PETA Slams Rihanna For Feathered Outfit

While extreme animal activism group PETA has been known for touting certain celebrities who opt for fur-less forward fashions, it also has gained notoriety for knocking those who don’t.  Their latest bone to pick?  With none other than Barbadian beauty Rihanna.  Seems the ‘Cheers’ singer shouldn’t be expecting much applause from the activists as she has recently come under fire for a feathered number (seen above) she was spotted in recently.

A spokesperson for the group even compared the singer’s foray into feathered fashions to her ‘Chris Brown incident’.

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Sandra Smiley, a spokeswoman for the group, is quoted as saying:

“Rihanna is flaunting stolen property, in this case feathers possibly plucked right off their rightful owners’ backs. She has shown little regard for foxes, cows and reptiles, now she’s adding birds to the list of species exploited for her dubious looks.”

She continued stating:

“We keep hoping that Rihanna, a victim of violence herself, will learn to open her heart and start empathizing with the suffering of others. That includes the animals who are beaten, gassed, electrocuted and poisoned to be turned into fashion accessories.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kisses September 1, 2011

    I couldn’t help but LMFAO while reading this. It’s not that serious! 😆

  2. IS†ANN4GAGA September 1, 2011

    PETA’s always slamming someone smfh

  3. Beystanbish September 1, 2011

    PETA stays pressed

  4. Ayo_ronnie September 1, 2011

    If PETA wants people to do what they ask they need to be more respectful

  5. TYLER September 1, 2011

    Thought I’m sure the feathers are fake.
    it’s not that deep.

    However, I do understand PETAS concern. I’ve seen the way they kill the animals… and it’s pure evil! and very heartbreaking

  6. Giovanni Dayevid September 1, 2011

    F*** P.E.T.A.. Its life, and we are at the top of the food chain, so who cares what those idiots think. They get no respect from me until they start feeding the hungry, and taking care of the homeless.

  7. kmft September 1, 2011

    F*** P.E.T.A with they irrelivant asses

  8. Misfit September 1, 2011

    PETA always gotta OD with statements. They really needed to invoke “the incident”, because of feathers! Really??

  9. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 1, 2011

    ok let me get this straight cuz there are a lot of things which is more important in this world than what rihanna wears ! LIKE SERIOUSLY !

    in my opoinion :

    1- GOD CREATED ANIMALS TO HELP HUMANS TO SURVUVE ! they use their fur to keep them warm , eat their meat , ride them , etc…… animals were created for that ! like why they were created ?!!!!!!!! to eat and sleep and that’s it 😯 !? no !!! god created everything for a REASON ! everyone was created to do something/ a difference to this world ! #deal !
    2- i am not agree with how they kill animals ! if they can use a less-painful way it would be appreciated !
    3- PETA need to get a LIFE and a JOB !
    4- that’s a fake feather ! it looks cheap !

    pathetic attempt to get ppl attention ! 🙄

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 1, 2011

    I am tired of PETA joking around and all those organizations attacking only celebrities.You know what, if those people knew anything about their job, they would attack industries not people.And if they want to do personal and not massive attacks then go talk to the designer or the source of the material that the designer used, not to the customer.

  11. 14733 September 1, 2011

    F PETA they almost make me wanna buy fur cause they annoying…

  12. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 1, 2011

    @ASAP :

    yes ! most of celebs use fur/feather/etc…. to look “sophisticated , rich & perfect ” ! it’s since marylin monroe days 🙄 and sadly it’s a common thing ! so why they are attacking rihanna like she’s the last and only celeb to use fur / feather !! they need to attack designers and most importantly the idea itself ! not celebs ! like if a kid saw a p*** in a tv , turning off the tv won’t do anything at all !
    they need to change ppl minds towards using fur/feather ! and they need to use a more polite way to say it ! not bringing “incident and personal s***” to prove a point about animals ! that’s not right and will make rihanna ignore them and sadly her fans will do just the same ! this will make it even worse 🙁 !


  13. Live, Love, Party September 1, 2011

    Ummmm I love rihanna but I’m not gonna defend her on this one. If those are real animal furs I’m quite saddened. If it isn’t peta, should shut up. And to that other person that said humans are on the top of the food chain, Stop being so arrogant. We are all living things that need to be respected. Asshole.

  14. mobwife September 1, 2011

    I am not a fan of Rihanna but WTF is PETA talking about? She can’t wear feathers WTF does that have to do with animal cruelty? F*** YOU PETA leave Rihanna the hell alone are they f****** kidding?

  15. SHESDUMB (GAGA,JANET AND PRINCE STAN)19/F/FL September 1, 2011


  16. jamir21:bey,rihanna,brit,gaga,nicki >>>>> KERI ! September 1, 2011


  17. PaigeJ September 1, 2011

    Always mentioning the “incident”


  18. Yayy September 1, 2011

    I’m sure while she was typing she had a Bucket of KFC close to her . Damn they need to gett that girl’ s c***.

  19. Ebirah September 1, 2011

    Love how PETA still only picks on the “weak” celebrities that they know will not fight back (like the Olsen twins). Let them go after some hard core rappers & see what happens …

  20. Lady Love September 1, 2011

    PETA picked on Kelis too. Kelis told they ass off

  21. Smokey September 1, 2011

    Wtf is going on and to bring up breezy is crazy not wearing it

  22. Jasmine September 1, 2011

    PETA is desperate and that is lame. Everyone knows dresses and outfits made of feathers are fake feathers. It is not realistic for anyone to have a dress especially made of real feathers…doesn’t PETA realize how heavy that kind of dress would be and extremely difficult to wear let alone impossible to maintain.

  23. Vegas girl September 1, 2011

    GTFOH PETA! That are REACHING with this feather outfit ( i understand furs but not feathers ) and to bring up the assault is distasteful. But i expect nothing less from PETA though, they always do too much.

  24. Live, Love, Party September 1, 2011

    Idk about peta but rihanna needs a man! She too beautiful to be single!

  25. nice_gurl September 2, 2011

    They aren’t even real feathers. PETA should stop fussing on what celebrities are wearing.

  26. djdunkonthatbitch September 2, 2011

    F*** PETA they just hating mofos

  27. Rich September 2, 2011

    YAY PETA!!! continue to show us what dumb f**** you are!!!


  28. MW September 2, 2011

    Yes! The same way Chris plucked yo feathers for fame!
    Pluck them birds! Look at all these supporters!
    Loving you for your bird suit!
    Pluck them for fame!
    Just like Chris plucked you!

  29. darnell September 2, 2011


  30. tweetypiebabe1 September 3, 2011

    Why does PETA always have to act like immature spoilt little children?! *Ugh* No time for them!

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