Watch: Nicole Scherzinger Mimics Britney Spears

Since the realities of her own career have proven to be a cold and pitiful  affair, ‘Try With Me‘ vocalist Nicole Scherzinger seems to have found solace in imitating those more succesful than herself.

For, last night during an interview with British talk show host Alan Carr, the X Factor USA judge decided to do an impersonation of fellow Pop tart Britney Spears.

Peep the footage below…

Great work Nicole.

Now all you have to do is  find a way to imitate her sales.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King Z October 31, 2011

    damn she only does this on EVERY FRICKIN TALK SHOW or interview she goes in. good grief. we get it. it was only cute the first 45 times

  2. blairdevereaux October 31, 2011

    this was a cute interview….

  3. Love on top October 31, 2011

    @KING Z she did it twice not every show don’t get your panties in a knot! Any how lmaoooo I love ot when she does it Now nicole if you can just imitate her career (not performances pls no! Her sales then you on the right track)

  4. mil jackson October 31, 2011

    How is she acting like Britney spears… I dont get it 🙁

  5. Eddie October 31, 2011

    I feel like this site has become unnecessarily mean. I love TGJ, but a post like this is not needed. If we’re talking about talent, we’re talking about talent–and I like that this site gives honest opinions about that. However, you shouldn’t take personal digs at Nicole, because it’s clear that she is working very hard on her career, and she does have a lot of talent. Marketing, her image–all of that is holding her back and she hasn’t had her lucky break yet. But she IS giving the hard work and DOES have the talent and is NOT giving up…so you can’t really blame her. I don’t think this post insulting Nicole is nice or warranted at all, when all she was doing was a little joke in good nature that she has done before.

  6. RLS October 31, 2011

    Eddie, I agree with you. I love this site, but I agree. When you realize that the owner of the site is a failed artist himself, all of the venom comes into focus…

  7. L7 October 31, 2011

    She is the best,, love her :))))

  8. SkyWeezy October 31, 2011

    I’m not watching all 15 minutes of this b*******. At what point does this drab woman start imitating Britney?

  9. re re October 31, 2011

    That was cute, and she sounds just like

  10. I stan 4 me October 31, 2011

    Talented or not, a solo career–in the US, anyway–just isn’t in the cards for her. If she hasn’t made it by now, with all the pushbacks and then shelving of her debut cd, and now with her 2nd cd getting pushed back to December, then she most likely never will.

  11. mobwife October 31, 2011

    “Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me” …wow that was my theme song..LOL! 🙂 She looks hot in that outfit down to the shoes. Don’t try to step to “Britney B****” however!No, she actually was spot on with her impersonation!

  12. DallasUCMR October 31, 2011

    Elle Varner’s “Only Gonna Give It To You” is OFFICIALLY on VEVO!!!Check it out here>>>

  13. Skin. ⁽ ̶I̶̶`̶̶m̶̶ ̶̶B̶̶a̶̶r̶̶b̶̶i̶̶e̶̶,̶̶ ̶̶B̶̶i̶̶t̶̶c̶̶h̶̶!̶ ⁾ *ᶠᵁᶜᴷ ʸᴼᵁ* October 31, 2011

    She sounds a TRASH!
    Britney`s voice is UNIQUE! Nobody can`t imite Britney voice!!! >>>> Nicole Flop Trash !! <3 🙂

  14. SPILL IT!!! October 31, 2011

    That Britney Spears bit was dead on! It starts at 10:33 and she kills it, lmmfao!

  15. credits October 31, 2011

    her imitation starts at 10:37

  16. skintightjeans October 31, 2011

    How could you watch this and not LOVE her??? She’s so cute!

  17. skintightjeans October 31, 2011

    Oh and That Hate Juice, ya’ll need to stop dogging her out. She’s been in the game for a long time and she deserves her success. No she is not on Beyonce or Britney level but she’s talented. You h*** really need to sit down somewhere!

  18. Imgunnacheckuboo October 31, 2011

    Flops of a feather….

  19. Riichie J October 31, 2011

    Im sorry but before she did this she said she loves britney and that what she was going to do is no offense to her… I think this is quite a bitchy thing to post and really unfair!

  20. gerl October 31, 2011



  21. truciebedford October 31, 2011

    her album better sell when it drops. lol

  22. irene46 October 31, 2011

    loved her song ‘buttons’ with the pcds. ‘don’t cha wish’ was pretty hot too.
    it’s hard to understand why some female artists with great looks and outstanding talent flop ie: nicole, ciara, jlo and now even janet; while others with minimal talent get over ie: keisha, britney (at least britney is a novelty act).

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 31, 2011

    That much shade over an interview and an impersonation.I’ve shaded her too about her dire material, but she didn’t deserve all that slating and bashing for that interview.Her immitation was weak, though.

    I just WISH that she can get some of that swagger and attitude in her music too, because it’s so unseasoned.She was so amazing with the PCD and she seems fresh and cute in interviews, but in her music, she is just…I don’t know…forgettable…

  24. Dane November 1, 2011

    lol @the person saying Britney’s voice is ‘UNIQUE’ smh. Britney’s voice is AVERAGE yo. Leona Lewis’ voice is Unique, Mariah Carey’s voice is Unique, Toni Braxton’s voice is Unique, Christina Aguilera’s voice is Unique, Melanie Fiona’s Voice is Unique, Adele’s voice is Unique, Alexandra Burke’s as well (jus to name a few, that came to mind at the moment). Get with the Program! #fact
    Now back to Nicole. Um before she did that she should have asked herself if doing it would hurt or help her Solo Career in anyway. Because im sure sum of Britney’s Fans are her (Nicole) fans and some might take this as a diss, while sum will take it as a compliment.. #jussaying

  25. Aryo November 1, 2011

    i love tgj too but its geting just like t o y a z – w o r l d
    judging and dissing everyone and stanning for the talentless ones , smh

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