Kreayshawn: ‘If It Was a Gimmick, It Wouldn’t Have Gone This Far’

Rising rapstress Kreayshawn has spent as much time defending her art as she has creating it.  From freestyle fails to conjured altercations, for some reason people still doubt the Oakland native’s creativity- and authenticity.

And, with many of her efforts (including her very signing to Columbia Records) being greeted with skepticism, the ‘Gucci Gucci’ hitmaker has taken to SoulCulture TV to silence critics who say she’s a gimmick and “one-hit wonder”.  Find out her thoughts on these topics and more in the interesting interview the jump:

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  2. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 3, 2011

    I don’t always use the gimmick excuse to not like an artist. If I like you’re music then I like it and if I like the artist then I like them. I don’t like kreayshwn tho or her music.

  3. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA October 3, 2011

    Yes it would. (God forgive me for saying this as a Gaga stan.) Gaga has been accused of “being a gimmick” from some of her critics for at least a Year now.If you want anybody to take you seriously,SHOW US that you have talent because if you call that TALKING you do over beats “rapping” then you need to be put in a poetry class.

    You AND SOULJA TOY are on the SAME level of Talent : (Zero)



  5. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA October 3, 2011

    I’ma have to send her to her maker

    October 3, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    I don’t always use the gimmick excuse to not like an artist. If I like you’re music then I like it and if I like the artist then I like them. I don’t like kreayshwn tho or her music.

    I agree somewhat with this.I don’t use the “Oh she’s copying” either when listening to an artist either…

  6. Those That Cannot Do, Stan October 3, 2011

    Best defense is to prove everyone wrong and make an impact with impressive music, period. People will always run their mouth, say s***, be close-minded. The important thing is simply to prove you are worthy of your fanfare and f*** the rest. THATS what she needs to be focusing on because otherwise people will look at her as nothing special because she’s not proving them wrong.

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 3, 2011

    Nope girl.If it was talent, it wouldn’t have gone this far.Gimmicks last.And of course I assume that her definition of “far” is about having a top 80 hit on Billboard and appearing on flop MTV shows.

    Btw, her gimmick is not well designed and executed, so I don’t think she’s going to have a successful album…if it’s ever released of course 😉

  8. AmbeRussell October 3, 2011

    lady gaga, nicki minaj, t pain, odd future and the list goes on n on. point blank, she has no flow. she sounds like she just starteded rapping wit a basic skill level. if that was a black girl who made gucci gucci, she would have still be in her house. why hasnt thaty “its so cold in the d” girl make it big? gimmicks work to stardom, but they fade.
    anyways, check out my channel on youtbe: amberussell

  9. alex October 3, 2011

    Gotten far where?
    looool she’s speaking way too soon.

  10. ..baa, “I sound just like Mariah when I sing” October 3, 2011

    Wait a minute, this b*tch’s entire stint is a gimmick! ‘Gucci Gucci’ was never a jam. How many records did it sell? MTV crowned this colorful clown not the fans of music. Anytime the media props you up before the world and tells us you’re great, you will always be suspect. Michael Jackson was “perfected greatness” meaning, he put in years of work before anyone crowned him anything! This b*tch crawled out f a sewer yersterday and now she’s the ‘Queen of Rap’!


    And this is for that other talentless w**** V-NASTY —> _/

  11. ..baa, “I sound just like Mariah when I sing” October 3, 2011

    Girl wait another minute! Because you recorded a wack ass song and the music excs saw a way to use you to collect money from very stupid folks who have no taste in music, doesn’t mean you have made it and that you are not a gimmick. How many one hit wonders have come and gone with a record contract? Shall we list them? Girl bye!!

    There are actual talents in the world that can’t get a look in but MTV and the wack ass media have crowned you next on deck!! O__o

  12. TartAmanda October 3, 2011

    No, the reason why she is not a gimmick? She said it’s because , “haters are too old to understand what swag means” Ahahah! She’s wack. She thinks Gucci Gucci is mainstream and that she is a star! Fantasy world?

  13. Army Of Queen Of R&B Aaliyah & Queen Bee ! (ISTAN4Aaliyah&Kim) Who Da F*** Want War ??? !!!!!! October 3, 2011

    B**** Please ! CRAYONS Nicki’s Is A Gimmick & She Made It So Get It Together !!!!

  14. Misfit October 3, 2011

    Boo b****! You know what I’m saying!

  15. King B October 3, 2011

    How far exactly has she made it? What is this b****’s definition of success? Because Soulja B**** with his one hit >>>>>>> her entire career. What planet is she on?

    @ Misfit:

    Love your gravatar! Can’t wait for “50 Words For Snow”.

  16. pre October 3, 2011


    thats all i came here to say


    I cant wait until she fades away….FOREVER with her “hoodrat” stans !

  18. Taki October 3, 2011

    Its wrong on so many levels to steal and ridicule and benefit from a culture. She lacks authenticity because she’s not authentic. Her life stories are 80% b*******. Why would she make up a name like Krahsean? It sounds just like those racist youtubers poking fun at ethnic names. She just was getting attention for her imitations and is riding it to the bank. Why jack a music style then publicly state “i don’t care about getting Black fans” then don’t care about emulating Black people. Look at her click…nigg@ this etc. Birds of a feather. If she deserved to be the White Night female rapper then she would check those people she runs with but she is just like them. This was a joke that turn profitable for her. Fergie is the female White Rapper that is a real artist. This turd is a gimmick because she is insulting the genre or music and the struggle that created with every breath she takes.

  19. VA STAND UP!!! October 3, 2011

    Lol! It’s so cute that she actually takes herself this seriously! I mean that damn ‘Gucci Gucci’ song wasn’t even a hit like that, it flopped on the charts, and she’s speaking as if she actually ‘made it’! That MTV nomination has really blown her head up! She actually thinks that people take her seriously! I don’t know who actually considers her someone to look up to but I take it they are people who don’t appreciate real music and probably do drugs. *shrugs*

    One positive thing I can say about her is that she seems really nice in her interviews and determined to make it. I guess if making music is truly her passion and she has an avenue to push her music she has every right to continue doing that. Apparently she has a following with this ‘white girl mob’ BS so I guess she is not going anywhere anytime soon…..unfortunately! I just don’t think she is ever really gonna make it big or be taken seriously. Plus she dissed Rick Ross and that was a big ‘no no’ starting beef with a heavy weight in the rap game. Even though she is a ‘rapper’ the black community will never embrace her! All she has are the ‘white folks’ and I think they will eventually get tired of her.

    I seriously can’t believe she got signed off of that horrible ass ‘Gucci Gucci’ song! The fact that someone listened to that garbage and then gave her a record deal!! No wonder the music indusry is considered a joke. SMH.

  20. Tru Voice October 3, 2011

    Far??? B**** please its only been like 2 months. People barely know the record. Dumb broad yo….

    And @VA STAND UP!!! I love you comment lol You said everything that needs to be said. Now Fax it to this h** please #NEXT

  21. josh October 3, 2011

    i dont think she is a gimmic. i like her.i know sh has more to offer than gucci gucci.she has a knack for making catchy songs and that what sells in this country regardless of lyrical the way the single Gucci Gucci has 300,000 paid downloads as of rite now and her single is still climbing its close to Top 40 so go on and hate.

  22. The JuiceMan October 4, 2011

    @Josh I don’t think you understand the numbers. She is not mainstream. and she is not Top 40 (she is around #80). In order to be mainstream you need more than 300,000 downloads because 300,000 download won’t pay her bills. The other factor is that they tried to release one or two singles to support the release of her album and they are nowhere to be find. People are not buying. It doesn’t look. How are they going to release an album without another single? She is just a gimmick.


    b**** please

  24. Rollin Up the Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter November 8, 2011

    C:\Documents and Settings\Lynn\My Documents\Krazy\L3VI PICS\My art.jpg

  25. Kindsoul816 December 2, 2011

    Yall muthhafuccaz talkin bout somebody is a gimmick n the people u comparing her to garbage. she isnt the best lyricist but she knows how to make records, be herself, have a real story i mean she from the bay a lil white girl from tha yay. what u got in ya ipod????? i bump s*** like currency, scareface, smoke dza, messy marv, brotha lynch, outkast etc. Early era s*** and i respect her. Yall gon make her bigger though with shallow attitudes like that. She aint reach out to nobody yet n everybody in the industry got love 4 her callin her on her interviews and goin out they way to rock w her so miss her w tha bull s*** she winning!

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