New Song: Chris Brown – ‘I Love Her’

Published: Wednesday 27th Jul 2011 by Sam

Yesterday saw a snippet of a new Chris Brown track, ‘I Love Her’ surface. Fast forward a few hours, and the quiet storm cut has hit the net in full form.

Markedly different to what we’re used to hearing from the 22 year old musically, the song sees Brown reminisce on a love lost.

(Though recorded during sessions for his forthcoming ‘Fortune’ LP, it is unknown whether the track will sit on the LP).

Take a listen after the jump…

Spotted at SC:

Though by no means single material (and perhaps not album worthy either), ‘Love Her’ serves as a potent reminder of Brown’s varied skill as an artist. Famed for his high-octane uptempo’s, here his underrated vocals and emotive delivery are given centre-stage, whetting our appetites for what can easily be a musically mature Chris Brown on future albums. Good stuff.

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  1. AMINE BREEZY July 27, 2011

    love it

  2. plain & simple July 27, 2011

    Yesss!!! Chris you scored on this one. Love it

  3. royalkev July 27, 2011

    I usually love all of Chris work, but this was just okay for me. I like the verses, but I was waiting for him to belt out a chorus and it was just too slow and lacking something. It’s not my favorite, but once again Breezy proves that he can do anything musically.

  4. King Makers July 27, 2011

    What do you mean not album worth?

    Anyways you guys just like a bit of controversy to maintain your flow of hits

    this is definitely AMAZING as usual, and i hope it makes the cut

    we still need calypso and sweetheart

    but this is amazing, it shouldn’t go to was like alot of songs on his mix-tape

    well, i am definitely buying anything Breezy puts out there cos he is consistent

  5. King Makers July 27, 2011

    need i remind you that this is a ballad?!!!!

    he just came off the streets with real hip hop s*** 4#

    and he is back with a brand new ballad!


  6. JJFAN1814 July 27, 2011

    Wow I love this. F.A.M.E. is a really great album so I can’t wait for ‘Fortune’!!!

    I love the asian flutes or whatever that starts off the song. This is really great! L-O-V-E it! one of the songs I can listen to repeatedly!

  7. @pookie July 27, 2011

    lmao “quiet storm”? What in the flamming balls do u know about quiet storm music? Apparently absolutely nothing if u put that and chris brown in the same sentence. Lawd.

    Im from where the quiet storm originated and i have half a mind to call friggin 911.

  8. FAME July 27, 2011

    I love Breezy but this doesn’t work for me :/

    CAN WE GET CALYPSO?!!!!! Breezy has been promising Calypso since last year!

  9. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 27, 2011


    I AGREE ABOUT THE CALYPSO SONG…..i WAS MAD as hell when it wasn’t on F.A.M.E

  10. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 27, 2011


    YES! I HAVE been waiting for sweetheart since that ustream he did when he previewed it and Calypso

  11. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 27, 2011

    This is not mastered yet though…so maybe there might have been enhancements in the beat or different vocal arrangements….who says its not album worthy? FLOP TGJ

  12. jamir21:rih,gaga,brit,mimi,nicki,mike,and bey ! July 27, 2011

    what in the world is calypso !!!

  13. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 27, 2011

    If you were a chris brown fan you would have known what it is….

  14. Tiff July 27, 2011

    I can’t hear the song :'(

  15. jamir21:rih,gaga,brit,mimi,nicki,mike,and bey ! July 27, 2011

    @ Yeabey No i just support him…i`m mostly a RIHANNA FAN !!!!!!!!
    *plays loud* !

  16. AMINE BREEZY July 27, 2011

    THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG EVER! OMG’re really born for the big things!

  17. BREEZYTHEBEST July 27, 2011

    CB just keep proving that he is super talented I love this song and I need this to be on the new album along with undercover,sweetheart and calypso.CB needs to put out calypso already because this song was suppose to be on fame.Chris is all over the place this man has been on like 100 features,putting out a rap mixtape,preparing for his tour,another new album this year and being cast in a new movie OMG I love him so much #Chrisisking.

  18. BREEZYTHEBEST AKA Chris is King! July 27, 2011

    Chris baby you did it ,you on top again nobody can stop you.

  19. Truth July 27, 2011

    The song is beautiful — and let’s not forget Chris has thousands of songs already done and pre-written…so don’t think he just did this song yesterday….he goes into his vault of hits and picks a song he thinks will be worthy for his fans–then he releases it….no telling when this song was written or put on a track…could’ve been a few yrs ago…..anyway…It’s beautiful. I love it.

  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 27, 2011

    I like this song a lot.It’s a grower and I would love to see it on the tracklist of ‘Fortune’.If ‘All Back’ made the cut on F.A.M.E. then this could easily be included on ‘Fortune’.

    Now all I need from him is to keep rap away from the new album.It will be great FOR HIM to release hip hop mixtapes to improve his skills and lyrics, but before he has improved A LOT as a rapper, he shouldn’t rap on his albums.

  21. JohnVidal July 27, 2011

    One thing is for sure: he can´t sing!!! Stunning dancer though

  22. SWEXY July 27, 2011

    CB: Non singing woman beating thug loved by black women and black gay men… a twit

  23. Rindy July 27, 2011

    Chris is a diverse person when it comes to music. Dont be surprise if he has all types of music on his album. It may include rap. I believe he will expand his music to country also. His vision as well as his talents goes beyond pop/ hip hop / R and B.

  24. lol July 27, 2011

    this was ok i didnt like the falsetto parts , he’s a tenor but not really a falsetto singer i like it better when he sings deeper. Anyway i hope THIS is what “Fortune” sounds like. I brought FAME just because i LOVED the that song “All Back” i was disappointed his album didnt have more ballads like that . I think “Fortune” is gonna be a really good album though

  25. Robier July 27, 2011


  26. danz July 27, 2011



  27. Skin. July 27, 2011

    Amazing song! 😀

  28. honeydip July 27, 2011


  29. King Makers July 27, 2011

    @LOL: i think you know one thing or two about music aswell

    Well his falsetto isn’t as polished as many other artists. He vocal texture is very different indeed, It brings out passion instead of skills that why people love him.

    Although, Maxwell, D’angelo, Eric Benet & Music soulchild could do that falsetto justice but like i will always say, Breezy has alot of room for growth.

    Justin Tmberlake and Usher didn’t immediately have great falsettos it too years of development. It will take a bit longer with Chris cos he isn’t just focussed on singing => he need to perfect dance moves/ MCing/ Acting/ Drawing/ Producing/ Balling etc

    he is only 22 and his harmony arrangements is already unique and world class. He isn’t in a rush, there are areas of singing he has locked down=> with practice, alot of the rest will just fall in. Its one step at a time=> or atleast in BREEZY’S CASE 12 STEPS AT A TIME.

    That boy is a workaholic, its like a general in a battle field, he can’t rest until he has defeated his enemies and i see them falling off with every record Breezy sets

    Billboard, Today’s show, SNL, BET etc he is indeed a champion and alot of respect to him. He is the 1st and only artist to cross over successfully and still be in the game.

  30. melody July 27, 2011

    Loved this song. Thank you Chris.

  31. i&i(yardie) July 27, 2011

    simply beautiful. Need more of these please

  32. King Makers July 27, 2011

    to get a clear falsetto, you have to save your voice alot i.e dont talk too much or talk very gently just be quiet for a while. You can’t MC and have a good falsetto, it will make your falsetto harsh. Honey & lime can help but most especially a lot of physical rest.

    No matter how good a singer you are, you voice will become harsh if you don’t rest. Thats why some people think Neyo sounds better on the “POT OF GOLD SONG” cos Neyo has really been behind the scenes and not ft or making any tangible songs yet.

    Breeezy is an amazing singer, but he need to really rest his voice for some weeks to get it in Top form. But his vocal texture is husky anyways so he could do without that Falsetto

    I like this song because its real, no sweetening of bubble gum character. its straight from the heart. the vocal arrangement is AMAZING too. Thats just a Breezy factor on it

  33. Misty Jean July 27, 2011

    This isn’t the final version. It’s called Open Road (I Love Her). In the beginning, there’s a Japanese woman speaking.

  34. Oceanmate July 27, 2011

    “Love It” Breezy’ just on point with the lyrics, mood and harmony of the song. I love the amount of music that he has been putting forth; but I wonder does it take away from some of his Hit’s (climb) or progress upwards to a number 1 status with layered releases of songs.

  35. Ethan July 27, 2011

    “Though by no means single material (and perhaps not album worthy either”

    what kind of s*** do you smoke sam? are you high? this is amazing music, f*** outta here, give me 1 artist who makes songs with beats like this!!

  36. kody3x July 27, 2011

    so now its not going on fortune

  37. KingBreezy July 27, 2011


  38. aisha aguilera keys July 27, 2011

    For Riri? Wouldn’t b suprised! not bad.

  39. Real July 27, 2011

    This is a beautiful song. Love it!! Chris Brown the best!

  40. Robert July 27, 2011

    Chris Brown can sing, he can rap, he can dance, and he is an amazing songwriter and up and coming producer, as well as artistic in both his visual presentation and in the medium of art. Chris Brown is the premiere male artist of his generation. Everyone wants to work with him and everyone who spends time with him in the studio reflects on his talent and creativity. I have hundreds of Chris Brown cuts. He is so prolific and has been churning out songs for years! To state that “I Love Her” is a departure for Chris is just not factual…..his catalogue of songs encompasses Soul, RnB, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Ballads, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Bubble Gum Soul, Rap, Reggae, and Inspirational songs. Simply put, he can do it all and he does all of it amazingly!

  41. nice_gurl July 27, 2011

    I love this….great to hear a ballad from Chris. And what are TGJ talking about? Of course it’s album worthy.

  42. BeeMichael July 28, 2011

    Chorus is great

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