Hot Shots: Beyonce Keeps It Low Key At Disneyland

Published: Thursday 21st Apr 2011 by Trent

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Beyonce isn’t usually camera shy but while spending time with her nephew and his father at Disneyland in France today the singer remained under the radar. Meanwhile, back in the US, her new single ‘Run The World (Girls)’, has already climbed to #30 on the iTunes chart without any promotion.

See if you can spot Beyonce in the image above and see more shots below thanks to Sandra Rose:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Rich April 21, 2011


  2. Perrylicious April 21, 2011


  3. Perrylicious April 21, 2011

    her single is flopping WORLDWIDE

  4. Perrylicious April 21, 2011




  5. klg0845 April 21, 2011

    How you gone wear heels to an amusement park? That is boss!!!!! Loves it.

  6. Janet April 21, 2011

    This b**** is over.
    Bad songs,
    Lame album
    Flop to be

  7. Amy April 21, 2011

    Her song suckssss.

  8. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Number 27 already. #Werk

  9. BEEYONCED April 21, 2011

    How I’d wish I could be at Disneyland with Julez and Co. Aarrgh 2 cute!

  10. kaleb April 21, 2011

    her fans are complaining on the song.
    her new single sucks ass.
    Entirely flop,.. lol
    that’s why most of them mad and pressed.

  11. Delvin Jordan April 21, 2011

    B**** her single isn’t going to flop!! Check iTunes H**!!!!

  12. Greenlight April 21, 2011

    She is actaully wearing normal clothes. *GASP*

    This would be even more surprising if she wasn’t wearing those heels(whoch are hot by the way).

    While Beyonce is enjoying herself at Disneyland:

    Your Fav is:

    Begging for fans to buy loads of copies of their singles on itunes.

    Pulling publicity stunts.

    Making Weekly videos to promote album that they’ve been promoting since the ice age.

  13. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Y’all m************ will be eating your words when it debuts top ten whether it’s horrible or not. Them Spanish countries ain’t playing either. Werk. Yep my word for today

  14. Delvin Jordan April 21, 2011

    Y’all just mad because your favs have either flopped, or doesn’t have a #1 album! While y’all are hating, Beyonce is going to be making millions! So #StayHatin!

  15. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Lmao at her fans comaininf about the song. B**** who told u that. Since when where you the public speakers of fans. Top 30 in Uk and US already. Again Werk

  16. Rich April 21, 2011

    Time for the promo!

  17. Renae April 21, 2011

    Heels at DisneyLand…oh no, too much walking.

  18. Dezman April 21, 2011

    Do any of you even realize that’s Solange’s baby daddy in the picture also?? Yep…sure is! He’s the one who really close to Lil’ Daniel’s with the white shirt and curly hair! Good to see that despite break-ups…Family is STILL FAMILY!!! BEY IS THE BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! And what???

  19. scorpio April 21, 2011


  20. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Oops Nรบmero 25vo aha. One o Beys most horrible single doing better than your faves. I rest my case. Again Werk

  21. HEFE April 21, 2011


  22. kenudigme April 21, 2011

    Why do ppl spend time shinning negativity on a person? Something is psychologically wrong with some of you. I will say that I love the song, its definitel a hit ,definitely a club banger and it will DEFiNnitely go #1.

  23. tata April 21, 2011

    ok,haters stay pressed! While ya’ll busy crying FLOP, run the world(girls is slowly climbing the charts and is at number 25 as we speak!! and we talking NO PROMO WHATSOEVER! and hours into release! now tell me that is flopping! hahaha haters stay pressed!

  24. Diane April 21, 2011

    Smart move for Beyonce to drop her single without a lot of fanfare because the word COMEBACK is a curse in the industry. Beyonce is not marketing this as a comeback. The media is simply calling it her new single. What a smart move.

  25. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    #25 US #24 UK #28 MEXICO #26 FRANCE #22 IRELAND coming from a horrid single. Again Werk

  26. remmy April 21, 2011

    As her song goes up the charts, I get on the back of the horse with Bey and ride off into the sunset singing “I think I need a barber, none of these bitchies can fade me”

  27. Janet April 21, 2011

    Number 25, already! :O Say what?!!!!

    She had no promo I can’t Believe it!

    You Haters shut the f*** up and go cry away! LOL

  28. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    While Beyonce is enjoying herself at Disneyland:

    Your Fav is:

    Begging for fans to buy loads of copies of their singles on itunes.

    Pulling publicity stunts.

    Making Weekly videos to promote album that theyโ€™ve been promoting since the ice age.

  29. Sigh April 21, 2011

    @Perrylicious You call a single being In the Top 20 on itunes within Hours of it’s release a flop? Sit down shut up. I mean you stan for non singing ass Katy Perry. Enough Said LOL!!!! The only artist who has 4#1’s from an album and the album still doesn’t do all that well

  30. YOOS April 21, 2011


  31. KAT DELUNA FAN April 21, 2011



  32. TheRealBabyDre April 21, 2011

    #22 on iTunes #Werk

  33. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Oops #22 US 20 UK Werk

  34. TheRealBabyDre April 21, 2011

    US 22
    IRELAND 21
    UK 20
    Portugal 6
    Spain 7

    In 5 hours with NO promo !

  35. dc thats me April 21, 2011

    Who she think she foolin with big ole Julius on the scene?

    The world is going crazy over “Run The World” while she’s on vacation like nothings happening! lol

    Luv Her!!!

  36. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Dayum Spain and Portugal ain’t playing. Werk

  37. Janet April 21, 2011

    I’m from Spain! and this song is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT S***!

    I mean I was on a bus and 5 people were singing to it with me! LMAO

  38. Kenny April 21, 2011

    Where is #1 on Itunes, you fans arent doing your job fast enough…. Can someone please let me know how long it took for Gaga and Britney to go #1 and break records?

  39. royalkev April 21, 2011

    Some people can’t help but hold some resentment for Bey because she’s been on top of her game for so long. She is one woman who have so many pressed!

  40. parisian girl April 21, 2011

    Why do you feel the need to mention”no promo”?
    of course we know there is no promo
    it was the same for the other divas
    Britney,gaga released their songs without any promo
    i don’t see what is so extraordinary about thatO_o

  41. Greenlight April 21, 2011


    ritney tans have always been great when it comes to online stuff such as polls and donloading singles.

    Gaga had been promoting her single since the ice age.

    Beyonce has not said one word about her single. She is chilling in paris. And no one knew the single would come out today until last night, while others usually ive a release date a weak in advance. So, Beyonce is doing pretty damn good. What are you doing with your flop life?

  42. Greenlight April 21, 2011

    @Parisian Girl

    Lady Gaga been promoting her album since Clinton was president. #SITDOWN

  43. S*** April 21, 2011

    How is Bey doing on ITUNES & RADIO??

    I must admit that I dont have an Itunes & Im way to smart to be Buying singles (or anything off the internet) that I can listen to for FREE! ๐Ÿ˜

    While Rih, Brit, Katty & GAG Stans Spend all their Welfare Funds on Singles yet FORGET to buy the Album LMAOโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜†

  44. MrIncredible April 21, 2011

    She looks pretty stupid.

  45. Greenlight April 21, 2011

    I hate stans like @S*** who talk all that s*** but can’t back it up.

    I swear Beyonce biggest and most delusional stans will not buy a thing. They download everything illegally. S*** will probably download the whole album illegally too.

  46. BeyBeyBey April 21, 2011

    Cutie with that hat

  47. Greenlight April 21, 2011


    So does the birch who conceived you.

  48. KAT DELUNA FAN April 21, 2011

    stop with your itunes updates.I am feeling like I am at Wall street right now.really annoying

  49. S*** April 21, 2011

    Yall see Jewlz & his Daddy in the Back?? LOL

  50. S*** April 21, 2011


    No Boo, ALBUMS by Bey is thee ONE & ONLY thing I will buy from the Music Bizz.

    Im guranteed to buy Bey’s album even if I dont like the singles, I Bought B’DAY & didnt even like DejaVu or RTA that much.

    The only other album I could or Might have gotten but didnt is Rated R & Blueprint 3.

  51. remmy April 21, 2011

    Please keeo the itunes reports coming…lovin them:)

  52. Beystanbish April 21, 2011

    Lmfao @ S*** A mess Useless

  53. S*** April 21, 2011

    … Thats Recently but NO OTHER Album has interest Me within these last 2 Years except Bey’s yet Untitled one… ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Janet April 21, 2011

    @Kat Deluna Fan you mad?

    OMG it’s promoting her album before dinoussaurs dissapeared

    Britney had An average promo.

    But Beyoncรฉ teaser just came yesterday and de single today its been 5 hours and most of the fans still don’t know the song is out.

  55. S*** April 21, 2011


    I REQUEST the Songs though, im still one of her BIGGEST FANS… Just CHEAP. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I Bet I buy the Album Though…

  56. Ihavetheclap April 21, 2011

    21 on iTunes. Haters stay mad. By tomorrow this song will be top ten. Whoever said Britney and gaga did no promotion you knew that was a lie as u typed it. They had nothing but promo leading up to both of their singles dropping. This shows the power of beyonce. No promo she hasn’t said a word about this project and she is bout to top the charts. Now imagine when she does starts promo and the video comes out. It’s a wrap.

  57. Janet April 21, 2011

    I mean Gaga is promoting her album before the VMA’S last year LMAO! and she came out with that Horrible song

    “S*** this way”.

    Britney had Promo too! and dates and all

    Beyoncรฉ had nothing, and look at how excellent she’s doing….

    Not to mention most of her fans don’t know the single is out!

  58. S*** April 21, 2011


    i APPLAUD Beyonce for ANYTHING she achieves even something as simple as being Top 20 on FRAUD-Tunes cause lord knows the chick is UNDER-Rated. ๐Ÿ˜

  59. True Blue April 21, 2011

    * Shrugs*

  60. S*** April 21, 2011

    That outfit Bey has on makes her look TALL & Skinny!!

    ~I Like to see Bey stepping up her LOOK latly, cuz Most of Last year she was looking A MESS!!

  61. S*** April 21, 2011

    @True Blue

    LMAO, So now you have another NO-NAME artist as your FLOPVater,

    What happened to JESUS????

  62. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @ S*** hey wassup it’s me again LOLOLOL

  63. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Im THE BIG BAD WOLF for you bee hives

  64. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Love BEyonce this song of hers is a FLOP

  65. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @ S*** beautiful link you posted, to bad it wasnt meant for Trent and Sam thou LOLOLOLO

  66. True Blue April 21, 2011

    @ S***:

    Sit your ignorant ass down. Just because your narrow-minded self doesn’t know who he is doesn’t make him a flop.

    It’s Alice Cooper. Google is your friend.

  67. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    I dont care what anyone says this single is hot! go Bey!

  68. S*** April 21, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    Lol, Glad you like the LINK

    What she said was SO DUMB & STUPID…


    *PLAYS WHO RUN THIS MOTHER-F***** ISH* Whilst the Haters STAY MAD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. S*** April 21, 2011

    @ GagaStan

    FINLLY!!, A gaga Fan with some SENSE… ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @S*** to be honest i wanna take you out on a date, you have guts sticking up to me!!!

  71. Spunkypoop April 21, 2011

    THE BADDEST B**** IN HEELS! #getoverit

  72. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @ SpunkyPOOP
    After Queen Rihanna Get over it.LOLOLOL

  73. S*** April 21, 2011

    OKay, This is my LAST POST here so Listen Up!!*

    Listen, Beyonce is in HER PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    She dont have Time to worry about the Haters, B**** is Baby Sitting her Nephew Whilst Sipping on a MARTINI…

    LMAO!!! Thats Right b**** go on VACATION!!!!

    YOU MAD??????

  74. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @S*** Call me baby LOLOLOLOLOL

  75. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @S*** nice link,but beyonce single still sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @S*** the link you just posted is what Rihanna is gonna do beyonce this era LOLOLOL icant icant

  77. Misty Jean April 21, 2011

    Her single has only been out for a few hours and it’s already in the top 30. She doesn’t need 100 million youtube views like Rebecca Black to sell.

  78. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    New single is still a flop!!!!!

  79. can’tbelieveit April 21, 2011

    Good to see Bey having some fun at the amusement park but where is her husband Jay at? I see Jay’s security guard but not him. Bey looks so cute and very fresh young face. After the photo’s of Jay yesterday of his errecion, maybe Bey wore him out and she told him to just stay in and rest. Solange ex-husband is still fine as heck. Could that sorta fat lady next to little julez be his other grandmother.

  80. lol April 21, 2011

    I like this look on her it boyish but cute Oh that light skinned dude with the long curly
    hair is Juelz father damn they look just alike

  81. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    MAJOR FLOP!!!!!!!

  82. lol April 21, 2011

    It aint doin good at all regardin the hype. The same people who were sayin once she drops her single it will top the charts r sayin sth else now. Brit n gaga topped the charts faster with no promo. Bey leaked her song bfore,there pics as well. It was a passiv promo. Lets just say pple arent feelin the song. Lets not forget its her first single so it should peak higher than that by now.

  83. Greenlgiht April 21, 2011

    Trent is time to update. It is now #15 with no promotion.

    Like I said Beyonce had no official date until the day before the song came out.

    Gaga been promoting since Lyndon B. Johnson was in office. And Britney is just BritneyBitch. She has a loyal fanbase. Although she also had dates set a month before relase.

  84. dante April 21, 2011

    @lol thk u i just cant wait for the next excuse when mama monster outsells everyone! Even if i like the bit of that song i still think judas is better. The lyrcs r just mediocre n way too repetitive. Thats the way the dream writes songs.

  85. dante April 21, 2011

    @ greenlight i dont think makin excuses will boost sales! Lmao

  86. GangsterA April 21, 2011

    Bey Looks Cute #Werk

  87. Greenlight April 21, 2011


    A lot of Beyonce don’t even know the single is out yet because most of them think it is coming in May like rumors stated. I’ve telling confused Bey stans all day on twitter the single is out.

  88. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    #15 Now LOL

  89. Greatness April 21, 2011


    You have to actually have itunes downloaded to your computer to see the top songs.

  90. iLoveXtina April 21, 2011

    Aww I wore that same hat when i went there cause that sun was BLAZING.

  91. S*** April 21, 2011

    Beyonce is COMING for HIAM, Judas, E.T, S&M Remix, & Rolling in the Deap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    Rumored to be #12. Cant see it on my itunes though, but its #12

  93. Anthony The Great April 21, 2011

    @True BLue

    It is the same as the single version. It just has a great intro(which I think should’ve been used throughout the whole song) and it is an explicit version.

  94. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    for all the people calling this a flop….PLZ SIT DOWN!

    #15 on u.s. itunes with what promo besides a god damn picture.

    Gaga’s release date had been announced nearly 2months prior to the release of Born This Way.

    and Britney had been talking about Hold It Against Me weeks before its release

    Bey just released her s*** and said “LEGGO”

  95. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    Let me make that #12 Bey and Gaga are here to slay this year…..#TeamTalent

  96. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    @Gagastan its actually #12

  97. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    “Let me make that #12 Bey and Gaga are here to slay this yearโ€ฆ..#TeamTalent”

  98. S*** April 21, 2011

    SL, Run the World. What Other B**** you know can RIDE A VIDEO-GAME BEAT?????????

    Only The Queen ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @S*** i thought you was gone!!!!!!!

  100. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Rihanan is gonna slay this year point blank!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. True Blue April 21, 2011

    @ Anthony The Great:

    Thanks, wish I could hear the intro, though.

  102. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    @KerryJohnson please sit down. Rihanna aint running s*** but her 15minute time card. talk to me when she learns how to do something besides walk back and forth

    *Puts on stan cap and plays Who Run The World*

  103. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    LOL B**** sit you ass down, atleast the pop star im praising is an actual female and not a tranny.S&M is number#1 M********** your Dismissed!!!!!
    ps check her perfromance at the AMA,Grammy awards, and NBA performance and tell whats stiff.

  104. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    a tranny joke really how 2009 step that s*** up its 2011!

    S&M is number one because of Britney Spears not the Bajan Billygoat

    AMA’s The Grammys and – goat vocals and stiff dancing(she has been doing that since 2005 can we get something new)

    and dont even get me started on the NBA all star game b**** was all off key with that nappy ass ponytail!


  105. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    #9 on itunes with ZERO promotion! WHO MAD?

  106. Who Bad April 21, 2011

    Snatching all these wigs while I was having fun w/ Mickey Mouse with an URBAN SINGLE.

  107. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    H** plz so i guess lady gaga church dancing is actual dancing sityourassdown!!!!!!
    And it’s not my fault lady gaga looks like a man now these day than usual.S&M was a top ten hit top 5 hit and now#1 without any promotion YOU FAILED AGAIN!!!!!!
    Go on Gagadaily or somethin.

  108. CRAMPED April 21, 2011


  109. I Hate S***-Stains comments April 21, 2011

    @S*** has got to be the most ignorant Bey stan on B****!!!! sit yo ass the f*** down. You b****, are dumb as a box of f****** rocks. I get so tired of your ugly ass coming on here every f****** day on every post talking about Beyonce this but yet and still you download your favs music for free. B****, I don’t believe that you’re gonna purchase the single nor the album. You are a pathetic ho. Popping your raggedy cooch to stolen Beyonce music.
    Honey Bey would be so ashamed of you. NEXT>>>>>

  110. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    “Snatching all these wigs while I was having fun w/ Mickey Mouse with an URBAN SINGLE.”


  111. Who Bad April 21, 2011


    Lady Gaga may be a tranny, but atleast that tranny has talent unlike your talentless manufactured industry puppet.



  112. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011


  113. GagaStan April 21, 2011


    LMAO your a joke all you rihanna stans can bring up is number ones, fashion, and looks…..I will not respond to you until Rihanna learns how to sing… goodbye! and I love how S&M and its remix are already falling off itunes tee hee hee!

  114. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @WHO BAD
    For someone with no talent she’s maken history again beat out mariah carey score for the #1 hits faster and she is now tied with Janet Jackson so yea who’s MAD!!!!!!!!

  115. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @GAGASTAN I notice you couldn’t respond the my comment so you can DISMISSED YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND I Garunteed Judas will not hit #1

  116. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    B**** is at #8 WHO THE F*** MAD?

  117. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    But Beyonce is way better GAGA ANYWAY SO YEA WHO’S MAD!!!!!!

  118. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    @GagaStan – Honey you’re wasting Your time…. Ignore

  119. Jess April 21, 2011

    Beyonce stan here. Do I love love the song? No. Have I bought it on iTunes? Yes. Will I be the first to get up to it / request it when I’m out? Yes. Is beyonce being back giving me life? Sure as hell it is! Will B dominate? Yup. Even haters no that.

    #ithinkineedabarber haha oh B.

  120. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    S*** I’m waisting my time with GAGASTAN a.k.a.the new billy goat

  121. Who Bad April 21, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    Since when does #1s= Talent. Milli Vanilli has plenty of number 1s and they are nowhere near the T word.

  122. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    I See Rihanan’s S&M hit #1 and the haters try their very best to ignore it but they can’t!!!!!!!
    That Rihanna Reign Just won’t let UP.

  123. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    @Cramped I realized that so I stopped responding to that thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @WHO MAD
    If she didnt have talent Jay Z wouldnt have sigh her DISMISSD!!!!!!!!
    Rihanna doesnt need gays for gimmicks to stay popular as well

  125. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @GAGASTAN & CRAMPED the truth hurts I KNOW I KNOW
    Ignore me all you want but Rihanna Reign Surpreme this ERA
    Beyonce comes second
    Gaga and her crappy songs third if katy perry dont take her crown!!!!!!

  126. Who Bad April 21, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    Girl, Jay Z signed her because he saw her POTENTIAL LOOK. Notice how she didn’t start becoming a huge star until she became legal and started selling s**.

  127. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    I Thought Gaga was gonna block rihanna from the #1 spot SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gaga monster wish!!!!!!!

  128. CRAMPED April 21, 2011


  129. KAT DELUNA FAN April 21, 2011




  130. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @WHO MAD
    Whatever if thats what helps you sleep at night along with @GAGASTAN then be my guest.
    Rihananhas a unique voice what other chick can sing any genre of music *****waits*****

  131. GagaStan April 21, 2011

    @WhoBad ignore that thing ๐Ÿ™‚ celebrate Bey slaying without any promotion. While these other b****** are on twitter all day begging people to buy their single Bey is at disneyland

  132. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Rihanna wins again
    hahahha haters are mad!!!!!!!!

  133. Who Bad April 21, 2011

    @kerry johnson

    Tell Rihanna not to beg to much for a #1 single next time. It makes her look desperate.

  134. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @GAGASTAN YEs celebrate
    S&M hit’s #1 blocking sorry ass JUDAS!!!!!!!!

  135. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @WHO MAD i will and tell GAGA stop using her gays as gimmicks(she already making gay ppl going straight now)!!!!!!!!!

  136. CRAMPED April 21, 2011

    “ignore that thing celebrate Bey slaying without any promotion. While these other b****** are on twitter all day begging people to buy their single Bey is at disneyland”

  137. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @CRAMPED YES spend the rest of your WELFARE money on that crappy song,I thought Rihanna had somethin to worry about but i guess not.*****Blast S&M******

  138. Curtwill April 21, 2011


    It’s not doing too bad on Radio either.

  139. MAZ April 21, 2011




    STRAIGHT TO NUMBER :::::::::::::::::1::::::::::::::::::

  140. True Blue April 21, 2011

    Kerry Johnson must be related to Psycho Nicky. Except that uses vastly better grammar and spelling than Nicky and doesn’t type in all CAPS.

  141. True Blue April 21, 2011

    * that he uses.

    @ Gagastan:

    It’s finally nice to meet a GaGa stan these days who says they like Bey and doesn’t contradict that by shading her every chance they get.

  142. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Thanks I guess,but no im not related to her and I’m a guy lol

  143. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    Now I like Gaga and beyonce but their fans i just cant with them.

    GAGA and BEYONCE good luck(no shade)

  144. fab April 21, 2011

    MY GIRL IS SLAYING WITHOUT PROMO OR LIFE PERF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR VIDEO REALLY ????????????????? I CANT HELP TO JUMP TO THAT SONG SO DIFF OF WHAT BEE HAS DONE BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn t excepte everybody to love it bee either but one thing is sure is a smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. dante April 21, 2011

    Imma need gaga to jump on twitter n ask people to buy judas a la rihanna. Cuz the unexpected adele is #1. I like her but i dont really like that song.
    I threw shade at rih last night for doin that but business is business. All the means r good to snatch that #1 spot. Congrats to rih for that im sure many artists will do the same in the next years.

    Im a monster for life

  146. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As R****** The Goat April 21, 2011

    @KENNY DUMBASS JOHNSON- H** y r u in another QUEENBEY post bragging about R******????? Shouldnt u b on itunes buying S&M again???

  147. Speaks Truth April 21, 2011

    Lmfaoooo my muthafucking Queen is in Disney land while her single is getting NO promote and still NUMBER 1 icant icant icant this is a BAD B****!!!! I got to be like her when I grow up lmao!!!!! The queen has slated while having family time I can’t icant

  148. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @ The life size bobble formally known as ritard the gaot(greatest of all time)
    S&M didnt need my help to get to #1 on the charts, but you might wanna help beyonce crappy single thou hahahahah
    B**** SIT DOWN AND DONT GET UP EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  149. dante April 21, 2011

    Aint she #1 yet? Its takin too long now. As i said before, the top sellers of this year 1/ gaga(or the unexpected adele smh) 2/ rihanna or bey 3/ mayb britney or katy perry

  150. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    i’m hoping Rihanna LOL!!!!!!

  151. dante April 21, 2011

    @kerry im a monster for life lol, but im afraid rihanna winds up bein the best seller. She might not b the best singer(lol i called her the goat many times sry)but she can sell. I luv the way she handles that business. If only mama monster did the same judas would b #1 by now.

  152. Kerry Johnson April 21, 2011

    @DANTE I HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

  153. Greatness April 21, 2011


    Is that all you care about? NUMBERS. NUMBERS. NUMBERS.

    You are such a bandwagon stan.

  154. Greatness April 21, 2011

    To people complaing about Beyonce using “Girls”. I think she used it because it sounds better than Woman.

    Plus in the verse she did say “This is to all the Woman getting it in on they grind.”

  155. Greatness April 21, 2011


    Brandy Norwood
    @4everBrandy Brandy Norwood
    Buy Beyonce New Single RunTheWorldOniTunes =โ€ฆ”
    12 minutes ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

    I think she should be promoting herslef, but us Bey stans like all promotion from everyone.

  156. dante April 21, 2011

    @greaness i dont only care for numbers but they matter. Plus, at least noone gonna bring up the nopromo excuse.

  157. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As R****** The Goat April 21, 2011

    @KENNY DUMBASS JOHNSON- H** #TRYagain!!!! Dont ever TRY 2 come 4 me bcuz I WILL HAVE U CUTTING URSELF FASTER than Demi Lovato!!!!

  158. dante April 21, 2011

    S*** judas is #4 now on itunes! I wonder what the f*** mama monster is doin? Im tired of requestin. N radios wont even play that bcuz of easter n blah blahblah. F*** those christians.

  159. fab April 21, 2011

    WITHOUT PROMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 SHE S COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ME SOME QUEEN BEE

  160. dante April 21, 2011

    For somebody who calls herself queen it aint good at all!n nobody’s really buyin the nopromo thing. Can anyone here just talk the truth without makin excuses or lyin?

  161. Shouw April 21, 2011

    Her career & her status is not based on itunes charts like an other “singer” . She can have a flop single & still slays . Stay mad because everybody will still call her “QUEEN B”

  162. Greatness April 21, 2011


    Due to The FAct that

    Beyonce didn’t give us the release date of her single until the day before, she is doing damn well.

    Now I could see your point if she gave us the date 2 weeks in advance and people were saying she is doing good with No promo.

    Beyonce stans were thrown the information out of nowhere.

  163. Andrew April 21, 2011

    WE ARE #9 IN THE ITUNES TOP 10! RunTheWorldOniTunes!
    …after almost 12 hours of release! YASSSSSS Bey Bey

  164. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN April 21, 2011


    No Boo They Arnt Playing It Because Of Easter, They Arnt Playing It Because It Sucks :)!


    Run The World #9 B****** :)!
    No Promo & She’s Killin It!

  165. Andrew April 21, 2011

    Adele I Love you, but We coming for yo ass… RunTheWorldOniTunes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  166. Sally Truth Speaka April 21, 2011

    Beyonce must know that the single is s*** which is why she is not promoting it. She knows her dumb stans will buy anything.

  167. Musicfan April 21, 2011

    Lmao. It’s funny how Bey stans saying oh she gonna come and snatch everyones wigs and now they saying oh well them Spanish countries are really not playing. Lol. Sit down. I love Bey but I’m sane enough to say that so far it’s a modest hit. Lol. I remember everyone was saying oh numbers in other countries aren’t what matters it’s only in the US. Well why does it matter with Bey? Liisten, y’all saying Bey ain’t got no promo, b**** Gaga had no promo with Judas either and her ass was number one in less than 5 hours. Judas also debuted at the top ten on hot 100. NOPROMO. Wait till the video and other promo get here.

    Where the Beystans at now? Y’all really can’t talk. No shade on Bey, shade on the delusional stans.

  168. dante April 21, 2011

    @greatness i agree with u, shes doin good n her album n most of singles will do good, i said it before n i keep sayin it.
    But, but her stans didnt say the same thing a few hours ago thats why im sayin it. I guess it was just part of a stan war.
    In my gaga voice i repeat, i like the beat of her new single except the lyrics.

  169. Greatness April 21, 2011


    B**** Gaga had a release date for Judas set for over a month. Beyonce didn’t give the release date for her new single until the day before and she is still in the top 10. Beyonce fans were slapped with the release date the NIGHT BEFORE. So sit the f*** down.

  170. dante April 21, 2011

    Queen beyonce stan, ive come to realize that ure too dumb!

    Last time i reply to u

  171. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN April 21, 2011


    It’s Funny How Your Name Is STILL Music Fan Considering Your A Stan For MANLADY Caca Who Obviously Is Not Real Music It’s Just Pure Generic TRASH!
    ALL YOU LITTLE MONSTERS (monster – a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed) KEPT ON SAYING JUDAS WAS GONNA SLAY & S*** WHAT HAPPEN?
    Why Couldn’t It Be Like Born This Way?

    && Bey Had NO PROMO! She Announced Yesterday She Was Releasing The Song Today Unlike That Man You STANN For She’s Been Going On & On About Judas For Weeks!



  172. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN April 21, 2011


    B**** Your The One Whose PRESSED/SAD/DELUSIONAL


  173. KaVion April 21, 2011

    LMAO @ Beystanbish

    While ya’ll arguing over Bey. She’s twirling around in the teacups laughing her happy ass off.
    Smiling, snapping photographs with Mickey & chuckling when Jewlz says to her “Look it’s Auntie Gaga!” while pointing at Cruela De’Vil.

    Y’all may run your mouth, but WHO RUN THE WORLD??

    That’s all.

  174. dante April 21, 2011

    @greatness i know ure smart, but gaga rush released her second single. Let alone that easter drama. (IMFO) In my f***** opinion lol, i think runtheworld is doin good cuz i dont really like that song but the fact that bey ddnt set an oficial date release aint an excuse and i dont think it would have made a big diference if there were an oficial date

  175. fab April 21, 2011

    OMg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i confirmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  176. fab April 21, 2011

    IHIHIHIHIHI SHE S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  177. dante April 21, 2011

    @fab gagas on her 2nd single but she is doin much better. At the end of this year gaga will outsell everyone(unless the unexpected adele or the sneaky rihanna stops her).

    i think bey project lacks cohesion.

  178. KaVion April 21, 2011

    Bey’s dropped A single. It’s waaay to soon to be making ANY conclusions.

  179. fab April 21, 2011

    hey we will see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! judas is droping on i tune charts every where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!while my queen bee just growing hard im sure till tomorow she ill be #1 in at least 5 country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS no hate here for gaga i also luv BTW and judas but WRTW IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ME

  180. fab April 21, 2011

    @KAVION so ure a bee stan or a hater becauzzzzzzzz ur post are so unconstant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. KaVion April 22, 2011

    LOL, I’m a Bey stan!

  182. Musicfan April 22, 2011

    Lol. Queen Beyonce Stan you are officially stupid in my book. Your f****** delusional. I love Bey, Dangerously in Love was the first album I ever bought, I love her but I love Gaga more. Why can’t you be tolerant toward me liking Gaga as I am with you and Bey. Get a f****** life and this’ll be the last time I respond to your shitty ass posts. For months you’ve been talking about oh she coming. She ain’t even number one yet and the days nearly over. And the fact that she released the date a day before is no excuse cuz Gaga’s Judas single came out unexpectedly 4 days before announced during a school day, and work day, and it went to number one in less than 5 hours. That ain’t no excuse. So either some of y’all stans ain’t doing your job, or she has to regain some of her relevancy after 3 years of being gone. I got my copy already. Why ain’t it number one yet?


  183. Beyonce is Flopping Trent!! April 22, 2011

    Yo Trent, Beyonce is FLOPPING HARD.. #11 on US itunes. LOL!! FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP

  184. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ April 22, 2011

    Eh. Who gives a s*** about Itunes? Where’s the video and the perfomance? Geez!

    And I actually heard the song on the radio today, meh………..not gonna lie didn’t even wanna listen to the entire song.

  185. RihYonce April 22, 2011

    Beyonce may not be doing well on itunes (we all know she is not a digital artist), but she is getting mad mad mad airplay. i’ve heard her song 6 times on the radio today. 4 on urban radio and 2 on top 40 radio.

    @Amazing Lee

    Weren’t you saying this song was hot at first what happened?

  186. rihanna queen April 22, 2011

    Only #11? My bad, feels like someone needs some help from the billboard goddess.

  187. That FLOP Juice April 22, 2011

    I’m not a GaGa stan, because I am a huge Madonna fan.

    But I hate double standard: Judas had NO promotion too, and it went #1 on iTunes on the 1st day.

  188. Kelly April 22, 2011

    Beyonce never had number itune sells……………..she have to work for her singles reaching number one….or top ten…..i rather progression than hit high and fall fast…..just like the rest of the artist are doing….

  189. tata April 22, 2011

    dont trip ya’ll,if being #9 on itunes on the first day,and #2 in spain, uk #12 ,norway #11,france #11, italy #15 is flopping then…..i mean really? that’s flopping? without any promo whatsoever! and dont get me started with gaga,yes she has been promoting judas for a while now,always mentioning it and tweeting the video deets and whatnot! so sit!

  190. Jim April 22, 2011

    Beyonce is flopping HARD. I mean come you can’t even dispute bey fans. The song sucks big time.

  191. rihanna queen April 22, 2011


  192. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ April 22, 2011


    I was only really expressing my liking toward the vocals/harmonies. I did like it only because I thought it would grow on me, but clearly it’s been the opposite, every time I hear it I can’t with the lyrics or the production. And people may think I like it because I was defending the fact that it IS better than the crap that’s out today.

  193. tata April 22, 2011

    well again,say what u want,the song is #1 in Spain,#2 in Sweden,#9 in the UK,#6 in the US,#16 in Australia, #15 in Canada, #20 in Denmark, #8 in France, #20 in Germany, #10 in Italy, #8 in Norway………….Bey is doing better than yo favs with a 1 day old song on the charts! stay mad!

  194. pinkpop April 22, 2011

    gosh I really hope she doesn’t “duet” with rihanna on that new album

  195. noteenoshade April 22, 2011

    This song is evil….my freind and sister said they felt some strange sound waves trying to enter them when i played the song..she is singing a song from the devil’s perspective…smh.,..we neee to pray 4 real yall..straight and gay lovers of b..she is brainwashing yall into serving the devil…i rebuke this energy in the name of Jesus!!!

  196. are YOU serious? April 22, 2011

    IM BACKKKK!!!!


    GODDESS GODGA B******!!!!!!



    TO THE R****** FANS!!!

    TO GET A #1!!!!

  197. are YOU serious? April 22, 2011


    Iโ€™m not a GaGa stan, because I am a huge Madonna fan.

    But I hate double standard: Judas had NO promotion too, and it went #1 on iTunes on the 1st day.





  198. fab April 22, 2011

    LOL prefer a slowly and growing increase in the charts than a big debuts and then dropping like waterfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    ITUNE WORLD #5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT A FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 QUEEN BEE GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. April 23, 2011

    i looooooovvveeeee this lady

  200. Renece April 23, 2011

    Can you imagine Beyonce fans onl y knew her release date one day before and climbed the charts so quickly. OMG. No promo, no video, not much airplay at the time.
    You know what kills me Beyonce is not worried at all. The girl at disney having a
    I must commend her on that. Bravo. To all the gaga fans out there we know that gaga and Beyonce are tight as hell, thanks for supporting.

    Go Beyonce/ Go Gaga 2011

  201. HMMM April 23, 2011


  202. royalkev April 23, 2011

    Loooooooooove her!


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