have the talent Mariah has, they’ll never have something of merit to look back on in 20 years!! Your generation f****** sucks when it comes to music, everybody is so f******, tired of hearing bubblegum ass two year old rhymes, that is why none for your favs will win a Grammy of their own. The only way they win awards is having a dumb ass rapper on the track, or they have to cater to young ass kids to get a buck, simply because grown ass people with real musical taste will never embrace the s*** your so called generation likes!!! You have some real nerve to hate on this woman!! You talk all the s*** about Mariah, but she can still sing, she still understand the structure of what writing music is all about!!! So f*** all your favs cuz real soon , a new sound is coming!!!! Please go learn your history about how soul music started, because clearly most of your generation is f****** brainwashed anyways as it is, dame shame!!!

  34. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    ^ ^ ^ well put, Mariah is a LEGEND.. and records speak for themselves.. They are just plain stupid..




    *throws finished apple core in your face*

  36. Mr.Imperial83 March 17, 2011

    ^^^^^^^^ Go kill yourself!!!! Sticks apple core down your sissy ass throat!!!!

  37. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    LMAO.. People are insane in this blog.. I can’t, I just can’t.. Lol

  38. LOUD March 17, 2011

    I don’t get why you feel the need to put Mariah VS Xtina. Y’all are childish as f***. Both are awesome. End Of. Now move on!

  39. Aj Jones March 17, 2011

    Carey will Join Epic Records. Epic/Columbia label group currently has no boss since Amanda Ghost left in January as president.

  40. Waddie G. ( March 17, 2011

    I love stans…doesn’t matter the diva because you all are soldiers for your divas. You all crack me up with your online.

  41. Yours Truley March 17, 2011

    She better go to RCA if has any sense left…..

  42. princebarbietv March 17, 2011

    Im not the biggest Mariah fan but for anyone to call her flop is just…….
    Mariah>>>>>>>>>Most of your faves



    *turns on moomoo’s MJ memorial performance, changes channel*



    *chews gum*

  45. John March 17, 2011

    @Trent — It was not AT ALL shocking for Janet to “leave”. She flopped over and over again (thank you JD) and it wasn’t until Michael’s death that anybody gave her any attention.

    But back to Mariah…if she goes back to Sony (which I don’t see happening), hopefully she’ll work with Walter again.

  46. sabrina March 17, 2011

    This is very interesting. Mariah should stay at Def Jam. It really does not make any sense for her to leave. Side note: Rihanna will go to Rocnation. That is definite.

  47. Jupiter March 17, 2011

    CO-MOTHERFUCKING-SIGN with @Mr.Imperial83′

    This generation doesnt know jack s*** about blood, sweat, and tears, and actually having talent. And when I sit down a listen to older music I sometimes wish I wasnt born in the 90s myself. Music is dying a slow and pianful death. I pray someone comes in and turns it all around…

  48. Topman March 17, 2011

    @XTINASDISCIPLE If you seriously think Christina is richer or more relevant in the music world than Mariah in 2011 then you are clearly delusional. Call me when Mariah has an album flop as bad as Bionic did.

  49. Matty March 17, 2011

    @MR.IMPERIAL83 AGREED!! (not with da language you used to describe ppl) But without a DOUBT; Talent, real talent, singer/songwriter talent in the industry is DEAD. There is no respect from these ppl who think RihRih and Katy Perry are the s***, for the history of music, the legends of music. Once the sound changes from this auto-tune s***, it will be done for all the Ke$sha’s and Beibes of the world.

    Who’s saying Mariah’s voice is gone?! Did you hear her X-mas album ??? … Ppl asked for the “’90’s power house voice’ and she delivered!! and the Album was a huge success for a CHRISTMAS ALBUM (top 3 new albums of the Christmas Season in 2010) Her voice was not “gone” on Charmbraclet or Memoirs, she was just doing something DIFFERENT with her voice. As in experimenting with her sound. As in being an artist. As in pushing herself in different directions. Her voice has Never sounded better. Period.

    I’m glad she’s considering leaving IDJ to be honest. I think her Music has been 10000% better, more interesting, inspired and creative with IDJ then it EVERY was Sony. But IDJ’s promo SUCKS BALLLLLLSSSSSS. They’ve can’t choose a single to save they’re lives, and L.A has been too busy holding RihRih’s little hand through every choice she has to make, and sucking Kanye’s D*ck to give Mariah Carey the Attention and support she deserves.

  50. LAX March 17, 2011


  51. True Blue March 17, 2011

    Or she could just forgo labels altogether and be a permanent free agent… or set up her own label, she certainly has enough money and clout at this point to do it.

    @ LSZ:

    Tell me why would a label drop an artist for having ONE flop album out of three highly successful ones? Do you have any idea how many artists would get dropped if ONE unsuccessful album was the threshold for getting dropped from your label? If her future albums flop too, then yes. But as of now, that isn’t the case. Seriously, I hate how people these days act like Christina’s been flopping her entire career. Apparently you were only born in the last decade if you think Bionic defines her whole career.

  52. Sally March 17, 2011

    Who is in charge of Jive right now? I would love for LA Reid to get into RCA and fix up the mess they made with Xtina’s record/career!

  53. Fibroids March 17, 2011

    Please A Keys is on J Records and she’s had much success so Trent, you don’t know what the f*** you are talking about.

  54. Prince&Queen March 17, 2011

    I didnt listen to Mariah xmas album but im sure Mariah sounded great on her Xmas album but so what that’s nothing new. Studio Mariah always sound Great. Live Mariah not so much. Live Mariah is the concern. The concern is, when will MiMi bring the great vocals from the studio to her Live Performance.

  55. Tha Phoenix March 17, 2011

    I remember predicting LA Reid would be ‘leaving’ (read ‘jumping before he could be pushed’) before the end of 2011, and that was last November.

    I was right.

    And I also said that Mariah would most likely move back to Sony after her contract with DJ was up…..

    And I will most likely be right about that as well.

    Doesn’t matter which label you move to, Mariah. As long as you are happy and successful there, that’s all I can ask for.


  56. FBINX March 17, 2011

    I’m not sure it would make a big difference where mariah goes. Mariah is mariah. You might not like her but you should respect her. And last I checked Both her last studio album and X-mas album out sold bionic. I respect Christina but she will never be able to touch where mariah was vocally in her prime. So just stop it her stans are just as cocky as she is. You’d think that with this recent album only doing like 200K and some change they would learn some humility

  57. The REAL Truth March 17, 2011

    She can’t move back to Sony

    Taylor Swift is Columbias top selling/ number 1 priority

    Epic Records is dead and banking off MJ

    Sony aint the powerhuse it one was

    Sony has, Bey, JT, Alicia Keys, Britney, BUT

    Universal artists are running the music industry now

    Rihanna, Eminem, Justin Beiber, Lady gaga, BEP etc

    Why dont she just retire she is PAST her prime and recycling her music

    EMC=2 was a rehash of The Emancipation Of Mimi
    Memoris was a rehash of Butterfly
    And her lastest Christmas album was a sequel to her 1st xmas album

    The younger generation dont give a FLYING F*** about Mariah, because she acts like a immature fool, who wont grow up

    Say what you want about Tommy Motalla, but he MADE MARIAH WHO SHE WAS, when they got divorced, she became a different person and decided to play down her abilities, start dressing like a stripper to appeal to the Hip Hop generation which has now been taken over by the DANCE generation

    There is NO place FOR HER!

  58. antonio March 17, 2011

    As a dieahrd MC, Xtina and Ciara san, I must say:
    Mariah do not go to Jive or RCA because look at what they did to Ciara’s and Xtina’s last albums. You are still a 10x bigger artist than both of them combined and you are too big for those 2 labels. J Records already has Whitney, Monica, Fantasia, Lenoa Lewis. That’s too much competition for Mariah even though Whitney is her only real threat and then Leona Lewis. So I say, go to Columbia, they’re focusing on Beyonce’s album right now and by next year, Beyonce will be on tour, so that’ll be perfect time for you to record a new album and promote it.

  59. antonio March 17, 2011

    And to all the ppl saying Mariah Carey is a flop, The Emancipation of MiMi came out of no where and slayed every chart it was on. 11 million WW, We Belong Together – 14 consecutive weeks at #14 and named by the Billbaord the Song of the 2000s. Mariah is the only b**** to have a single named the #1 single of a decade. 18 #1s and over 200 million albums sold WW, your fave and not even my fave: Ciara, could never ever pull that off.

  60. Judge & Jury March 17, 2011

    Trent doesnt fact check. Whitney is under Arista. Jhud is also under Arista moving from Jive Records. Besides with the recording industry downsizing there arent many large labels to go to. You bet the farm that FAT-riah aint going to Arista which is Clive Davis’ baby. FAT-riah can suck at the other sub-labels at Sony.

  61. Prince&Queen March 17, 2011

    @Antonio i agree with you i think Mariah should go to Columbia even though they r focusing on Bey right now. Next year Queen Bey will be on Tour OMG CAN’T WAIT!!!! MiMi by then will have some time to get an album 2gether and promote it while Queen Bey is on tour. There might be a place for MiMi after all. Mariah also need to learn how to DANCE!

  62. Forreal March 17, 2011

    Mimi is so 90s

    No one gives a F***!

  63. room319 March 17, 2011

    Google the term “Key man clause”. She’s fine.

  64. theman March 17, 2011

    Mariah is far from a flop. At her least her albums go gold/platinum, so just imagine what she’ll do with smash radio hits. The woman is a musical genius. Her christmas album struck gold, and topped the r&b/hiphop charts. Stop being bitter lames. She’s great.

  65. JER March 17, 2011

    she doesn’t needa label. iTunes only release from here on out! come on Mimi

  66. Shea Butter March 17, 2011

    A Mariah and Walter would be beautiful!!!

  67. theman March 17, 2011

    No itunes from here on out, that would be stupid. Itunes don’t move as many units. That doesn’t make much sense. They are big on downloads of singles. As far as the haters go, why are u in her thread if she doesn’t matter, u just show how huge of an artist she really is. Mariahs last major hit came off of her last studio album, so it only makes sense.

  68. Todd March 17, 2011


  69. CurtwillCMD March 17, 2011

    What some need to understand is no matter what happens to Mariah, her legacy is already sealed so whether she “moves” units or not don’t matter. I know this is a world of “what have you done lately” but let’s be real, especially since no one is really moving units anymore, it don’t matter how many units that MC will move in the future. The girl was the ARTIST OF THE 90s and that means pretty much the sound of the 90s. It don’t matter if she puts out another album or record. And if I was her, I would go the label that would give her THE MOST FREEDOM for her music and overall brand, but when it comes to #1s, #1 albums, and etc, she’s been there and done that. And I am not going for random Christina stans to stop trying to shade Mariah, because if your girl wishes she could do 1/8th of what Mariah has done in her career.

  70. Yellow Gorillah March 17, 2011

    Well I personally think that she should go to columbia I think that would be a great move for her,

    Mariah is a LEGEND Nobody can take that way from her
    she has left her mark in the industry she does not have to
    compete with these New generation she has slayed
    for two long decades she could even Retire if she wants
    look after her twins it’s not big deal she has enuff money
    in the bank to do so.

    Where ever she goes she will be fine even if she flops again
    it’s no big deal but we need to understand that mariah is an old
    artist so she does not have the hype she used and the younger generation
    are not checking for her like they are checking for Rihanna and Beyonce.
    So even though she has a big fan base she has tow ork harder to keep
    erself relevant in this time of age.

    We are in the dance ERA So she better come out with a few club bangers and a couple of POWERFUL Ballads.

    Christina is also not a flopp one flop album does not make you a flop Christina is on her way to becoming a icon alongside Britney and Beyonce

    I feel like people use the word “FLOP” Too loosely. SMH

  71. JohnVidal March 17, 2011

    I think I LOVE you! And I was born that year too 🙂

    @Jupiter, Matty, Lax, theman
    It seems all of you know what the real deal is. YES

  72. Mike March 17, 2011

    I don’t think a label change will help Mariah at this stage.

    Its not like shes being ignored or money isn’t being spent on her. I think her approach to her singing needs to be revamped and maybe she needs to try something different, like a pop record. Reinvent herself. I think she has the most versatile voice in the business and she should take advantage of that.

    I am her biggest fan but am truly tired of the whipper voice being forced into my ears. The Christmas album just failed to deliver vocally what her last Christmas album did. Apart from the duet with her mom and One Child in parts, it was just too much whispering!!!

    She needs a direction change because she is one of the most talented singers every to grace this music industry. She needs to stop being so stubborn.

  73. Jasmine March 17, 2011

    I am glad she is leaving. People forget how smart Mariah is. She has always been an extremely focused business woman. I think her best bet on Sony is for her to sign with Sony Direct, since they would have the most money as a parent company to offer her as well as promote her efforts. I think Columbia Records is also a good bet.

    In terms of people saying she is a flop or no longer relevant that is completely not true. The one thing that Mariah has always had is vocal talent and the ability to change her style of music to be current. With her last two albums not pulling in the same sales as EOM she will definitely bring a strong comeback album.

    The only thing I’m confused on is where it says that she still owes Island Def Jam another album. I thought her Christmas album fulfilled her 5 studio album contract with them since it was her 5th album for them.

  74. Kasey March 17, 2011


    All you b**** haters & s*** talkers remember this : 18 #1 hits baby!

  75. KaVion March 17, 2011

    So, the end of the world is coming in 2012..

    Don’t go back to Sony Mariah..

  76. HB March 18, 2011

    Mariah should go back to Sony and dominate again! Tommy Mottola is no longer there so she can relax and just enjoy. She should team up with Walter Afanasieff again and write beautiful ballads like My All as well as the up tempo songs she is good at. Columbia is where she belongs and she should knock Beyonce off the top spot. Beyonce is nothing compared to Mariah!

  77. GAGAQUEEN March 18, 2011


  78. whoareu March 18, 2011

    Sony may be a better fit because of Adele’s success. I think Mariah is looking at this and thinking Columbia is the place to be because Adele is kiling it. Mariah could do real well with Adele type of promo and sell a bunch. Syco with Simon Cowell is another option and he puts money into promo, look at Susan Boyle and the 10 year old Jackie, and she will have 1st dibs on XFactor in the fall. RCA is a mess right now and have wisely stopped new releases. They need to restructure and get their cashflow right. When that happens, RCA may be an option. Marshia is with RCA and is doing real well with sales and you know she is not costing a bunch to promote.

  79. heyyou March 18, 2011

    GAGGAG is a second rate madonna rip-off, whats your point?

  80. QueenofPopJanet March 18, 2011

    Stop acting like that psycho b**** only had one flop at IDJ, when the truth is she had only one HIT.

    Charmbracelet = flop
    EMC2= flop
    Memoirs = flop
    Merry Christmas II You = flop

    The only hit album she had there was TEOM.

  81. dang March 18, 2011

    Interesting… I’ve never heard any of her songs on the radio… will she just have a Bionic?

  82. Ariana March 18, 2011

    Tell’em the f*cking true, baby!!! 😀

    These haters are just a bunch of ignorants.

  83. Fireworx March 18, 2011

    Back to her roots!
    She will always be on top wherever you put her!

  84. vegasgirl March 18, 2011

    I am so not surprised….who’s next?

  85. Phillip March 18, 2011

    “Wow!!! This has been a really interesting and scary read for me. Not the article but all the comments, which I have to say, I find really troubling. The abject racism, bigotry, and classlessness of some of these comments has gotten me really upset, and I’ve only read one page of comments. I don’t understand why people have to come on these boards and post the absolutely most hateful, ignorant, backward, intolerant comments. It’s sickening and just reminds me why the rest of the world hates us. I have to say, I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan, but even if you are not, you cannot take the fact that she works hard for what she has achieved. Mariah is a very talented woman who has done a lot of good not only for her fans but for women, children, you name it. She has opened up doors on domestic violence, r***, child abuse, love, abandonment, you name it. Any other artist that remakes ‘All I Want For Christmas’ or any other song that she has written and performed, has her to thank as one of the few women to be involved with breaking the glass ceiling. She broke music history and deserves the proper credit. What other artist to date has written basically everything that she has sang? She opened the doors for hope, yet alone inspiring millions of people with not only her life story, but her lyrics. She gives her heart and soul to everything that she strives for. Also, let’s not forget the good that she has done for the world with her “Camp Mariah”. She’s donated millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars to charity. That is just a small percentage of her humanitarian work. In this note, most of the humanitarian work she does not take credit for, she stays anonymous. She is not a celebrity that boasts her pride, money and greed. She is a human being, that bleeds just like you and I. She is what we all drive for, her will to manage and overcome any obstacle that is be stole upon her is truly amazing. Who cares if she has gained weight, If she’s pregnant, if she is not pregnant, the point is she is the same person that she was when we first discovered her and her remarkable talent. If she was a talent less “cow” like people state, then why is she on top of the charts? If she is talent less, then why is she well respected in the music world? Why is she the one artist that many “new artists” and “previously released artists,” look up too. If she has no talent then why is she here? We all know she was not born into a rich family, we all know that she struggled racism, yet alone being destitute. We all know that everything she has gotten she worked extremely hard to achieve. So tell me if she is not talented, then how did the name Mariah Carey become known?

    She’s just fortunate, driven, and talented enough that she has gotten herself into a position where her personal affairs can become known to the rest of us. This is yet alone a blessing at times, but also a curse. If you don’t agree with me then you have your own God given free will to change the radio station, or turn the channel when she appears on T.V., just as you have the free will to post your feeling here. I just wish some people didn’t feel so “free” to post hateful personal remarks. What Mariah’s weight have to do with this issue is beyond me. What Mariah’s color has to do with this issue is beyond me. What Mariah’s marriage has to do with this is beyond me! What Mariah supporting homosexuals has to do with this is beyond me! If you don’t like black people or homosexual people, listen to Pink Floyd, have a drink, and keep it to yourself where children can’t read and be influenced by your racist ranting. It’s really easy to be critical, to talk someone else down, when your own ugliness and lack of class can’t be seen or addressed by the insulted party. In other words, as kids say, “Tell it to their face.” Then maybe I could at least find one thing to respect about these comments. It would show you had balls. Not that I, and certainly not Mariah would want to see them! No one expects that everyone will agree on polarizing issues but for the love of God, I don’t understand how in this day, in this age, in this world that there are still racist people around. I feel like saying, “Oh my God! They still make racist people in 2010? That’s like going out and seeing a brand new Datsun B210 or Sony Cassette Walkman!” Racism is obsolete, not that it ever had a purpose! Racism and bigotry are all about fear of the unknown and there are some really scared people here.

    No matter what you may think, the point is that Mariah has the choice to do what she wills of her life, whether you like what she does or not, that is your choice. But to downgrade someone based on their weight, color, whatever, that is plan immature. What happened to common decency? When will you people ever change, if you ever change? As for me. I love and respect Mariah for not only her talent, but who she is as a human being. That is all that matters. Look at yourself before you take the time to open your mouth and speak you opinions. In Mariah’s own words, “They can say anything they want to say, try to bring me down, but they will not succeed, no hanging clouds over me…” – ‘Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme) written and performed by Mariah Carey.

    P.s. Note that she has not flopped, for many of the new artists and older artist go to her for advice. They look up to her. Beyonce, Gaga, Alicia, Christina, J-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna- and many more, all love her. Plus E=Mc2 had ‘Touch my Body’ as a #1 hit, and it is one of the top selling albums of her career (in this case, how is that considered a flop?) Her Christmas record tfor 2010 proved she can sing still, along with that, her LIVE concert for her Christmas Special proves that if she rests her voice, she can STILL sing just as great LIVE. (Plus her Christmas record hit Gold.) Memoirs was not a flop (it hit golden as well as her Christmas album.) That is not considered a flop.If she is such a flop the why is she the top solo artist in history. Her memoirs album did not flop for her single, ‘Obsessed’ hit over 1,150,000 sales/copies and that is only one song. The only problem with that not hitting number one is the radio stations refusing to play her music, due to that fact thaty she is the ONLY artist that has potential to surpass ‘The Beatles’ record. (If the radio stations played that single properly, like they ov er play Gaga and Kesha. Then it would have became a number one. But for the lack of promotion and faith in the radio stations. The sales of the single shows in itself that it is a hit.) Lets not forget the success of ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ and all her records in the 90’s. So instead of feeding your negative vibes, I am just taking this time to get facts straight. She is a legend. Mariah can pull all styles and make it work. That is the key to a legend. – Thank you for your time and understanding on what I just stated.

    Phillip (

  86. 4R4R March 18, 2011

    Someone needs to take better notes!!

    Glitter 3,500,000 sold (800,000 in the USA – Gold)
    E=MC2 – 2,000,000 sold (1,200,000 in the USA – Platinum)
    Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel 1,000,000 (550,000 in the USA – Gold)
    Merry Christmas II You 1,000,000 (500,000 in the USA – Gold) 4th the best selling christmas album in 2010!!

  87. Estarr March 18, 2011

    Stop trying to dilute the truth. All of those albums flopped hard and you know it. lol No amount of downplaying on your end will make them look in any way successful.

  88. Jay Hova’a Witness C*** Flea March 18, 2011

    Glitter = flop !!
    Her record label = defunt flop !!
    Returning to Sony = desperate hypocrite trick !!
    Voice fading #check

  89. kevin March 18, 2011

    You people calling mariah fat should be ashamed of yourselves…….

    Whatever yu say, Mariah beats your fave in every way.

  90. yves March 18, 2011

    i think mariah would not leave IDJ but if the agreement is leaving IDJ to sony + to be a judge to could happen! + high salary!

  91. MIMI LEGEND March 18, 2011

    Well, if Mariah is no relevant. What about Clowtina Aguilera b****?? Mariah was #11 artist of the decade in 2000’s according Billboard. In 90’s she was #1.
    Xtina wasn’t in the Top 20 in the first decade of her career. So, she never was relevant…

    boooooo yooooou


  92. HUDSON MORRIGAN March 18, 2011


    It’s sad when your record label is your family, I suppose that’s what happens when your dad beats up your mom and rapes you, you don’t have a real family 🙂

    And Christina has bigger issues to worry about than a string of flops
    – The 40 lbs overweight gained in 1 month, not because of pregnancy but because I can’t stop binge eating.
    – Alcohol addiction
    – The arrest
    – Possibly getting her son taken away for being a drunken w**** unfit mother
    – The albino Snookie look
    – Her full blown vocal decline that she can’t stay in tune anymore and can’t belt out a note without sounding a choked tired hot ghetto t***** mess.

  93. HUDSON MORRIGAN March 18, 2011

    March 18, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    It’s sad when your record label is your family, I suppose that’s what happens when your dad beats up your mom and rapes you, you don’t have a real family

    And Christina has bigger issues to worry about than a string of flops
    – The 40 lbs overweight gained in 1 month, not because of pregnancy but because she can’t stop binge eating.
    – Alcohol addiction
    – The arrest
    – Possibly getting her son taken away for being a drunken w**** unfit mother
    – The albino Snookie look
    – Her full blown vocal decline that she can’t stay in tune anymore and can’t belt out a note without sounding a choked tired hot ghetto t***** mess.

    • mob October 24, 2012


  94. Troy March 18, 2011

    @TWITTER.COM/XTINASDISCIPLE – What record label are you with stupid ass. I can’t stand little young f*** who always try and down and make fun of other people and yo ass more than likely still live at home with your momma, in her basement, using her electric, gas and eating her food and don’t have a damn job. So go sit your broke wrist, sweet skinny jeans wearing ass down somewhere, until you get a record deal or a job, shut the f*** up stupid!!!

  95. Lucas March 19, 2011

    mariah is a legend. point blank. whether she flopped or not with a few albums is irrelevant. shes done alot for the music industry and if you can’t respect her then you’re not considered a true music lover, all you haters need to go sort out your family problems instead of taking out your frustrations on somebody you don’t personally know. #respectthelegends and stfu

  96. Jay Hova’a Witness C*** Flea March 19, 2011

    mariah is fat!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Lucas March 19, 2011

    She’s pregnant you a**hole what do u expect. Go fight with mommy and daddy instead of taking it out on this incredible woman.

  98. Joanie March 19, 2011

    L-E-G-E-N-D. 100% agree with u lucas

  99. Flop Carey March 19, 2011

    Flop Mariah will struggle to suck d*** again this time. No more Mottola means no more Mairah! hahahaha!

  100. Bam March 19, 2011

    I will support Mariah in whatever she does. She is truly special.

  101. Lady Caca March 20, 2011

    Yet again, as common in all music blogs, the ignorant & cretins are in full force. Your current faves will not stand the test of time because they are untalented and just rely on gimmicks to mask the fact that they do s*** music. It’s unfortunate that these are the only types of music you know. Your faves time are nearly up, specially if this electro-s*** runs its course (which a lot of people are already fed up with). So download all you want so at least your faves reach 200million plus records before their time runs out.

  102. Tru March 20, 2011

    Tommy Motola still got his claws in her huh?

  103. Skyler April 12, 2011


    b**** shut the f*** up E=MC2 and Emanciaption of Mimi didnt flop you are so stupid she has numerous #1 singles and it the best selling artist of all time along with madonna janet, etc…

    so fall back and suck a d*** !!!

  104. Freehunta April 18, 2011

    I don’t care where Mariah ends up, I will still buy her music wherever she’s at. No one writes melodies like this woman and she will always be relevant in my eyes. She past the point of trying to prove herself now because she is a living legend in the music industry. It’s her time to have fun, relax and put out an album that reflects her enjoyment of life and love. She doesn’t have to prove herself like the current artists. People like Gaga and Beyonce are still working on their legacy. Mariah already has one signed and sealed in history books.

    And for all you haters, Mariah has more number 1’s than any solo artist in music history, surpassing Elvis Presley and 2nd only to the Beatles.

    And Mariah has also spent more weeks at number 1 than any other artist or group in the history of recorded music.

    Now until the current artists like Xtina (didn’t know she was still around) and Beyonce achieve such heights in their music career, it shouldn’t be up for debate. Mariah is Queen. I know it must suck being a stan of Mariah’s knowing that no matter how hard your favourite tries, they would never touch her achievements. You know what they say, you know you are truly loved when you have haters.


    • Cheryl April 26, 2013

      I LOVE MARIAH she should go to Interscope not Columbia.
      We need room for Adele and Beyonce.

  105. MIMIFOREVER May 25, 2011


    “Hurt” # 19

    Candyman” # 25

    Bionic————————————— 300 k in worldwide while Merry christmas 2 you 1,5k!!

    Mariah carey biggest female artist all times ( 270 millions worldwide while christina aguilera……… just ok!_

    Mariah Carey second only to the Beatles while christina aguilera…………………

    Mariah carey 18# 1 hits in billboard hot 100, 6 albuns top charts in billboard hot 200 while christina aguilera …………( who is flop???)

    Xtina is the most decadent period of his career. Of tune, screaming (see superbowl!). Mariah can no longer be the voice, but at least when it releases something sells, because Christina flop …..

  106. MCALLTHEWAY May 30, 2011

    WTF is this lil xtina fan talkin about?? Mariah Carey only had 2 flops which were glitter and memiors… the christmas album was #3 on billboard which is EXTREMELY good for a holiday album to chart and E-MC2 was #1 on billboard<– how the F* can a #1 album be a flop if it's #1 jackass?! It also gave MC her biggest opening sales week of her career and gave her, her 18th #1. Sadly that has been the last #1 4rom mariah… it's been 3 years since a #1 WTF MARIAH!!!

    Anyway I say she should go on Columbia with B… Jive is way too lame for Mariah Carey… and she can kill Christina if she signs on the hers so I say she should give lil Christina a chance… I say go back 2 Columbia where she reined before… what yall think? MC=#1 then and #1 ALWAYS!

  107. MCALLTHEWAY May 30, 2011

    There is no competition for Mariah at Jive… Whitney, Fantasia, Monica, Leona, Monica? LOL . RCA is just str8 up lame with boring artist like christina and kelly clarkson..

    One thing about Mariah Carey is that she is EXTREMELY versitle.. probably one of the most versitile artist in the music industry.. from Rap, HipHop, Pop, R&B, Ballads, Soul, Gospel, a touch of Rock and roll (from her debut album) she can pretty much do any genre of music anb be a success.

    What she NEEDS to do is get to the DANCE seen and join Columbia. She be whoopin some ass if she does that. It’s like that yall!

    • Cheryl April 26, 2013

      RCA is a stupid label, they treated Avril and Kelly like s***.
      Columbia on the other hand is a excellent record label, but the people there didn’t follow her decisions, so she left for Virgin (owned by EMI at that time; now with UMG)
      Epic is another great label that Carey should go to, the label houses Shakira, Avril Lavigne, the late Michael Jackson and Ciara, but they do sometimes have lame promotion.
      Mariah should move to Interscoope…don’t worry there is room for Carey, trust me its only Lady Gaga and Nelly Furtado. Nicole Scherzinger and Gwen Stefani are somewhere else now.
      Capitol is another great record label now owned by Universal Music Group.
      Mariah can’t go to Jive anyways, Jive is now RCA.
      And I TOTALLY agree with you that Mariah needs more DANCE.

      • Cheryl April 26, 2013


  108. danny nyc October 16, 2011

    cant wait to buy the new album

  109. Leah October 27, 2011

    Mariah is the most brilliant and truely gifted singer!!! She will always be successful. I know she’s going to kill it!! She should go to Columbia because she will match that power house!!! Of course Mariah you’ll always have haters your amazingly gifted woman with a voice that no one can compare to!! But just shake it off!!! Lmao!!! Ur ride to die

    • Cheryl April 26, 2013

      Columbia is a good label, but they overruled against her so she insisted to leave. Mariah should go to Interscope Records or Capitol Records (with UMG). If she is willing to go back to Sony, then the best choice is Epic Records, because L.A. Reid is the chairman of that label.

  110. MrJayBoy602 January 25, 2012

    To all you Mariah haters….

    Mariah Carey is the “Best Selling Female Artist Of All Time” she has accomplished way more than what your idols have. She is the artist with the most #1 hits for an active solo artist. She writes her own songs. Most of her #1 hits, she wrote.

    Just To Give Ya’ll a little info about Mariah.

    Mariah is one of the original divas.
    This diva is still making music and its making you all scared because you all know how Mariah is, “when she’s gone for a little” she ALWAYS returns Hardcore.
    The Emancipation Of MiMi part two is in the making. It doesn’t take a Lamb to figure out what that means. Mariah returns to make a new album no artist is safe when Mariah is around.
    so all you haters just let music do the talking from now on. Cuz when the hits keep coming you all wont have anything to say. So take all your criticism/insults and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.


    • mob October 24, 2012

      Hummmmm, I’d take Whitney Houston, flaws and all! That was a singing chick with a VOICE LIKE NO OTHER! MC has done a decent job of mimicing the LEGEND, MINNIE RIPERLTON!

      “She writes her own songs…..” <—— Wait, I'm NOT a lover or a hater of MC but COME ON NOW…..LOL!! 🙂

  111. MrJayBoy602 January 25, 2012

    And just to set the record straight
    Glitter was Mariah Carey only flop.

    Learn a little something about an artist before you spit lies.

    Its all about the facts!!!

    Google does exist so put it to use.

  112. MrJayBoy602 January 25, 2012

    Mariah Carey

    Is Rumored To Release
    Her First Single In May 2012

  113. mob October 24, 2012

    LOL….Wait…..What? Virgan bought out ol’ girls contract after “GLITTER” FLOPPED? DAMNNNNN:-)

    I felt no sympathy at all for MC, over her break-up and alleged abuse/control of her by Tommy Matolia. Tommy was a MARRIED MAN with THREE YOUNG CHILDREN when Mariah started playing “footsy” with him. Crap like that tends to end badly……..hear me ADELE & Country Music’s resident W****, MIRANDA LAMBERT?

  114. mob October 24, 2012

    LOL, damnmmmm….. let me crawl up out this post! Y’all are hard on MC up in here. LOL 🙂

  115. Cheryl April 26, 2013

    Mariah, don’t you dare go back to Columbia, just move to another good UMG label like Interscope Records or Capitol Records which was recently sold to UMG. If you are really willing to move to Sony Music, then the best place would probably be Epic Records, don’t you want to reunite with L.A. Reid?

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