New Song: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Wet’

Published: Thursday 17th Mar 2011 by Sam

With Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Killer Love’ LP but days away from release, another cut from the set has surfaced. Enter ‘Wet’.

The uptempo club banger was produced by Stargate, baring striking resemblance to many of their club-focal releases as of late. Take a listen after the jump…

A not-so-distant cousin of Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ and ‘Only Girl’ (also Stargate cuts), ‘Wet’ is not groundbreaking, innovative or anything of the sort. However, the track excels in that it entirely listenable, well produced, hook-heavy, and a hit-in-waiting if given the single treatment. Kudos to Nicole for churning smash after smash with this record.

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  1. Marqmeone March 17, 2011

    “Only Girl” Rip off…… #Fail

  2. KD March 17, 2011

    The song did not get me wet…sorry.

  3. sketch March 17, 2011

    If this trick would just try a lil harder on the creative tip she would be fine….Why does she have to be so generic and predictable???? She will never make it as a solo artist when her own material isn’t even as good as the p**** cat dolls!!!

  4. lola March 17, 2011

    WTF? This sounds too similar to Rihanna’s S&M and that’s sad because as a producer, you don’t want to keep on recycling beats. This song is so damn generic and she’s a horrible singer. She sounds like one of those old women who’ve smoked to many cigarettes throughout her life!

  5. Stefano March 17, 2011

    Nicole is #1 on iTunes UK for almost 5 days! She’s a HIT in the UK!

    And the rumors say that she’s #1 in the UK! Love her solo music!

  6. RONALDMATTERS.COM March 17, 2011


  7. Kyus93 March 17, 2011


  8. Princekeemsti March 17, 2011

    I Starting To LOVE This Song!!! Especially Compared To Her Current Single Which Is #AMESS -__-

  9. A.R.Y.O March 17, 2011

    this is one hell of a track! its definitely a grower! keep on listening to it yall! i bet yall R gonna like it!

  10. GangsterA March 17, 2011

    you guys are so late with this one anyway typical stargate recycled rihanna beats but its hot lso ”desperate” is out its pretty great too

  11. YOOS March 17, 2011


  12. Hell No March 17, 2011


  13. lsz March 17, 2011

    I’ll be honest, I don’t like this girl and I think she’s just an unnecessary extra to the music industry as a whole, absolutely nothing special nor striking about her – avarage singing abilties, except for her body, minus her Ciara-like looks.

    NEXT! Really…

  14. royalkev March 17, 2011

    How does this sound like Rihanna’s S&M? If it’s in the verses, I’d say it barely does. I don’t like S&M and haven’t listened to that song very much – so that might be why I can’t really hear to many similarities. I like Nicole, but this doesn’t do it for me. This is better than her songs produced by Red One though. I don’t know why people use that guy! … Nicole is probably better off working with Darkchild. People don’t have a clue what to do with her.

  15. I really try to be real here March 17, 2011

    i dont really like the hook but it’s…okay…

  16. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    @LSZ.. So, u just dont like her.. Its not because of her music. Look here you cheap s***. She’s definately making it without you and that son of a Goat called LOLA.. Her vocals are amazing.. Your favourite could never. Lmao. B**** sit..

  17. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    @ROYALKEV.. True.. Darkchild knows her very well…

  18. lsz March 17, 2011


    I don’t like her because she’s got nothing special/unique to offer to the music industry, she’s just another prertty girl singer trying to scrape through the industry and she’s continuously failing, even after years and years in the scene. Her time is running up, and she hasn’t proven any significant point to me. At least my fave is achieving success.

  19. JohnVidal March 17, 2011

    I totally agree with you. Just next please. This girl has nothing deserving of attention. She is trying again and again without even being capable of giving some artist appearance

    Plus the song is wack to the higher level. This is wacker than Rihanna

  20. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    ^ ^ ^Lol.. DHYB IS #1.. So much for not getting attention.. And its not like you’re doing any better.#SLUTSIT @LSZ.. That’s what Christina Aguilera’s Stan said before.. What happen? We all know the business is not stable. So take a CHILL PILL nigro..

  21. Steven March 17, 2011

    Nicole is number one in the uk with don’t hold your breath and the song wet is like only girl but it’s better and even more of a dance song and use say it’s a rip of so then that means a lot of song are rip offs. lady gaga brings out music with the same beats in them and so does beyonce she rip off rihanna unfaithful with doing broken hearted girl if a song dose well cause of the lyrics and the backgrond music then a different song with different lyrics and a better beat is well going to be a hit

  22. lsz March 17, 2011


    I see you found symphathy in resorting to a racist slur just to put your point across, can you really get any more pressed? Your fave is getting a lukewarm reception, she’ll never be successful or big as you wish her to be, just accept i babe… And keep it cute!

  23. lsz March 17, 2011


  24. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    ^ ^ LMAO. Now u really need to take a PILL, and I mean literally. Why so serious? Its not like its the 20th Century. DAMN!! Anyway, I couldn’t careless… B.t.w, lukewarm is a good sign dont u think? It shows that somethng is definately emerging… And I like Her coz of she’s talented, just h*** like you don’t like her and it pisses me off. And Don’t get it twisted hun. My Fav is slaying right n0w. So relax homie..

  25. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    @STEVEN.. Thank you.. Atleast there’s Someone with an open mind.. Its a spot on.

  26. A.R.Y.O March 17, 2011

    lol..she’s tryin over and over and getting failed everytime???
    haha, DHYB is no.1 in uk itunes since sunday!

  27. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    ^ ^ ^ lol.. They are delusional.. Always making excuses when she succeeds.. They once said Poison wil be her 1st and last hit. What happened? Clearly stupidity reigns in this case.

  28. Tahmeed Ahmed March 17, 2011

    Am I the only one who think the start of this song and the continued part of this song throughout sounds very much like the start of Just Dance by Lady Gaga? I see the resemblance to Only Girl and S&M a lot as well – but it’s a pretty good song albeit…

  29. JER March 17, 2011

    ugh. ALL her songs the verses are better than the choruses. Once she tries to SANG on all her choruses she sounds like straight S***. Tone it down honey

  30. Devin March 17, 2011

    I’m pretty sure the first 7 seconds are the same as the beginning of Kat Deluna’s song “Calling You”, the drum in the background sounds like “S&M”, the chorus / bridge sounds like “Only Girl” with different lyrics, and JLo’s new song sounds exactly like “Poison” (lyrics, beat, and everything else).

    These producers f****** SUCK. Hey, Nicole – download fruily loops studio and save your money, because these people are f****** you right over.

  31. Yellow Gorillah March 17, 2011


    Nahhh I’m not feeling this one.

  32. A.R.Y.O March 17, 2011

    @poisonous LOL

  33. Poisonous March 17, 2011

    @YELLOW GORILLAH.. Lmao.. As if you ever felt anything by Nicole.. So PLEASE!!! Go and try to shine somewhere else.. @Aryo.. Lol. Its sad but true.. I mean look at the comment above yours. Lol

  34. DION-ISH March 17, 2011

    OK….This Sounds TEW much like Only Girl (In The World) ……….

  35. Daze March 17, 2011

    why is this hack still trying!!!

  36. Angela Wesley March 18, 2011

    I like Nicole but she can’t singer her way out of a paper bag. She is a great dancer because
    won the trophy for Dance with the Stars maybe she should be a judge on the X factor.
    I didn’t like the first song and this is luke – warm to me.

  37. Kat March 19, 2011

    I could get used to this…not the best..but I could see myself dancing to this in the mirror

  38. Music Stan April 24, 2011

    It doesn’t sound like S&M or Only Girl. It’s more like Disturbia.

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