Nicole Scherzinger’s Next US Single Will Be…

Published: Tuesday 16th Aug 2011 by David

Her LP ‘Killer Love’ exceeded all expectations when it was released in the United Kingdom months ago.

Now with a November date for its US release  confirmed, Nicole Scherzinger‘s  label have just revealed which of the LP’s  numbers will be released to the US buying public next.

Find out what it is below…

That’s right. The next single to be released by Nicole Scherzinger in the United States is ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath‘.

Most likely chosen because of the more than welcoming response it received in the UK (the song went straight to #1 there), it seems Interscope are hoping the love song receives a similar reception in the former Doll’s domestic market.

Despite many doubts regarding the success of this LP, there is no denying that both Nicole’s management and label have done a stellar job in their handling of it.

For by testing the album out in foreign waters first, they have given themselves the luxury of seeing exactly which songs work and which one’s don’t in order to help them make informed decisions when choosing singles.

A luxury many of her competitors are never afforded.


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  1. M August 16, 2011

    that song also did really well here in aust

  2. Teyah August 16, 2011

    Yes! Her label made the right choice and changing the album’s release month to November was a smart choice since she’ll be a judge on X Factor by that time.

  3. dee August 16, 2011

    Did she have a first single???

  4. RosaRubbel August 16, 2011

    She should release ‘You Will Be Loved’

  5. Troybenz August 16, 2011

    Not good

    im disapointed in her i like some songs of her ( right there,poison and wet ) but after i was listening to the album last month i was kinda worried that if shes coming with these type of songs that she,s not gonna make it in the us charts .

    i think that WET should be the next us single

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE August 16, 2011

    So unsure about this one.
    Its a great track and it did do well here, but in the US i’m not sure.
    I could do good. I think it might.

  7. MATT August 16, 2011

    “the love song”… Seriously? Have you listened to it? 😛

    Good choice though 😀

  8. Skin. August 16, 2011

    Very pretty song!
    I like it !

  9. Korrell August 16, 2011

    It’s a test single. They already have a video for it and everything. If it flops they’ll be able to afford to go with another one. I think it’s a safe choice after the long gap between it and Right There.

  10. KINGbreezy C.B.E August 16, 2011

    i love it

  11. KD August 16, 2011

    Is she still releasing music?

  12. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY ) August 16, 2011

    mmm , we will see how this will go ! but good luck anyway !

    she could have released ” club banger nation” or ” say yes” instead 🙄 !

  13. FierceMC August 16, 2011

    i am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a hit in the US!!
    Killer Love is a great album!!

  14. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 16, 2011

    It just really pisses me off how Nicole is a priority for her label.She had a solid career with PCD, why is she still so fame hungry???IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!She has promoted her singles in 1,000,000 shows and ‘Right There’ had more promotion than ‘Only Girl’ damn it, but it still didn’t sell.She is only successful in the UK.Millions spent to promote an artist that can only get moderate success in the UK.Sigh…

  15. Rich August 16, 2011


  16. Rich August 16, 2011

    I LOVVVVEEE the song but idk how well it would do in the US :/ !
    I’m happy for her though!

  17. K9 August 16, 2011

    Great song! But the video is shitty–so cheap looking. Hopefully if she wants to TRY to sell the song Nicole Shitsinger better reshoot the video.

    FYI– I don’t think “DHYB” is a song that is gonna sell her project, even if she performs it on X-Factor.

  18. K9 August 16, 2011

    Just read that. . .
    ” there is no denying that both Nicole’s management and label have done a stellar job in their handling of it. ”

    >> ARE YOU SERIOUS ? ? ? They have not done a stellar job, and foreign market testing. . . ummm no, if that was the case all US artists who have success overseas would travel back to the US. i.e. Kelly Rowland

  19. honeydip August 16, 2011


  20. nick August 16, 2011

    Myself coming from her adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, it’s always baffled me why she hasn’t broken out as a solo star here in the US. Maybe the fact that her newest single here features a washed up hip hop star as desperate for a hit as she is..(Down On Me was a hit because it was a catchy song and NOT because of 50’s feature). I mean, of all people- couldn’t she have at least gotten Weezy? ‘Or Drake? I’m sure label politics come into play, but if Nicole was on Young Money she’d be SET FOR LIFE.

    also, check out my blog.

  21. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO August 16, 2011

    @KD, this. I can’t believe it either.

  22. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U August 16, 2011

    They can’t release WET aint nobody gonna like that mess sounding like a Rihanna mash-up….Why must she make videos and not release the singles? LOL

    Don’t hold Your breath? hmmmmmm? Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Top ten hit Nicole.

  23. CURLY SUE August 16, 2011


  24. Lucifer August 16, 2011

    I have been jamming this song lately & like it a lot. However, she just does not seem to have any pull in the US so doubt this will do much better than “Right There” which peaked @ #39.

  25. Aryo August 16, 2011

    its definitely the best choice for the 2nd US single

  26. Aryo August 16, 2011

    everything is is great about dhyb, the lyrics, production, but the video looks cheap a little

  27. Aryo August 16, 2011

    oh and by the way, dont hold your breath is #72 on US itunes in less than a day of release and with no promotion yet, #SmashHit4Sure, click on my name to buy it

  28. Aryo August 16, 2011

    its #67 now 🙂

  29. socialstudy1 August 16, 2011

    We’ve already heard the song and scene the video. I think we have already moved on from this song.

  30. nice_gurl August 16, 2011

    This song is becoming a hit here in Australia, as well as Right There. I though Wet was going to be released as the next US single, but seeing how well DHYB is doing on the Australian and UK charts, it’s quite a good single choice.

  31. tweetypiebabe1 August 17, 2011

    I think it’s a good choice. Not because it went to #1 in the UK but it is, in my opinion one of the strongest, if not strongest song on the album and it makes a great single choice. It’s also a good enough song with a mix of both dance, vocal strength and meaningful lyrics to catch the US audiences attention, hopefully. Would be lovely to see her perform this on X Factor.

  32. Karmen August 18, 2011

    PERFECT single choice nicole !.
    love love love love DHYB
    And i think it will do well in the USA just look at how great it’s done here.

  33. Marlendoll August 18, 2011

    This is a great song people should give it a try to hear it love it. The reason that they already have the video is because is the same in the UK video 🙂 I really love this song.

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