X Factor 2011 : Live Performances (Week 3)

Published: Saturday 22nd Oct 2011 by David

The third live show of  X Factor 2011 aired tonight.

{For those unfamiliar with The X Factor, the show is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 28’s are eligible to enter. Now in it’s seventh season, the show is responsible for birthing the careers of Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, and JLS. Its US incarnation launched last month on FOX}.

Watch this week’s performances below…

To be updated continually.


Poor Frankie. In his attempt to recapture the so called ‘swagger’ that got him through to the judges houses he has ended up looking quite the buffoon. Now would be a good time for him to take a seat. Several, in fact.

Kudos to all three of the girls for delivering and putting their own spin to the songs they performer; most notably Kitty who delivered an undeniably show-stopping showing.

Sam’s 2 Pence:

Misha B’s performance was solid as usual, yet who would have foresaw Tulisa‘s wahala antics after? Unprofessional, tacky, and wholly unnecessary, her and Louis’ branding of the Mancunian as a “bully” was ironic given the fact they were being just that her on live TV.

Then again, when you’re as unqualified to judge talent as Tulisa is, it’s almost certain you’ll go reaching for irrelevancies.

The X Factor continues on ITV1 next Saturday.

Who caught your eye this week?

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  1. Nahjee October 22, 2011

    Niclole gonna be irrelevent after tha show raps up.. Cus her music career is dead nobody is really checking for tha poor girl. I guess p*** would be your next stop girl

  2. rox October 22, 2011

    #teamtulisa all the way

  3. Katy+GaGa=Queens October 22, 2011

    I dont support this show

  4. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 22, 2011

    Kitty to win!!!

  5. Cameron October 22, 2011

    100% agree about Tulisa and Louise tonight, completely unprofessiona ss they were bulling her on live TV with millions of views. There was a better way to handle it. I hope this doesn’t affect the votes.

  6. Tehara October 22, 2011

    True or not , this issue should have been discussed privately , backstage ! That’s NOT cool at all what they did ! that’s basically saying to the viewers : ” Okay vote for her …but know that you’re voting for a bully ” , if she gets voted off this week , i’m wont be watching the show anymore

  7. klg0845 October 22, 2011

    I think Kitty has played both Tulisa and Louie brilliantly. I have no doubt she was the one whispering in both Tulisa and Louie’s ears about Misha. I’m sure Kitty sees her as a real threat. And what better way to help her own campaign out by making Misha the “b****” of the competition, instead of her. Tulisa is just too young to be a judge on this show. She simply does not have the professional skills are political savvy to really make herself useful. She doesn’t even understand what rock music is. Pathetic!

  8. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 22, 2011

    Hahaha. The xfactor ratings are down 2 million on last year.. so they do this to get everyone talking.
    I think they were right to bring it up on the show, and bought to the attention of the public, its them whos paying money to vote isnt it?

    Kitty to win!!

  9. Starin October 22, 2011

    Tulisa definitely shouldn’t have said anything and it was unprofessional BUT that whole thing only blew up after Louis decided to speak up and start arguing with Kelly. Tulisa didn’t ever call Misha a bully or anything like that. That was all Louis.

    As for the whole ‘she shouldn’t be a judge’ thing, y’all need to sit down. We’re already well over half-way through, and she has been a good judge aside from this one bad week. She does need to improve her professional skills, but as a MENTOR, her commitment to her acts has been impressive and has clearly put far more work into them than any other judge.

    The whole ‘rock’ debates were stupid, but she had a point. Really, all of them were guilty of bending the rules to the Limit. Kelly and co for slowing down and essentially stripping the rock tracks of everything that made them in the rock genre. And Tulisa for taking pop tracks and simply remixing them with more guitar riffs etc.

  10. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 22, 2011

    People wanna know if they’re using their money to vote for a bully. People that bully shouldnt be allowed to get away with it.

    Misha cut out the mean comments.. Its not cool.

  11. TIMMI October 22, 2011

    I can imagine Misha to be a secretly confident and cocky person, she is also young and is probably letting the spotlight get to her head. It’s likely she DID make comments that offended other contestants, especially since both Tulisa AND Louis make these claims.

    However, IF that was the case, the PROFESSIONAL thing to do would be to consult her backstage where it’s happening, not wait till live TV to jeopardise her chances of the public voting for her.

    I’m all for outing bullies, so if they had spoke to Misha about it beforehand and she had ignored them and CONTINUED to bully I would understand, but if this is the first she has heard about her comments upsetting people then this was out of order.

    This could go one of two ways tomorrow night…

    a) The public will see her as a bully and not vote for her.

    b) They will see her as the victim of Louis and Tulisa and more of her supporters will vote for her in order to ensure their comments don’t jeopardise her chances.

  12. 80sBaby October 22, 2011

    @Taylor Swifts Number One Fan- You can’t label Misha a bully based on backstage rumors. If Tulissa or Louis really wanted to get to the bottom of it, then they would have questioned Misha about it privately and given her the proper chance to explain/defend herself. Maybe the rumors are false or she didn’t think she’d offended anyone. They confronted her on live television to try to sway public opinion against her and that was straight bitchassness. They wouldn’t like it if Kelly or Gary did that to one of their artists!

  13. Ghetto Fab October 22, 2011

    Miss Kelly was going AWF! Figures they would try and bash the actual only star on that show. This was no way to go about it. Outing her on National TV as a bully was mean and just flat out WRONG! They better hope Misha doesn’t go home!

  14. Chris Lynn October 22, 2011

    Too many people have taken music too seriously, and too many people think that their are entitled to an opinion. You are, but i wish the lot of you would stop taking yourselves so seriously, in the end, no one gives a damn about what you think.

  15. B**** PLEASE October 22, 2011


  16. kwame October 23, 2011

    somebody please give me a number to vote off tulisa cuz it goes to show that she can’t be a suitable judge for a talent show. she didn’t even tweet one bit all night cuz i bet she ashamed of herself now and folks are going crazy on twitter. gaudamnit!

  17. DeV October 23, 2011

    Tulisa! The girl who loves to speak about her drug taking, girl gang past!? The girl needs to sit her ass down and know that although white people get a second chance in the industry (her and Cole) black people don’t. They needed to handle that better and if live on air with proof or stay quiet.
    Why they’re trying to get rid of the best contestant since Alexandra i have no idea

  18. Carl N October 23, 2011

    Tulisa & Louis should’ve confronted misha about her “bullying” privately, if her place in the competetion is in jeopardy I will be VERY annoyed. I bet Kitty is behind this, I just have a feeling like someone on here said she probably whispered some ish to Louis & Tulisa -_-, I’m sure misha is just misunderstood & most black girls have attitude anyway so I doubt she was intetionally mean or snide to anybody in the house.

  19. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 23, 2011

    On xtra factor on itv 2 she didnt deny it though. She said things get heated back stage, bascially using that has an excuse. People that bully or say mean things should be put in their place… and she was Its a victory for whats right!!

  20. tulisahaveseveralseats October 23, 2011

    that silly cow is still on twitter jail after her unprofessional antics on xfactor yesterday. yes mishab was on xtra factor about things getting heated backstage yet it doesnt actually means she was bullying anybody as there’s two sides of every story. tulisa was meant to get to the bottom of it before jumping things in conclusion. the only bullies on the show is tulisa and louis berating the poor girl in the front of millions of viewers knowing very well that she’d be unable to defend herself. i don’t thik she is mature enough to judge a talent show as she couldnt even know what exactly rock music is………….damnmit!!!!!!!

  21. antertain October 23, 2011

    This aint a make friends competition and people will clash now and again, thats happens in everyday life.
    Misha B may have a assertive side in her personality BUT what she all about is her music and bringing FIRE performances to the stage.

    What happens off the stage can be solved off the stage. That was very poor of Tulisa and what she should do is concentrate on being a mentor (not a friend) and get to understand the difference between ROCK music and POP/Hip-Hop music.
    None of her acts sung rock songs in rock week.


    Kitty was great (need a tiny tone down but she don’t play on the stage)
    Craig & Misha B were excellent.
    Still want more from Janet!
    Like the improved stage presence from Marcus. BROUGHT IT…

    Rhythmix & Frankie would be my bottom 2

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