Keri Hilson Launches The Splash!

Published: Thursday 23rd Jun 2011 by TGJ

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Season 1 / Episode 1

It’s finally here! That Grape Juice presents….The Splash!

Filmed in the heart of London this week, our launch episode features award-winning R&B force Keri Hilson. The 27 year old singer-songwriter serves up stunning renditions of hits from her sophomore set ‘No Boys Allowed’ – which is out in stores on and on iTunes now.

Hit ‘play’ and enjoy what is the start of an amazing season!

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  1. i see June 22, 2011

    So this is it, the splash bwahhh

    but atleast ur trying, i give u guys that.

  2. Romeo June 22, 2011

    That was nice!

  3. X,Y,”and Z” June 22, 2011

    Yesssss… Sam, I approve!!

  4. Kahari June 22, 2011

    Congrats to Sam for updating his sites. Ms. Kelly Baby sounded beautiful with the simple production. Kudos!

  5. X,Y,”and Z” June 22, 2011

    Sam, what’s with this “awaiting moderation” nonsense?

    Really, REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y ANNOYING..!!!

  6. Christiana June 22, 2011

    Well done all @ TGJ. This is great stuff. Love it and love Keri, what a great way to kick off! Wishing you continued success and may this indeed to lead to greater things.

  7. YehYouCanHate June 22, 2011

    ONCE AGAiN KERI DID IT! if you peep her acoustic sets…they are always on point DOT COM

  8. Leon June 22, 2011


    Im LOVING this segment! more Acoustic music 😀 *Dances*

    and the filming is on POINT!!

    Cheers Sam!

  9. antertain June 22, 2011

    Evolution is great isnt it!!!
    Congrats on the LAUNCHING!!!

    The only way is up Sam & Co.

    Keri did her thang.
    High note on “all the boys” YES!!

  10. Arielle June 22, 2011

    Really loving and professional concept. Do you, thumbs up for me ^^!!
    It gives a new light to KH as an artist that I did not know she had…

  11. Mr. T June 22, 2011

    I was rather impressed.

    And GOOD JOB TGJ for doing something different. Loves it

  12. MusicBox June 22, 2011

    Thats the best you can book? Not a b**** who cant even sell out a Walmart parking lot!!!! FAIL

  13. BeyStan June 22, 2011

    I love this concept…but lets reserve it for SINGERS…Keri doesnt have a very pleasant voice…which was reconfirmed when I watch her attempt to sing an acoustic set. That voice AINT it honey.

    Ya’ll need to have Kelly Rowland do it…Plus her album comes out in a month. It’d be great for her.

  14. Jordan June 22, 2011

    She sounds great live and minus ghetto beats 🙂 lol

  15. DanielIsrael June 22, 2011

    I gotta say it’s cool, that from a site that reports news, such as about performances, now you creat them. So cool! I’m really surprised. Good luck!

  16. Laurie June 22, 2011

    I really don’t understand why is this girl out there I mean really no shade or hate but she doesn’t have an outstanding voice or something different she’s just another light skin r&b girl she doesn’t bring anything new or different. She looks really pretty though

  17. Ryan June 22, 2011

    Go ahead, I enjoyed Miss Keri

  18. JEJE June 22, 2011

    Is she REALLY LOOKING AT A LYRIC SHEET?! For her OWN song! OMG I’m done!

    But nice “visual” and the site is great!

  19. Lilliana June 22, 2011

    ok i see you TGJ. I love it. I have wanting an urban blog to do this since Billboard, NME,, and RS already do this on their youtube pages. Good job Keri.


    Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, Alexis Jordan, Jessie J & Janelle Monae please………. ESPECIALLY JAZMINE SULLIVAN THOUGH….. for real.

    Thanks for this!!!

  20. Chile Please!! June 22, 2011


    • guest June 23, 2011


  21. Johnny June 22, 2011

    She sounded really good. I hope the stans don’t turn the comments here into stan war central too.

  22. Nelz June 22, 2011

    sam ur winning but the other vilian should have been part of the show even tho you are one already

  23. Lawrence June 22, 2011

    This was TOP NOTCH and professional. I am really impressed and I loved the music. Keri sounded flawless tbh. Hearing pretty girl rock acoustically really impressed me. LOVE HER 🙂

  24. billboardwiz88 June 22, 2011

    Miss Keri Killed it love the acoustic performance nice layout give me more of Miss keri or other artist who can actually sing live.

  25. Lala June 22, 2011

    That was beautiful. keri really sounds good sing with that acoustic guitar.

  26. MeLolOmg June 22, 2011

    Everything Keri Hilson does there are haters who always have something negative to say. Get over yourselves and face the fact that SHE CAN SING. It kills people to say she is a good singer. No she is not Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, ETC. She is Keri Hilson so stop hating AND GET A LIFE. Great Performance!!!!

  27. Tay June 22, 2011

    Keri is the truth! This performance was AMAZING! Her vocals are unbelievable!! To anyone who has ever doubted her, you had better recognize and pay attention. This girl is the #truth and her grind is tight!! Work it Miss KeriBaby!!

  28. ERIC June 22, 2011


  29. keasyy June 22, 2011

    she did that! that last note on All the Boys! work

  30. keriflopson June 22, 2011

    She looked bored and uninspired and this was underwhelming.

  31. fanta June 22, 2011

    i love it ………………. it’s beautiful 🙂

  32. td June 22, 2011

    yes. good job. Sam. Many more great things to come

  33. Kamran June 22, 2011

    Wow! Sam and all the That Grape Juice team- kudos to you on pulling this one out the bag! You comment so much on performance that now you’ve created an outlet to have established and emerging artists perform their hearts out acoustically. Awesome and inspiring to see! Well done and keep it up being a successful music/gossip/entertainment site/platform. Nuff proud! Very good but simple idea, wonderfully executed! 🙂

  34. molly June 22, 2011

    KERI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She looked and sounded beautiful! YES YES YES!! I brought the album and its really good. I LOVED IT!

  35. Danke June 22, 2011

    LOL getting Keri Hilson to open because she is a floppppppppppppppppppp.

  36. dizzydae June 22, 2011

    If you don’t like keri why the h3ll would you click on the site. Newayz no time to waste on losers. Good Job Keri you put all your haters to sleep on this one. Love IT!!!!

  37. cindy June 23, 2011

    LOVE IT!!! Keri sounded amazing and she looked beautiful as always…like neyo says….haters die slow….you people follow her around like lost little puppies….i would never go into a artist blog that i didn’t like shows your level of intelligence.

  38. GoodLifeBoi June 23, 2011

    KERI did good. like @cindy said, yall follow like lost puppies smh. KEri just getting started.

  39. GoodMzk June 23, 2011

    That was an excellent performance by Keri, however I must say the pitch of the strings seemed a bit off in All the Boys. There was even a point where he hit the wrong keys and Keri looked at him, ok I may have made that last part up in my mind. But that’s when she seemed to have looked at him. My ears are just sensitive to certain things in music. Nonetheless nice acoustic set.

  40. TERRY June 23, 2011


  41. kacy June 23, 2011

    Beautiful performance by MissKeriBAby~!! She brings it everytime!!! And to the haters, stop following links where she is featured if your just gonna talk negative. Dang, it is so immature and stupid! Ya’ll stay on mad! ugh. #solame

  42. nice_gurl June 24, 2011

    Really good performance by Keri. Didn’t know she could sing like this, but she just proved me wrong. I hope TGJ can get some other good artists, cause this new tv site is great.

  43. NiceNTyeD June 24, 2011

    All I can say is “Is yall hirin?” I have my BA in Communication! Lol…j/k…unless you got a job…lol…I absolutely loved it. Great job guys…yall really took this site to another level of respect and professionalism…KUDOS!

  44. lisa June 24, 2011


  45. GoodLifeBoi June 25, 2011

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO @Lisa . Only bums hate on MissKEriBabeeeee

  46. MuzikMan June 26, 2011

    I really like this. I’m so happy that the site is expanding and doing different things than other blogs. I really enjoyed this, and Keri sounded really good and her album is really nice so you should buy it, if you haven’t already!

  47. Eleanor August 3, 2011

    Fantastic Blog and Humble Interview. It made me see Keri in a different light. Very inspiring.

  48. RocketBlair September 21, 2011

    keri….werk it!!

  49. Teyah November 21, 2011

    No one cares about Keri! Flop singles, Flop albums like No Boys Allowed, no #1 singles, no #1 albums, no award nominations except the ghetto BET and Soul train flop awards! She will always be a local FLOP like Ashanti, Ciara, Ameriie, Jill Scott, Jazmine, Melanie Fiona etc..!

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