Hot Shot: JoJo Films New Video

Published: Thursday 21st Apr 2011 by Trent

Is JoJo plotting a comeback? The singer is busy filming the video for her new single, ‘The Other Chick’, and judging by her ripped body, she is ready for a chart rumble.

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. loumorgan April 21, 2011

    Waouhhh… that’s great her last mixtape was just off the HOOK…

    good for you girl…

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  2. MARIAH LAMB 4LIFE April 21, 2011




  3. Delvin Jordan April 21, 2011

    Yaass JoJo! Damn!!

  4. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    YES JOJO slay me from Lady CACA and Beyonce crappy single.
    Rihanna and Jojo should collabo and slay gaga forever!!!!!!!!

  5. foreverAfan April 21, 2011


  6. Rich April 21, 2011


  7. dede April 21, 2011

    can’t believe i’m actually getting excited of her comeback ……i hope she makes beyonce and her crapy new single go somewhere and sit down

  8. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @DEDE i know thats right lol

  9. Blanco Family April 21, 2011

    Sadly.. if you have ppl like rihanna,katy perry,britney spears on TOP.
    Tifanny Evans,JoJo,Alja Jackson on the BOTTOM
    JOJO HAS NO CHANCE. no shade. but aint nobody lookin for talent and originality. look at Nicki Minaj for example

  10. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 21, 2011

    She looks fittttt

  11. YOUR Queen! April 21, 2011

    YESSSS her body is looking RIGHT! Not better than mines though *flips bangs*

  12. VERIONICA April 21, 2011


  13. I see April 21, 2011


    Who is even checking for her.

  14. Dave April 21, 2011

    Her body on point, & she will still slay the “The Other Chick(s)”

  15. Kisses. April 21, 2011

    YAS! My girl is back to slay! 😀

  16. Blanco Family April 21, 2011

    @isee i co sign.

  17. KD April 21, 2011

    Her body is sicking.

  18. MC_BFLY April 21, 2011

    i think its funny how all these haters are quick to associate true vocal talent with words such as has been/flop. its a shame that they cant see that just because their favs sell it doesnt mean they can really sing…… i really hope jojo does well cuz she has been gone for a while i hope we dont have another christina bionic scenario. but either way i will be all over this album cuz i support TRUE TALENT!!!

  19. Chile Please!! April 21, 2011

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS! A Gigantic WERK for your my long haired Danzel in Distress! Her stomach is giving me White Janet 3000 Special Work Out Edition for all Game Consoles! I so love her & she is sooooooooo underrated! I’m rooting for you JoJo! Looking forward to the new album!

  20. 0711 April 21, 2011

    I’m excited about her upcoming project and she looks great, but I’m not really feeling the black hair. I’ll be rooting for her though.

  21. Mr.M April 22, 2011



    JOJO >>> FATyonce + Sluthanna + Whoriah + Y’ALL FAVS

  22. B4REAL02 April 22, 2011

    DAmn JoJo is Hott as f***!!!! Really looking forward to a comeback……Luv JoJo

  23. BDABOSS April 22, 2011

    Her body is off the chain!

  24. Ariana April 22, 2011

    I’m soooo jealous! Her body looks amazing!

    She needs to release an album asap, her voice is so underrated! Go Jo-Jo!

  25. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ April 22, 2011

    Yes, darling! JoJo is a beast! And her body looks amazing! Go girl!

  26. theman April 22, 2011

    She looks great

  27. Andrew April 22, 2011

    She’s HOT! 😀
    Can’t waiit

  28. Tami April 22, 2011

    Only came here to say Jojo has a nice looking body she must be getting it in at the gym.

  29. JoJoFan April 22, 2011

    YES! JoJo is back to shut all these h*** down! She is hot and her body is banging! #TheOtherChick JoJo isback!

  30. hollymary April 22, 2011

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  31. royalkev April 22, 2011

    I loved Jojo ever since her debut. When she feel off, I was hoping that she wouldn’t stop recording. I didn’t care who paid her any mind, I’d always like to see what she does next. Now, looking at this new image and this new body – I’m absolutely floored! She looks amazing and I think she may finally get the kind of attention she deserves!


  32. Gumaro April 22, 2011

    YES THIS IS MY GIRL!!! JOJO IS A VOCAL BEAST and obviously her “look” at body are on point to sell that s**! So this means she is about to be unstoppable! I am so happy that all her hard work, some of the hottest songs I have ever heard sung by ANY artist, and fans will not be in vain. She is going to get her shine and be able to show and prove that she is the TRUTH and ANYBODY that has listened to the leaks and her past two albums know that she is nothing less than that, the TRUTH!! YES JOJO!!! You are the ISH girl. SHE WILL SLAY!

    The Other Chick 2011! Jumping Trains 2011!

  33. Clos April 22, 2011

    With a Voice like hers along with that body…………Jo Jo bout to go H.A.M.!!!! DAMMMMNNNNNNN

  34. Misty Jean April 22, 2011

    I still remember seeing her on “Kids Say the Darnest Things.” Can’t wait!

  35. princebarbietv April 22, 2011


  36. Yellow Gorillah April 22, 2011

    LOOOOOOOOOOL Yall too much loooool

  37. April 22, 2011

    JoJo is back B******! Get ready! #TheOther Chick JoJo is back baby!

  38. wow April 23, 2011

    her body is SHITTIN!

  39. NE-YO*STAN April 23, 2011

    Man, what I wouldn’t do for a private concert with JoJo.

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