Hot Shot: The Braxton Sisters Cover Kontrol Magazine

Toni Braxton and her sisters Traci, Trina, Tamar and Towanda are featured on the cover of this month’s 2nd anniversary issue of Kontrol magazine. Proving that their onscreen chemistry is far from a concocted gimmick, the sisters allowed cameras behind the scenes of the shoot to witness the raw hilarity of their family.

See the footage of the Braxton sisters below:

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. boohya April 15, 2011

    their foundations were a MESS.COM

  2. EDIFICATION April 15, 2011

    LOVE THEM!!! (Although Tamar is a trip)…Toni is such a classy, Beautiful Queen! “The Braxton Family Values” is quite intriguing as well! Liking the show. GO BRAXTONS!!!

  3. MAESTRO April 15, 2011

    They look like a hot new group… I say give us an album… why the hell not

  4. Robier April 15, 2011

    Ok Promoting hard damn big up DMV
    Towanda got cheekbones like damn
    Trina got titties …. damn
    Who is singing that song ‘In Control’?

  5. ola April 15, 2011


  6. Braxton-Jackson April 16, 2011

    Is it me or do they sorta look like they could be the cousins of the Jackson family….Tamar is givin’ Latoya and they all got those eyes like the Jacksons lol

  7. lovesz it April 16, 2011

    @ola wow she is talented @BRAXTON-JACKSON yea tamar is def alil latoya crazy lmao. nene was like gone from here Casper gone! priceless. I love the braxtons show and I hope they all succeed and feel bad for traci, that mullet wig she had on in the show was horrid but she looks beautiful on this cover so seems like things have picked up for her. towanda is grace jones 2.0 but i love me some grace so thats a good thing. anywho hope they blow up and tonight get back to unbreak my heart diva status!!!!!!!!

  8. Anthony April 16, 2011

    This reality show should be real interesting and I must say that Toni still has an amazing body, can’t say so for the face though. What has she done to her face?

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